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Too Faced 2017 Cyber Monday Mystery Bag FULL SPOILERS!

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Too Faced Cyber Monday Mystery Bag

We have the full spoilers for the 2017 Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag! Thanks, Amy!

The Box: Too Faced Cyber Monday Grab Bag SOLD OUT

The Cost: $39

The Products: Surprise yourself with this top-secret assortment of Too Faced favorites valued at $109. A once-a-year exclusive!

Here’s what’s in the box:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette – Value $36

Better Than Sex Mascara in Black – Sample Size (Value $12)

Size Queen Mascara in Black – Value $21

Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Black – Value $18

Le Creme Lipstick in Double Bubble – Value $22

What do you think of the full spoilers?

Check out our review of the 2016 Too Faced Mystery Bag and the review of the 2015 Too Faced Mystery Box to see what was in previous boxes!

FYI – this deal has sold out, but check out our list of Cyber Monday deals that are still working!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh ignore post ^^^^, I have this lol

  2. If anyone got this and doesn’t want it, I’m gladly take it off your hands ; swap or cold, hard cash! Unless you have bad taste haha

  3. I wasn’t into last year’s box at all, but I decided to take a gamble on this year’s and I’m ultimately pleased.

    I was scared the palette would be one of the ones I hated, so I was happy to see PB&J! I almost bought PB&J previously, so for me it basically covers the price of the mystery bag right there.

    Better Than Sex mascara is always welcome and I haven’t tried Size Queen yet. Honestly I’ll probably gift away the eyeliner because I’m specific about what I use, but since it’s a full size item it’ll make a nice gift. The bright pink lipstick is nowhere close to flattering so that’s disappointing; it would’ve been nice if they put a more neutral shade in there that had a higher chance of being universally flattering.

  4. I took a deep breath before reading this, since I chose not to buy it and was afraid I’d be sad if I missed anything awesome. But yay, absolutely no FOMO here!! I already own everything in this mystery bag, except for the queen mascara (which I’ve tried before and didn’t like) and the lipstick (which I’ve swatched before and already know is way too light/bright pink for me). I’m glad I trusted my instinct. Each year these bags get lower in value with fewer items, most of which I already have.

    • Same here! This was the first time I passed up on it and even though I knew it’d most likely be disappointing, I couldn’t help but be nervous that it would be a good one! Phew, what a relief! I wish they were as good as the first year they launched this, though!

  5. I got mine today, everything is decent except the lipstick. Overall I’m good with it but I don’t know if I would do it again

  6. That palette is my favorite, but I already have it… so I am on the fence if I need it as a backup or not. Like the mascara, but getting two kinda stinks. I won’t use the lip color. The eyeliner will make a great stocking stuffer for my mom, though. 😉
    Great value! Would be more stoked if I didn’t already have the palette!

  7. WHEW! So glad I dodged that bullet! I learned from last years spoilers that this really isn’t too impressive.

  8. Didn’t care for this box. I have the palette already. Don’t care for hot pink lipstick and pencil eyeliners. And 2 mascaras? MEH. Putting them up for swaps.

  9. I am actually quite pleased with this box. I ordered two to give as Christmas gifts to my teenage daughters. Initially I was able to grab two Boxycharm LE boxes for them, but wr all know how that one ended up… so, I am quite happy to have these two boxes to out under Christmas Tree for my girls, as I know they both will be thrilled with every single item in the bag.

  10. So glad I did not get it this year after last years bag I couldn’t do it. I wish they would try to go back and wow their customers again they can do so much better… So many of us spent so much on their products through the years and these mystery bags have been disappointing IMHO..;

  11. I’m happy about the palette but that’s about it. I have eyelash extensions at the moment so I can’t use mascaras or eyeliner. The lip color is just meh. That’s the risk you take with mystery bags though!

  12. So glad I was too broke to buy this, lol! I was awake when it went on sale, and if I had the money I would’ve bought it and ended up being disappointed. I guess things have a way of working out. Although I’m really upset I wasn’t able to get the Beauty Fix deal – I wanted that soooo badly!!! But I just don’t have the extra money with Christmas coming up. Sucks being on a fixed income… :'(

  13. Oh yea, I been wanting that palette! And a new mascara to try! Better Than Sex minis are perfect for your purse, no complaints here. I’m bummed about another black eyeliner! But I haven’t tried their lipstick because I just decided to venture into the lipstick world. I’m glad I got this bag!

  14. I was going to buy this bag but bought a gift set from Philosophy and got the free gift and realized I’d spent too much money, I still want that pb&j palette though.

  15. I didn’t bite this year, but I would have been happier with this than last year’s. Beautiful colors in the palette, two mascaras so if BTS doesn’t work for you, (I don’t care for it), at least you have another to try. And while I can’t say I love the color of the lipsticks, that formula is so deliciously creamy and good. It would be worth it to try mixing it with a more neutral color to tone it down.

  16. First time i was able to snag one of these ! I am always way too late and they sell out. I am super pleased with the palette and the rest is bonus almost. I don’t do lipstick so will probably swap that but I always have that issue with Beauty boxes so that’s not their fault. 🙂

    Looking forward to getting mine! 🙂 Hope all my other purchases that are coming my way are just as nice.

  17. If you think of it as a really nice GWP on a palette, this is a great deal. It doesn’t blow me away with excitement, though. Glad I passed.

    I probably would swap for the palette, though, if anyone reallllllly doesn’t want theirs. 😉

  18. So happy I skipped on this I was so tempted I would’ve been really disappointed

  19. Sad I missed this one. Hopefully the pallette will be up for swap and I can get one! 🙂

  20. Bullet dodged.

    • Yep…agree!

  21. I’m glad I passed on this. I debated hitting the order button for awhile, with a couple other things I didn’t need to get free shipping. I already have that palette, have 3 of those mascaras, and I’m overflowing with black liners and unwearable lipstick.

    • Beauty Hoarders Anonymous…BNA…I swear I can handle my collection! 🙂

  22. I got mine today, and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t be more pleased!!😍

  23. I’m glad with the contents. I already have the too cute, and the cat eye palette, so am fine with the PB+J. It’s the one i wanted.
    As some say, stocking stuffers are a possibility, and the swap potential is high with these being BNIB – the lippie is not my color, but i know a few dozen of my friends daughters that will oooh an awwwww for it ! 🙂 Not dissapointed for the price.

  24. I was just looking at some of the older bags and wow, I can’t believe the 2014 TF mystery bag included an eyeshadow palette AND the teddy bear hair brush set (while also coming in a cute TF metal tin). This bag is just getting worse and worse every year. I got it last year and was highly disappointed. So glad I sat this one out.

    • For some reason I didn’t order this the other glad I didnt. I have everything but the liner. Last year’s was way better. I mean,if you don’t have the little pb and j pallet it’s a good buy..kinda..the purple doesn’t show unless it’s wet and once it dries it turns into a brick. But it is a very nice pallet. But 2 mascaras? This a just dumb..

  25. I’m relieved and will be happy to get these. I’m one of those people who use black eyeliner everyday and the colors in the palette look fun. And the lip color is wearable. Mainly…no glitter glue!

    • I’ll swap you the wearable lip color for your glitter glue if you have it. Or the eyeliner. Or both! I use that as an eye primer for any shadow. My swap page is linked to my name. 😉

  26. This is possibly the most disappointed I’ve ever been in a box of any kind. The only thing I’ll use is the palette, and at its full price, it is worth less than I paid for the whole box! I could’ve purchased it for a percentage of its full price over the weekend as well. Bummer. 2 Black mascaras, a black eyeliner pencil, bubble gum pink creme lipstick?!?!?!

    Lesson learned. Use the discount to choose your preferred items. That’s the only way to go.

  27. Wished I pass but I thought what the hell. I hate the better than sex mascara. They gave that away last year. Seems they want everyone to love it but it’s too clumpy for me. Only thing I will probably keep is the eyeshadow.

    • I was wanting to order it but didn’t

    • I love the BTS mascara, I’ll swap for it!

    • I would have been disappointed if the BTS mascara was not included!

  28. This was a very nice bag, but nothing I desperately needed. The only thing that would have made me cry is if it included one of those adorable GWP bags- either the peach or bunny one.

  29. I debated about getting this for hours yesterday and I’m glad that I bought it. I love Too Face palettes and the PB&J looks great with very wearable colors. The 2 mascaras don’t bother me, as I’ll just use them as stocking stuffers!! I wish the lip color was a more neutral wearable color, as color definitely isn’t for me, but I’ll gift it as well.

  30. Phew! I am perfectly fine with the contents of this bag. I had a feeling it would be this palette. I was hoping they would wow us this year, since there was so much negative feedback last year, but… at least they didn’t disappoint?

  31. Is those box going to be what everyone gets or are there variations?

    • If they follow the model from the previous years, everyone should be getting the exact same items and colors. Hope that helps a bit!

      • Yes it helps. Thanks!

  32. Damn! I knew I should’ve passed. 🙁 I was going to after last year’s when I ended up with 2 cat eye palettes but I couldn’t resist the lure of the mystery bag… it’s not a terrible bag, I’d be satisfied if I didn’t already own PB&J. But 2 mascaras? And another black eyeliner?? And, again, a lippie in a bright hot pink that screams 80’s. I hated last year’s “frosting” color and this looks the same. Blech! I’m sure it looks good on some people though and they’ll want to swap! 😉

  33. I did not get this, but LOVE the eyeshadow colors.

  34. Wow, two items that were 50% off yesterday and two mascaras. I bought two of them. Do they accept unopened returns?

  35. No fomo here. Glad I passed. This is not worth it for me. Glad I got the glossy box limited addition box instead. Much better value.

  36. I gambled and lost. Not thrilled.

    • Me either.

  37. I’d love to swap for the pb&j palette! But I’m kinda glad I didn’t get this cuz everything else other than the palette is just “meh” to me. Excited to see this reviewed, hopefully you review it.

    • Haley will be reviewing it! 🙂

      • Yay I love Haley’s reviews also! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  38. Two mascaras in a five-item mystery bag seems … excessive. The packaging on the palette is adorable, though.

    • Yeah, I’m glad I skipped this one, considering I don’t use mascara or black eyeliner…

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