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Ipsy December 2017 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Sneak Peek!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the December 2017 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for December!

Here are some of the items being sampled, and a sneak peek at the glam bag:

Source: lintu.96

What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I for one am extremely satisfied with my IPSY bags thus far. My daughter turned me on to the system and I have found great sales in the IPSY offer section. Not only are the bags reasonably priced the value provided is great. I am enjoying the tutorials and articles as well. I think the website is a fun place to go to see new looks and also hear the opinions of other IPSY subscribers. Thus far, I am enjoying my IPSY experience.

  2. I can’t decide if I love it, or if I want to skip again and hope for better in the future. I skipped November, and started allure. But allure only has 1 makeup item per box so far so I miss Ipsy makeup. Not sure what to do.

    • Try Boxycharm! It’s a little more than Ipsy being $21/month, but you get some really great full size products!

  3. I had a little extra money for a subscription box and decided to go with a second ipsy subscription. I can’t stand Birchbox never ever and Play hasn’t been doing it for me. I just feel like the value with ipsy is always there even if I’m not happy with the products. Any extras I get I plan on gifting for the holidays.
    I did my profile the opposite of my original one so it will be interesting to see how much of a difference that makes.

    • This is so funny I did the same thing two weeks ago now my daughter wants a bag so I have to set up a third one. There is no waiting list so I’m ok with it. I’ve been on a waiting list two months and just decided to get a second ipsy bag it’s actually cheaper

  4. Just FYI today for Black Friday City color website everything is 40% and free shipping.

  5. Such a gorgeous bag!! I’m hoping for the Too Faced lippie and most definitely don’t want to see that dry shampoo again. It made my hair feel worse off than when it started.

  6. What a pretty bag! I have received the Oribe and many brushes. I would LOVE to get the Tarte lip paint the most! I am so tired of nudes!

    However the fun of Ipsy is in getting the beautiful shiny pink bag every month!

    • Are you referring to the envelope?

    • I’m about over nudes myself! I can only own so many lipsticks that are the same shade as my lips, you know? Crossing my fingers that there’s more bright colors on the [email protected]

  7. Not satisfied the last few months, getting super repetitive products. Also, some not matching my skin tone and some just totally unwanted products!
    Disappointed, will be cancelling the ipsy bag subscription soon

  8. well I got the dry shampoo in my November bag. I hope it doesn’t make an appearance in my December bag as well. I am hoping to get the Too Faced in hot mess. I have yet to receive a Too Faced product from Ipsy. Fingers crossed.

    Loving this bag though < 3

    • You just took the words right away from me! Lol! Hoping for the Too Faced and the Brush!!!

      • Is it too much to hope for full size Too Faced since they have it for $10 at Sephora and Ulta right now??!!

        • Does Sephora have too faced items for $10.00 now ?? 11/21 please anyone know about this 🌸😉🌸

          • Its just the liquid latex lipstick. But both Ulta and Sephora still have it on sale for $10. The regular price is $21 . But since it has been so cheap all week I wonder if Ipsy has full size.

  9. New Ipsy rewards! Woohoo

  10. Thanks for all the comments on getting an annual subscription vs month to month.
    I’m still thinking 🤔 about it.

  11. Is it just me or has ipsy been getting super repetitive? It seems like the majority of spoilers that come out are either products that have been sent out in past months in other colors (like this eyeshadow), leftovers from past months (like how basically everyone ended up getting the tarte mascara over the course of two months), or, of course, the ubiquitous neutrals (ALWAYS a ~blending~ brush, never other types, always black eyeliner or grey/purple nail polish).

    Part of me just wants to skip every month for six months and hope for something completely different for my last few bags…

    • Too many blending brushes in beauty subscriptions across the board. I would be much happier to see literally any other kind of brush at this point.

      • It’s so weird! I’d genuinely just be curious about why. (Though I’m a super nerd and would be fascinated to know how the samples a brand sends are chosen. Do sub boxes give insight on what is most/least popular/standard, or do brands just decide what they want to send as samples and then find recipients? I know that sometimes it’s just excess stock or new products that they want to find customers for, but what about the rest?)

        • I think maybe eye brushes are common because many use more than one brush for the eyes, and the next day, might want a clean brush for another shade. With blush, I can use the same blush for a soft pink today and a deeper shade tomorrow, same for bronzer. I just need one brush for powder as well. But I have a bunch of them for eyes. I should mention that before ipsy I didn’t wear much makeup and just had a foundation brush & used whatever brush came with my shadow and blush. If I’d already had a set of loved brushes, I wouldn’t be thrilled to get so many either. I keep a handful of eye brushes in rotation and a backup set clean and ready to travel.

          • Well, but why blending brushes, though? Personally I think one can never have too many eyeshadow brushes, and I would always be happy to receive those (as long as they are decent quality, of course), but blending? I am sick of them already!

            I am telling ya, it’s probably because they are the most difficult for the cosmetics companies to unload, that we are receiving so many of them lately.

          • Juju, I get it! I never even used blending brushes before ipsy, but now I use them every day. I like having multiples because I use them for my crease color and always like a clean one to blend. Now if I had to choose b/w a flat brush or blending brush, I pick the blending because I can slowly build up the colors, and if I need to, I can pack color on the lid with my finger. I have hooded eyes though and like a more natural look. So I have more control over building up with a blending brush. Most of the ones I get from ipsy are kind of dense so they work like a cross b/w a crease brush and blending brush for me. The really fluffy ones only work well for blending. I think there will come a point where I have too many of everything and will have outgrown ipsy.

    • Same.

    • I agree

  12. Oh Wow! Those cooler colors are my thing! I’m so excited and hope to get that lipstick! I love the simple sparkles on the bag! It looks like it might be one of my new faves!

  13. From what I can see of the actual bag itself, I’m liking the color. At $10, ipsy is always a good deal bc of the bag alone. I see their products aligning with a few of the other comparable boxes so, really I’ve probably had 2 “bad” bags in 19 months. That’s always family and swap!

  14. Looks boring… but I’m very particular. November’s bold yellow bag was my favorite yet!

    • I wish I got the yellow one also! I received the blue.

      • Same here. And so many wanted the blue. I really wanted the yellow.

        • My last few bags from IPSY have not been very good. Why would they want to send dry shampoo OMGOSH why would you want that in a IPSY bag, I can sure think of a lot of better shadows, creams, nail polish face products that I would love to try way before I’d want a dry shampoo.
          Please don’t send junk pleaseeeee !

          • The only thing I see of use off that list is the shampoo lol. I guess I could always use an eye brush though.

    • And I thought it was the ugliest bag I’ve gotten since I joined Ipsy over 2 years ago. lol! That’s why there are TONS of different products on the market. Different strokes for different folks.

  15. I’m loving this bag. I skipped this month to try allure, and I didn’t like the bag. But I may be getting both next month.

    • Did you get your first Allure box for $10 + tax? I followed the advice of other Allure subscribers & got the allure box for $10 for 4 months. Allure being $15 & most are used to paying $10 for Ipsy, Sephora, Birchbox & they have perks which Allure does not… Call Allure CS and tell them you are having a hard time justifying $15 after just one month… They will ask you if you would like to stay for the price of $10 for 4 months. It worked for me & I think I found the subs I’m happy with. Ipsy is still my favorite but I’m not going to give up my Allure either, even now that it will be $15 per month. Hope this helps save you a little $.

  16. OT: does anybody know Ipsy’s return policy on the Ipsy Offers items? I emailed them about it (the items are unused) and they are taking much longer than usual to respond, I am starting to wonder if they ever will.

    • I am pretty sure you can’t return anything. If an item comes damaged they will replace however.

      • Ooh, that’s too bad. 🙁
        Thanks for the response, though.

    • I pretty sure also you can not return anything but you might be able to swap thing with other people getting IPSY and get some things you want as a trade…🤗

      • I just want to make sure it was clear: I wasn’t talking about the items in my regular Ipsy bag, but items I bought from them through Ipsy offers.

        I’d rather just return (especially since the items were never opened), like you would with any makeup store, than deal with the hassle of swapping or trying to sell.

        They still haven’t replied to my email. 🙁

      • From the Ipsy site:
        “Can I return my ipsy Offer order?

        Yes, you can! To receive a refund, your ipsy Offer order must arrive back at our warehouse in the condition you received it within 30 days from the date your package was delivered.

        We cover return shipping costs, but a $5 restocking fee will be deducted from your final refund amount. If you’d like to make a return, please contact ipsyCare for a prepaid shipping label.”

        • Oh, thanks, I guess I’ll just wait then. Not sure why they are taking so much longer than usual to reply.

          • Honestly if I were you I’d reach out again (if it’s been more than 48 hours!). I’d say that 50% of my emails to ipsy have never been answered, and they’re generally super nice if you just check in. I always mention something like “No rush to respond if you all are just overloaded, I just wanted to make sure you got my message!”

          • And write to them through their web site. Mine always get through that way, and you’ll get an email confirmation letting you know they got it. Did you get that confirmation email? If they don’t reply within 48 hrs something went wrong. Don’t wait or your 30 days will run out.

  17. The bag looks gorgeous!

    • I pretty sure also you can not return anything but you might be able to swap thing with other people getting IPSY and get some things you want as a trade…🤗

  18. i would be super happy if i got all those products shown. that would be a super awesome bag lol. still waiting on my bag for this month

  19. Ahh!!! I canceled after October because I wanted to try out Allure and got the GB $10 deal, but I think I may be missing some of the best months! I really liked the November bag and that City Color shadow looks gorgeous! I got the gold one a few months back and I love the texture. Do they sell City Color in any stores? I don’t think I’ve seen it and I really don’t want to pay shipping to order a couple shadows from their site.

    • Try Burlington and Ross?

    • I heard 5 below does but they didn’t at the one I went to.

    • Amazon has this brand!

    • Thanks, all of those store are in my area. I don’t think I’ve seen any at Burlington, crossing my fingers they’re at 5 Below.

    • I’ve seen lots of their products in five below stores. I was surprised, but picked up a few things I really loved.

    • I signed up for Allure too but I’m super frugal. So I took the advice from other Allure subscribers. After getting my 1st box at the discount price of $10.00 + tax, I called CS and said I wasn’t sure I could still justify $15 a month for a beauty sub when I’m used to paying $10 per month for sephora & Ipsy + their perks, allure doesn’t have those so I’m thinking I might cancel…??? Boom! They will give you the $5 discount for 4 months. After December, I will be paying the $15 + tax for the allure box. I can justify it now. I’m down to Ipsy & Allure.

    • I just was at cvs and saw city color palettes

  20. Very cute bag! It screams winter.

    I’d be happy with the Luxie brush and Too Faced liquid lip. Hopefully between my two bags I will get one of those.

    I’d like to try the Smashbox eyeliner but I’m not a fan of black (I’m more of a brown liner kind of girl). I have two of the City Color shimmer shadows from past ipsy bags, on in green the other in brown. They’re nice and I wouldn’t mind a purple one.

  21. This is probably a stupid question, but when did Ipsy stop allowing us to select an item? I just got the following reply to my product request for December, “We ended our product selection program, so we’re no longer accommodating requests for specific products.”
    Although I really do like Ipsy, I think I may cancel now. It was the product request that was keeping me with them (I am not criticizing Ipsy…I really think they are fantastic for $10 a month).

    • 2 months ago was the last month for requests

      • Thank you. I didn’t realize that they had changed it. I really liked that option.

    • stupidest thing they ever did, it was the 1 thing that set them apart from the other subscriptions to me

      • From what I heard they are working on another way to have something like that!

        • Having a choice is what made Ipsy good, and Julep better. I can always re-subscribe is the new program is an improvement. I have finally caved-in and signed up for Boxycharm for six months. You never know, I may come back to Ipsy after that.

  22. I love the bag color! I hope I get the eye shadow. I was excited about the too faced lipstick until I saw the color! I even “tried” it on a picture of me at .It looks just as bad as the colourpop in glam bag looks on me. I need to go on my profile I think I have berry checked!

  23. Definitely a much cuter bag than last Decembers, that’s for sure! I think that furry pink bag was my least favorite bag I’ve ever received. It’s also nice to see Ipsy having a bit more variety in their makeup brands. I love that they’ve started including K Beauty products as well. The bags this past year have been really good, as a whole.

  24. Pretty bag; yawn on the makeup.

    • Agree.

  25. How do you get the survey??

    • So I found out how everyone might be able to get to the survey (?) If you go to account, edit account settings, membership, manage membership, there will be an option called Improve Glam Bag Products…yesterday I was about to cancel so I selected “I’m not happy with product quality” and it took me to the 30 item list to pick from, yay or nay on. You can even change your answers. I was about to cancel but it told me I would not have my bonus item shipped and I was like REALLY?! So I am keeping for now.

      • The problem is not everyone has that set up. Where you see membership most of us see subscription. Someone emailed Ipsy about this and they even said it was only for a select test group. I wish I had it but I don’t .

        • I see membership and still don’t have that option. Weird. This is on my computer.

  26. Oooh pretty bag!

  27. Oh I hope I get that eyeshadow. It was on the list of the survey that I took and of course I checked yes I want it’s very pretty. Another black eyeliner who doesn’t have a drawer full of those? A Luxie brush yes I would love that.
    I’ve never gotten any dry shampoo either and I just finished my 1st year with Ipsy. The two faced lipstick looks like a really nice color also. I’m also loving the color of the December bag sort of a periwinkle.

    Jen, Why are you saying you’re happy that you don’t have a one year pre-paid subscription? I only ask that because I’m thinking of signing up to do that but I keep going back-and-forth about it.

    • I’m happy that I know not to do it ever again. I swear I got better bags before I signed up for the annual sub.

      If you love Ipsy enough that you know for sure you’d stick with them for a year no matter what, then it’s a good deal because you save a little bit. Otherwise, it just didn’t work out for me personally.

    • I have only done the annual sub (over 3 years!) and my bags have gotten better over time. I can’t compare to the monthly sub though. I did this to save $ on a free bag! I believe my reviews are really helping. My only issue is the shades are often wrong for me, but I get mostly things I want. I started with the annual sub because I had watched a lot of reviews for months in advance and knew this was a bag I wanted. I did test out others, but ipsy is the only one I stuck with since I get more makeup with them. One of the perks is the bags. I use them all or share them out.

  28. That bag is so pretty. I hope I get the Oribe dry shampoo – I never get dry shampoos and I love them.

    • Same! I’ve never gotten one from Ipsy either (I actually re-subbed to birchbox because I’m finally running low on hair samples…) and I’m a fan of brand as well.

  29. Ooooh so far so good! I really hope I get the too faced liquid latex the most, my second fave items are the smashbox eyeliner, luxie brush, and the dry shampoo! The bag looks promising also. Very exciting.

  30. Zomg fingers crossed for Too Faced Melted Latex!! I love that stuff and Hot Mess looks like it could be a promising color for me. And the eyeshadow! That color looks like it would make for a delicious ice cream flavor. The bag itself looks promising, too.

  31. Love the bag! Hopefully I get the Too Faced lippie or another similarly bright one!

  32. What a pretty bag! I hope I get the dry shampoo and the brush.

  33. Loving the bag! Interested to see what I’ll get since I did the survey

  34. I love the color of the bag & the items they are spoiling so far too! I’d love to try that dry shampoo & haven’t gotten any from Ipsy yet so I’m gonna go check my profile out again so maybe I can get it 😊😍✨

  35. Oh boo. I just got the Smashbox liner. I’d love to get the full sized one instead of the deluxe sized I got last month. At second glance they look the same size. Also, yay brush!

  36. Oribe dry shampoo again? I still have to swap the one I got this month. The smell gives me a migraine which is a shame bc I love dry shampoo. Beyond that so far, so good!
    I just redo my profile when I see the spoilers so I get what I want. Guess I’ll take hair treatments off!

    • Swap me swap me. I love that stuff

      • Ok, looks like my daughter is getting one too! She can’t even use dry shampoo! My swap name is the same as this. Listing any day now

  37. This looks like a perfect Christmas collection! Beautiful shimmery bag with sparkle, luxe Oribe for a lovely coif, jewel tone colors for the face, a soft Luxie brush for application and a crisp liner to finish the look. My ipsy Christmas wish is to receive this precise curation.

  38. I received an email giving me options to pick after having an issue with my bag (Ipsy Care FTW)

    -MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara
    -City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow in All eyes on me
    -Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick
    -Luxie Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239
    -First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
    -NIP+FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum

    • Oh! What color smashbox lipstick?

  39. Not super enthusiastic about any of the product spoilers (although this doesn’t bother me– I wasn’t thrilled with the first round of spoilers for November, either, but got products I am happy with, so five spoilers means very little.)

    But I adore the bag!

    • I always hope for the Luxie brush when it’s in spoilers.

  40. I think that bag looks really pretty, and I’d be happy to get any of these items.

  41. This just doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to. They have so many different items that they choose from each month; now that we can’t choose an item it’s kinda sad. It’s like I know that they are going to once again fill a bag with all the things I don’t want, while I’m hoping for some of the spoiled items that I won’t end up getting. 🙁

    I’ve reviewed every item they’ve sent me but for some reason they can’t figure it out. I did learn that I should never purchase an annual subscription with Ipsy ever again, so that’s good. 🙂

    I hope that everybody gets a great bag next month.

    • I hear you-I liked picking an item too. I hope you find something that works for you in the next bag! Hang in there!😃

    • I’ve been with Ipsy for several years and my last few bags have sucked for the most part. The first year of products were awesome. I think they suck you in with the good stuff for awhile then start giving you not so great items. But you’ll be hoping that “next month will be better” so you stay. I’ll stay til next month because I want that gorgeous December bag. lol!

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