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Allure Beauty Box January 2018 Box Available Now!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

The December Allure Beauty Box has sold out. If you sign up now, your first box will be the January box!

The January 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. After ordering a subscription using the link through this post and expecting the January box as mentioned, just opened a December box. Has this happened to anyone else?

    I emailed CS to see if they can help. Super bummed since I purposely waited to order so that I would not get December.

    • Yes! I received the December Box today & came here to see if I messed up! I’m totally ok with it though because the products are ones I’ll use (Dior mascara is my favorite) or give to my niece. I feel better at least knowing I’m not alone.

      • Update: I emailed customer service and explained what happened. Within a few days, they replied that a mistake had been made, the wrong box had been shipped and that I would not be charged. Wow! What great customer service! I’m impressed. 🙂

    • Are they sold out of the January box? I was going to give it to my mom as a gift, but wanted her to have the CEO vitamin C cream

  2. Anyone know if I order through amazon if I’d get the January box? And if the $5 off first month code works? I really want that Sunday Riley. Worth the $10.

    • I just got the shipping email for my gift box, signed up last month when I saw the Sunday Riley spoiler. It’s so worth the $ for this box ❤️❤️

  3. Is this box still available?

  4. Grrrr, allure just charged me twice 15$, ladies, how do you think, any chance to get money back?

    • Allure Magazine was quick when I accidentally paid twice for my magazine subscription. So, in theory, it shouldn’t be too painful…

      • Thank you,you just gave me some hope 🙂

  5. When do they charged for the box? I still haven’t been charged for January box

    • Same here

      • I’ve already been charged for this month. Just curious as to when this will be shipped since it’s my first Allure box.

    • I just came on the post to see if anyone else had the same thing happen – I updated my card to ensure I got one (I had used up a gift card for December) and still haven’t seen a charge! I was worried I did it too late – I updated on December 30th and thought I would be fine for the beginning of the month.

      I’m really new to the box as last month was my first and I knew going into it that there were challenges with this subscription. Has anyone had this happen before?

    • I haven’t either but my friend who just signed up was charged immediately. I’m getting worried I really want that Sunday Riley!

      • I am on the Black Friday deal, so I have already paid. My account has an order date of 1/5 which is usually updated about the time I am charged.

  6. I came very excited about the full size Sunday Riley full size serum but I have noticed at least 3 other substances have the full size as well. Does anyone else else find this odd? Or do you guys know why it is in a few other boxes as full size? I’m not complaining I’m just curious.

  7. I wonder why my comments aren’t showing up?

  8. Hi everybody. I’m on the fence about subbing to Allure. I’ve been reading a lot about their customer service, good and bad. Can you guys post your own experiences please? Thank you so much!

    • I have subbed since day 1 and on the rare occasion I had a problem they were very responsive. I will never give this sub up.

    • it can go both ways, when I first subbed they were amazing, I felt bad for all the ppl who had bad experiences and then it happened to me. I was advised to speak to a supervisor who in so many words told me he could not do anything for me:/ I ended up reporting them to the BBB (they have an awful rating by the way) and as expected they ignored my complaint, along with many others. Its a toss up with Allure, you may have a great experience or not. people are saying you can sub through Amazon, as you may already know their customer service is impeccable:)

  9. Did anyone else got already email with tracking #?
    I got my # three days ago…

    • I did! It says that my Dec box has shipped….which is odd bc I signed up on Dec 29 and I thought that the Dec box was sold out around Dec 20??? I don’t particularly want the Dec box. I signed up bc it stated here, that the Dec was sold out already. I wonder now…when they will draft payment out and ship my Jan??

      • And I already got my December box! Can’t believe it is January box…

      • The Becca is worth it as well as primer. And bauble bar coupon for 20 bucks. Promo for bauble bar expires 1/20/18 and I usually get their stuff on sale at Nordstrom’s so very sweet,

      • KSlays, did you get an email about your Dec box shipping? I signed up on Dec 22nd to GET December box, but haven’t heard anything and nothing shows up in my Allure account except that I’ve also been charged for January already.

        • I contacted them and they assured me that my Jan box had shipped. Low and behold the Dec box shows up today! Disappointed!!!

          • Exact same thing happened to me! Opened it hoping for January and was told they are behind in December boxes and I will still get a January. Just when I thought they were on the ball 😒.

  10. My December box finally just shipped!

  11. I finally got a reply back some days ago saying they’re issuing me a refund for the November box after multiple communications. I’m disappointed as have been waiting all this time for nothing.

    • Same thing happened with my moms Allure subscription. Ended up refunding October and November.

  12. That allure beauty thrills was a good deal. I already have allure and been with them for a year. I did the deal anyway with my moms address and started with December. When I ordered it said November but that’s ok because I’m sure they got a lot of new subscribers. Allure is a great box and I always get what I pay for. I don’t track any of my subscription boxes because it takes me to much time. If I don’t get my box by the end of the month then I will check tracking. When people complain about tracking does this mean you look everyday to see if your box is in transit.

    • I would only complain if it doesn’t arrive on expected date. Like with ipsy, tracking showed label created and FedEx waiting on 12/08. A week later I check to see if delivery date updated… there was no change. I check a few days later, same. So I emailed CS and was told to wait until 12/28. Now they are sending me a replacement bag.

    • Hi! Just curious, did you get the Beauty Thrills box yet? Since, you seem more experienced I was just wondering if, in your experience, those should’ve arrived by now or it’ll just be slow.

      • I haven’t recieved mine from the “better than black Friday deal” and I wasn’t sure why. I started to think, that maybe they will send them after the full 3 months have shipped so that no one cancels after getting the beauty thrills box. Maybe? Just a thought.

        I know that this month makes the 3rd month, so I am impatiently expecting to see it very soon.

        • Well… my 1st month on the deal was December since November sold out. I was already a subscriber, so they had to cancel my account. I finally got a response to my email asking for an update – basically you will get an email when it ships. Boy that’s real helpful😡. They shouldn’t be holding the mystery box until after 3 months since we paid for 3 months up front and the shipping costs for the mystery thrills. I jumped through hoops with them to get my account canceled and recharged for the thrills box. I really wouldn’t have went through so much trouble to save a few bucks for 3 months. I think there are delays with the December thrills box, but ours is supposed to be past items from thrills box. So, that doesn’t even make sense as a reason. I am expecting random items from the past who knows thrills boxes. There just better be at least the amount promised😜. I have screenshots of the offer😂. My wondering mind wants to know if we get a new subscriber gift and the thrills? Have you got a new subscriber gift? Last time that I tried to put my account on hold, they canceled it. When I joined again, I did get another eyeshadow palette. I also then got an email saying the missed me, and if I joined again I would get a free Marc Jacobs gift. CS promised it even though I got the eyeshadow, but I have yet to see it. I was out of stock (so they say), so I finally asked them to sub another gift. They said yes, to except something in 14 days. We shall see… If it is another palette… there will be screaming 😂. On the plus side, I won the pantene mouse condioner under the try it program which I received today. Maybe there is hope…

          • SBR I received a Nov and December box, plus a new subscribers gift of the 2016 best of beauty. It’s really nice and includes a full size nars blush, a clarins face cream, and konjac sponge, a charlotte tillbury eyeliner, clinique all about eyes, ST. Tropez self tanner, super goop hand cream and living proof styling cream, total RV is $125+. I’m still waiting for the thrills deal and am looking forward to January with Sunday riley. CS confirms that I am getting it but they don’t know which one or when.

          • Nope, I haven’t gotten a new subscriber gift. I got the November box (which at that point was old stuff) and I got December. And like you, I am nervous that there will be some issue with the thrills box that was supposed to be part of the deal. So much so that I have not used any of my products from November and December so tjat, in the event there is an issue and I don’t receive, that I can force them to take back the boxes for a refund lol, UT I hope it doesn’t come to that. I am really itching to try that Becca highlighter though!

      • I sent an email to allure asking if I was going to get a new subscriber gift with the thrills, and I got this back “ If that was part of the offer you signed up for yes you will. Those are shipped separately.”. And my previous question was when can I expect the thrills to ship “We apologize for the delay in your shipment. You will receive an email confirmation when your box ships that will include USPS tracking information.”. they must be in the non-answer mode😡.

  13. I loved my December box and I’m looking forward to trying all the new products to me in January

  14. I’m still waiting for December box. They wrote back to me today and said it’s in a warehouse. No shipment yet. At least they have updated my account to show 12/27 as order date. A little disappointed to have a subscription and having to wait and fear I won’t get one.

    • I have been subscribed for a year now and I get them each month like clockwork. I normally get a shipping email around the 8th-12th and then they are delivered 4-5 days later, but this December box was about a week late for some reason. I am not sure if it was the Holiday delivery back up, delivery probs in other states from weather issues or maybe product delays at their warehouse… but usually they come on time every month. December has been strange.

  15. I am so annoyed that this will be my third month with them after I signed up for the allure beauty thrill box free with a 3 month subscription and have not even received an update on when it will ship. I will never subscribe again. A little communication would of went a long way in this situation.

    • I did the same deal. When I contacted them earlier this month they told there was a delay in the NOVEMBER box and I would get it later. Then a December box showed up. Not sure I’ll ever see November.

      They also said I was in line to get a Thrills box but they had no information on when that would ship.

      I don’t want to have to constantly check with them to get my order but it seems like I’ll be contacting them again.

      • I got an email stating that November was sold out, and that December would be my first box. I am betting you won’t get November, but make sure they don’t charge you again too soon. I am also still waiting on the thrills.

        • Oh. Okay. They didn’t mention that. I’m fine with no November but want to make sure I get the 3 boxes plus the Thrills box.

    • I get the monthly boxes like clockwork. The Thrills box i order as a one time order, and they are ALWAYS weird w the shipping. They take forever to ship or the tracking journey is extra long. I ordered the December Thrills box on Nov 23 and have not received a shipping email either. I bet there are delays w some of the products getting to their warehouse. Not sure what else it could be.

    • I’m still waiting on my Beauty Thrills box also. It was supposed to come with my prepaid 3 month deal. I’ve emailed twice about it now but no answers!

  16. I loved the December box I actually got 2 of them but Im definitely more excited for January! I wasn’t able to get the GB LE holiday box with the SR so I’m very happy to have this chance to try it out especially a. Full size!!
    And come to think about it all of the products will be new to me, well I think I’ve tried the Lipgloss but in a different color from ipsy. Not 100% but 100% excited for this box!

    • I missed out on the Sunday Riley item in the GB limited edition holiday box too so am happy we are getting in the Allure January box.

  17. I bet January sells out quick with the Sunday Riley product. They’ve really been killing it lately. It’s become my favorite beauty box by far.

  18. I signed up for just this box yesterday… I hope I remember to cancel in time for February.

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