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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

UPDATE: This box has sold out, but Boxycharm posted on Facebook that they are looking into restocking and that for future Limited Edition boxes they will make sure there is a limit on how many a customer can buy.

The first ever Boxycharm Limited Edition box is available now for current subscribers. (You’ll receive an email with the link.) (FYI – the site is having some loading issues, so if it doesn’t work for you immediately, keep trying.)

The box is $44.95 and will feature products from Ofra, Becca, bare minerals, Tarte, Sigma, and Pur, CoverFx, and Makeup Geek! 

(Thanks, Heather, Marla, Barbara, and Alex for the heads up!)

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So I got an error page when I placed order, but no confirmation email. So I went back and tried it again, and a screen popped up that said that I had successfully placed an order for the same amount 9 minutes ago and my credit card will be charged again, so I cancelled. Still no confirmation email.

    Did anyone successfully buy and NOT get a confirmation email?

    • Just tried to order and was able to get in but when I try and pay it takes it out of my cart and says it is out of stock

      • I just tried to order and got through and it also said out of stock for me as well! Super sad! 😱😭

      • Yes, I’m getting out of stock as well. But honestly, reading everyone’s comments, I bet a bunch of people will email Boxycharm to cancel orders for duplicates. So I would keep on checking back periodically because they will probably put more on sale when they know how many orders that have left over from cancellations.

  2. I got a box!! Im so excited. But a little confused. Some people said they clicked on the pre sale link and had to input all of their information, but other people said they logged in. Is this just pre sale? whats the difference between “pre sale” and “sale”? Isnt it the same thing? I logged in after about 3 hours of trying and then clicked on the “pre sale” button and finally got through to get one. So that means im getting it for sure right? Its not going to be like the charm shop fiasco ive had twice where ive redeemed charms TWICE and then 3 weeks later they send me an email telling me “sorry but we’re sold out of what you ordered”. That cant happen with this right?? I would be so pissed if that happened. BTW I’m in Florida and I was charged $48.95 for this LE box.

  3. I think I got in on the back of the crowd trying to get these boxes. It took me about 30 min. refreshing, and when all is said and done, I am the happy recipient one box! Can’t wait to see what is in it, I love all the brands listed, if there are doubles of things I have already received, then there will be some happy gift recipients!!!

  4. Every time I push the link and login it tells me to update my information but there’s nothing to update and the box doesn’t pop up anywhere to add into my cart. Help!

    • Still not showing up after I login! I’d be willing to buy one from someone.

  5. I wonder if we’ll be able to review the items inside the LE box for some charms. I hope so.

  6. Not sure how they decide the final cost. I was able to order 1 box and it said S&H free and I wasn’t sure what the taxes would be. Once it finally processed it had final order $44.95; shipping free; tax $0. I just checked my credit card account and sure enough it only charged $44.95. I’m in WA and have the yearly subscription. It took me about 1/2 hour with all the errors.

  7. Ok I just ordered my box and it took me almost 4 hours and when I got to checkout there was automatically 11 boxes in my cart, with a total of i think $494. Now it said under quantity 1 but next to the box it said 11. So after hours of trying to mess with the website I had to go back and push quantity several times to only give me 1 box, that’s crazy I assumed it was 1 per customer, I hope people r being considerate and leaving some for other people. I’m tired now. Good luck everyone that was a long almost 4 hours. Dont give up, i almost did but im glad i didnt, very frustrating!!!

    • I clink the link, log in, and can’t even find the limited edition box to add it to my cart. Could someone help? Thanks!

    • I had the opportunity to buy the box right before the crash but when I got to the checkout portion it said I had 6 boxes. I could have easy bought them but I decided to take the risk of loosing it all trying to change the quantity to 1. I just would have felt terrible because we were all having problems trying to get just one! Luckly 4 hours later I was able to place my order.

  8. I finally got the Limited Edition box, hitting the buy code only once. I got the confirmation page and it went through on my card too. I was so scared of getting multiple boxes. I applied my free shipping charms code to the order and it worked as well. So if you don’t want to pay shipping use those charms now!

    • I did not have a shipping cost. The shipping costs may have been a glitch earlier. You might still be able to use the free shipping code in the charm shop someday if it was not really needed.

    • Are you from Canada? Is that why you had to pay shipping?The shipping is free to US residents.

      • I had to pay $4 for shipping, I’m in Texas.

        • Was the $4 for shipping or tax? Im in FL and I didn’t get charged shipping, I got charged $4 for state sales tax. If you got charged shipping, email CS and they will refund you because its free shipping to the US.

          • It was for shipping, there wasn’t any tax. When I ordered, the site said the $44.95 didn’t include shipping or tax. So, I was expecting the charge.

  9. Finally got one ordered. Hope this box is all that we dream it will be. Boxycharm has never failed us yet. <3

    • Same here, I really hope it is worth it.

  10. Are any other subscribers still waiting to receive an email with the link to purchase this? I checked my inbox and spam folders, but don’t have anything about my November box or this LE box.

    • It was in my tracking email.

    • I never got the e-mail either and my box hasn’t shipped out yet. I figured someone would have the link up soon enough. Sure enough! Got my one box, I consider this my Black Friday special lol.

    • I never got the email either. Sent them a tweet, no response yet. :/

    • I guess my box just hasn’t shipped yet. I emailed customer service to ask for a link, so here’s to hoping for a response!

    • have you tried logging into your account, you press pre-order and let it think then go to your cart it will be there. I gave up on the link and tried logging in to my account and that is how i got through. Good Luck!

  11. So I got the email from Boxycharm at the same time as I got the notice from MSA – GO LIZ! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ it took me 3&a half hours to get get the site up and to not charge me for 33 boxes cuz I had to keep hitting the pre-order button every time that the site timed out ugh… But…. I finally got my box just now YAY! 😉 😍 🤗 can’t wait to see that it’s on the way after the 20th when they’ll start shipping them out 😊😊😊 I’m sure there’s going to be some awesome stuff in there too considering the brands that are included so I’m totally happy to have saved some money to buy this as my Christmas present to myself 💓 😍 ✨…. Long frustrating process due to the fact that their site kept crashing from everyone wanting to buy at the same time lol but that’s kinda too be expected too.. I’m going to try to relax now ahhhhh & get some sleep tonight now that I’m not so anxious about this box… Hi I’m Lori and I’m addicted to beauty boxes, especially Boxycharm… Lmao 🙄 🤔 😂 nite nite all! ❤️ 😴😴

  12. I got one – Just had to wait for the crowd. As is life 👍

  13. Finally I got my box!!
    Thanks for heads up. I left my pc after 45 minutes of crazy refreshing my screen chaos and did all my daily routine then came back 15 minutes ago.

    So I had enough hours to cool down and rethink about this box.
    Then I made up my mind to give it a second try.
    Now I can dream of my limted edition box with peace. 🙂

  14. I used my link and got on the site to order this just now, but it is running slow. I didn’t have to refresh any pages though.

  15. Dang!!! I hung in there until I got one. Took 2 hours plus. Good luck everyone. I just got through.

  16. Finally after hours I got mine but I did not have any shipping fees or taxes. Just 44.95.

  17. Well, that was frustrating but I finally got my one box. After hours of trying, when I finally got to the checkout page boxy had 25 boxes listed in my cart – hilarious! I deleted that and managed to get right back in to get 1 box, but it first rejected my credit card mysteriously so I just typed the number in and it went through. But not before it gave me another gateway error screen. Luckily I saw that I got a confirmation email so I am done. I sure hope people are wrong about it being repeat items.

    • same here. I had a bunch of boxes in my cart. I think it was every time i clicked on the link. lol

  18. I got through and got one but it says this is a recurring subscription at the bottom and you are on the waitlist as this month’s box is sold out. Nothing about it being a one time purchase. Did anyone else have that right after they paid? It is not mentioned in the confirmation and I am already a subscriber. Just making sure I didn’t mess up anything.

    • Yes same

  19. The site finally loaded perfectly for me, and now I think I am going to pass. The brands are too “iffy” (visions of nude Tarte lipgloss) and feel like I have played Russian Roulette mystery boxes a few times and won, but now I am getting a bit unsure. And I love Boxycharm! Hope I don’t regret passing this one up.

    • I’m hoping I don’t regret buying…

    • Me too Sara lol……visions of highlighters and red Tarte Lipgloss. Same products we already have. I hope i’m right lol

  20. Just got mine, it took about 4-5 minutes I hit the refresh a few times, however at the end it gave me a error page but in my email I received a mail with the order confirmation, so be aware, check your inbox

  21. I just got mine. No website error until clicking the pay now button (but the order went through). It’s just very slow. It seems that I was charged $44.95 total, no tax no shipping (I’m in Minnesota). This is weird.

    • Same here, no tax, no shipping

  22. Took 3 1/2 hours but finally got one. Ugh! This better be good!

  23. They must have fixed something because I was able to get in easy just a minute ago. The payment processing took a little longer than usual but went through.

  24. Try it now guys!!! I was able to get Thur with little wait time!!!! Go Go Go!!!

    • I just got it as well.

  25. What happened to the link

  26. Liz – can you inquire why some US subscribers were charged a shipping fee?

    This is at the bottom of the website.

    One-time purchase (not a renewing subscription). Offer only valid while supplies last – limited quantities available. The quoted price includes shipping and handling to the contiguous United States. Sales taxes may be collected where applicable. Orders shipped to Canada may incur additional freight and duty charges. Products will begin shipping on November 20, 2017; please allow up to 10 business days for delivery. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for additional information.

  27. All I want is 1 box😥

  28. I hate this I have been trying since I got the email so much for us loyal customers they need to redo this mess I wanted 1 box😥

  29. No way am I fighting that mess and these people for Bare Minerals and Ofra lol

  30. This is so upsetting, I LOVE boxycharm and got rid of all my other beauty boxes. I have been trying since 7 and NOTHING! If anyone has an extra I would LOVE it!


  31. This is a waste of time. Ive been trying for an hour and a half, and can’t even get it to load. I should just save my money for black friday

  32. Me while keep trying to get on the site:
    “Keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up (don’t stop), don’t give up”🎶🤖😅
    I know it can get frustrating trying to fill the cart with that LE but I have to chill. After not able to get the Play by S, I don’t want to get my hope on this one and be upset yet again😁

  33. Dang, sounds like Boxy’s made a mess of this. And I haven’t even gotten the freaking email with the link yet! 🙁

  34. If anyone got an extra box accidentally and wants to sell their extra one to me I would be happy to take it off your hands! 🙂

  35. Not working for me either! This is really annoying!!

  36. So some people were charged shipping, tax, both, or neither at all?! What!?

  37. FINALLY!! SUCCESS!!! That was bru-tal! Most of my time was spent getting my order down to one box from eight!?!? I changed the quantity in the cart but somehow ended up with 8 at checkout anyway. I have freed 7 boxes…good luck!

    • I still can’t get one in my cart. I click preorder and nothing. Over and over and over again.

      • Hey, be careful clicking preorder, that’s how i got 10 boxes in my cart and had to start over. And still ended up with 2 but hoping customer service can cancel it. Just keep refreshing on one page from the top after u have clicked on preorder and eventually it refreshes to the checkout page. I never got confirmation on the website and almost tried to order More till i realized i got a confirmation email. Ugh very frustrating but good luck to those still trying!

        • Hahaha yeah you were right about that…I ended up with THIRTY FIVE BOXES…..35!!!!!!! $1,500 Hahahaha! Luckily the site started working so I could remove them and just put one box in my cart. And I have success. Finally. 3 hours later

      • After I hit the preorder button, the next page would not load so I kept clicking refresh to reload the page. Eventually, I got to the next page but had to delete everything in my cart and start over because it would not let me adjust quantities at checkout.

  38. Without knowing what the specific products are?


    Nice try, Boxy. I see you.

  39. Ok. I am waving the flag. I have been doing this since it first hit live, and life is too short. Boxycharm, I hope people get it and enjoy it. I am going to take my money and spend it elsewhere that is more organized and not frustrating. Just my opinion, but not worth the hassle. Between crazy waitlist times and now this, I think it is time for me to move on. This charmer is not feeling very charming right now.

  40. Finally! After over an hour and a half, I finally got my order placed. I refreshed like a maniac. Like other posters, I somehow ended up with 8 boxes in my cart and had to start from scratch. I was trying to make this transaction happen so much that AMEX had declined the purchase initially. I live in GA, so I had to pay sales tax – my total came to $48.10.

    • I live in GA as well and was charged $4 for shipping SMH

  41. An hour and a half later, and still nothing. I’m done. What an absolute cluster. And, yes, there was a reason the link wasn’t posted publicly.

    • This! Exactly this!

  42. Would love to buy box from someone who accidentally got an extra D:

  43. Sad they can’t just stabilize the server… We aren’t buying Super Bowl tickets; It’s a $45 beauty box…

  44. I’m not sure if it will make a difference, but I have been trying for an hour and a half. I emailed customer service about 45 minutes in complaining so that if I do miss preorder due to sell out, I hope they will still get me one since it is noted I was on the site before sellout.

    • I emailed them too. Told them they’re are alot of disappointed charmers and asked how they planned on handling the situation since we were unsuccessful in getting their LE boxes. I said I hoped they are holding them for us before they opened up the sale to the public. I’ll let you know if I get a useful reply.

  45. OK…I’m officially done chasing this box. Refreshed a thousand times…got to PAY (OMG I can see the promised land just over the hill) hit pay and it knocked me out of the entire process…NO special is worth this trauma!!! haha… I’ll try tomorrow and hope for the best. They really need to update their computer program as they were not ready for the load. Plus this was supposed to be for subscribers. Is it now open for everyone?

    • Since the link is posted here and has been shared 250+ times, everybody now has access to the limited edition box. Non subscribers are purchasing them. I’m so frustrated that the link was posted publicly and the early access subscribers were supposed to get is gone.

      • Same. What was the point of sending in through email?

      • It’s really upsetting that this was supposed to be a subscriber only presale but after almost 3 hours I can’t even get one box and there are people getting multiples that don’t even subscribe. There’s a lot of backlash on social media for the link being blasted everywhere and rightfully so.

      • I’m sorry I misinterpreted what Boxycharm meant by pre-sale for subscribers, and thought that meant that only subscribers could buy the box through the link. I’ve removed the link from the post.

        • It WAS supposed to be accessible only by signing in to your account. That’s how I read the info. I don’t think Liz did anything wrong, it seems like a glitch on their end.

        • I read something posted from someone who worked there and from what they said it wasn’t exclusive to charmers so I don’t think you misrepresented anything. As far as I can tell it hasn’t sold out yet.

          • Quote from Boxycharm:
            “It will be available for everyone, but available first in pre-sale for Boxycharm subscribers. (Make sure to sign up asap if you want a chance at early access).”

            Subscribers only were supposed to have pre-sale access.

        • Yosef said it was charmers and fb forum members. Are all fb forum members charmer s? I do not know, I’m not a forum member.

  46. I tried the link from my email notice that my box shipped but it says page not found. 404 error ? I didn’t think i would miss out on my favorite sub. Such a bummer

  47. If anybody has an extra they are willing to sell please let me know. 2 hours and I can’t even log in… Thank you!

    • Expect to see it on Ebay for twice the amount 😡 I’m so mad that people are buying up to ten and others aren’t able to get even one. Hopefully there’ll be a next one and Boxy will have a better setup.

    • I will be happy to sell. I paid $48. It was NOT my intention to buy to but because of the site nightmare I end up with two

  48. Gosh, I hope these don’t all turn out to be repeat items that we’ve received in boxes already…
    Not that I am able to order anything, anyway, lol 🙂

    • I know, I sure hope these items aren’t leftovers from previous boxes.

  49. Under which section is the LE box listed for sale? I can’t find it in my account!

    • Click the hyperlink in the article for the Limited Edition kit. It won’t show up if you just log into your account through the main website. Patience will be much needed, it took me a total of two hours refreshing the pages to get through checkout.

      • Thanks…I’ll keep trying but it never lets me sign in 🙁

      • Did anyone get stuck at the pay button. Everything is in the cart and ready to go, but click pay and nothing?

        • Yes. I did not have an online purchase alert from my cc company and/or a confirmation from BC so I felt comfortable clicking on pay a second time.

    • when i finally got into my account the box was already in my cart. I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

  50. Meh, after trying for an hour, I’ve come to the realization that these will most likely be filled with items from past boxes and probs not any new products. Looking at the brands I can predict what will be in here, so thanks to Boxycharms crap site, I just saved $50.

    • That’s what I suspect also. That it will be the Tarte palette, the CoverFX liquid highlighter, Sigma brushes, PUR… I don’t know, maybe eyelashes, Bare Minerals powder, and if to top it all off that include that almost expired Ofra body shimmer – well, wouldn’t that be one heck of a box!

      • You just made me feel so much better about missing out…thanks!!

        • Well, I don’t know, I am guessing 😉, but I do think these are much more likely to be repeat items than something we haven’t seen before.

          I personally do not feel comfortable buying the box not knowing what’s in it, and the fact that they’ve made such a mess of the ordering process certainly doesn’t add to my excitement.

          I hope people aren’t majorly disappointed when they start receiving their boxes, but I do think the likelihood of that is very high, and I’ll be passing for now.

          GlossyBox has been awesome lately, I’ll wait for their LE box. At least they reveal all the items.

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