Sugarbash Black Friday Deal – Available Now!

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Sugarbash has a Black Friday deal for their new lifestyle box! For a limited time, Sugarbash has discounted the annual and quarterly memberships:

Each membership includes:

– Customize 50% or more per box
– A minimum of 6-7 items
– Enjoy exclusive designer collaborations
– Access to gated members only add-ons
– Members only warehouse sales and limited edition boxes
– Lifestyle box with seasonal themes

Boxes ship out quarterly.
Your first box will ship in March 2018.

Each membership includes:

– Customize 1 item per box
– A minimum of 6-7 items
– Enjoy exclusive designer collaborations
– Access to gated members only add-ons
– Members only warehouse sales and limited edition boxes
– Lifestyle box with seasonal themes

Boxes ship out quarterly.
Your first box will ship in March 2018.

Update from Sugarbash:

We are sorry for any confusion regarding our Black Friday deal. We are still restricted on our current system (Cratejoy) and we are unable to change the wording and the price breakdown which is hard coded in the system.  Please ignore the $16.25 per month breakdown when you checkout. Please be assured everything is correct on our end.

If you choose the VIP Annual subscription, you will be charged once ($195) for 4 boxes in 2018.
If you choose the Quarterly option you will be charged once now for $48.75 and three more times in 2018 as scheduled:

  • June 2018
  • September 2018
  • December 2018

We also have a sneak peak of some the brands we have planned for our service next year!! See below.

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  1. Waiting until March is keeping me from trying it…..It is hard to pay for something now and then have wait so long.

  2. I decided to go for the annual sub on this. I just got my last FFF box and I’m not as into the Spring/summer stuff, so I’m getting this instead. I chose annual because I prefer to customize as much as possible.

    I’m looking forward to what Sugarbash has lined up! The value in their past boxes has always been so amazing and I’m sure these new boxes will be too. I mean, check out the brands they listed! Godiva was all I needed to see! Ha!

  3. Does anyone know if the pricing includes tax and/or shipping?

    • It does- I was charged just a flat 195

      • Thanks!

      • So the flat $195 is for 4 boxes?

        • Yes, it’s for 4 boxes!

  4. So many comments about the price confusion, didn’t see anyone else say it but sorry if I’m being repetitive – an actual deal for current subscribers! Boxes seem to NEVER have that, just for new subscribers. Yeah, with FFF for example the premium membership gives you selection and member sale benefits but those Suck compared to getting $10, sometimes $15 off each box and $50 mystery bonuses with signup. I’m not a current subscriber but it’d be cool to see this in subs I am subscribed to. And it sounds like the confusion is due to Cratejoy not entirely supporting quarterly boxes and claiming it’s $16/month at checkout, not so much on Sugarbash themselves. Props to them!

    • Sugarbash could just get their own website at this point I mean come on it’s not that hard nor expensive. Regardless They knew these changes were coming along time ago & should’ve prepared accordingly

      • To be fair. Their emails said they are working on a new billing system. I develop systems for a living. It takes a long time to get it right. It appears they do have a new website.

        • Right! People are so quick to judge businesses in a negative way, when they have no idea what it take to make things happen.

          • Exactly! We are super lucky that they were able to offer this Black Friday deal!

  5. Now this is a box I would love – but it does not ship to Canada. Sigh….

  6. Now we talking!! Now it is clear as a day and already signed up for quarterly one. The brands are awesome. If Sugarbash adds-on will be as good as FFF, I am dropping FFF. Winder FFF was my last box and I was debating if to continue or not because of adds-on, but now Sugarbash made the decision for me.

    • What are the brands? I am thinking of getting this deal on the 20th

      • Kelli,

        Please look at Liz post above, she updated for the brands. They are really nice and not repetitive with other boxes (most of them)

        • Okay…I will look through the comments for Liz’s……

          Thank you:-)

          • I see them…you are right many aren’t repetitive.

  7. So, would the boxes ship March, June, September & December?

    How do they come up with $195? When I do the math I get $185. Am I doing it wrong?

    I love Sugarbash & was sad to hear they weren’t doing bi-monthly boxes anymore. I would be interested in subscribing annually but I just want a clarification about the total. They send good quality, whimsical and very usable products in every box.

    • I got an email from Sugarbash after I posted this. Wow! I’m so looking forward to the brands they mentioned. Yay, I’m getting this as a gift to myself!!

  8. All i want to know, is if I don’t do this black Friday deal but I am a member… Once this box starts up again what will I be paying per box with my 25% grandfathered off rate? $55 a quarter?
    I’ve never been so confused over something in my life.

    • This is Susan from Sugarbash. After the Black Friday deal, the grandfathered price will be $56.25 – 25% off of $75 per quarter.

      • Susan, before we commit $200, is it possible to provide little bit more information about new box. I know that e-mail states 6-7 items and some general description of the items, but since price of the box goes from $40 to $75 and your previous box was 6-7 items too, I am assuming that new box would include more valuable 6-7 items.
        P.S. I love you guys, and I signed up for quarterly box, but to commit $200 I would need more specific information about contents of the new box.

        • Yes, of course. We are focusing on designer collaborations and higher end Home items. We have teamed up with an amazing designer for the Match box.

          • Susan, thank you for the reply. I just got the email from you after I posted that comment. Your e-mail answered all my questions. Thank you so much for being so helpful and attentive to your customers.

  9. I went for it and its less than other quarterly boxes i subscribe to. It will be coming in time for my birthday:0)

  10. I don’t feel comfortable paying this much money and not getting anything until March 2018. I could wait until late December or January, but March is too far off.

    • I feel same way I think I’m gonna have to pass. March is long way they should charge once boxes ship

  11. I just got billed today for my FFF yearly subscription plus my winter add ons so I can’t do the $195 upfront although I would love to be able to customize more of my box…. sigh.

    Quarterly it is….

  12. Does anyone know if the new box is still curated like before with just different brands and is still a lifestyle box? I don’t currently want to subscribe to a makeup box. I know I read awhile back that they were asking members for their colors, etc…

    • We will continue to be a lifestyle box.

  13. So, I’m taking it that only current members get a Better Than Black Friday deal?. If us non members want to join this subscription, then we have to pay the full price of $75.00 quarterly?

    • Until Monday!

  14. I thought this deal was only for the people who were already members. Existing members are getting grandfathered in with 25% off, and people who aren’t already members are getting the $10 off (quarterly) or $40 off (annual) for the Black Friday deal. No?

    • Correct. This deal is for members only.

  15. How long is this deal good for?

  16. I just realized the cost breaks down to the exact same amount whether getting the quarterly or the annual. Very tempted to get the quarterly!

    • Yes that’s why I’m not sure why you would choose the annual, except that I think that makes up a VIP and you get to customize more. But I’m really not sure.

    • I think the difference is that if you choose the annual it makes you a VIP and you get to customize more. My question is though if I choose the quarterly, does the price stay $48.75 or is that that price for only one quarter?

      • You get the Black Friday deal for all 4 boxes.

        • Thank you!

        • When would the first billing date be for the next box if I got the quarterly?

    • So if you get the quarterly on Monday will the cost be around $50? This is how much they said it would be for the annual/$195/ 4 boxes

      I will probably go for the quarterly and see how good it is….

  17. Hi Ladies,

    This is Susan from Sugarbash. We are sorry for the confusion, we had to use Cratejoy for taking the orders. And it restricted us on the pricing and broke it down monthly. If you purchased a VIP Annual Subscription you will be charged once for $195. If you purchased the Quarterly option you will be charged $48.75 now and charged three more times in 2018. We are sending an email with clarification out to all our members. And YES and sneak peak of some the brands that will be in our new service.

    • Ohhh I want to see a sneak peek, but a not a member yet, someone better show me lol.

    • So the regular price is $75 for current members? So if I chose the quarterly for this Black Friday sale, I would pay $48.75 now for the March box and then $75 for each box after that unless I choose the annual plan? What is the price for new subscribers?

      I’m still a little confused.

      • Well if this is the case and the expectation of this box to be great than it definitely would be smart to go for the annual sub if can afford considering it is a savings of $26 per quarter.

    • Does this charge now or not till the first box is prepping to ship?

      • The Black Friday Deal charges now.

  18. I *think* the math is off on this…..if the ‘regular’ price of the quarterly box is $75 (my email says it is regularly $300/year, so divide that by 4 to get $75 per box) and current members can be grandfathered in to 25% off pricing, then 25% off $75 = $56.25. If this Black Friday deal is $10 off per box + the 25% member discount, then the real Black Friday deal should be $56.25 minus $10 = $46.25, then times that by 4 boxes and you get $185.00 for the whole year. Maybe I am doing this wrong, but that’s what I come up with.

    • Yes you are right about the math. I just signed up for the quarterly and I’m not going to quibble over a couple of dollars, but still it needs to add up correctly and be charged correctly if they are going to advertise it that way.

      • Yeah, I figured out that they took the 25% off first, then the $10 off to come up with their numbers…..the thing is, this Black Friday deal is not really $40 better than their other member pricing, when this deal is over, because 25% off $300 comes to paying $225 which makes the Black Friday deal a $30 savings versus the members only pricing….so to me it is a little misleading. Yes, if signing up quarterly, I wouldn’t worry about a couple of dollars. I was considering annual but I think I’d like to see some brands/spoilers before I decide for sure! I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

    • Sorry for the confusion ladies.   Our pricing is correct.

      Here is the breakdown of our promotion:

      For VIP Annual –  $300
      Black Friday Deal – $40
      Minus – 25%   –  $195

      We took the pricing after the Black Friday deal.  Our website clearly shows Black Friday first, then the grandfathered pricing.

    • Sorry for the confusion.   Our pricing is correct.

      Here is the breakdown of our promotion:

      For VIP Annual –  $300
      Black Friday Deal – $40
      Minus – 25%   –  $195

      We took the pricing after the Black Friday deal.  Our website shows Black Friday first, then the grandfathered pricing.

      • I understand how you did the pricing. However, shouldn’t the 25% come off first? Since that will be the rate. Then the extra $40 for Black Friday? If you want the price to be $195 why not just say the Black Friday deal is $30 off. That would make more sense as the special deal should come after regular pricing😉 think that is where the confusion is.

        • We will also have a Black Friday deal for new members. We want stay consistent with the offer.

  19. My take on it is that rather than pay at once either for the quarterly or annual subscription you pay monthly to even out the cost and make it more affordable for some. But I totally agree that they need to give out some more information as this is all a bit confusing. Plus who wants to guess!!

    • I’d be more tempted if it was just $16.95 a month locked in instead of paying up front! I want to save the money for other black friday deals…

  20. Add me to the list of confused people. When you go to sign up for the annual plan the description in your cart reads this:

    Members Only Black Friday Annual VIP Subscription Special for 2018
    12 Month Prepay Plan @ $16.25/mo
    12 deliveries, auto-renewing

    I thought they moved to quarterly?

    • Susan,

      Can you address Danielle’s question above?

      • It’s addressed in this post and in these comments. It was updated so reread it and then there’s no questions. They clarified it well.

        • Okay….

  21. I signed up for the quarterly sub.

  22. I got their e-mail and this is so confusing. So they want me to pay now for quarterly subscription and receive box in March 2018? Plus it says “3 Month Prepay Plan @ $16.25/mo
    3 deliveries, auto-renewing”. If this is a quarterly box, why it says three deliveries? Why it says three months prepay plan if box quarterly?
    Anyway, I like sugarbash, but they need to be more clear and straight forward with their new “quarterly box” that has 3 months prepay plan with 3 deliveries”. I am not jumping to this deal unless they clarify the language.

    • I believe it goes like this. It will be a quarterly subscription but you can pay in 3 monthly installments for each quarter. So u pay 16.25 for 3 months and get the quarterly 48.75 box. Then u get 3 more boxes for the rest of the year. At least that’s how I interpret it from what you wrote.

      • But it’s paid up front. You’re not paying $16.25 per month, you pay the whole $48.75 now.

    • I think that’s a Cratejoy quirk and not a sugarbash thing. I got charged the full 46 something dollars now.

  23. So, is this basically going to be the same as FabFitFun, but with themes? I’d be interested, but not without a better idea of what their quarterly boxes will be like.

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