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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box Updates + CEO Video

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

Several MSA readers have requested an update on the Boxycharm Limited Edition box situation, so I wanted to share the video from Yosef, Boxycharm’s CEO:

To sum up:

  • They are sorry and they are doing everything they can to make it right.
  • They didn’t anticipate this kind of demand (they thought the box would take weeks to sell out.)
  • They will be refunding anyone who was accidentally charged shipping.
  • If you made a duplicate order by mistake they can cancel it – just email them.
  • They are working to get additional stock for this box, and a second edition as well.
  • Moving forward, they will limit this box to subscribers first and put a limit on how many a person can buy as well.

And a note from me/MSA in case you missed our other post:

I thought that this box was available for pre-sale only to subscribers (like how POPSUGAR does pre-sale for Limited Edition Boxes), so I thought it would be OK to share the link. (Many MSA readers who are Boxycharm subscribers told us they never get emails from Boxycharm, so they were worried they would miss out on the box if we didn’t post it.) Only after I posted did I realize that non-Boxycharm subscribers could buy as well. I’m sorry for messing up. Moving forward, I will do my best to communicate directly with Boxycharm to get details on the box and make sure I am OK to share links etc.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m hoping the new system works and I get one but I have moved on … damn MR CEO is fine and I can understand why marketing personnel give him such fabulous product for us! My guess is they put together quite a bit more than waiting list!!! They made a mistake but I can be forgiving but because I have made several! I just discovered sub world in 2015 !! It’s amazing.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the CEO lol!

  2. While it is a shame most of us did not get boxes this is the fault of Boxycharm alone. They encouraged subscribers to share the link with friends and family and social media. They should have been smarter and only allowed 1 box to be purchased by active subscribers first. Even if us waitlisters would miss out still it would have been more fair.

  3. I certainly don’t have hard feelings with MSA they did what they were allowed to do BUT that said, I don’t believe for 1 minute that Boxycharm didn’t see this coming with a waitlist for a $21 box each month?

    They are going to sell $200 worth of high end beauty items for $50. and they didn’t expect it to sell out?? I’m calling BS. Mr handsome is backpedaling because this blew up and out of proportion.

    • Right?! He said they thought it would take a MONTH for the box to sell out! As if!

      • I know!!! Their wailist is huge and BC has became the IT Box. I am a charmer who couldn’t get the box, I hope they restock soon

      • I honestly do t think they purposely would screw their customers over on purpose. I do believe him when he said “he didn’t think it would sell out so fast.” No one even knows what’s in this box and people snatched it up within hours. This is the first time they have released a box like this so there are bound to be mistakes made. Boxycharm has blown up within the last year and I believe they underestimated how popular this box would be. It’s really not that serious and he also stated they are going to restock, even though they hadn’t planned on it and will make sure there’s a limit of 1 person per order. They are trying to fix the situation

  4. Don’t feel bad Liz, you didn’t do anything wrong. The link wasn’t supposed to be a secret.

    Boxycharm didn’t think this through before doing it. It’s a learning experience and hopefully next time will be different. I got lucky and got a box right after the link went out. I got one box, and that’s all I wanted.

  5. My nose is still out of joint from the whole thing. I got the email with the link, the website wasn’t working, by the time I got home 10 minutes later it was sold out?? I don’t get it! I’m upset with the whole works.
    And this other thing with him thinking they would have left over boxes and what not, umm….you have people on the wait list, so why on earth would think it wouldn’t sell!

    • EXACTLY!!! I hit the down site from my email link, tried less than an hour later and BOOM, sold out. Not well handled by Boxy – you should have had to log in to order it.

  6. Liz! I LOVE MSA! It’s not anyone’s fault. Just like with the Beauty Con boxes, I do not think anyone could have anticipated the demand for the boxes. It just shows how the interest in Subs are increasing and how many people MSA reaches.

    Side note: Not all people who order multiple boxes are greedy. Because the site was crashing, Every time I clicked the preorder button, it added another box to my cart. Although, I changed the quantity to 1, I realized after my card was charged, the amount was for 4. I reached out to my charmer friends who were unable to get a box and offered the additional boxes for retail. My 3 additional boxes went to 3 other charmers who would have not received the box otherwise.

    • @Em I’m sure some ppl bought them as gifts etc, and I’ve heard a few ppl have that problem with the cart. The ones that bought crap-tons to resell on EBay etc for quadruple the price are the disgusting ones, in my opinion.

      • @Allie, I agree. Not everyone is decent.

      • Yep

  7. (1) I hope that Mr. Beautiful from Boxycharm is able to restock the box for those subscribers who didn’t get one, and

    (2) I hope that no one buys the boxes on ebay from the piggy people who intended to price gouge so they get stuck with them.

    • @Barb Amen!!!! No one should buy those boxes for more than 45$, stay off eBay etc and make the greedy selfish piggies be stuck with all those boxes!!! 😂 now THAT would be karma!

      • The eBay greedies are still going to make money breaking the boxes up and piecing them out is the worst part. >:(

        Props to the people who AREN’T being greedy with extra boxes – I hope there are more than a scattered few.

        • @geena totally agree! I might have bought 2-one for me and one for my daughter- but I hope hope hope that karma is paying attention, and the greedies get stuck with their 28 boxes because no one goes to eBay and pays the tons of money they’ll inevitably try to get. At that point, you can just buy each item individually and probably save a buck or 2!!!

      • That’s exactly what I said!

  8. Is wasn’t your fault! The website should have been set up like the rest of the websites that offer limited edition boxes – only subscribers have access! This website allowed all access!

  9. I don’t feel that this was Liz’s fault/MSA’s fault at all. I still haven’t received my tracking email. So, I wouldn’t have known about this at all. Boxycharm did say that anyone could share the link. So this is on them.

    • They said share with other charmers.

      • Yeah, but for sure the boxy groups on Facebook are full of non-boxy subscribers who just buy items and talk makeup and the CEO KNOWS that because he’s in them….

  10. How is it any of your fault, not everyone who was subscribed had gotten the email w/ link. And boxycharm was going to let people in the boxycharms groups buy the box also, whether they subscribed or not.His words, not mine! People were posting the link to buy there also….. I usually never get my tracking email until after I have already received the box in the mail, sometimes 2 day after i received it. They should of had it that you had to already had an account/subscribe w/them in order to box. I heard some ordered like 10-20 boxes… I only ordered 1 box. I can understand wanting to buy a box as a gift, but 20 boxes??

    I’m glad they are going to refund the shipping, I know it said the shipping was included in ‘quoted price”. I saw some people got charged up to $11.00 and more. I paid $4.00 s/h

    • Those who ordered 20 boxes will have them on eBay the next day!

      • @gwen they sure will-and for triple the price. BC should refund the ppl that purchased 10 boxes the cost of 9. I know they can’t, but jeez. The best thing to do is NOT BUY on eBay. Don’t pay that jacked up price. Let those greedy selfish jerks be stuck with 10 boxes!!

    • If they didn’t have to be signed to a boxy subscriber email at BARE MINIMUM there needed to be a purchase maximum of 3 to a credit card number (rather than email address to keep people from abusing the system to eBay boxes…)

      • The absolutely need to make it so you have to log in to your account to purchase a box. Then they know subscribers are getting the boxes and they can limit how many. I just can’t believe how poorly planned and executed this was.

        How can the CEO say, with a straight face, he thought it would take “months” to sell the LE boxes. Really, dude?

  11. My dear sweet baby Jesus. It’s just a dang box. I cannot believe people are this upset. My email said to share the link (I didn’t) but who cares. If this is really affecting you maybe you need to figure some stuff out with your life.

    • @Time actually people here aren’t raging, aren’t fighting-simply having a discussion and sharing frustrations. I’d wager a bet that offline and for 99.9% of the day, no one here is stressing over it. If it bothers you that much that people are discussing it here, you should re-examine your own life and figure out why you care.

      • You obviously haven’t seen all of the comments.

        • @juju I haven’t been on Instagram, I heard it was brutal there, and I’ve only been here today-from what I saw today, it didn’t look like RAGE. 🤷🏼‍♀️

          • People are still spewing vitriol on here and that’s considering the comments here are moderated.

          • Vitriol??? I haven’t seen anything I’d consider cruel or vicious towards anyone-frustration, yes. But the comments I’ve read today haven’t been awful. Unless I’m reading something completely different.

            In fact, I was just thinking to myself what a great forum this is with reasonable, intelligent adults sharing opinions and suggestions. Vitriolic isn’t a word I’d use to describe this thread, but different strokes for different folks ❤️

          • This isn’t the only thread on the subject.

          • @Allie – YOU have been raging here for 2 days STRAIGHT (on this post and another BC post MSA posted yesterday that had the link).

            YOU are calling people names like pigs, piggies, greedy piggies, jerks, greedy jerks, etc. YOU have been doing it since yesterday. You’ve probably posted about (and this is a conservative guess) 50 times calling people names and spewing hate – even when you don’t know the complete circumstances. Just stop.

            You didn’t get a $45 MAKEUP BOX – we get it already. I bought 7 – so freaking what??? Several dupes were added to my cart at no fault of my own. Again, so what????? I wasn’t going to cart dump and risk not getting the one I wanted. I have every right to buy and do with them as I please. You don’t get to tell me what to do, what I should have done, or try to pass some ridiculous moral judgment on me.

            Maybe I’ll start giving them away to people who are actually being adults about this and can be gracious when they don’t get their way without throwing a tantrum. Yes, a tantrum. You know who doesn’t act like this? Kids over the age of 5. You are so hateful and you just can’t get over it. You and about 4 others have just been so mean about this for 2 days.

            I posted about getting 7 by accident and maybe selling them (which I NEVER said I was headed to eBay). I also said I wasn’t worried about getting stuck with 6 extras because the resale would easily be double so I knew I could get my money back (plus whatever I had to pay in shipping and/or mailing costs).

          • @AJ sorry, sweetie-you’ve got me confused with someone else.
            1) I just started posting today. 2 days? Not me
            2) I’m not “raging” because I didn’t get a beauty box 😂😂
            3) I have been sharing frustrations with others about the shoddy planning and execution-not because I didn’t get a box.
            4) people who bought 28 boxes to sell on eBay are greedy-and I’m not the only one here who said so.
            You seem unreasonably angry at me-and your ire is misplaced, since I’ve only been here since this morning-there might be a different Allie, so I’ll accept your apology. 2 days raging 😂😂😂 you look silly, sweetie. Take a breath. It’s gonna be ok.

          • @AJ, while you are free to do as you please, others are also free to express their opinions. If you don’t like it maybe don’t volunteer certain information. I’ve been following the threads and it appears you are purposely being antagonistic. I’m not particularly bothered over missing the box but you sir are being an arsehole.

          • @apricot thank you-I appreciate that. I was taken aback to be so personally (and incorrectly) attacked. It’s been my experience here that that usually doesn’t happen, everyone is friendly and fair, and it’s always been a great place. I won’t let one rotten apple ruin the bunch-I appreciate so much what Liz does, and reading everyone’s opinions/experiences.

    • The problem is that IS their life and not getting what they want is making them Hulk angry. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’s not like we bought up all the world’s insulin and you’re going to die. So people sell on eBay and make a few bucks. So what…you’re not the internet police. You really should try to focus on something meaningful to complain about. I also bought a ton of the Fingerling Monkey toys, too….

    • I always feel like saying this when people on here rage about when exactly they are being charged for their subs. Like seriously, if $15 breaks your bank, maybe some beauty box shouldn’t be your first priority?..

    • Even baby Jesus grew up.


    • LOL!! I am so on board with that statement!! I did receive the referral link and no I didn’t get a box. I was going to but just like a lot of other people, they sold out. I figured that they would probably try to restock or just had a reserve on the amount that could be sold.
      Honestly, it wasn’t like the end of the world! It happens all the time…for example, look at sites like Ulta, Sephora, KKW, The Ordinary, and Jeffrey Starr when there is a big launch sometimes you just miss out…and all of the above sites have all sold out within minutes of launch and I do believe that a couple of the sites above also crashed on the launch day. It happens…Get over it … and move on.
      On one other note, with all the fuss that people are making over this Limited Edition Box, it’s actually making people who aren’t into Boxycharm or Makeup want the box because of the fuss Y’all are making.
      I don’t personally feel that Boxycharm has done anything wrong and actually empathize with them-they are a customer service based company and a fairly new one, they are still learning and growing as a company. I do believe that they are a sincere and honest company and that this was just as much of a shock to them as it was to us. As a customer service company, I am sure that this bothered them like he said in the video …he wants us to be HAPPY. This was actually meant to be a present to US…the subscribers for the holiday season. That shows a generosity of spirit which IMHO is a company that I would like to deal with and recommend. Also, Liz, you didn’t do anything wrong just your job and you do it amazingly well. So don’t lose any sleep over this. It wasn’t your fault!
      Kudos to Boxycharm for stepping up and having the initiative to try and correct their oversight.

  12. Sorry, but I disagree — I do appreciate Liz apologizing, though. Companies have protocols and systems in place for a reason. The link should not have been shared. Subscribers were supposed to get an email, end of story. I think it’s good that MSA is taking some responsibility for this, because sharing that link was a bad judgment call and was just plain wrong. It wasn’t meant to be sold that way.

    • Why exactly shouldn’t the link have been shared when the company owner requested specifically that it be shared?

      That’s one, and two: sharing the link would have been of no particular consequence if the Boxycharm site only allowed current subscribers to by and imposed a per-person limit.

    • The CEO encouraged people to share the link on social media.

      • Not with non subscribers. He specifically stated to share with fellow subscribers and within the 2 boxycharm Facebook groups he participates in and shares spoilers and what not. There is no question that the the link being posted here publicly was a big factor in the number of non subscribers being able to purchase the box. I do appreciate the apology though.

        • If Boxycharm really wants only subscribers to buy it first, they would set it up like only subscribers have access to it and limit it to 1 box per customer. It is pretty simple.

          • @Karenkk it really is. I’m sure each subscriber has a customer number-you have to enter that at time of purchase and it can only be used once. Easy. I just can’t believe they mishandled the LE box process so much.

    • Except I’m a subscriber and should get the emails but for some reason I don’t and didn’t in this case either. I checked my junk mail. It sounds like other subscribers don’t get emails either.

      • @Judy I’ve been hearing this a lot that some subscribersnever get tracking emails-if you log in to your BC account and re-enter your email or try using another I wonder if that would fix the problem?

    • “End of story”, jez this is ridiculous. Liz shouldn’t have had to apologize for anything, THE COMPANY is 100% at fault. It’s petty and ridiculous that grown-a$$ women are getting this angry over a festive beauty box. WTF is happening to people!!

      • @M you know what though? I’m not angry, I’m annoyed and disappointed. Maybe it’s just a stupid box to youir someone else, but maybe some of us were really looking forward to it. Maybe some of us spend a lot of time taking care of our families and everyone else, that this is the one thing we do for ourselves and it really sucks to be so unappreciated by a company we’ve supported. Maybe it’s nothing to you or some others but maybe some of us were kind of excited and appreciative to get something special and greedy selfish people along with poor planning and execution by the company snatched it away. Maybe it’s just a stupid festive box to you, but some grown women were really looking forward to it.

        • Agree, thanks

      • Over consumerism is happening to people.

    • Wrong. It was encouraged by BoxyCharm to share the link, so Liz did just that, w/ the intention of helping the BoxyCharm subscribers who do not receive emails like they should (there are many). How is this any different from the link being shared on Twitter and/or Facebook (or any other social media site)? There is no difference. If they wanted the link to only be shared on certain sites, that should have been clarified, but was not. BoxyCharm encouraged the sharing of the link to anyone, the sold the box to everyone, & did not limit the number of boxes sold per person. This is completely their fault, no one else’s. Especially not Liz’s, who was just trying to help out actual subscribers.

      • I apologize if I came off rude. It was not my intention. I just think its ridiculous to blame Liz & MSA for something that is clearly the fault of the company. The sale of BoxyCharm’s LE box was poorly planned & executed. I can only hope they will fix this issue & give subscribers (and only subscribers) an opportunity to purchase the box as well.

      • I totally agree-not Liz’s fault at all. Boxycharm planned and executed this very poorly. No limit on how many boxes you can get? Who offers a LIMITED EDITION, with no purchase limit? That’s just stupid.

        And how are subscribers getting first option when BC is sharing the link all over the planet? Nah.

        They need to come out with a bigger, better box for SUBSCRIBERS with a link that can’t be shared, and a 1 box limit.

    • Yes, days before the emails came out, the CEO went on forums and told people to look out for their emails and share with friends. This company did NOT have any protocols and systems in place…at least not sufficient ones. If it wasn’t “meant” to be sold that way, Boxycharm should have had systems in place to prevent anyone but subscribers from buying one. End of story.

    • @Sharon I totally agree with you. I don’t blame Liz at all-BC encouraged sharing-but how are subscribers supposed to get first crack at the LE box when everyone and their brother has access to the link? My plan was to just “wait my turn” and when I got my link, purchase. That’s what I get for trying to play fair-a big fat nothing burger.

      The way I understood it was subscribers would get the opportunity to pre order, then everyone else, but that’s not how it worked at all. I really hope they make it right.

    • That link was already shared in several boxycharm groups on facebook, not msa’s fault.

      posted in Boxycharm group by the boxycharm owner himself before the box went on sale…

      “November 7 at 5:40pm
      Hello Charmers,
      We will be sending the tracking emails for your November box within the next 24 to 48 hours. The tracking email will include a link to purchase our first event Limited Edition box! You’ll be able to post the link on FB forums, share it with your fellow Charmers and also give them a chance to purchase the Limited Edition box. The goal is to give Charmers and FB forum members first access to the limited box. This box is packed with top brands and iconic products you know and love. We’re so excited!!”

    • The link would have been shared either way so not it was not Liz’s fault. The link was shared on reddit etc. Boxycharm should have only made the box available to subscribers to purchase.

    • @Sharon It always amazes me to see someone post false information with such certainty. BC instructed Charmers to share the link with others and on FB forums.

      This is specifically a sub box forum. The vast majority of us that would come here and click the BoxyCharm entries are, will be, or have been Charmers anyway! Liz shared the link with Charmers AS INSTRUCTED BY BoxyCharm’s CEO. 100% on them. End of story.

    • The CEO requested it be shared. That was a mistake, but Liz did nothing wrong in sharing it, given that.

      She was thinking of her readers, some of whom don’t always get tracking emails.

      Her apology was gracious, as always, but unnecessary, IMO.

  13. Yosef is freakin’ hot! And that accent….Jesus. Anyway, I think it was nice that they addressed it and apologized. I managed to get a box before the site crashed, but I can understand why people are so miffed. Resellers ruined this for a lot of people by buying ridiculous amounts of the box. Still, the behavior of a lot of entitled, fit-throwing people on their Instagram that night was abhorrant. Never in my life have I seen a group of such entitled frothy-mouthed toddlers. It was disgusting, and all over a mystery box. Love Boxycharm as a company, but I’m so glad I generally don’t associate with those kinds of groups….you can be upset and not act like a psychopath. I’d hate to see how those people act over a real emergency.

    • @Simone oh wow-I missed that poopshow thankfully! I’m glad that here we can have rational discussions without cussing, insulting, etc.

      I know that it wasn’t a box filled with the cure for cancer and the answer to the meaning of life. It’s just the way that BC executed the whole thing was really really rookie and unfair. How did they not expect it to sell out when there’s a waitlist for normal boxes?

    • He’s not no Jesus …but I figure he can walk on water …If it’s frozen. But according to some he is so hot the ice would melt…then alas he would …well, sink.

  14. So I am a little confused. It says the box sold out in seconds. I wasn’t able to purchase mine for 4 hours after receiving the email because of the site crashing. Does this mean I purchased after they sold out? Will i actually get the box?

    • Same Victoria. I did receive a confirmation email, did you? I’m hopeful we did get it as the site wasn’t so congested at that time 😊

      • I did get the conformation email. Fingers crossed 🤞

    • It seems it’s actually a mystery…
      “mama always said life is like a box of chocolates,
      you never know what you gonna get”.
      – forrest gump

  15. Thank you for sharing the link. I’m a subscriber but never get emails so wouldn’t have been able to get the box otherwise!

  16. Liz, You did nothing wrong!!! We love you, we love MSA!

    • Agreed!!! Liz, you’re an angel. I’m a subscriber and didn’t get an email without you I would have never secured a LE box!

  17. Certainly not your fault. I am miffed at BC. No way to anticipate it would be this popular? Really?!? The fact you have people on waitlist for your regular box wasn’t an indication? I was really wanting this box, too and I clicked right on the link from my email and got the 404 error all night. I couldn’t even log in to BC all night. Next day, all sold out. I also place blame on people who can’t just purchase one. All subscriber’s should have been guaranteed a shot at a box . “Moving forward” doesn’t really help me much now, does it?

    • EXACTLY! I honestly believe it was all about greed/money. They absolutely HAD to know how popular it was given there is ALWAYS a wait list for the regular box. Not to mention, them not limiting the number of boxes is also about greed- they were more interested in making money than ensuring their loyal customers were happy. I can tell you, they really effed up and have really upset MANY loyal customers. I can certainly live without my boxycharm subscription and am seriously considering it- THAT’S how angry and disappointed I am in this company right now. And can I just say- I seriously doubt that this man (and his millions) are losing ANY sleep over this! I’m sure he’s dreaming of all the millions he’s making on this! grrrrrrrr

      • and there will be someone to take your place with the boxycharm subscription. it’s a resell business…business is about making money. How dare he make money?!

    • I agree. I never got an email. and I work full time so I didn’t see the link from Liz. So wrong for me, a subscriber to not get a box. No one should have ordered multiple boxes. I am done with boxyvharm.

  18. The reason people buy without knowing what’s in it is Boxycharm is known for the amazing items in their regular boxes, and if you’re a makeup lover, you know the LE is going to be great.

    I’m pissed. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, haven’t gotten my tracking email yet so haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a box yet. They should cancel orders over 1 box to prevent people scalping boxes-I’d encourage people to not purchase boxes for more than 44.95$. I really hope subscribers get first crack at this second round of LE boxes. That process was a joke, and not fair.

    • Honestly since it’s supposed to have been a LIMITED edition, yeah, they really ought to cancel orders over 2 and re-offer to their actual subscribers. They don’t really have to worry about keeping subscribers though since they’ve got their waiting list.

  19. I still haven’t gotten my shipping email for the November box (which is making me a bit worried). If it wasn’t posted on this blog I would not have had a chance to buy, even though I am a subscriber. I also would not have been warned that the site was glitching or that I could still get in if I was patient. MSA did nothing wrong by posting. Boxy should have done this like Sephora, when only rouge can buy.

    • I was just getting ready to say the same thing. I haven’t received my email yet either. If Boxycharm had set it up like they said they were then Liz’s post would have helped ensure that I was able to get the box. All the blame lays solely on Boxycharm’s side.

    • I’ve had Boxycharm since July and not ONCE have I received a tracking number or any type of confirmation from them. Not sure why so many of us don’t get emails despite being loyal subscribers.

  20. Liz it’s so not your fault!! You probably helped a couple of us actual subscribers who never receive emails get a box! ( I know I still haven’t received a email from BC so if it wasn’t for u I wouldn’t hate gotten 1) plus BC said for people to share it this is 100% on them! You have a amazing webpage here and work so hard at keeping everyone up to date on all their fav sub boxes not even just beauty boxes but all kinds! I really appreciate everything you do😘 Your the best 💖

  21. I don’t understand how they have a massive wait list for the sub box every month but they thought a $50. Box of makeup worth $200 would takes months to unload. Sorry but I don’t believe it. He’s very charming but I think they have a lot of pissed off charmers and he is back pedaling.

    • @Michelle exactly!!!!!

    • I agree. I’m pretty sure he knows how the internet works. Plus the hyping of the box instead of saying what’s in it.

  22. Liz no!!! Not your fault!! Honestly sad that there are people who made you feel that way. You don’t need to apologize for anything.

    • Agree! Also, didn’t BC encourage the link to be shared and posted on social media? LIZ, PLEASE! As far as I’m concerned, you’re good – no apology necessary. Keep doing your thing, so we can keep doing ours!

  23. I have had sooo many sub boxes and yes it was not planned well however I love that he immediately addressed the issue.
    They admitted they dropped the ball’ Most companies have horrid customer service at least he owned it.
    MSA/Liz I stalked your page waiting for updates it’s why 99% of is come here so you posting had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  24. Liz it’s not your fault. In the CEOs original statement about the box he specifically said it was their “GOAL” to give subs first access, he never said it was a guarantee. He also told ppl that it would be fine to share the link so honestly they are the ones that dropped the ball and handled it incorrectly. If they never actually planned it to be subs only first they should have made that clearer, bc I think A LOT of ppl misunderstood that initial statement. Also they should have limited the # of boxes ppl could purchase at once bc honestly I think that’s what really caused the boxes to run out so quickly. What’s done is done and I’m sure they will make it right and handle things differently next time. So as I said before you, as well as others that shared the link or info, have no fault in this bc everyone was just doing what the CEO himself said ppl could do.

    • @Samantha P I feel like half of the problem would’ve been solved if there had been a 1 or 2 box limit. That’s just stupid, to have no limit on a LE product.

  25. Liz this was not your fault!! MSA is great and BC dropped the ball. It was very poor execution on their end. Yosef’s apology was a joke!!!

    • I agree Liz. You are a person like us, not an employee of his! Reddit wouldn’t has felt guilty for posting a link. I really don’t think you need permission…

  26. Just a little statement, why would I want a sneak peek of what I wasn’t able to buy that makes no sense at all….. just saying

    • I totally agree…

      • Just another thing about these BoxyCharm shenanigans that will upset & annoy me… But I’ll read Liz’s post on it anyway because, you know, like another poster said… FOMO!

        • I’ve already missed out !!!fear is out the window lol so .. to make myself feel better I bought myself three beautiful new tops

  27. I’ve been lurking around MSA for years, and a BC subscriber. I wouldn’t have known to check my email for the link if I didn’t read Liz’s post. Getting an error message every time I clicked on the link, I went back here to read everyone’s comments. Knowing that a lot of people were having the same problem gave me an option whether to waste hours to get a box that I didn’t really know what’s inside or go to sleep early so I can go to work with a fresh mind. I chose the latter because beauty sleep is as precious as a box of makeup. Lol.

    My point is thank you Liz for providing quick notifications to alert us of all the good sales available. I also like your website because you allow people to leave comments good or bad. The comments of what others are or have gone through to make a purchase have also been helpful to me. It makes me decide whether making a purchase with a certain company will be a hassle or not. So, thank you!

    I agree that the CEO is pretty hot, and that accent just adds fuel to the fire. It’s great that he addressed everyone about the problem himself. It was poorly executed and I hope he and his team did learn a lesson from this for the next limited edition box. I’m not sure it’s necessary to have sneak peeks of a sold out box that caused some drama though. Lol, it’s might prolong the hurt for some.

  28. I feel like this is beating a dead horse. Boxycharm clearly said the link could be shared. I don’t always get tracking emails. So, MSA did nothing wrong. Again, when company says to share a link, you are expecting ample supply.

    I am getting to the point where I almost wished I hadn’t bought the box. Remember, haters are going to hate.

  29. Liz you are wonderful and did nothing in this instance but pass along information to us as you always do. There are a lot of angry people eager to blame you, anyone who bought a box, or anyone who tried to buy a box thus causing BC to crash. I just want to let you know that I appreciate all you do!

  30. I don’t recall an email from boxy, however, I do recall several emails about it from MsA. I don’t recall seeing a date or spoilers outside of saying one was coming. But hey, it’s just a box. No worries here. I think neither of you owe an apology (boxy creator or the lady behind MSA) I mean YEAH it was exciting to hear boxy charm honoring their current subscribers first. Heck, at all. Most box subscriptions always flaunt all these “subscribe now and get a freebie” promos and I’ve always thought “how about those who already spend money with y’all???” So the fact that the thought even crossed the creators (right?) mind is amazing! And very thoughtful of you both posting an apology.


  31. Blaming Liz & MSA is ridiculous! I also got an email before her post went out & it was gone! I clicked the box to pre-order, it went in my cart, & then after I went through the whole checkout process, I was told it was sold out!

    By BoxyCharm giving the go ahead to share the link, allowing non-subscribers to order, & there being no limit to how many could be purchased, the whole thing was ruined for subscribers who really wanted it just for themselves. Now it’s going to show Up in eBay for a million dollar a box BUY IT NOW (+or- a few dollars; I hope it’s free shipping!). That’s unfair, but I’m glad that he addressed the issue & hopefully, as a loyal customer for a very long time, I’ll be able to grab one for the actual price.

    Liz, you’re awesome, you did nothing wrong. You deserve a thank you for trying to keep us informed, not to be torn apart for sharing a link that the company told you to share!

    • Totally agree with you ! I had the same problem with purchasing the box ! And I agree with every word you said !

  32. I was aggravated I never got an email as a subscriber and then spent about 3 hours trying to get the box, but anywhoo, not mad, because I saved 45 dollars for stuff I mostly would not use or probably give away, so much fomo on this…. my main point is that guy on the video is cute 🙂 and quite a nice apology….please make money and carry on boxy, you rule!

    • FOMO is the reason I haven’t cancelled my subscription yet… I’ve come close so many times. Then I get worried that the next month’s box is going to absolutely amazing & I’ll miss out…

  33. Thanks for the update Liz, I’m happy with how they’re going to handle it and that they addressed it, I knew it was going to be way crazier than they anticipated but it was even worse than I thought! 🙂 never underestimate us box ladies I guess LOL

    • Totally agree with you 😉 ❤️ I was really hoping that they would have a cap on how many that you could purchase and that you would have to login to the site as a member to be able to purchase. Just those two protection factors would have made it impossible for anything like this to happen.

      Given the popularity of their boxes recently they should’ve known better that their site would blow up as soon as they released the links. It was poor planning on their part but I’m honestly happy that they are trying to make it right.

      Liz, you shouldn’t feel bad for sharing this with your subscribers cuz you know that a lot of us don’t get any emails from them. I got my email from you and Boxycharm at the same time which was kinda funny actually.. Please know that we love what you do for us and that you go the extra mile always. We all know that this was a mistake by Boxycharm and that they were not properly prepared for the release as they should have been.

      To be perfectly honest, I was able to get one of these boxes, but it took me around 3 & a half hours straight of frustration. What upsets me are the people who bought 10+boxes and posted in the Facebook boxy groups that they did it & they’re going to sell them individually for a profit cuz “they need to pay their bills” my response to them? Quit spending money on boxes you obviously can’t afford! That’s just selfish! I’m in 2 Facebook boxy groups and so far one of them has stated that they will not allow either the box or anything inside to be sold on their site.. I’m really happy with them for that! ❤️

  34. Clarification on the shipping bullet – on Facebook, he posted that it would be refunded to those living in the continental US.

    Also, does anyone know if this will be an automatic refund, or will we have to email BC support?

    • Yes – I would like to know this as well.

  35. I like that he is engaged with his customers and he has addressed the issue. That’s really great! I wish he hadn’t mentioned influencers though, as if a mistake was made on the bloggers part by sharing the link.

    1. They encouraged the sharing of the link to anyone. 2. They allowed non-members to purchase. 3. They didn’t put a limit on how many boxes could be purchased.

    This is 100% on them, but it’s nice that he’s acknowledging it, even if he didn’t seem to totally own it. I knew there would be problems when they stated that they would send members a link and they could post it for all their friends. It made no sense. Why not just post it for everyone on Facebook?

    You did nothing wrong Liz. In fact, you followed their own instructions!

    • This.

      Also, as much as I understand box FOMO, any grown person who went all the way to rude or abusive over their inability to purchase more makeup needs to spend some time evaluating their inside.

  36. ” I’m sorry for messing up” – Liz, please, you did NOT mess up at all. I got e-mail before your post, and site already was crushed. Whoever accuse you is out of line. There was no restrictions to buying this box or quantity whatsoever. First I end up with 6 in my card, tried to re-adjust the quantity, it did not let me. Than deleted all, ,started all over, finally end up with 2, and just thought screw it, let just get it. It was a nightmare.
    I hope you got a box yourself.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I was able to successfully order one box around 11:30 PM ET. (I think – I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.)

      Assuming I get the box, I’ll be doing a giveaway for it!

      • Liz, it is very kind of you. If you don’t get one, I will be happy to send you mine for review and giveaway as a token of appreciation for all the great job you are doing here at MSA. I got two due to site glitch.

  37. I feel terrible that there are people on this forum who made you feel like you have to apologize when you did nothing wrong.

    Thank you for everything you do for all of us. We love this site. I know I’m not alone when I admit to checking the site 20 times a day! I love MSA and the people here are awesome.

    • I agree 100%!!!!!

  38. Lighten up!

    • Right?! It’s just a box of stuff!

      • Oh, I was responding to a comment that I received in my email notifications but that for some reason hasn’t posted on here.

        • My comment hasn’t been posted up neither. Lol must have been too lengthy to post.

  39. Hi Liz, u did nothing wrong!
    BC clearly stated it’s ok to share the link in their statement.
    If it won’t for MSA, I wouldn’t even know there’s a LE box, lest sub to BC at all.
    Thank you for creating MSA 😁

  40. I think he was himself pretty dumbfounded and having hard time to comprehend how the hell all these people were spending $50 without any clue for what they buying (I am one of them). Look like he was speachless how fast this box was sold.
    P.S. Even if I have not got the box, I would totally forgive him, he is so adorable, hot and handsome, even so I still not sure why he has to keep walking in circles during the video.

    • The funny thing, it reminded me old soviet union, where when we saw line of people, we automatically get in line without caring what they sell. We usually find out when it time to buy it. I remember, it could be anything – coats, shoes, audio tapes, vodka, even toilet paper. Even if they do not have our size, we still buy it, because we can sell to neighbors or exchange for salami or other staff. LOL

      • This story should bring a little perspective to people having such rage over a beauty box! Standing in line hoping for dang food is something to get angry over.

        Liz, please don’t let this bother you for one second. You’re AMAZING and if you hadn’t posted people would have complained then too. I just can’t believe the amount of ridiculousness grown women are having over this. I guess the addiction has brought out the ugly in some.

        • @moniquewhike I agree that no one should be blaming Liz at ALL, it’s not really fair to demonize some women looking forward to purchasing something. Yes. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to wait in line for food and that I have a nice home, healthy children and a stocked pantry. But I’m also allowed to be disappointed over something i was looking forward to without being shamed for it.

    • Haha I thought the same thing…please stop walking with the camera already, you’re making me seasick.

    • I think because it was his first live fb video and he wasn’t used to speaking live😅 but has to just to make this statements and apologize to all.

  41. Thank you, Liz. I don’t do FB, so thank you for posting the video here. I’m a BC subscriber who tried & tried to get a box last night, with no success. I can’t imagine why some ppl are blaming you, when it was clearly a dumpster fire by BC! Thanks so much for this wonderful site!

  42. Why not cancel all orders for more than one box? That’s what Tarte did wasn’t it? Not really too complicated. Then more are available for everyone else – limit one box per customer. Not rocket science. Then they don’t end up on EBay, which defeats the purpose- you can’t tell me that anyone who bought more than 2 boxes wants to use them all. What’s the big issue? Definitely not an MSA glitch.

    • Agree 100%!

    • I did not even order a box. I clicked on it to see if I could find out what it was and the box went into my cart immediately. With no info on contents! So I took it out of the cart. Then I get an email telling me from boxycharm telling me I did not finish my transaction (?)…but there was nothing in the cart!

      I am on the wait list so I thought I don’t want to stay on the wait list this is weird. So I go to unsubscribe per the instructions and I could not or delete my cc. So I sent them an email saying take me off the wait list and take me off all of it please. I think computers taking over and too much reliance on them personally. Thats why this occur IMO over reliance on technology because it’s evident there was an issue with foresight and technical programming.

      I have not heard back from them with a cancellation notice but maybe soon. I not like the scenario so I take it as not meant to be.

      • This thread is like whoa….. Consumerism craziness to the max…I got involved and it’s been a learning experience I am thankful for.

        I keep getting e-mails from them suggesting I finish my order for the LE box I not want but is in my cart but cart has “0” items but if I click on it I will get it if I give my info to finish charge, etc. This seems to be some sort of computer glitch thing as even though box says sold out on site I can still get charged via these e-mails to finish transaction IF I click on the pink box.

        I was on wait list and I unsubscribed or tried to yesterday via e-mail. Then today I get an e-mail this evening saying I am off the wait list. (???!!!) I not want no boxy charms now after this strange experience.

        It’s like 2001 Space Odessy and HAL has taken over.

        Quite interesting ….but figures. lol

    • I really wish/hope that they would address obviously excessive orders by cancelling the multiples over 2 or 3. That would go a long way in resupplying the original box.

      It’s really gonna pour salt in the wound for all the subscribers who couldn’t get one when the sneak peaks roll out, especially if they’re good. :/

    • Omg know some people bought 10 so they can sell the items for their retail cost plus shipping. Thats where all the boxes went. One box per people….or limit 2…

      • It’s like a hurricane is coming and makeup is on the menu…
        sad day if that’s all that’s left to eat.

    • By the way he skated around that question, I really don’t think that’s going to happen. So the Best thing to do is for ppl to not buy those extra boxes being sold and just wait for boxy to make things right by restocking or doing another LE box. I know if it was me I would be damned if I was going to buy something from someone that acted with no regard for anyone else. I’d much rather wait for boxy to make things right and let those who bought tons of boxes have to eat the cost of them instead of profit from them. 😏

    • The problem is that I don’t remember seeing anywhere Boxycharm post or say that purchases were limited to 1 or 2 in advance. And they let people add more than that to their cart in one transaction. So I’m not sure legally that they can cancel orders for that reason. Just another way Boxycharm dropped the ball and didn’t properly plan ahead…

      • I think some people got more than they wanted because it wasn’t easy to take them out of the cart. I got 3 in my cart because I kept clicking one of the buttons. I only wanted one. I tried to remove 2 and when I did it kicked me out of the system altogether and I had to start all over again…another hour. Honestly, I debated that if it happened again (if I ever got thru) that I would buy the 3 and give them as Christmas gifts rather than lose my own box. It was a crazy situation. Around 10:30 I was able to get thru and get ONE box which is all I wanted in the first place BUT I am willing to bet some people got more than one because they were afraid to mess up their cart after trying so long.

      • They might be able to cancel large orders “due to lack of stock concerns”, add one item and release it as a subscriber’s only if they actually wanted to make it right, but they don’t have to. Every subscriber mad enough to quit could and they’d still have a wait list so all Boxy has to do is release another box, even if it’s not as good, just to subscribers, and this will blow over completely. Business is what it is.

  43. Thanks for the update!

  44. He specifically made statuses in Boxycharm groups that told people to share the link when they received it. You done nothing wrong.

  45. Thanks for the update, Liz. No worries about sharing the link.

    Judging by the insane length of the wait list, I have trouble believing that Boxycharm didn’t anticipate this kind of response.

  46. Enough drama, what’s in the box?

    • Coal

      • Lol 😆

      • Perfect response. 😀

      • Hilarious! Probably true for those who bought like 28 boxes haha

    • He mentioned in the last couple of seconds in the video that there will be a sneak peak in a day or two

      • Yeah, that’s gonna go over well (runs and hides, peeking through open fingers).

    • tarte, coverfx, Becca… Other brands I don’t remember. My sour grapes hope it’s all repeats from the past year. 😉

      • Y’all do realize, all I hear is Brad Pitt in Se7en yelling “what’s in the booooox!!!?”

        If I recall it was Sigma, CoverFX, Tarte, Becca, bareMinerals, pür (I think)

        If they REALLY want to make it up to the subscribers, Fenty Beauty would be a good start 😉

  47. In the announcement of the box boxy said it was okay to share the link!

    • Yes it did.

    • It sure did.

  48. Thank you Liz – We appreciate that !

  49. I read this on reddit. We’ll see how it goes this time and really a 2nd box??

    • I saw this on reddit too. If a second box is issued it needs to better and not something they just needed to fill up to get another out there. Im still so bitter after 4 hours of trying that this wasnt exclusive to just charmers.. i mean after all we are the ones that are supporting them.

      • @sarah I completely agree with you. How they didn’t expect the LE box to sell out fast is beyond me-I mean, as it is, there’s a waitlist for a regular subscription. They need to make this right among subscribers-and it’s annoying that people bought 10 boxes to sell. I hope the 2nd edition is bigger and better, not just leftover stuff thrown together.

  50. No need to apologize – those people blaming you are seriously out of line.

    And btw, I still wonder how I would have ever found out about the box if it weren’t for MSA.

    • @Juju, Well stated!

    • Some people was blaming you? Uh… this was 100% Boxy Charm so #1 didn’t send us emails and #2 let any one buy the box when charmers should have been 1st and 3rd Alex people to be 10 “lined within boxes we ask know will be in ebay shortly!”
      If it wasn’t for MSA, I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on, ever.

    • Agreed. There were some pretty mean comments toward MSA. Liz really did nothing wrong. Boxycharm should have made the sign up so that only subscribers would be able to purchase. The negativity was misdirected, imo. If anything, MSA was able to help Boxycharm subscribers who did not receive the link in their email.

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