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Allure Beauty Box February 2018 + March 2018 Spoilers!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have spoilers for February and March 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

The February 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

FYI – pictures may not represent sizes.

The March 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

FYI – pictures may not represent sizes.

And in case you missed it, the January 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the December Box. Here are the full December spoilers:

The box will include:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know what the February mystery gift might be?

  2. I’m not going to use my bauble bar $20 gift cert. Code is all yours-email me at

    suza pow at proton mail dot com

  3. I did not even know I was suppose to get a mystery gift. Got an e-mail today saying it was on it’s way for over 28 plus dollars. I dropped boxycharm even though I think it is a wonderful value, but I am retired and 54 years old, and skincare is more up my line. Dropped Sephora for allure and so far pleased. Yet I sure do wish they would quit with the mascara’s and pencils or at least put some pretty glittery colors in the box instead of black. I must have 15 mascara’s that will dry out before they get used!

    • I’ll take your mascaras if you don’t want them! Lol

  4. Juice beauty never shows up on my lips- so not excited about it!

  5. Allure finally got back to me about the smashed Becca highlighter in my December box. They are out of them so I can choose another item from that box. SMH That highlighter was half the value of the box. Surely they have a more comparable solution.

    • How did you contact them? Mine came smashed too and they aren’t responding to any of my emails.

      • Call them at 1-800-274-1603 (it’s listed on the Beauty Box account login page). I’ve had much better results from calling their CS than emailing.

    • When I didn’t get the tarte blush they sent me a full box of best of beauty winners that included a full size Nars dual intensity blush in adoration, an eye pen… not good, clarins active face cream, clinique eye cream, san Tropez instant tan spray, a living proof styling cream love this, a charcoal face sponge and a product you put over perfume to make it last longer. And a tiny sample of Superbowl hand cream. I’m happy. That blush is $45.00 at Sephora.

      • Supergoop hand cream lol

      • That’s awesome! I never received anything:( Got my box though. I emailed them 3 times with no response but my box came a week later. Luckily mine was not broke as my daughter wanted it for Christmas.

  6. Love my Allure box but hoping they don’t start putting Juice Beauty in often. I’m just personally not a fan of the brand bc my skin hates it & I think it’s overpriced. I might not always love everything in the box but that’s one brand I know for sure I’ll hate 😜.

  7. I signed up in December but was wondering if anyone knew what the new member mystery gift for December would be?

    • Not sure if you will receive the same gift but I received a Cargo Cover Stick in Champagne as my gift. I signed up on Dec 4th.

      I read recently that some lucky new subscribers were receiving an entire bonus box as their mystery gift.

      • I am one of those members! I subbed November 15th when the sign up gift was the full sized tarte blush. It changed to a ‘mystery gift’ a few days after I signed up. The mystery gift at that point used to be some sort of brown lip liner some people got. I got my first box 12 days after sign up. Got my December box last week and never got my Tarte blush. I sent an email about it last week worried I was going to get a substitution. A few days ago Allure sent an email out to some people saying they were sending a special box full of subscription favorites out in lieu of the tarte blush as they’d ran out. I am THILLED! I do feel bad for those who got the lip liner and even those who got the blush! XD I have no idea why they decided to send the special box to only certain members but I’m definitely not complaining. The email said it would ship no later than 12/22 so I’m hoping it’s in my mailbox tomorrow.

      • Ah! Thanks! I’d be happy with that!!

      • Did your mystery gift shop separately? I got my December box, but no mystery gift yet.

        • Yes, the gift ships separately from the box.

      • In place of the tarte blush. Yeah. I did. A full box of stuff.

    • I signed up 12/19 & got my December box, but no mystery gift.

      • I signed up on 12/20, but haven’t yet received a box yet… I was hoping to still get the December box because I was told I would when I signed up. But now if u sign up you’ll start with January…so I’m just wondering what’s up since mine has yet to ship…

    • I signed up in Dec and my mystery gift was mascara and I received it before I received my first box.

  8. Did anyone who signed up for the Black friday deal with the 3 months, get a free Allure Thrills box, receive their Thrills box yet? When are they shipping them out?

    • Melissa, I’m pretty sure my thrills box shipped yesterday and is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday. Of course, this could also be my new member gift, but I am hoping it’s thrills.

      • I hope it’s the Thrills box too! Thanks for letting me know…

        • I have not gotten my beauty thrills box either. I sent an email 3 days ago and nothing. Im about to drop this sub and worry ill never see the beauty thrills box

      • Are we getting both? I am technically not a new member, but they had to cancel my membership to get the Black Friday special so I did get an email about my first box being December and my new member gift being shipped separate…

        • I got the 2016 allure best of beauty box as my new member gift. It has a full size nars blush, a 2 oz living proof styling cream, and clarins face cream 1 Oz, a 1.69 oz st tropez mousse tanner, clinique all about eyes deluxe sample, charlotte tillbury eyeliner, a julep konjac sponge, a tiny supergoop hand cream, and a fragrance lock sample. I’m pretty good with it, and wonder when I get the thrills box.

          • Did you get a shipment email?

            This is the email I got (after my December box was received 😂)

            We are writing to update you on the status of your first Allure Beauty Box. Unfortunately due to overwhelming demand, the November box was sold out at the time of your order.

            For this reason, your first box will begin with December and will ship no later than 12/22/2017. Your new member gift will ship separately.

            So…. I was promised nothing other than my December box and a new member gift, but no date on that or what it would be…. I have another confirmation email re: the thrills box. I guess, I will give them until January 2nd… then they get a call or email….

          • Uh that’s a bummer!!
            Has anyone received their extra $15 mystery gift yet?

          • I got the same box in place of the tarte blush. I’m happier than it I’d gotten the tarte blush. The Nars adoration is so pretty. The soft pink shimmer and the deep pink plush. You have to build the cheek color up so it doesn’t overwhelm. I haven’t tried it wet.

  9. Loving the skincare! I have a Youth To The People cleanser I got in an Ipsy Glambag. I love it! I have the Laneige lip mask so I’m looking forward to more Laneige products. The only thing I’m really iffy about is the foundation. But every box is so worth it!

  10. YAY! All looks good. Allure is my one and only sub… very satisfied with all products. I’m really stoked for Youth to the People!

    • How often does allure put full sized items in their boxes?

      • Quite often from what I can see. Go to the top of this page and click on Allure Beauty Box Spoilers. It goes back several months. Usually the full size items are eyeliners or eyeshadow brushes. September was a full size Tarte blush. So that full size Sunday Riley C.E.O. Serum is awesome!

      • Well, they oftentimes include hair/skincare/makeup tools that are considered full size. Once in a while they will issue a full size skincare/makeup item, but not every month. Maybe 4-6x per year? …like mascara, eye pallets, hand lotion, nail polish, etc. They mainly include deluxe samples and travel size items. I’ve never received any packet/sachet samples in my Allure boxes. The smallest items I’ve received are tiny pots of EXPENSIVE items, such as La Mer, and small bottles of high-end perfumes.

  11. Great spoilers. I love the brands Allure manages to get in their boxes.

  12. I can’t wait to get my box, Just got my Box Of Style today too

    • Gah, mine is supposed to be delivered Friday! How is it? What’s the clutch like? Too late to use for parties now but maybe I can use it for Valentine’s Day? Lol.

  13. How easy is it to gift a sub to Allure?

    • Easy. Just know their information

  14. I just got this email from Allure so I’m sooooo excited to see all the great brands coming up next year! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ I’ve dropped glossy and Birchbox a while back, keeping allure cuz honestly I love everything in their boxes every month! Now they’re just getting better and better 😍😊😍 I’m also keeping Ipsy cuz I’ve been very happy with my bags the last few months and I think I’ve figured out their system, boxy and trying look fantastic for awhile…

  15. another tarte mascara? is it possible to refill my printer’s black ink cartridge with this? i could take up calligraphy or become a notary.

    • lol maybe we can all band together and use our black mascara to paint the city’s asphalt and by city I mean every city :p

    • I’m a notary.. we use blue ink…lol

  16. Love that they’ve been releasing spoilers months out! Makes it easier to stay/skip.

  17. While the spoilers look great, I’m not excited for the foundation because, as a person of color, I already know I’m not going to get a shade that’s anywhere near my skin tone.

    • I have the opposite problem…. So, I am also not excited about the foundation…

      • I’m wondering what they send. That’s odd. So many skin tones. I’m mid range but olive warm. Probably won’t suit me either.

    • I called and if they were planning on doing a survey and was told that every box would have the same shades. The cushion only comes in three and the one shown is Buff, golden and glittery. The Foundation looks like Yellow Alabaster. I asked if the pictures indicated the colors being sent and she couldn’t tell me.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the foundation. With so many subscribers, foundation shouldn’t be an item in a box so it will go to my swap pile.

    • I have the same problem too, but on the other end of the spectrum! Nothing is pale enough for me and I’ve got limited options as far a foundations I can get and even more limited with concealers. 🙁

      • That is the foundation I use and they do have great options for people with pale complexions. I used to have to get my foundation in Ireland because they have a wider range of fiar skinned options but not anymore. That being said… sending a foundation is stupid even if it is a great one.

    • I have the same feeling about foundations. I guess you could say I’m multiracial. I have pink & red undertones so even most bb creams don’t work. Most have a yellow undertone which makes me look jaundiced. I get Ipsy & redeemed points for a Purlisse bb cream in a medium but it has a yellow undertone. Someone commented that everyone will get the same shade… I don’t do swaps. Whatever I can’t use, my daughter or my niece will use. If not, I’ll put it aside to donate.

    • gift it, i have a gift drawer i put all of my unused items in. =)

  18. I am so done box shaming Allure. Wow. The brands so good they could be all deluxe samples for me to try.

  19. It literally just screamed out a YESS!!! for the Laneige! Hahahaha! #noshame

  20. Very glad about the SkinFix lip balm. Haven’t seen mine since my husband confiscated it for himself (he says it’s the best remedy for winter chapped lips that he’s ever tried). And anything Laneige? I’m in love. I just canceled ipsy and Sephora for Allure and Ricky’s NYC, and I have zero regrets. The Allure curation over the past few months has been phenomenal.

  21. Does anyone know when the sign up for the January box starts?

    • Considering they are putting a full size $85 item in it, I would sub now. You may or may not end up getting the December box. Not 100% sure… There was a post from Mysubscriptionaddiction that was last call for the December box. Either way, it’s worth the money. You can sign up & then call them to get your 1st month for $10 + tax if there is not a coupon. Per the advice of other allure subscribers, you can call after you sub & state you like the box but you are used to spending $10 per month not $15 & not sure if it’s worth it… However you want to word it, they have been giving people 4 for $10/4 months for $10 + tax. It worked for me and at this point, I am happy to pay the $15+ tax a month for the Allure box. Hope this helps.

  22. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask!!! What is this, Target!?!?!?

    Just kidding, thanks to Target I love that stuff!

    The next few months look great!

    • lol it was so weird when they made the jump to sephora and I was like um i just got this in my target beauty boxes like 20 times and now you’re trying to charge $40 for it haha

  23. i literally jumped to joy when I heard CLE will be featured soon. I found the brand when I was browsing around on cult beauty website and they looked very promising, and boy, the packaging is instagram-worthy, so chic and simple. Then I found that Ulta carried the brand, even though only 1 single product but I jumped on it anyway cuz some how the price listed at Ulta is cheaper than what their website has. And it quickly becomes one of my fav cleansing product of all times. I’m dying to try something more from the brand now it’s my Allure box. How wonderful is that ! Allure is doing so well lately. I’m cancelling play, glossy, love goodly, sugarbash, beauty fix, and mommy mail box. Keeping allure, boxy, pearlesque and julep.

    • Oh, well, I’ll have to try out the cleanser from Ulta now. Thanks for the tip!

  24. I got my December box today and I’m excited to try everything. And I’m super stoked for January. I just got that mascara in Boxy so I guess it will depend on if I like it if I stay for February or not. And I’d love to try the foundation in March but I’m so fair that I doubt it would come in a useable shade for me unless we could somehow choose our shades.

    • Did you receive a tracking email for that box? I was charged for the month but I have yet to receive any other sort of correspondence from them. Not even a confirmation email after I purchased the box.

  25. I’ve only had skinfix , makeupforever, and tartiest mascara so anything else is always a bonus and I seriously ain’t complaining with duplicates bc their my favs anyway. Great job allure and msa for the tea 😍

  26. Allure is quickly becoming my favorite box!

  27. Is the tastiest full size? Also super excited for laneige. I use their overnight lip mask and love it.

    • We don’t know the sizes yet, sorry!

  28. The thing I’m wondering is how are they gonna put a foundation in a box without knowing peoples skin tone? I don’t remember taking a quiz where it asked for any skin types, tones, etc… I love that foundation though and I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for the right shade?

    • I’m wondering the same! We got that foundation in our Play! boxes and even though I got the lightest one that they sent out, it was still a bit too dark for me. So yeah, I wonder whether they’ll be collecting our skin tone info and how many different shades they’ll send?

      • I read somewhere that all boxes will have the same shade.. Total bummer! Yes I remember getting it in my Ipsy too and it was a perfect match! I’m hoping to get lucky again because I really like this foundation.. Fingers crossed!

  29. Has anyone got their Dec box yet? I ordered on the 10th and haven’t heard a peep. TIA

    • Mine just shipped, got the email yesterday. I ordered around 1st of the month I think.

    • I got my box a few days ago maybe? I never get tracking for it hardly.

    • The first one takes a few weeks to kick in. My first box took about 3 weeks, and then the schedule of the rest kicks in. You normally get a shipping email around the 8th-12th and then it ships from Illinois.

    • West coaster here, got the shipping notice on the 18th, and it shipped on the 15th with no estimated delivery date yet. This month has been later than most due to the holiday. I haven’t received my Sephora box yet either.

    • Apparently mine shipped today. I ordered in December hoping they would run out and mine would start in January. Oh, well. Better than missing January I guess.

    • I paid for mine on the 7th and got it today with no shipping notice. So hopefully yours will be along soon.

    • still have not received my box and i typically get mine by the 18th

  30. Both boxes look good!

  31. Now am excited for the New year. This is a much better fit for me than the December box.

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