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FYI – Luxor Box November 2017 Shipping Delay

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Luxor Box

FYI – The November 2017 Luxor box is delayed:

In case you missed the November spoilers:

Studio Vasa Bla White – Value $79

Halcyon Days Half Sparkle Black & Palladium Friendship Bangle – $135 Value

**This item will not be included in the Luxor Box Petite

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  1. I emailed Luxor telling them I was concerned I had not received a notification email and to confirm they had my order. I received a reply very quickly which made me feel much better. I think they either ordered the products too late or the source brand did not come through as promised. It sounds like the product hasn’t even shipped yet. Here is their response to me:

    Regarding the November shipment, we are working hard with US Customs, the shipping company, and the brand to confirm an exact ship date. The was very unexpected on our end of course, and we are doing everything we can to have the products released so we can begin shipping to our members. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding here and please keep an eye on your inbox for further updates. Have a wonderful week in the meantime and we’ll be in touch again very soon!

    • I think this points right back to a cash flow problem.
      They are buying as they go, not putting the boxes together ahead of time now, because they oversold, or have had a ton of returns, or cancellations, something.

      If I wasn’t already a subscriber, there’s no way I’d sign up now!

  2. I have been a regular subscriber for over a year, and have had no issues with the deliveries. Furthermore, when I had an issue with one item that arrived damaged, customer service was incredibly responsive and sent me a replacement item.

    I do find it troubling that so many of the luxury subscription boxes are marketing limited edition one-time boxes. I feel that these take away from the monthly, bimonthly and regular subscriptions. I am looking at my budget, and am feeling that I am better off taking a one time box than subscribing!

    • With a ” regular” bi-monthly box, you stand to lose $100 for the purchase price from Luxor if they fail to deliver, max. ( Although that’s bad enough and also would trigger justified charge back action).

      With a ” one time SE/ LE” box, you could lose up to 4-5 times that in just one box, if they had either shipping issue, if the items weren’t as promised in spoilers, or if you just didn’t like the box at all.

      I have received some very expensive boxes that were a total bust for me personally, and that was just too bad for me, because they didn’t post any spoilers or maybe one item which was THE only reasonable item in the box. Luxor has a history of saying their ” special boxes” only have a ” 24 hour opportunity”.
      What’s that about, anyway?
      It sounds like really hard selling tactics to me, now that I know the boxes aren’t that in-demand.

      Many people apparently are very upset at what they received in the Luxor Travel Box, with the rather iffy travel voucher thing, and I expect chargebacks are rolling into the Luxor Box office. IDK, but from the comments, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Could someone with Luxor experience help me out. Has this happened before? This is my first Luxor box and I don’t usually spend that much on one sub box because I get several. I liked the teasers and thought they’d make good Xmas gifts so I went for it. Do you think we will get them? I never even got the email saying it was delayed. That concerns me. Thank you for any insight anyone can provide.

    • To the best of my memory with the regular boxes ( usually the only ones I buy after an early ” mystery box” disaster with them- the Belle Pierre eye shadow stack they valued at like $100), NO , this is not usual or normal for them.

      That’s why it’s very concerning to me, personally. They are in GA. and tend to source the same brands. We already know the Halcyon Days bracelet is a brand they send a lot. I do like the bracelet a lot.. We know that should not be held up in customs, if they somehow had to get stock from the U.K., because they use the brand a lot.

      It’s rather baffling, because the LAST regular box they sent, September’s, is thought to be skimpy and lacking one really nice product by most subscriber and, as I understood the summary, also the review posted here.

      Personally, and this is just me, I would NOT count on giving any gifts out of the box for Christmas because they do not give any firm shipping date at all.
      I might not be the best person to answer this because I have a phobia about giving things from a subscription box at discounted prices.. Sometimes, there are quality issues, regardless of the box company. If the person tries to return the item, they aren’t going to be able to, most likely.

      • @Mandy G Thank you for your help. I agree about not counting on gifting any items. I really liked the bracelet and was thinking of giving the earbuds to my daughter. I’ll just be happy if I end up with a box at this point!! I just finished shopping add ons with fabfitfun and got great deals, $140 goes a long way in the add ons shop!! I think I’ll stick with them!! IMO, Liz needs to stop promoting or mentioning Luxor on her website. I purchased this box (not her fault!!)after seeing it here. I don’t want others to be burned like they have been with the travel box and the Xmas LE is going to be a disaster with those travel vouchers included. Thanks:)

  4. I wonder if they are having trouble getting this box out because the LE travel boxes shipped so close to November. It seemed like a really tight turn around. I wonder if the Dec SE boxes are their current focus, and the November subscription box is their only “flex” in shipping time.

    As a side note…I wish their SE boxes would move back into the $200-$250 Range. I loved the winter SE box from 2 years ago, but $350+ is just too much for me…even as a Christmas present to myself 🙁

  5. The whole travel voucher was such a huge scam+fiasco that i dont know how could i trust this company any more. The travel box was my first ever Luxor box. Now i am regretting buying that. I even had to pay customs for the box. I have written a detailed email to them but no one has answered or taken any action. I am very disappointed in their customer services.

  6. After the travel box not being exactly as advertised, the travel voucher terms being changed from what Luxor had promoted, and now this ” Item held in customs”, which, to the best of my knowledge, has not happened with any of my US-based sub boxes in 7 years, I’m beginning to wonder if they’re circling the drain.

    There are some things which seem rather iffy to me. I know businesses exist both to provide goods or services and make a profit, but after the lackluster performances and the skimpy September box, I think this company may be going downhill fast.

    I hope not!! I do think it was ethical of them to inform us of the delay.. However, that may be a requirement for a merchant to use PayPal as their only accepted payment method, for all I know.

    • You are right. I have experience with how Customs works. Luxor is blowing some serious smoke with this one.

      • Thank you. I have experience with imported goods as well, and know that US customs does not ” hold” merchandise like they are claiming.
        Also, it makes me wonder how recently they placed the order for what’s missing- 3 weeks ago?

        I can’t think of a single source brand they’ve ever had in a sub box which COULD have any sort of ” customs” difficulties to begin with.
        Are there a great many chargebacks on the travel box, maybe? I think it’s a cash flow issue, as they have offered more ” special very LE” boxes than regular bi- monthly boxes in the past year, and all are offered at very high prices for what’s in the boxes, IMO.

        Also, they barely even mention the Petite box, and no one ever reviews the smaller, less expensive box, which I tried a couple of times, and liked. It seems like a money grab goes on with all the hypes and very LE SPECIAL boxes. I’ve bought a few in past years, and most weren’t that special, just expensive.

        • @mandyg After reading your post, very well said might I add, it made me go back in and look at the spoilers. The earbuds are a Swedish brand. Do you think that could be the problem? Obviously, after spoiling those they can’t send the boxes without them. I would hope anyway!!

          • It could be the earbuds, but as far as I know, there are no issues with imports from Sweden or any W. European country.

            I could see problems, perhaps, with a seized shipment from China, Russia, countries the US is having other types of difficulties with.

            Also, from what I’m reading, Luxor Box management ( whoever those misty unknown people may be) didn’t order the item until just now. IOW, they apparently knew all along that the items would NOT ship in November.

            I still say they have a cash flow issue and are paying for goods as they go now. I don’t think they will survive in this mode. It’s so much like LLB to say ” THEY did it, not US”.

  7. I think Luxor’s customer service is excellent. They almost always ship on time and they are reliable. I think it is really respectable that they provided their customers with notice in advance of their shipping delays. Not all companies are good about proactive communication.

  8. Luxor keeps getting worse and worse. Yet, they keep raising their price every year….. not fair. Plus the whole voucher scam still leaves me unhappy. Will be cancelling after Nov.

    • I also got unhappy with the travel voucher hassle and lack of excitement to receive products from the same brands over and over again. I am still on the fence whether continue to sub.

    • I cancelled after that last box. I just don’t see the value anymore. It actually makes me sad because I really enjoyed this box!

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