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Allure Beauty Box December 2017 Full Spoilers – Sizes Added!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have a size update to the FULL spoilers for December 2017 Allure Beauty Box!

The box will include:

What do you think of the December 2017 Allure Beauty Box full spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the December Box. (FYI the November box sold out, so I recommend signing up asap if you want to make sure you get this box!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just subscribed this month. I got all the pictured items, but NO “mystery gift”. Also, my email said it shipped yesterday, 12/26. No mail came yesterday, or I thought no mail came yesterday. Checked my tracking today, and it was delivered yesterday at 5 pm! So, my box sat in the mailbox all night and it got down to 16 degrees!!! I’m lucky nothing broke or busted open! How I got an email yesterday that my box had shipped and then it got delivered yesterday is crazy. I had no idea to be on the lookout for it. Not a great way to start off a subscription-no mystery gift & my box left in below freezing temps for almost 19 hours. (It’s still just 24 degrees at 2:45 pm!)

  2. I’m confused. I received the December box today. I signed up on 11/25 for the 3 month plus beauty thrills box deal. Was I supposed to start with the November box? Sounds like some people have received their bonus beauty bundle box but I also read where others were told it would ship in January.

  3. My Allure boxes usually ship out early in the month. I just now got a shipping notice for December’s box though.

    Have they moved their shipping back each month now? I always was so happy to get my Allure box early in the month when the others drifted in weeks later, LOL.

    ( I unsubscribed for about a year until October, and know the first box or two are sometimes ” later” shipped.)

    • I got a notice on the 15th and tracking said it just arrived in a post office in South Carolina at 3:00 this morning. That’s two states away.
      I have not received any gifts or bonuses. My first box last month received on the third of this month was a bunch of left overs from previous months. I want January’s box but after that I’m out.

  4. I signed up on Dec 3rd and rec’d shipping notifications on the 15th for both the box and the $15 mystery gift. The gift arrived today and turned out to be a $28 Cargo Color Stick in Champagne. I am really happy that I signed up for this sub.

  5. I received my December box today! All items are in the box and intact. This is a beautifully curated box…I’m very pleased! Looking forward to the January box now 🙂

  6. Anyone gotten shipping or tracking info yet?

    • No, they did not send it to me, this will be my first allure box. they always take so long to send the boxes?

    • Not me 😕 and they charged me since the 5th.

      • Yeah me too. Got a notice but no box yet. Tracking says it’s still two days away.
        It has to go from Greenville South Carolina to Newport news Virginia and then to Hampton virginia.
        I’m really not impressed so far.
        They have twenty five bucks of mine and I got a handful of tiny free sample size products I could get at Sephora for free. They will let you have three free samples per day.

    • I haven’t gotten it either which is odd!

    • I’ve received tracking info on my USPS acct,
      Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item 12/12/2017 7:56pm GLENDALE HEIGHTS IL 60139

      The latest my box has shipped has always been the 13th and within 5 days I receive it.

    • I just got my box and none of these items are in it. In fact, they all look like leftovers from November. But when I signed up, I thought it said my first box would be December and it shipped on Monday. Wtf?!?!

      • Yeah me too. Got a notice but no box yet. Tracking says it’s still two days away.
        It has to go from Greenville South Carolina to Newport news Virginia and then to Hampton virginia.
        I’m really not impressed so far.
        They have twenty five bucks of mine and I got a handful of tiny free sample size products I could get at Sephora for free. They will let you have three free samples per day.

    • I just got email with track info that my box shipped, it will be by first box.

      • I did too but this will be my second box. Still waiting for the notice from November LOL. Got the box but no email.

    • I’m so frustrated with this company it’s not funny. Tell me why my dec box was delivered to an address in Virginia when I live In Louisiana. Now I’m not gonna get my dec box till January. How does their system just change info like that. I don’t get it. And their customer service. Man this sucks.

      • I’m in Virginia maybe my box went to Louisiana.

  7. This says there were size changes. The only full size item is the brush lol. What are the size changes?

  8. I moved in August but know I notified them or the change. Well, I waited and waited and finally September and October boxes showed up same day after writing in about them I believe. Then I never received November, they send me this reply like they can’t find my account and had it confused w a magazine account, get a reply saying the November box was sent to my old address yet again and I’ll get it this week now! Of course, I’ve already been billed for December now and I verified numerous times that my address was correct on their site! This is crazy after theyve already sent two boxes here!

  9. After last month’s box (where most everything I got wasn’t from anything shown curated) I was annoyed and decided I’d rather drop this box and keep glossybox even though it’s more expensive. But they convinced me to stay with a steep discount, and I was like… fine. I’m not too wowed by this box (but only because i know the diorshow mascara smells weird and agitates my eyes) but I think it’s worth the discounted price, just because I’m highlighter addicted and I hear the Becca one is nice.

  10. Are you sure the champagne pop is mini sized? I know that’s what the pic on her instagram was but the Allure site says the box is a $95 value, which wouldn’t be possible with just the mini size version… Also didn’t glossybox or one of the others get a full size one recently? Seems odd that Allure wouldn’t be able to negotiate a big one. Either way, I’m SO impressed with Allure, I signed up through the website and through Amazon, its such an amazing deal and if there are variations I usually get one of both between the two subscriptions. Love it.

    • I think 95$ includes the mystery item

      • No because not everybody gets the mystery item. That’s for new subscriptions. I was supposed to get a tarte blush but I’m still waiting for that and I signed up on November 16th. They’ve charged me for november and December and still all I have is a few tiny samples they give for free at sephora. So Jan will be my last month. As soon as they charge me and ship that I’m canceling.

  11. When do they usually ship box?

    • I subbed on Dec 2nd and haven’t heard anything about shipping. 🙁

  12. After the Tarte blush and box mix-ups, I canceled 10/31 and Again 11/11 by email juuust to be sure. I thought I was through with this mess of a company yet what happens? They charged my cc yesterday! More time on phone with very nice rep. who can’t say why this happened, blah blah, and says my box might already have been shipped. Really? Concerning their record, I doubt that. Told her that’s not my problem as I have cancellation in writing Twice. Maybe they should realize MSA sends them a lot of business and should treat customers better. The real pity is, I liked the box I received! Anyone else billed after canceling? Sorry for grouching. Grrr.

    • I would change the CC info on your account to what is called a “Ghost Card” 4444333322221111 ex 01/2029 and any three digit code. I use it for Boxy when I want to skip a month and change it back one week prior to the new month. Allure will not be able to charge you any more. Even after you cancel.

      • Thanks for the idea, Kirsten! I’m fairly new to sub boxes and clearly not very savvy. 🙂

        • haha, I understand that! I had to learn because I didn’t want to cancel Boxy and be put on a new wait-list. Allure makes it very hard to cancel so the change is card is easier, and can always be put back to a good one if you’re interested in that month 🙂

          Hope it helps a little bit!

        • Kirsten – You my dear
          R GENIUS! Good way to get around cancelling Boxy!

      • I love that idea for both subs.. I’m happy with this months allure and clearly this guy begrudged me the $5 discount. I don’t always want the box but getting back in can be problematic, problem solver Kristen, Thank you, Tanya

    • I love Kirsten’s ‘Fake Card Number’ idea- good one. For the box you were charged for after cancellation- contact your bank and dispute the charge. If Allure shipped you a box after you cancelled and it’s too late to cancel it- well, too bad for Allure. Same thing happened to me after I bought the October box for $7.50 with the free Tarte blush. I emailed them in late October, they responded with a 4 boxes for $10 each offer that I did not accept, and two weeks later they charged me. I disputed with my bank and the charge was removed. Can you imagine how many people Allure does this to that can’t be bothered disputing such a small amount? Allure is turning into the Guthy Renker of subscription boxes.

  13. Ok, I do not want this box. Already tried mascara, hair product and hourglass primer. Also, I do not use highlighters and one of Philosophy products was the only one that caused me allergic reaction, so looking with suspicion to it. So… a brush and a gift card? Worst Allure box ever.

    • I agree. Not what I expected for the big December box.

  14. Add me to those that have had issues with them. I signed up back in October (I think) and got one box. Then my bank sent me a replacement debit card and I needed to update the card on the site, but it couldn’t find my account. That was weird because I’d had an account to be able to resubscribe. Then I thought, okay, I’ll just make a new account. I was charged for that new box, but then it seems to have been refunded.

    So it appears I can’t update my current sub and I’m not subbed to anything with them. I’m taking that as a sign I shouldn’t have resubbed to begin with LOL. I like their boxes, but my world is not incomplete without Allure.

    • I went through this too because I was trying to get my daughter a sub as well. If you already have an account and try to add another one with a different email address, it will just change your original account to the new email address. Apparently you can’t sign up ONLINE to have multiple subs at the same address. You have to call them and get them to do it. You also have to get the right person though because I got different answers the first couple of times.

  15. HI! I just signed up for the December box with a coupon and made sure not to get the magazines, they charged 10 dollars and then charged me 11.50 a few days later. Does anyone know why this is happening??

  16. So I got in on the rue la la deal, and got that box today. But I haven’t received the November box….will my first box be November or December?

    • I got the November box a few days later. I never get shipping info from them, so it’s always a surprise!

    • I was wondering the same thing. I signed up for the same deal. I was charged. I have attempted to email customer service with no response. I haven’t received any boxes yet.

  17. I meant to cancel before this month, and I’m glad I didn’t. This looks beyond awesome. Wow.

    • Same here! I cut a few subs last month and was having serious FOMO with the reveals. But I’m so glad I kept this one… and Boxycharm. This box looks awesome!

  18. I was billed for 2 boxes I ordered in November, and funds posted to my CC early for Allure on the 6th. 1 called and emailed after Tday week when boxes didn’t ship since mine is always the last group to ship.

    CS claims they don’t know why I received a receipt for November as their records show my payment didn’t post, and of course boxes never shipped. They ran out of Nov boxes while they let my email sit unanswered for a week.

    I’m so done with beauty boxes. I have been shopping beauty stores online, and it’s much more cost effective to buy what I need, and receive gwps. The fact BBs put a $ value on free samples is crazy! Now I have to dispute the Nov payments to get my money back. Did get my Tarte Blush 2 months late. The swap program has also been frustrating because no one reads English. Swappers just want what they want regardless if you’re ‘on vacation ‘ or noting ‘see my followed list’, it’s all ignored.

  19. I signed up in November, they charged me $10.90. They just charged me $10.90 for December too. I was expecting to be charged $15.

    • I had the exact same thing happen to me, too! I was charged the $10 in November and another $10 today (plus tax). Did you get your November box? I didn’t get mine yet and I called today and she said it showed still in warehouse and that she’d make sure it gets sent out. I asked if it would for sure be the November box and she said yes. After everything I’ve read about their customer service, I don’t know what to believe. I signed up November 17, what about you?

      • Also, the call I made to CS was before they charged me today, so I didn’t ask about that.

      • Hi. I signed up on Nov 16 I just got my box for November on the 3rd of December. None of the egg masks or creams. I got a neck cream a lip scrub the morning honey serum the brush which is pretty but I’m not impressed with its function. a tiny lipstick and a tiny pretty pink blush from cargo which is a perfect daytime shade. I hope you get your box soon.
        I didn’t get an answer to my last e mail and I got a snarky answer to the one before that when I was looking for my November box.

        • Did you get a shipping notification before you got your box?

          • I didn’t before I got my November box December 3rd,it just showed up. And I had emailed them about it like a week ago, so they finally responded “sorry for the delay it’s in warehouse and will be coming soon”-AFTER I already received it. Clearly the CS reps don’t even check up on the status or your order, they probably get so many complaints that they just send generic emails. Don’t that’s a good sign!

          • I didn’t get notification, I got the November box I think December 1st or 2nd. And I had emailed them asking when it was coming and they finally emailed me back like a week later “sorry for the delay, it’s in the warehouse and will ship soon”-AFTER I had received the box! Clearly their CS reps just send out generic emails probably because they get so many complaints!

          • Thanks Avydawn, that gives me some hope!!

          • No I never got any notice.

          • I have never received any notice from them. The day my first box arrived I got an answer to an email I had sent to inquiring about my November box saying they were sorry for The delay yada yada yada… Lol.

        • Wow, you got a completely different box than me. I’m happy with my November box and excited for December. I’m most likely canceling after December unless amazing spoilers come out lol.

        • I got the exact same box . The brush and hey honey wad the only thing that I got that I was supposed to get when I signed up. That lipstick is so tiny!

          • Barbie lipstick !

      • I singed up November 9th. I got my box last week and I got my tarte blush 2 days after I got my box.

        • I don’t even know what the bonus item for joining in November is. I have not received anything since the November box ten days ago. I’m still waiting for the December box. No email but I didn’t get one for November box which arrived Dec 3rd

    • I thought the $10 was just for the first box I signed up for last month but I looked today and I was only charged $10 for this month, too 🙂 not complaining

      • I think it’s $10 for the first 3 months : )

      • Me too. I think because the box was a bunch of left overs
        I don’t know.

  20. READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!!! I ordered the November box and received multiple items that weren’t listed (and that I didn’t want) and didn’t receive the Tarte blush. They must have ran out of the samples, but I was definitely frustrated.

    • There were variations in November. I’m glad I got the “alternate” box – in my opinion it was better than the box that MSA reviewed. Your Tarte blush ships separately.

    • I signed up in November and got the alternate box too. I didn’t mind, it had some great stuff in it, including YSL primer I was happy to get.

      The Tarte blush comes separately. I signed up mid November and got it the other week, so hopefully yours is on the way. Mine was the colour Dazzled, and it’s super pretty.

      • I got the YSL primer and I love it! I also got dazzled, I was afraid at first because of the glitter but its not that noticeable. It’s so pretty!

      • I signed up November 16th and have not tech
        River any type of bonus item. I’m not even sure what it was. I think a tarte blush but I’m not 100% sure.

        • Not received. Gotta love auto correct…

    • They write that they send the first order gift within the first month of placing the order SEPARATELY. So it might be that you will still get it, depending when you placed the order.

  21. I’m getting it for the becca and the brush. I have super thick hair, I really wish hair samples weren’t one time use at least make it 30ml.
    I use purity as a brush cleaner and am running low so the box is worth it to me.
    Wonder what the mystery item will be, please no mascara.

  22. My billing just showed up about 30 minutes ago.

  23. They charge you once shipping is ready.

    • Oh, really? So if they charged me today, it means they will ship it today-tomorrow?

      • No, Allure has a tendency to charge your card immediately and not even provide an estimated shipping date.

      • They charged me on the 5th, sent a shipping notice on the 15th, No box yet
        Maybe on the 25th Santa will bring it to me.

        • Hi ladies! I just wanted to say that I never actually receive a tracking number for my box. I have signed up for a FedEx delivery manager account and a USPS informed delivery account, they’re both free online accounts and you can see anytime something is sent to you. It’s helped me tremendously and I don’t have to bother with calling anyone to find out where my shipments are. I hope this helps!

  24. Still great products, of course, but I’m disappointed in the size of the Diorshow. That was my main reason for wanting this box and I thought it would be almost half size. I’m guessing somebody saw the 15 and thought it was .15 oz, which is half a full size tube.

    • YES!!! Exactly! Everything else is meh (for me), but I was SO excited for the mascara as I’ve used it before and love it. But this size isn’t as great. It’s so tiny the brush doesn’t work the same. 🙁

  25. I’ve been loving this box ! This one is going to be extra good!

  26. allure still didn’tcharge me, is it ok or it is time to contact their cs?

    • I’m still waiting for them to charge my account for this month. Last month I was charge on the 2nd

    • My account wasn’t charge yet either for this month.

    • I haven’t been charged yet neither

    • Call them. They can fix it easily !

    • I just got charged today, according to my allure account, but I don’t see a charge in my bank account.

    • Same here I was worried but if everybody else hasn’t been I feel better

    • Count me in too for no charge😕

      • I haven’t been charged for this month yet either but I’m not actually worried yet. There’s been some months that I’ve been charged on the 2nd & some that I’ve been charged as late as the 7th..I’m sure it will be fine 😊❤️😊

    • I got in on the 39.99 with thrills deal, and my account has been charged (I actually had to call them to cancel/resubscribe me) but I noticed my account now says suspended. I am not sure if it was switched the day I talked to CS… Getting worried….

    • Spoke too soon – now my account looks active and has an 12/5 order date which was 11/28.

    • I usually don’t see a charge until the 5th or the 8th of each month. Then the shipping email comes around the 10th or so…

  27. This specific box finally got me to sign up! This box is so good that I wouldn’t even be upset if I don’t receive the mystery gift.

  28. I’m loving this box! My only wish would be that the Hourglass primer would be a little bit larger so I can use it more than once or twice… I’ve been wanting to try it out for-ever! 💖✨😊 I can’t wait to see my lil red box in my mail 😊😊😊

    • That’s a pretty common sample size for the HG Mineral Veil primer. I’ve received several and usually get several uses out of it. 🙂

      • @tamara thanks so much for your response, I’ve never used it before so I’m really looking forward to it 😊 I’d like to try it out for myself before I use it for a special occasion 😉🤗💖

        • Yeah the travel sized version for me lasts quite a awhile. You don’t need a lot of it at all.

          • @sarah that is good to know… I have been considering saving up for this for a while now and knowing that the travel size can last awhile helps me quite a bit.. Thank you for very much for the insight! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

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