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Limited Edition Travel in Style Luxor Box FULL Spoilers!

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Luxor Box

We have the FULL spoilers for the Special Edition Luxurious Travel Box from Luxor Box! (Thank you Kendra!) This box is no longer available.

Each Special Edition box includes:

Halcyon Days Honeycomb Black & Palladium Bangle

Fold n Hold Tote ($150)

Accessory Pouch ($45)

Assortment Pack ($65)

Leather Journal ($50)

Pure Botanica Black Faux Ostrich Jewelry Travel Case

Tilo MOSAIC Scarf (pictured in Brown) – Value – $195

CircCell Fresh Eyes Eyecare Travel Set in Pouch – Value $155

CircCell Extraordinary Face Oil in Nancy’s Blend – Value $160

Trip Travel Certificate

What do you think of the full spoilers?

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  1. I just opened mine after being away. WOOF. I had such a sense of regret after I purchased this – just an ominous feeling that this was too good to be true – and it turned out that I was exactly right. Most of the Kiko items are cute enough but I definitely would not have bought this box at such a high price just for them. The rest of the items are junk. The jewelry case is actual crap – so cheap looking, poorly made (the zipper barely works) and it’s impractical to boot (who would have that much room in their suitcase for a jewelry holder). Like everyone else, the travel voucher was what lead me to purchase this box and I feel so duped. After reading their “fine print” on MSA I felt like the trip would be my safety net if it turned out I didn’t like most of the other items or didn’t think they were worth the price tag. Now, after receiving the actual voucher, I just feel like an idiot. Did anyone have any luck contacting Luxor or their CC company? I’m not trying to get anything over on Luxor but this was a bait and switch and I’ll happily return everything – voucher included – for a refund.

    • @Dana – I had zero luck with Luxor. I emailed them the “terms” posted by them and a copy of the terms on the actual voucher. They didn’t care. They tried to say we knew the terms before we purchased, and I explained we did not, that they provided misleading/incorrect terms, and had I known the real terms, I never would have bought the box, as I bought it solely for the travel voucher. They didn’t care and went on about how great this travel company is. I also questioned them on the number of items–even the amount of items on the cards they included only totaled 11, but they replied by splitting up every item in the “kit” (which was advertised as a kit), so they told me there were actually 13 times (not including the travel voucher). They provided me a link to their terms and conditions, which they said we all agreed to when we purchased (which are not the travel voucher terms and conditions) but the link is broken, conveniently.

      • @stephanie thanks for your note. It’s really unfortunate and I agree that these tactics were false and misleading. In the end, even if we can’t get any recourse from the company, Luxor is the real loser. Fine, you have my $450 for this box (and that hurts) but you’ll never get another cent from me and I’ll be sure to mention this experience to everyone and anyone, including on future threads here. I’m a loyal subscriber to several trusted subs (as I imagine you are as well) and those companies will ultimately make a lot more off me in the end due to repeat purchases so the loss is Luxor’s!

        • My cc company requires us to contact the company first and then submit the dispute charges. So I am currently awaiting the “too bad” email from Luxor.

    • I contacted Luxor for clarification regarding the travel certificate because they failed to provide key information when they spoiled the certificate. This was their response regarding the certificate – If you are unhappy with the bonus certificate, you can gift it or simply not use it.

      I am aware of my options regarding what to do with an item that I cannot use.

  2. With all these negative comments/experience, Luxor sure isn’t winning any new customers. I didn’t purchase this box and don’t enjoy traveling so it didn’t appeal to me but I understand people’s disappointment. I remember another recent Luxor box that I was interested in but didn’t purchase because they stated they weren’t responsible for loss or damage of box/products and no refunds. Any business that doesn’t “guarantee” their product will never get my money!!

    • i happened to check MSA to see if there was any new spoilers on my November Luxor box( only to find out its delayed) and saw this thread. November will be my first and last box with Luxor. I have many other subs and can’t believe I signed up with a company that does business like this one. I read your comment and thought wow surely I didn’t sign up for a box with a company that wouldn’t guarantee a lost box!! But, yes I did!!! Lesson learned. Read the fine print. I can’t imagine any reputable company saying sorry your merchandise was lost in shipment but we aren’t sending out a replacement, you’ll have to take it up with federal government (USPS). Here is their policy, I’m in awe that they are still in business!!

      Risk of loss: A shipping confirmation with your tracking number will be sent to your PayPal email address you provided at time of order. Please track your shipment as Luxor Box is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. The merchandise purchased will be shipped by a third party carrier. We deny all responsibility of the merchandise as soon as it leaves our warehouse. As a result, title and risk of loss for such merchandise will pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. Any dispute or claim must be resolved with the third party carrier.

      Yes because once it leaves their warehouse we have total control over it lol.

  3. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and contact my cc company. This is not okay this is bait and switch and clearly false advertising. I will be emailing them screen shots of their advertising material along with the brochures, email exchanges and links to this site for further evidence.

    I know of at least 3 other individuals, 2 who bought multiple boxes for these useless certificates.

  4. I thought the voucher was advertised to have a $49 booking fee, and now it’s $89? That’s already a bait and switch.

    I’m honestly more confused how a “faux leather” travel case could be sold for $175. I did a quick search on Made in China, and there is a similar one for $1.80 when bought in bulk. Would anyone have paid even the box split price for this item? Are the majority of people happy with their purchase?

    • @Genevieve – they actually said $39 originally but now require an extra “refundable deposit” of $50 along with the $39. was able to get more info about that. Apparently once you mail in your money via cashiers check or money order with the voucher by snail mail, they then snail mail you back a request form with your choices that you must mail back to start the process. After you actually take your trip and get back, you then have to send them a letter that says you took the trip, then they’ll send that $50 back to you. It’s all so odd and such a long drawn out process.

      Besides misleading everyone on the actual cost, they also said originally that they fly out of ALL major US and Canadian airports but the voucher says “most” US airports in the continental US and that some cities and Canadian flights may incur a surcharge.

      They also originally said they recommend booking at least 60 days in advance but the voucher is clear you MUST book at least 60 days in advance.

      Also—found out that you have to buy a ticket for your travel companion through them—you’re unable to use miles you may have it book it on your own.

      Agree 100% – total bait and switch. While they claim this wasn’t part of their stated value of the box (which we all know is so arbitrary anyway), it was the only thing that induced me to buy this. Wasn’t going to until they included the additional information (which we now know is not accurate). They easily could have included all of the terms and conditions but didn’t. They knew it wouldn’t be an inducement if they had. And guessing the bulk of people who bought the box did so after they advertised this travel voucher.

      • Any legal gals out there that can provide advise as to whether we can claim miseleading/false advertising. I only bought this box for the vouchers and now I am bummed there are so many obstacles to using them that were not disclosed.

      • Does anyone have a copy of the original offer from Luxor? I want to send to my credit card company to dispute. Thanks,

        • @Julie — I looked on MSA for the info that Luxor supplied and used that photo. They also have the info on their Facebook page—-they were promoting this box as well as the cruise certificate or whatever it is they were offering in some other box.

        • I do! For some reason, my spidey senses had been tingling when I saw the deal and I wanted to make sure I detailed it so I printed a PDF of the details from the Luxor website, which state clear that a $39 fee would be required (nothing about the additional $50). Happy to send to others (just not sure how to coordinate that). Perhaps @Liz can post or circulate it?!

          • @Dana could you email it to me? steffynie at me dot com

          • Can you email to me please as I need to send to my cc company. Jpolkes at yahoo

        • Free Bonus Trip Gift Terms: Free trip will be in the form of a trip travel certificate. You will need to use the certificate with-in 1 year of issue. All details on how to redeem your free trip will be listed on the travel certificate. All certificates will be included in your Luxurious Travel Special Edition Box. Each Luxurious Travel Box order placed during the next 24 hours and all orders already placed for our Luxurious Travel Box from 8/21/17-8/30/17 will receive this free bonus in their boxes of a free trip travel certificate good for: Round-trip airfare for one, 3 days/2 nights’ hotel accommodations for two to your choice of ONE of the 8 cities below:
          New York, Miami, New Orleans, San Antonio, San Francisco, DC, Myrtle Beach or Orlando!
          Free bonus gift ONLY available for the next 24 hours or while supplies last. Free bonus gift offer ends at 2pm EST on 8/30/17 unless we sell out sooner.

          UPDATES from Luxor Box: (From MSA)

          -There is no time-share involved
          –All major airlines, no charters
          -All major airports in US and Canada
          -All 3-4 star hotels
          -All different hotels are used depending on dates and destination and what is available
          -It is best to book 60 days in advance for best possible selection
          -Some black out dates which are the major holidays but we were told if they book 60 days in advance this can sometimes allow travel on the blackout dates
          -Some restrictions apply. The customer is responsible for paying taxes and a small one-time processing fee of $39.
          –Value is hard to determine since it will depend on what destination is picked and the time of year traveling.
          -We are paying for the basic package of 1 round trip airline ticket and 2 nights in a hotel and if the customer wants to upgrade, they have that option.

    • I was very disappointed in this box, everything was extremely overvalued and the price of the box was way too high for what was actually received. Right now I feel ripped off, but will attempt to use the travel certificate and see what happens. This may be my first and last Luxor box, since it has the worst value to cost ratio out all the subscription boxes I have tried. This will change if the travel works out well, I am hoping!

  5. Let me know if anyone hates theirs and wants to get rid of it! I wish I bought this one now… I travel a lot

    • I’d be happy to sell mine to you.

    • @ Jodie — I would be interested in selling almost everything in mine. I don’t have the stuff listed on swap yet, but if you area able to get to my swap profile, feel free to send a request for something so that you can message me. I am also on the Forum. 🙂

    • I’m happy to sell mine. Jpolkes at

  6. I wish I had bought this… if you hate yours let me know!

    • I’ll sell mine. Jpolkes at yahoo


  8. Unless I am mistaken, there are only 11 items (not counting the travel voucher, which is a bonus item and should not be counted as a box item) in this box. The box was advertised for 12 items at the time of my purchase and therefore I think it’s misrepresentation. Am I worng?

    • Maybe the “CircCell Fresh Eyes Eyecare Travel Set in Pouch” is counted as two items?

      • Yes, I did count that as two items. See my count below:
        1. Halcyon Days Honeycomb Black & Palladium Bangle – $215
        2. Fold n Hold Tote ($150)
        3. Accessory Pouch ($45)
        4. Leather Cord Wrap($27)
        5. Leather Journal ($50)
        6. Assortment Pack ($65)
        7. Pura Botanica Black Faux Ostrich Luggage Tag – Value $13
        8. Pure Botanica Black Faux Ostrich Jewelry Travel Case – Value $175
        9. CircCell Fresh Eyes Eyecare Travel Set in Pouch – Value $155
        10. CircCell Extraordinary Face Oil in Nancy’s Blend – Value $160
        11. Tilo MOSAIC Scarf in Plum or Brown – Value – $195

        • I emailed them about it. I think this is a stretch since even the cards that came with the box count the set as one item:

          1. Kiko 5-piece set is (counts as 5 items)
          2. CircCell 4 piece set (counts as 4 items), eye serum, eye pads, face oil and eye wand.
          3. Tilo Scarf
          4. Pura jewelry case
          5. Pura luggage tag
          6. H. Days bangle
          13 items.
          The CircCell travel case was an added bonus from CircCell and not included in total. The travel voucher was not included in total.

          This was my first and last box by Luxor.

          • Edit to above— that was what they responded with.

          • Wow, they should have counted the shipping box as an item as well, or perhaps the tissue paper? Lol!

            Sadly, my first and last box Luxor box as well.

  9. I believe the scarf pictured is actually the Plum one!

    • Hi! (those were my pics) I am pretty sure that it is the brown… in the info card (which I should have sent!), the plum only has very cool colors kind of purply-slate with no warm color in it. The brown one on the card is more red-brown and purple.

      • I saw that on the card too — none of the color options I’ve seen look like the cool-toned one though! Mine goes from golden to rich to gray browns with blue as an accent color — but it is brown, no hint of reds or plums whatsoever. Maybe the grey parts and the blue accents look cool colored from far away and that’s what we’re seeing on the card?

        You scarf def has brown tones in it, which is why I think there has also been a lot of confusion on the forum about which color is which! But it has plums sections in it, and the other color option does not, so that’s why I say I think it has to be the ‘Plum’! Maybe the colors reflected on the card are misleading, or something else is going on, but assuming the information we’ve been given is correct, I think you’ve got a plum one!

  10. The items in the box are actually really nice, especially the bracelet. I understand the travel certificate is somewhat of a bust but for those that purchased it, I think you will not be disappointed with the other items.

  11. Thanks for redemption info. So, basically, if you’re OK traveling mid-week, it looks like these travel vouchers are completely legit? Wonder if they put you up in name brand hotels in the city or somewhere dumpy in the outskirts?

    I looked company up on BBB and they have an A+ rating. I can’t imagine they just take the $89 and run.

    • Only if you’re okay traveling mid-week and you have the flexibility to travel on a few different dates (at least 60 days away and at least 1 month apart from each other) that you have to request by snail mail and the company will confirm/deny by snail mail in an specified time frame. You also won’t have confirmation of your travel dates until 21 days before departure, and you won’t know what flight you’re on or what hotel you’re staying at until 7 days before departure. So basically you have to either have an extremely flexible work schedule or be unemployed.

      I wouldn’t trust any company that insists on doing all correspondence by snail mail and keeping the flight/hotel/date availability completely opaque to the customer.

      • Can you imagine? I’d like to travel to New York on January 16th or February 20th or March 27th for a two night stay. Please don’t put me on a evening flight there and a morning flight back as I will then only have a day in New York. When will I find out if I’m getting the January dates? Not until December 26th and then I won’t know my flights or hotel until January 9th? I’m flexible but that is just nuts. Oh by the way we want x amount of $ for all the taxes and fees plus full fare for your companion. All of this done by snail mail with cashiers checks or money orders. No going to your bank or credit card to try to dispute anything.

  12. I’ve always thought about subscribing to Luxor but after this I intend to avoid them. I googled a bit and this is a clear scam, anything where they are asking for money, or giving as vague of details as possible. Nightlife did an undercover report on one, sending in the money, and they just keep requesting more and more money. The original listing said the one-time fee was $39 and now it’s already $89? These boxes sold out very quickly after this was announced. The items in the box are nice, but not heavily discounted for what you’d expect in a subscription box IMO. Seems like calling your credit card company would be a smart thing do do right about now.

  13. I feel totally mislead, I am one of those that purchased the box for the voucher. I am going to call my credit card to see if they can help me as I did not receive what I expected and Luxor was not completely truthful regarding the terms of use of the voucher by only disclosing partial information.

    This is a black against Luxor as far as I am concerned and I will not be purchasing any more boxes.

    • The travel voucher was a bonus item, so I’m not understanding why you feel the need to contact your credit card company. I got the box (also for the voucher), but you received the box that you paid for.

      • My purchase was made based on the voucher terms they published. I would not have bought the box without the advertising offer they made that included the vouchers.

        • There is always an element of risk with these boxes. Everyone gets burned occasionally, no matter the sub.

          If you feel that strongly about it, then stick to your guns and never buy another Luxor box. But it feels like bad sportsmanship to run to the credit card company just because you’re unhappy with how it turned out.

          • Agreed, this is a subscription box. The whole point is that you don’t know what you’re getting. I think you’re just upset that you got duped, which I don’t blame you, but not sure how much the credit card company can help. If they do give a refund I’d be surprised… but happy to know!

          • The element of risk when it comes to subscription boxes is not knowing what items will be included in the boxes. It is a completely different matter when a company advertises the item one way and then sends something that customers may not even be able to use because the company withheld crucial information regarding the item. She is completely justified to feel the way she does and to contact her credit card company in a situation such as this.

      • The travel voucher may be a “bonus” item but it is still a part of the box and should be held to the same standards as any item in the box. The voucher was spoiled as an incentive for customers to purchase the box so specifics regarding the voucher should have been disclosed just as any other spoiler. Otherwise, all companies could take advantage of customers by spoiling an item that customers would perceive to be of high value, calling the item a “bonus”, and then justifiably sending an item that customers may not be able to use simply because they called it a bonus.

        • Could this be considered a bait and switch. Is there any recourse here for the people that purchased the box based on the misleading advertising around its perceived high value?

      • I am 100% sure that the people who are saying its “bad sportsmanship” to contact the credit card company must work for Luxor. This isn’t an athletic event or a game. This is people’s hard earned money. If Luxor spelled out the correct terms for the vouchers from the get-go this situation would be entirely different.

        You can’t say that the voucher was just a bonus, so bait and switch does not apply. There are actual laws and regulations concerning this. Instead of bull crap vouchers, perhaps Luxor should invest in their legal department to avoid these PR nightmares.

        If I got this box, I’d be contacting the BBB and my credit card company.

        Looks like victim blaming can apply to sub boxes too now.

        Finally, LOL at how they do their item counts to add up to “12”. I know the September Luxor Box was a big fat joke on the item count, too. This company gets shadier by the month. Glad I jumped ship when I did (and I was one of their biggest fans in the earlier days).

  14. This travel voucher sounds like such a scam. Why are the accommodations for 2 but only one airfare ticket? Can you choose any of the destinations? I think you can get better deals going on those time share vacations. My husband and I went to Hawaii, stayed in a Marriott 5 nights including bfast every morning all included just for listening to a time share sales pitch for 1-2 hours.

    • I’d be okay with that deal!!

  15. I just opened mine and I thought it was amazing!! All the pieces are so great looking and luxe. The travel voucher is just an added bonus in an already great box 🙂

  16. These travel vouchers are just like the ones given out for free if u go to a time share presentation. I got an identical one for free for sittng though an hour time share meeting. Same destinations. I didnt end up going because they made it so difficult, but not impossible because my friend who went with me ended up using hers. She was disappointed anyhow, not as lux as they claimed. However i do really hope everyone who purchased this gets to go and will be happy.

    • They look like the fax spam I have to delete at least a couple of times a week! I feel bad people bought the box for this…but then again, you know what they say about things looking to good to be true.

  17. I bought two of these hoping for a couple of mini-breaks for my husband and I. I’m just wondering…where you are seeing that you can only use one per household?

    Also wondering if anyone will just fork over the $89 to book the trip? It still seems like peanuts compared to the price of a full long weekend away + flights.

    Or am I being gullible? I just can’t imagine that Luxor would market the trips if they weren’t usable. Surely they would know people would never trust them again.

    • I believe someone on the forum had said that $50 of the $89 was refundable (ie I guess if they couldn’t accommodate the dates or something?) but also noted that it said that most of the travel dates are midweek dates…like Tuesdays. Basically when they can’t fill flights, they open them up to these. I remember this was the case when I tried to use a “free” cruise certificate years ago…they were all like Monday or Tuesday departures for a 3 or 4 night cruise and it just wasn’t feasible or worth it…I’d been expecting at least partially over a weekend. Oh that and the fact that the “fees” were ridiculous. We ended up not going and just tossing the certificate.

    • There are a lot of unusual conditions that make this company different from a typical travel booking service. Why can’t they just have a website that tells us up front what travel dates are available and let us book first come first serve instead of making each customer request individual dates? Why require all the correspondence by mail? The terms also state that you may get your confirmed travel dates just 21 days from the date of departure, and you could get your hotel confirmation and fight itinerary just 7 days from the date of departure. It would be really hard for me to actually use this travel voucher with my work schedule.

      • Maybe they are banking on many people pitching the “free” certificate. They get paid something from the sub box and they come out be cause most people can’t use it.

  18. We bought 2 boxes to use 2 certificates, and now we can’t use one of them because it’s only one per house hold :(((( why???? I’m so disappointed 🙁

    • Use one from a business address at a different time…

  19. Didn’t Luxor do this twice? I feel like only recently they were pushing travel vouchers “for two”….

    My heart goes out to those of you who have buyers remorse. I don’t remember how much this box was, but any amount is too much when you’re not happy.

    • Yes. Their December “Luxurious Gifts” LE box offers vouchers for cruises. Probably the same company and same squirrelly conditions.

  20. I almost bought this for the travel voucher and am so glad I didn’t. The website says they sell them to companies for as low as $10. Yes, agreed, they must bank on making it too hard for people to use them. I wonder how anyone can assign a value to this.

  21. It’s amazing that people are trying to swap the voucher for $1200 when the FAQ on their website says they sell these for as little as $10. Very sketchy indeed.

    • Those are people that really bring the swap community down.

  22. It’s amazing that people are trying to swap the voucher for $1200 when the FAQ on their website says they sell these for as little as $10. Very sketchy indeed.

  23. Not loving this box overall. I also feel slightly deceived by the number of items in the box – it was advertised as 12 and it’s really closer to 12 (the luggage tag is a stretch as is splitting up the CircCell items. I regret going on a spree that included this box, the luxurious box special, September & November.

  24. How much was this box?

    • $450

  25. Does anyone have a pic of the tote folded or know where to find one? I can’t seem to find it online.

  26. I feel like they were misleading with the travel voucher. They included the ‘rules’ but left out a lot of crucial information. I never spent this much on a box and have felt so guilty ever since hitting the “buy” button, and my guilt is so much worse since the travel voucher was what pushed me to buy it–thought it would make it worth it. It all seems so iffy–you have to snail mail your voucher in with $89 before you can even get your travel reservation request form from them. Too much work, which is what i am sure they are banking on. And the travel company’s website even advertises “Increase Sales by Offering Your Customers Exciting Travel Certificates & Promotional Vacation Giveaways With High Perceived Value!” High Perceived Value–ha. They know they are duping everyone.

    • Many people who have had these certificates tried to warn everyone who were buying just for the trip. These certificates are as worthless as the paper they are printed on and people were warned of that fact.

      • @Liddy– I should have gone with my gut, but after Liz included more info about it, it alleviated some concerns. They should have made all the terms & conditions available.

        • I hope you do go through all the effort and use your voucher, and enjoy your trip too. Shame on them for trying to make it so people don’t use it. 🙁 make sure they have to sign for it when you send the request etc too… You never know. Hopefully you are happy with the other items, or can sell on eBay/swap for something good. Sorry you are bummed out! I hope it works out for you to get a nice trip out of it.

    • I’m a little disappointed in myself and Luxor Box as well. Sounds like a complete scam. Next they’ll ask for bank account numbers so they can deposit lottery ticket winnings.

    • They also left out that you have to do all correspondence with the travel company by snail mail! How would anyone ever get the flight/date/hotel they wanted when correspondence is so slow? This is the obvious red flag of a scam. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to run this business online if they really wanted people to book the trip.

      • @Donna — I just re-read my voucher and didn’t realize at first that ALL of it had to be done via snail mail. I thought it was just the initial voucher but it’s everything, which is crazy to me. The whole process could take months just to arrange. It is so bizarre.

  27. I had so wanted that box!! Wahh!!!

  28. I feel mislead by the way that they advertised this box. The spoiler made it seem as if the 5 pc travel set was being counted as one item and not 5 individual items making me think that I would be receiving more. I suppose it was just wishful thinking. Next time I’ll know better than to bite when it seems too good to be true. ):

    • Even if you count the travel set as 1 Item you would still end up with 8 items total including a round trip plane ticket! I’m not a fan of leather so I didn’t get this but as someone who recently had to shell out $500 for a ticket i was tempted to grab the box for that.

    • Not sure how they misled you. Why would they count a set as individual items?

      • Luxor counts items in sets as individual items to bump up the total item count and make themselves look better. See the comments for the recent September Box. It was a complete scam.

    • Don’t you just love it when a “Luxury” company makes you learn a lesson the hard way?

      It is sad that Luxor would rather screw a person out of their last dollar and turn them off to future any future purchases versus respectfully building up a loyal customer base.

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