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Gentleman’s Box Mystery Boxes – Better Than Black Friday 2017!

Gentleman’s Box (regularly $25/month) is back today with a great mystery box deal for holiday gifting and stocking stuffers:

Today only, use code MSAMYSTERY50 to save 50% on a Gentleman’s Box mystery boxes!

There are two boxes available: a $34 box with $100 retail value ($17 with coupon code!), and a $49 box with a $200 retail value ($24.50 with coupon code!) . Find them both here!

Details: While supplies last. One box per order. Ordering multiple mystery boxes at any point in time may result in receiving duplicate items. We cannot take requests for what to include in any given mystery box.


Check out all of our Gentleman’s Box Reviews to learn more about the kinds of items they send!

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Comments (48)

  1. In case anyone is still checking this post, I contacted customer service letting them know the value of the bigger box was only $165, not $200, and they responded within a day. They said my box was missing an OMIT watch that has a retail value of $269 USD, and that they’ll be shipping it within 1-3 business days.

    So I’d recommend contacting their customer service if you think they left something out of the box. I was specific about what I received and the retail values, which probably helped.

    • Wow, that’s fantastic! I reached out to CS, as well, noting that my box was worth $165 and wondering if something was missing, and they sent – wait for it – a luggage tag to make up the difference (which still doesn’t bring the value to $200, but whatever). Sigh.

      • hahah yepp that’s what i’m getting too!

      • the luggage tag not the awesome watch that is. Hey Artemis what was in your box? mine had the DM $55 watch.

      • I’m way late, apologies (I don’t get notifications for new comments; changing that now). Do you mean my original box? Because I received the same things that Brandon wrote in a comment below.

        If you meant the followup package, I did get the Omit watch in the mail a few days ago. It’s a nice watch, but the brand is the Gentleman Box house brand, so the value could be whatever they want it to be. And I’m pretty sure it was used, because the instruction manual had writing marks/scratches on it. Like when a pen isn’t working and you rub it on a piece of paper over and over again? Like that.

        Also, it was already ticking when I opened the box. Normally there’s a plastic thing under the dial that keeps the battery from running until you remove it. But mine was already going. I’ve never experienced that before with a new watch.

        So I’m still disappointed and annoyed, but I can’t be bothered to deal with it anymore. Lesson learned.

    • I reached out too. They are sending me a set of headphones worth $120. Glad I checked!

  2. I ordered the large box and am very pleased. After the 50% discount I feel I received a great deal. My box included
    Gentlemen Essentials blue &white socks
    Gentlemen Essentials blue & green wool blend tie
    Woodcheck luggage tag
    Ray Charles shoe polish
    Gentlemens Essential ivory & blue pocket square
    My Suited Life tie clip
    Face wash sample.

    The accessories match perfectly and seem to be good quality.

  3. I just received my box today and I was really disappointed as i gotten the $49.00 mystery box and it was only valued at about $127 maybe???. not even close to the $200 mark that was advertised.

    gentlemen tie cotton plaid $29
    gentlemen pocket square $19
    gentlemen fish hook clip $19
    wood chuck clip $30
    a little face exfoliates sample $0.50????
    gentleman collar stays $??? maybe $15
    and Ray Charles easy polish bottle $??? maybe $15

    Seems like this is a gimme wont be subscribing or recommending it to anyone. As I was really really DISAPPOINTED.

    • I also received my box yesterday and I was also extremely disappointed. I was counting on this box to round up the final gifts for the men in my life, after all a $200 RV would have included quite a few goodies I could use or so I thought. My box looked like a montly subscription to sprezza box. A tie, a pair of socks, a handkerchief, a little box and a couple of tie accessories. Nothing unique and definitely not worth $200. Sad very sad.

    • I got the same box as described in an earlier comment by Brandon (though I believe the value of the moisturizer sample is more around $8, based on the price of the regular size). I contacted customer service so hopefully this gets resolved. Disappointing situation.

  4. I also ordered the most expensive mystery box and was very disappointed. It contained the same items as a regular box and was so definitely not a $200 value as promised.

  5. Ok thanks to Sue for mentioning the little metal piece in the clip were collar stays I would have had no idea! So final box break down is: And these are full RV not sale prices

    Socks $15
    Modern Made Man card holder/wallet $48
    DM Watch $55
    Knit Tie from April of 2015 box $29.90
    And “The Getaway Driver” Collar Stays $20. (When googled $5.99 at walmart came up)

    Total is $167.90

    Why couldn’t they just advertise over $150 in value instead of making us be the whiney people that actually believe a company and want we were promised. Not a horrible mystery box but super disappointing that they couldn’t even throw in an overpriced tie clip to deliver on what they advertised.

  6. My “big box” came today, too. Aside from its having an additional tie pin in there, it was a usual month’s box. A tie, pair of socks, tie pin, pocket square, a small bottle of face wash, and the small tray, plus the second tie pin. Pretty much all duplicates from previous months. I agree that if it hadn’t been for the coupon/code, it would have been a bigger bust.

  7. I received my box today. Very prompt shipping, but I got the big box and the value came out to $168, not $200. I’ve reached out to CS, hope they make it right.

    • I received mine today, too. How did you calculate the value? I also got the $200 RV box but it doesn’t look remotely like it could be worth $200. It seems pretty puny, and I’d be really upset if I paid the full $49 price for it.

      • I back tracked and looked up everything that came in my box, and my apologies if this spoils it for anyone. The value is still 3x what you would have paid at $49.50 and it is a really good deal if you got it for half off. That being said, it definitely isn’t the $200 value that was advertised AND, after seeing some of the stuff in their boxes like the whiskey stones or the watch, I was bummed it wasn’t anything unusual.

        Did anybody get different than this?

        Prices are all direct from Gentleman’s Box own pricing from their cards over the years.

        **** SPOILERS****

        $25 Dead Soxy Beauregard Socks (Sept 2017)
        $12 Gentleman Essentials Pocket Square ( June 2017)
        $3 Billy Jealousy Trial Size (July 2016)
        $30 Woodchuck Tie Clip (June 2016)
        $30 Taft Midnight Cranberry Tie (Aug 2016)
        $35 Tartan Accessory Tray (March 2017)
        $25 Taft Wing Tie Clip (December 2015)

        $160 total….$40 shy of their $200 value.

      • My $49 one is totally different, but I’m new to subscribing to this one for my husband. My box has a navy blue knit Gents Mode tie, red striped Gentlemen Essentials socks, a Modern Made Man (card holder?), a nondescript black cash clip, and a DM watch. I don’t know about $200 value but maybe I don’t know mens’ brands?

      • I got the same one. My guess is right around $200. Wallet was $49
        Socks $15
        Watch $55
        Tie ??
        Magnetic Collar Stays in Clip $$
        Can’t really argue when I only paid $25! Still plenty to give for the price.

      • I got the same box as you! I got the watch that I had already swapped for… the made in china sticker on card holder cheapens it to dollar store in my eyes. Did anyone order the smaller box? I wonder what was in that one? I bought the $100 mystery box last year and they swapped the most expensive item in it for a much cheaper version without notifying anyone. I emailed them and they made it right but two mystery boxes and two disappointments, not waiting for strike three.

      • Yikes! Bummer for two disappointing years! I don’t like sounding whiny or too down on a mystery box which I took a chance on, but this definitely isn’t a box that I will take a chance on next year. Maybe I’m spoiled on Popsugar’s fantastic mystery boxes which are usually around the same price!

      • I got the almost the exact same box–with one exception:
        –instead of Taft Wing Tie Clip, I got Dibi Tie Bar (with crazy RV of $38!)

        Also, when I looked up the RV of the Cranberry tie that I got, it has $25 listed, not $30…so, my total box value was $168.

        I wouldn’t even care about the under $200 value if what I got wasn’t so lame. Not one but TWO tie clips and both are boring bars. I’ve seen whiskey stones, sunglasses, watches, wallets, cuff links, and FUN tie clips on their site…would’ve been really nice to get one of those.

    • Same here … disappointing. Please let us know how CS responds. Amazed at how quickly it arrived, but not impressed with the contents of the “big” box.

      • If only “it’s not the size that counts” applied!

      • Haha – true!

        I should add that most of the items I received were great, and it looks like they matched the tie, socks, and pocket square, rather than just throwing random items into a box, which I appreciate … but yeah, not delivering the RV promised (and it’s all old stock, anyway, so true value at this point is probably below stated RV) is not a good way to win new customers, or keep old ones.

    • Hi, Darcie! Any word from customer service yet?

      • I sent in an email just asking if maybe something from my box was missing. Got a response that indeed there was something missing and received an email today that I’m getting sent a luggage tag RV $10 so… my $200 is now up to $177.90. I’m sure if I contacted them with exact figures they would have thrown in something along the $30 mark I just kinda wanted to test them for future purchases or lack thereof considering I had gotten the box for half price anyway.

        If I count full NYC tax on full Rvs of listed items it’ll add another $15.61 and we’ll throw $10 shipping on top and you get over $200 value!!!! At this point I’m throwing it in the lesson learned pile and having one less case of FOMO when deals with gentleman’s box come up.

  8. Thank you! Got the $25 one. I’m hoping this will be the end of my Christmas shopping for the guys this year.

  9. That’s awesome! I ordered one for my husband and one for my brother.

  10. Had to snag this one as well! There are a lot of men in my family that are harder to find unique gifts for so crossing my fingers!

  11. Just checking – purchasing a mystery box doesn’t sign one up for a subscription, does it? Thanks!

    • Nope, all mystery boxes we posted about today are separate from subscriptions. (They’re a great way to find out if you like the types of items they send in subscriptions, though!) 🙂

      • Thanks! And thank you for the considerable work you put into sharing all these deals with us. 🙂

  12. So… questions: every box seems to have a tie and a pair of socks. I looked at the 2013 mystery box and since there’s only one to go by, I’m guessing we should expect ties and socks in both the large and the small?
    Also – Liz, did the company give you any hint for those of us who would purchase both a large and a small, are we likely to get duplicates? (I understand that all large boxes would be would be identical and same for all small, but if I get one of each do I run the risk of receiving duplicates?) Should I just get one big box to be safe?

  13. I decided to give this a try. My husband, brother and brother in law can use these, so I’ll definitely find a home for them.

  14. Thank you, Liz!

    I got the $24.50 box and will split the contents between my boyfriend, brother, father and brother-in-law.
    Super excited!

  15. Ordered “the big one” for a gift. I guess it’ll be like two of the regular boxes? Should be a fun unboxing!

  16. Just picked up one for my hubby. I’m sure his stocking is already running over.

  17. I felt virtuous after passing up all the great makeup deals… So I “splurged” with the $25 box. This makes shopping for my husband and sons so much easier! Thanks for the deal!

  18. Since the regular gentleman’s box typically has a value over $100 and always contains a tie and a pair of socks, can anyone confirm if these mystery boxes will only contain one of each? Or multiple ties/socks in the bigger mystery box?

    • I ordered the more expensive mystery box and it arrived today. It isn’t actually “bigger” but there’s a watch inside, which must account for the value listed.

  19. Bought one for a Christmas gift! Probably should’ve gotten the $25 one but I was scared lol.

    • Hey what did you get in the smaller box?

      • I got the smaller one…it had a tie, socks, tie clip, lapel pin, pocket square and a tobacco/musk/motor oil lotion sample

  20. This is perfect for my hard to shop for husband. I just hope they dont send him ‘sissy’ colors!

    • What is a ‘sissy’?

      • Seriously.

    • ??

  21. This deal is amazing! Thanks!

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