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Allure Beauty Box January 2018 FULL Spoilers!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for January 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

The January 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

What do you think of the January spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the December Box. Here are the full December spoilers:

The box will include:

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  1. Received my January box today. With a substitute…of course.
    I feel like a step child.
    Instead of the This works in transit camera close up I got a Red power body lotion Icelandic sunflower that smells like rose. It’s nice and with winter dry air it will come in handy but geez I keep getting substitutes. 🙁

    • I got the same thing, I was pretty bummed as this was my first beauty box.

    • I just got mine today and also had the It Works substituted. I got Noxidoxi Pollution Blocker Face Mist. (And it was leaking.) Anyone ever heard of or tried this?

  2. Just received my January box!!!!! love love everything ,even though I wasn’t sure about the eyeliner I have 20 or so but this brown is great. Allure beauty box is the best subscription box ever. Every month it gets better for me. Ipsy is going bye bye for me I’m also going to check out beauty fix box because I love skin care products.

  3. Does anyone know if this box will be okay if it freezes?

    • I was worried about that too. It seems everything is fine but it sure was cold.

  4. Not sure everyone knows this, but Allure doesn’t allow a person to have multiple accounts, even with different emails if the shipping address is the same.

    What to do? If you have one account and want multiple boxes, use the GIFT SUBSCRIPTION option to yourself, your dog, your child, it doesn’t matter who the recipient is.

    I had 3 payments refunded to my card since mid- December without explanation. After 40 minutes on hold today, I found out why, and got all 3 converted to ” gift subscriptions”.

    I’ll never be able to get the Sunday Riley CEO serum at this price again, and also like the other items spoiled. At my age, the CEO serum from Glossybox really is making a huge difference on my face and the tops of my hands.

    Hope this info about the ordering helps someone : ).

    • I had two accounts as well but one was for my daughter. I cancelled it this month. I should of kept it open because I would of loved two CEO serum. But then again I would like everyone to try it. It’s suppose to be one of the best products. And after trying it, it’s going to explode with sales. My sister-in-law has already purchased a second bottle. She doesn’t use subscription boxes. But tries everything on the market lol. She swears by it!

  5. The links to the Allure Beauty Box at the top of the review do not work for me. Are they working for others? Absolutely nothing happens when I click either of them. Thanks.

  6. I’ve subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy. Allure’s box is by far the best beauty box I’ve subscribed to. I always get products I can use, and I love the sizes. I’ve previewed January (2018) box, and I can’t wait to get it. I can use every product in it. I won’t waste my money on another subscription again. I’m sticking with Allure!

  7. If I cancel right now will I still get the January box or not? I just got off boxycharms waitlist and need to cancel allure, but still want January box.

  8. This is the December box, not January. I got this box last moonth.

    • There was a shipping error. SOME Dec boxes were reshipped by mistake. You WILL 100% get the Jan box. They are shipping on the 19th.

  9. I still have not received my Dec. box and I have called CS 7 times this month! They keep saying everything is fine and I keep telling them you haven’t charged my credit card and they keep telling me it must be pending because on their end it shows they did. I signed up for the 3 months for 39.99 & the beauty thrills box that we have to pay shipping on. I can’t get them to understand they charged my card then credited back my account then the first time I called they took my card number again and thought it was fixed. 6 more calls to them and it still isn’t resolved and I have no December Box HELP anyone have any suggestions oh I also emailed them and never got a reply. Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Did you sign up for the first time with that deal or did you already have an account but then tried to sign up for it? Asking because the latter would explain why they would put the money back on your card- they recognized you already had an account and wouldn’t create a duplicate. If you called and had it settled to where you put your card number in again maybe they made you a new account that started your subscription fresh (with that new deal) and you got in too late to receive the December box because it did sell out quick. I’m thinking they’re saying you’re fine because they see you in there but are waiting to start you with the January box

    • I got mine resolved with a phone call, but I have only received the December box. My account is still charged for the 39.99 plus shipping for thrills. I did get a confirmation email which I asked for when they corrected my account and recharged me.

    • I also signed up in December (December 22, 2017) but from what I understand they are currently out of stock on the December Box. Thats why you haven’t received it yet. As of yesterday, they are still working on restocking the December box and will send it out when they restock. So you might get your January box before your December box

  10. Has anybody gotten their bonus thrills box that came with the black Friday deal?

    • Still waiting here

      • Still waiting ⌛️⏳⌛️⏳

    • I’m still waiting too. Signed up for the same black Friday deal. I’ve received the November box and am waiting December as well.

    • I ordered the Rue La La black Friday deal and it came about a week ago. I hope you get your box soon! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    • I’m still waiting…

    • I got my bonus thrills box very quickly. I would say within 7 days of ordering I received the extra box and Monthly box along with it. I ordered mine the day the special came out.

  11. My December box was delivered today! Its gorgeous. This is one of the BEST Allure boxes I’ve ever received so far. All items were intact and nicely packed…can’t wait to try the primer and mascara tomorrow! I will save the rest for later. Now I’m looking forward to the January box. 🙂 YAY!

    • That highlighter is gorgeous. I’ve used it as a highlighter an eye shadow and over a liquid lip.
      I put it on my shoulders new years eve.
      I like the brush I have a blender fluff from BH cosmetics. Now I have one natural hair and one synthetic. I’m happy with the mascara. Nice brush. The primer is good under maybelline fit me dewy but not under Milani conceal and perfect. It’s too matte for that one but that foundation is really thick and only slippery primers work under it otherwise it just cakes up.
      The hair cream makes my hair dull. The cleanser is a cleanser lol.
      Well that’s my review lol.

  12. I received my December box today and the becca highlighter is smashed 😭. Sent an email asking if they can replace it, but have no confirmation they received the email. Hopefully I’ll get one eventually…

    • Allure has left items out of my boxes before and replaced them once they had replacement sent directly from manufacturer.

      • Thanks! That’s good to hear. I’ll give them a week or so to get to me.

        • I emailed them a pic of my broken one and they replied and said they’d get a replacement out to me.

    • My Becca compact was smashed inside and all the glittery powder was spilled out in my box. I called them yesterday and talked to CS.
      Asked for a replacement of the product. Also, offered email photos which they didn’t want, so I didn’t send them.

      I wonder if they really will replace it.
      The CS person was like ” OK, will send another after the holidays, no problems, thanks for calling” like maybe there was a mad rush to a party or something. I asked her to please replace the same Champagne Pop shade that we received and please not send me any bronzing powder instead as I am so fair complexioned, and she was like ” Which product in the December box did you receive damaged?”

      Not a good sign..

    • Ouch … you can fix it with alcohol. Just mix a little in, stir it, press it down and leave it open to dry. It won’t be pretty but it will keep it in the pan.
      They said the December box sold out. Hopefully they have one to send to you.

    • Call. They always replace damaged items. Email is slower to respond.

  13. Does anyone else HATE this radial eyeliner? I know it’s brown and that’s exciting to some but I have like 3 of the black one (because all the subs send it) and all it does is smear everywhere!!!!!!! I can’t stand this eyeliner. Every time I use it I regret it because it smears all over and I end up having to redo half my face.

    • That is exactly how I feel about the eye liner! It always travels around my face making me look like a crazy person lol

    • For some of the softer liners, I’ll just use them on a slanted brush to do the liner that way and find it stays a lot better, or use it when you are going to smoke it out anyhow, and not looking for a crisp line.

    • Oh yeah I forgot that because it’s entirely forgettable. Yeah a thumbs down for sure.

  14. January’s box is beyond the bomb! I truly am amazed at what they are doing and only hope they continue on this turn. Just the fact that we are getting a FULL SIZE Sunday Riley CEO serum makes my heart stop…and then they go on from there. Thankfully they continue supplying us with revered skincare items we need and this month they also are giving us a few other items that we need and don’t usually get: like a BROWN eyeliner, a lippie and something for the hair. I swear, this is quickly becoming a very close second to my dearly revered Boxycharm sub. Way to go ALLURE!

    • I agree 100%!! I can handle a couple things that I may not use that much because the majority of the items are awesome. I just give the things that I don’t like away.

  15. Looks great! I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while and I STILL have not recd my December box. It’s really getting late

    • I called yesterday to ask when my box will ship. Not trying to be rude but I don’t seem to be getting shipping emails until the day the box gets here. They are working on that. I asked if she could see when mine will ship and she stated that they are sending them out in batches and mine should ship next week. Hope this helps.

    • I.just got mine today, usually I get a new email with tracking not this month
      But I love it all.
      I can’t wait for January except for more eyeliner and brushes I’m sick of both from allure and ipsy

    • i also called yesterday to ask for a tracking # and they told me it hasn’t left the warehouse yet and that it would ship soon. I got home and it was in my mailbox. same day. they really need to work on their shipping email system if they want to keep regular subscribers. you would think as big as a company they are they could get that worked out.

    • I called about my box. It is still at warehouse waiting to be shipped. Sigh… I’m guessing after Christmas. I am back on Allure. I took a break to grab Boxycharm and now I’m getting all three. I must think I am Liz. have the nerve to be eyeing either Glossy, Ipsy or Play…

      • all three meaning Beautyfix. I hope they stay on the drunk elephant bandwagon. I would love to try good genes… I’m pretty happy with the Babyfacial dupe but I know that won’t be the case with everything!

        • T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum is Drunk Elephant. I must be skin care drunk.. Iol

          • I love skincare and the allure box for the next three months. I’m not really liking ipsy lately? I’m wanting more skincare then crappie makeup. Do you recommend beauty fix or boxycharm for the better box sub for skincare? I have not tried either of those, I did wantables for awhile and I was wondering about test tube beauty also anyone have any suggestions?

        • Do you suggest beautyfix or boxycharm which is better for more skincare. I’m dumping ipsy but want more skincare?
          Has anyone tried the new beauty test tube?

          • Definitely Beautyfix if you are looking for skincare!

  16. So I have to wait till January 1st to order if I want that (January) to be my first box?

  17. Does anyone know what the new subscriber mystery box contains?

    • All I got was cargo highliter stick (on my mailbox yesterday, I subscribed Dec 1rst) Im assuming it is the mistery gift.

      • Hows the light on this cargo highlighter? So far, Becca is knocking it out the park for me as highlighter. I’ve tried the colour pop in Candyman but it a bit too dry and I love their lippies but this is a fail. Laura Mercier Seduction comes behind Becca… come on Allure box.. come to mama with her new Becca highlighter. I learn things from my subscriptions so that is a valid reason for me to continue…I’ll keep telling myself that at tax time.

    • I signed up last month and I got a Laritzy Lip Pencil. I cannot remember the color, but the overall cost of this pencil is $18.

    • I got a Laritzy lipliner in Cabernet.

      • looks pretty.

    • i was supposed to get the Tarte Blush but I received a lip liner 18.00 value. They changed it after i subscribed.

  18. I signed up in December to get the Jaclyn box (which, by the way, I’m super impressed with) but this one KILLS IT. I can’t wait to get that CEO serum! This honestly seems like one of the best sub boxes out right now.

    • I re-signed up in December too and haven’t received an email indicating they’ve shipped it yet?

      • I just got an email this morning. My second box but first notification lol. My first box arrived unannounced. I should get mine Monday .

      • I signed up on the 9th and was billed by the 12th, haven’t yet received a shipment notif either but I’ll post an update here when I do!

  19. I signed up for the Allure box on December 6th, will I get the December box?

    • Yes you get the box in the month you signed up.

    • Did you get it for $10? I signed up this week and was charged the full $15 😕 emailed them and no response! No box yet either. I’m excited for January, that Sunday Riley is awesome!

      • Kearstin, did you sign up through Amazon or Allure?

        • I signed up on the Allen website. I might just call them I think 🤔

          • Allure. Dang spell check!

      • I did get it for $10, did you sign up to get the magazine and the tote bag tho? It was $5

  20. Not “black” eyeliner! Hooray!!!!! After a full year of 4 different make up subs, this is the first eyeliner that is not black.

  21. are there variations on Januarys box? November sucked for me.

  22. I just got my November box today. I ordered on thanksgiving and still have no idea when ill receive my past beauty thrills box (which was the main reason i subbed) i assume decembers will arrive during the month of december

    • The beauty thrills box is separate from the regular subscription isn’t it? I was considering it but wasn’t impressed with the samples for the $39.99 price.

    • Me too!! Really excited and impatient for the beauty thrills box! Wish there was any way to know.

    • I also signed up in Nov. and am still waiting for my bonus Thrills Box to arrive. Though I have received both Allure Nov. and Dec. boxes now.

      The boxes that came lightening fast were Sprezza Box (I got the buy one get one free for $20 and one box included a $105 wristwatch).
      BeautyFix also came pretty fast. Nice skincare and one box had full-size Juice face peel and Foreo Luna Play gadget and another had full-size Juice blemish cleanser.
      Also loved recent Glossybox, Popsugar and Allure.

  23. Never had not even one of these products so I’m super excited this is the best one yet and other boxes like glossybox really need to step it up and look Fanta

    • The December Glossybox is awesome and lots of fullsize products!

  24. This box looks good!!

  25. WOW! Loving this! So glad I decided to stick around. This is one awesome box!

  26. I can’t wait for this box. Or Decembers. I’ve been wanting to try highlighting but I don’t want to accentuate wrinkles. I heard the becca isn’t too high shine.

  27. This box is beyond incredible! First off, let’s just say that a Full Size Sunday Riley CEO Serum is crazy good…and VERY expensive ($85)! I would be delighted with just that, but no, there is more. The Brown eye pencil is a great break from the standard black, the lippie is supposed to be a really good matte lipstick and then we have 2 premium samples of a hair product coupled with a Moisturizer-Primer…WOW, just WOW!

    I love you Allure, you just made my day (and believe me, I really needed a bit of sunshine today).

    • You summed up the perfect words. And by the way, praying for more sunshine to come your way!

    • Agree! That Sunday Rimey cream is a new favorite of mine! FULL SIZE?!? So excited!

  28. I’m loving the brands they manage to get in the Allure box.

  29. I’m excited about the lippie, but not really interested in anything else. 🙁 Still waiting on my December box, which I’m pretty excited about. Allure decided to just not send me a box in November (which of course was the box I was really wanting) even though I have a prepaid annual gift subscription to them. Villains!

    • Hey Jen! I will buy the CEO off you if you’re selling. Also were you looking for anything specific in the November box. I might have some things I’m willing to give up:)

      • Nothing specific, was just excited about the different items but I don’t really need any of them. Are you on the swap site?

    • I signed up at the end of october, really wanting the November box that never arrived. I inquired to be told they sold out of November boxes. Serioudly? They don’t know how to accept subscribers and ensure they get their expected boxes? Not even oNE month in and I’m ready to cancel. What a scam.

    • Did you ever get the November box? If not it seems people have been getting results calling them.

  30. The C.E.O Brightening Serum was also included in the December Birchbox. Woot Whoot I am going to have two. I hope it’s awesome!!! Maybe it’ll be in my Sephora bag sometime soon.

    • I selected that as my sample choice too! 🙂

      • I just my box, the sample is teeny tiny.

        • I wouldn’t expect anything less from Birchbox. haha 😀 Actually, I’ve received that same sized sample in the past, so I knew it’d be really small. The bright side is that I’ve heard from others that have also received that sample size is that you can get quite a few uses from it. I’m guessing you only need a little so a little goes a long way. 🙂

    • Hey, did Birchbox give you a full size serum? Not that a deluxe size wouldn’t be great also, but that is pretty cool!

    • The CEO brightening serum in Birch Box is only 5ml. Half of that gets stuck in the tube and can only be used if you cut it open.

      • Did the sample come with a foil seal? Mine didn’t and I found it strange.

  31. I am super excited for this box. Between Allure and Boxycharm, January is going to be an awesome month.

  32. Is there a way to sign up and get the January box as your first box?

    • Your subcription will start in the month that you subscribe. Wait until Jan. 1 to subscribe to get the January box but you risk that it will oversubscribe before then.

      • For $10 for first box and free gift and the fact you get a bomb December box I’d sub now to not miss that Sunday riley full size!

    • I signed up in December but really wanted to start with January so I called today and they cancelled December and started it with January for me. You can try to call and do the same. I’m not guaranteeing that will work though. Their customer service isn’t the best in my experience.

      • Thanks for the tip and the warning — I agree that their CS is usually pretty dang bad!

  33. Another solid box. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my subs (#thestruggleisREAL!) but this one was never on the chopping block.

    Box Value – Most excited about receiving the Sunday Riley.
    New To Me – Most excited to try the primer.

    • that primer is GREAT- especially if your skin is dry

      • I was hoping about someone had tried it. It contains argan oil which my hair loves but my scalp does not.
        I’m hoping my face doesn’t break out.
        Have you had any issues with breakouts from this?
        My skin is dry/ combo but I’m sixty so I cherish any natural oils. I don’t have blocked pores I exfoliate three times a week minimum. I do have large pores. Does it reduce the appearance of pores?
        Sorry to ask so many questions. I know I’ll find out next month anyway. 🙂

        • The Sunday Riley doesn’t cause me breakouts. I’m in my 30’s and have oily sensitive combo skin, if that’s possible 😅 You’ll love this product I think! 😇

          • Yes that possible. Skin is crazy fickle.

  34. OK so, I feel a little silly asking but, can someone please tell me the difference is between texturizing spray, dry shampoo and hairspray? I’ve tried to read up on it and I’m just more confused. Some say it’s like beach spray, but not really. Or dry shampoo without residue. I now have about 5 different cans from various boxes and they sit, unused, since I don’t want sticky or dry hair. I use dry shampoo to refresh my straight blow-outs. BUT…my hair does get a little flat after a few days. So, is this what I want to use?

    • By no means am I an expert on the differences of those types of sprays, so I can’t wait to hear what others have to say. I feel while there is an intended way to use the products (via their instructions), in reality they get used differently by a lot of people.

      I’ve always thought that texturizing spray was to add volume/body, dry shampoo was to refresh your hair, and hairspray was to hold everything in place.

      I use all three, but I alternate between texturizing spray & dry shampoo. I don’t use dry shampoo in the typical sense, but rather I spray it in my loose hair (not my head) to help tame frizz, which is the same thing I use texturizing spray for (which is why I rotate between them and only use one at a time).

    • Dry shampoo helps to keep hair fresh & absorb oil

      Texturizing Spray doesn’t absorb oils but helps to fatten up hair it will add volume without weighing it down

      Hairspray holds the style it can add volume too but unlike texturizing spray, too much will weigh hair down

      Hope that helped explain a bit

      I have very long stick straight fine hair, I use dry shampoo at night to help absorb oil, and texturizing spray in the morning to give it a boost. Personly I only use hairspray if I curl my hair, but I do use it on bobby pins to help them hold 😉

      • I still remember the day where it was just hairspray. I love the different sprays that are out now!

      • That’s a great tip. I’m going to try spraying hobby line before I put them in. My hair is super slick smooth. Everything slips right out.

        • Ha ha hobby line. I wrote bobby pins. Love spell check don’t you ?

    • Hi! A texturizing spray is good to use if you’re trying to get a little body when teasing your hair a bit. It gives it a little grip. It’s great if you’re doing a braid and want to “fatten” your braid up to get those instagram braid looks. You know how if your hair is super clean, it usually won’t stay in a style very well, it kinds of slips out? Well, this will help style it without having to wait for it to be dirty, if that makes sense.
      A dry shampoo is good to use at the roots to absorb oils between washings.
      And hairspray is good to make it all hold in place.
      Hope that helps!

    • This is great info guys – thanks! All the online info I can find is mostly sales pitches…I needed the real-world scoop!

    • Thanks for this question and the answers. I am always hesitant to try anything but the dry shampoo as I have fine, thin hair.

    • I would not use texturizing spray on hair that is oily/dirty enough to need dry shampoo. At least on my hair, when the roots are oily the ends also dry out because they haven’t been washed in a few days, so texturizing spray would only cause the ends to be more frizzy and dry. One of the main ingredients in a lot of texturizing sprays is alcohol.

    • I don’t use dry shampoo but texturing sprays actually adds volume by coating the hair. It’s good for up dos and braids.
      Hair spray maintains your style straight or curly but can dry hair out because it contains alcohol. It’s a must for me if I want my curls to last on karaoke nights !

  35. I’m so excited for the texture spray for those of us who have fine hair and need volume badly 😍😍😍 I’m not sure if I can use the primer/lotion cuz I have oily skin and it might be too much for me but I have the Sunday Riley serum from glossy and it is ahh-mazing! I love that stuff and I’m so very excited to see another full size one from Allure 😊❤️✨

    • I have oily skin and I love that primer. I use it as both my moisturizer and primer when I’m looking to skip steps (especially when traveling).

  36. I think that if this box had the full sized Sunday Riley and the rest was filled with rocks, I’d be happy

    • This made me giggle 🙂

  37. Wow! Looks awesome, but did anyone already get December box?

    • No. I believe they ship the second week. I usually get my boxes end of each month. The wait kills you :)) But always worth it

    • I am in Chicago. I usually get the shipping around the 10th of each month. I have not received it yet which stinks. Then it takes about 5 days to get to me.

    • I haven’t yet, mine usually comes at the beginning of the month before the shipping notice. I haven’t gotten a shipping notice yet either.

    • I am in WA state, I usually get mine round the 13-16th day of the month.

      • Is it’s delivered by region? I live on the East coast.

    • Not yet. But they charged me a week ago already.

      • I haven’t received my shipping notice yet and it is the 14th I normally get it around the 10th. I hope there isn’t a problem. Has anyone received a shipping notice yet?

        • I haven’t received an email from Allure yet, but my USPS dashboard shows they mailed my box on December 12.

    • I have not received my december box yet but they charged my card on the fifth.
      No email eithe. I’m still waiting for the email for november . Got the box but no email. Lol🍂

    • I got my December box yesterday! Do you have a question?

      • Did you get a shipping email prior to getting your box? This will be my 5th Allure box. The only time I’ve gotten a shipping email prior to the box showing up was the 1st box. I had to call to get that, had already shipped, got here 2 days later. The only other shipping email from them came hours after the box arrived. It kinda makes it frustrating when you don’t have a choice but to travel and at a moments notice… If I have the shipping info, I can forward that to my neighbor…

  38. Sunday Riley full size for $15!! ‘Nuff’ said!! Lol!

  39. This box is awesome! I love that there is primer in addition to the serum and the pencil! So happy with allure.

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