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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

UPDATE: This box has sold out, but Boxycharm posted on Facebook that they are looking into restocking and that for future Limited Edition boxes they will make sure there is a limit on how many a customer can buy.

The first ever Boxycharm Limited Edition box is available now for current subscribers. (You’ll receive an email with the link.) (FYI – the site is having some loading issues, so if it doesn’t work for you immediately, keep trying.)

The box is $44.95 and will feature products from Ofra, Becca, bare minerals, Tarte, Sigma, and Pur, CoverFx, and Makeup Geek! 

(Thanks, Heather, Marla, Barbara, and Alex for the heads up!)

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The Boxycharm website is down so you can’t eve get on. This was so poorly thought out and planned. Allowing people to purchase 10 boxes?? How about all of your loyal members had the options of buying one. I can assure you there will not be one box left in that warehouse. It just comes down to greed and not caring about your loyal customers. Why would you if you have a waiting list that’s thousands long?

    • I agree it should be one per customer then if they have leftovers they should be allowed to buy more. this is a mess and not well thought out.

      • This is so disappointing. All the hype and completely sold out! It should have been one box per customer. I also think that you didn’t have to be a member to purchase one. I want to find out about that, because if that’s the case. We should have gotten to order first, and then non-subscription members.

        • Agreed. I went to purchase right when I got the email today. I can add it to my cart, but it goes out of stock when I check out each time. Must be sold out.

          I can never get any limited edition anything lol… same thing with sephora play, fabletics salar leggins in tall and list goes on.

          • the truth is, if everyone would just purchase 1 box- Things would be better. I have seen so many people talk about all the boxes of other offers on here that they bought 10 plus boxes of- Then complain and cancel orders when the spoilers are revealed! Sorry, but it is true… I did not want this offer- but it has happened with every Sephora special edition they have put out for $20. Not enough to go around. Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you not to be a pig and leave some for somebody else? WELL?!

    • yep its really frustrating wonder if ill ever get through or their sold out

    • Exactly. If they wanted to market this for so long and drum up excitement but not make sure their servers and site were up to the task, then they should have at least put a limit on orders so people had a better chance when things calmed down….and others weren’t “forced” to get more boxes than they intended. Just bad, bad planning and look for the company….thought they would have learned something from Sephora. Lol.

    • I thought we would get a link to order when we received our tracking for nov box. I don’t ever get that before the 15th. So I bet they will be sold out by then. Thats very disappointing. I was really looking forward to this being my to me from me for Christmas.

      • It was sold out on November 8. I got my tracking yesterday and it was sold out.

    • I finally got one. But it was really sketchy. The first time I made it to my cart, my total was over $600! Somehow, I ended up with 15 boxes in my cart! It took forever to delete them and then verify my cart was empty. Then I started over again. This time there were two boxes in my cart, so I had to start over again. The last time I tried it worked and I was able to purchase just one. A cautionary tale.

      • That same thing happened to me. when I looked at the check out it was over $2,000. I had 51 boxes and I was deleting like a mad women. and yes my cart was empty you did I had to start all over again..I think I spent 3 hrs all together and I did get one box.

        • Exactly, I finally gave up and tried again at 2 am let me do everything and then come back and say your cart has been emptied because they were sold out. Well then I wasn’t sure if this was right so I kept trying for over an hour . Not happy with Boxycharm right now , I thought all subscribers would have a chance to purchase this , it was a big fat disappointment all the way around

        • This happened to me too.. and I was amazed that it let me buy even 2 witch I didn’t.. when we have the event for Kathleenlights it was just for the first 200 subscribers and no plus ones.. that was better thought out..

      • Same with me!! I had 8 and it took me forever to change it down to 2. Also it wouldn’t place my order because it said I was already subscribed because they automatically added a monthly subscription in my cart for the next month so it took me another 10 minutes to get that deleted but I was finally able to place my order. I never got an email. I just seen on Facebook that they were taking orders. So I jumped on and kept refreshing until I finally made it to the site. Still took me about 20 minutes to place the order.

    • It’s been hours since it launched and I got one, website glitched and I waited for an hour, went back and was able to buy one. It’s called limited edition for a reason.

    • I havent even recieved my code yet! Or my email!
      I really hooe i get one this is literally the only way i get make up!
      If anyone buys extra i will certainly pay shipping and get one!!

    • I agree!!! I have been trying for hours to get JUST ONE! I have been with BOXY for well over a year and I wasn’t able to get a limited edition box because the link wouldn’t work??? This is soooo crazy!! I am so disappointed in the way everyone was permitted to purchase so many boxes!! I’m sure they will be resold on Ebay for a much higher price! Why am I a loyal BOXY subscriber if there aren’t any perks????

    • I finally got my email this morning and they were sold out already. Mad as hell…grrr…

      • ME TOO!!!!!!

      • i got the email last night and they didnt even make the website link live yet so there was no way to get it. fell asleep and tried again in the morning and its sold out. im so mad. im a subscriber. it should ONLY be available to subscribers, one per person. so annoyed. i was REALLY looking forward to it

    • I never got an email and I am a subscriber. I checked spam also. Oh well….

    • I agree. I guess that we should all spend our money somewhere else. My money is green everywhere. That is exactly what I’m going to do.
      I never received an email or a link.
      I have been a loyal customer for a very long time.
      Loyalty should be a mutual thing.

    • Agree with all … so poorly thought out. Should have been blocked to 1 initially, and then sell extras after November 20th when initial ones ship. AND should have been restricted to current subscribers first.

      And you know that now boxes are going to be on eBay for twice the price, or they’ll be up for swaps at unreasonable prices.

      • Some of the swaps are not going to allow the box or items from it to be sold due to the circumstances. Also Boxy said that they are going to try and restock or do a LE for subs only so my suggestion to ppl would be to wait for that to happen instead of buying it if they do come across places where it’s being allowed to be sold. I know if it was me I would be damned if I was going to buy something from someone that acted with no regard for anyone else. I’d much rather wait for boxy to make things right and let those who bought tons of boxes have to eat the cost of them instead of profit from them. That’s just my 2 cents though 😏

    • I agree this needed to be more thought out. BC should have 1. restricted the amount of boxes per customer 2. Allowed orders only through the link not directly through their website. A big issue was also people sharing the link through social media because that’s how many non charmers were aware the box was out too. It’s just so frustrating. I thought I got a box but now I’m not sure.

  2. Omg Will someone please just sell me one of their extras?

    • I will be happy to sell you mine for what I paid plus shipping. I really do not need two boxes.

      • That would be awesome! How do we do that?

        • Oh wait….finally got one!

      • If you end up having an extra afterall, if the girl above doesn’t take it, I know someone who would to get it!

      • I would love to buy the box from you if your still willing to sell your extra ?

      • ill take an extra!! I tried for hours also

      • I couldn’t get one either! this was a disaster, I’d buy one if some purchased several by mistake also

        • If anyone has an extra please email me I’ll gladly buy it

  3. Finally!!!!! Took me an one and a half to submit my order. Just 1 box..crazy !!!

    • Hour and 1/2

  4. The site keeps going to a “404 not found” error for me. Oh well. Guess I really didn’t need this. Hope it’s a good one for the ones who got it!

    • I just bought mine. I had to refresh a bazillion times. Everything I did I was having to refresh. Just keep refreshing your screen and you’ll finally get it.

    • same

    • My page goes to 404 not found too. I guess i missed out. so sad i am.

  5. I still haven’t made it through the entire process, but now it’s saying pre-order, not order

  6. Geez it shouldn’t be this hard to give my money away!!

    • Hahahaha I hear you!!

  7. Finally got charged. The payment was processing then the page went blank but they charged my credit card for $48.10 and also got a confirmation email. Mind you it originally said my order was going to cost $52.38

  8. I’ve been trying for an hour, staring at my overflowing supply of every kind of beauty product, and realizing that these are brands from recent boxes.

    Do I need more makeup for $50, especially if they are duplicate items from past boxes? No! $50 is a lot, so I’ll save it for Black Friday deals and get some things I don’t already have. There are no items from any of these brands that I want for $20, let alone $50.

    • I hope these are not duplicate products, but even i they aren’t do I really need anything??

    • I can’t even get to the web page…seems like it’s taken down…Beautycon 2.0 ugh

    • I hope they aren’t items from previous boxes. I’ve been subscribed for over a year and will be pisses if I get duplicate items when I paid $50 for the box. Better be stuff we haven’t received in the past. I think of they are a lot of people are going to be extremely angry. I doubt boxycharm would pull that on their loyal customers. It could cause them to loose a lot of business

  9. Well I finally got….2 ugh
    It took one hour for the site to work and finally I gave up at check out, then 10 min later received email confirmation that I had ordered 2.

    This was very irritating and not worth it if the products aren’t at least full size and some new ones. I am crossing my fingers.

    Good luck to everyone else.

    • That happened to me too! Got my order confirmation and got charged for double. I emailed them to see if they can do something since it’s obviously the website that’s screwing up. After making sure I only had 1 in my cart,I let the page do it’s thing after hitting “pay now” and refrained from refreshing. Still got charged for 2. Not a happy camper.

      • I got charged for 2 as well

        • Any way I could buy one from u?

      • Please if they ship 2, can you sell one to me? I wasn’t able to get one

    • Would be happy to buy one of the boxes from you(+shipping) if you’re selling it 😀

    • Did it let you fully check out then? I only make it as far as signing in and then it kicks me off. I just don’t want to get charged for x amount of boxes

    • I emailed them to see if they can reverse it to one box. But if it stays at 2 I would gladly sell my 2nd box. I don’t need to. Don’t have anyone in my family or close friends who love makeup as much as I do lol.

      • Oooh, please let me know if you end up selling one!

      • I would love to buy 1 as well

    • Would u be willing to sell 1 ?

  10. Honestly, it doesnt seem much different than a normal box. It says worth over $200 but two boxes combined is worth that same amount and only $42 with free shipping. Hmmmmm

    • I agree, and after trying for an hour with no luck, and then finding out from everyone on here, they are charging for shipping, bringing the total up to $50??? I think I’ll wait, if it sells out, oh well, you know they aren’t going to include any NEW release items from these brands, it’ll be the same old variety that’s been out for a long time!

      • For some reason, I didn’t get charged shipping? My box was $44.95 and Sales Tax was $3.15. Total: $48.10. I wonder if that’s because I am also in Florida where they are based?

        • My box was $44 no tax, no shipping! 😕

          • That was mine no tax or shipping

          • Did you check your confirmation email? When I ordered mine it said $44.95 but when I got the email it said that it charged me $48.95.

        • Us gets free shipping canadians will be charged over 55 dollars for it

        • I’m in Missouri and they didn’t charge me shipping either.

    • That’s what I was thinking.

  11. I can’t even get the link to load and I have to be somewhere in 45 minutes. Oh well.. I’ll give it another go later tonight if it’s still available. Good luck charmers, may the web servers be ever in your favor ;D

  12. It’s so frustrating. I’ll try later. I’ll just use that money towards something I know I’ll love if I don’t end up getting it. 🙂

    • Went back on at 1130 pm. Got one no problem.

  13. I got the page to load. Then realized for the same amount I could get a Pusheen box.

  14. Been at this an hour…before it even posted on this website. Saw it in my email. Is it really worth it? I am beginning to think it isn’t worth the aggravation. I had three in my cart, but only wanted one. Tried to take two out and was knocked out of the entire cycle and had to start all over again. Maybe it is a sign that I have enough stuff… 🙂

    • I’ve seen a few people say this. So I predict a bunch of people are going to end up getting more than they want, so they will sell out before the rest of us can even get one. If that really happens, there might be a bigger riot than the last Sephora Play special edition fiasco. Lol.

      • I was thinking the same thing, I bet a lot of people accidentally ordered multiple boxes. Now it’s saying sold out, after I tried all stinking night, got up early and finally got through only to have the same multi box issue, tried to fix it and it started me all over, FINALLY got to enter in my CC info and hit purchase, NOPE, sold out, Ugh 😟

    • Hey
      If you don’t want a box I’ll be happy to buy it from you:)

  15. Can you use the points toward the LE box??

  16. After almost an hour and a half of constantly trying to buy with no luck, it might be time to throw in the towel 🙁

    • I’m hear yah and it’s soooo frustrating. Ugh!!! I keep telling myself that it’s prob not good to want something like this so badly

    • I am with you! So frustrating!

    • I wish I could throw in the towel but this has become a challenge and i can’t let it go… 🙁

      • Lol… I had the same thought, and I prevailed!! You will to!

  17. I am afraid to get this box, because all these brands have been in our boxes this year.

  18. I have LITERALLY been on there site for an hour!! I have made it to my cart 3 times, but everytime I click pay now, it does jack!! I am so mad!! no confirmation e-mail, nothing out of my bank account.

    • FINALLY!!! I got my confirmation e-mail!!!!!! YAY!!! This better be worth the BF I was having lol

  19. I’ve been aggressively refreshing for like half an hour on a checkout page that won’t load. I understand that their servers are a little overwhelmed right now, but maybe they should have been a little more prepared for this. I’m not entirely sure that this is worth it, I just keep telling myself that anything I don’t want I can gift.

  20. All I get is “website is offline”. Can’t even sign in. It makes me mad that people are getting multiple boxes and I can’t even sign in to get one. Wtf Boxycharm?! Way to reward your subscribers.

    • My sister in law in Texas got three and I can’t even get the page to load. Ggrrr!!

      • I think it is so unfair people are able to buy more than 1 and we can’t even get on

  21. They really need to invest in their website.

  22. Free, $4, $6, or $10 shipping??!!! which is it?

    • I paid 8…..
      Wonder if it location matters?

      NC here!

      • FL!

      • I’m in NC and got free shipping and no tax

    • I paid $4 to MD. Unfortunately, I also seem to have purchased three boxes… Lol. I guess I should know better than to click “pay now” when the rest of the webpage isn’t loading.

    • I paid $4 plus tax. I’m 20 min away from their GA warehouse. :/

  23. Ok, I have constantly tried for 30 solid minutes! 😂 I’m out and especially after reading some of these comments. I’m sure they are on overload which will cause issues. Just saved me some money…. I will hit up Ulta and Sephora on Black Friday. Good luck to everyone! 😁

  24. I can’t even open the link 😭

    • Yup, I got the email and was able to sign in, but after the 5 minutes it took me to decide that I wanted one & had the $$, not the site has gone from partially crashed to completely crashed. We’ll see!

  25. So does this mean there are 8 items (based on the brands listed above)? Or more?

  26. My total keeps going up! Its charging me $6.67 shipping plus $3.00 tax $55.24 TOTAL

  27. Heck to the no. Too much work for Ofra, Pur and Bare Minerals in the mix and no spoilers.

    • You’re right. You just cured my FOMO. Thank you!

    • I agree. I’ve been at this for 40 minutes now. I officially give up. It’s $49 more dollars I’ll have for Black Friday.

    • Ofra, Pur and Bare Minerals- the exact three i don’t care about.

  28. I understand people being frustrated, but think of it as no different than any other sale of an item with limited numbers…like, concert tickets, Amazon Black Friday specials, etc. Their website just can’t handle all of these orders all at once. There’s really not much they can do about it. If you want one, keep trying!

    • Of course they can prepare for this. They chose not to

      • Amen.

      • Not quite. They can maximize their tech stack to a degree, but it’s not like they can simply throttle up more bandwidth at will.

        I agree it’s annoying, but ultimately they are not a technology company and their main ecommerce model doesn’t need to support extremely high loads very often.

        Would it be nice? Absolutely. But I’d rather they spend their time and financial resources acquiring great products than optimizing their servers for high load a couple of times a year.

        • ^ exactly!

      • They’d have to completely switch servers to “prepare” for this, and even then would have probably had issues. Ever try to get tickets to a concert at the exact moment they go on sale and get error after error page? And that’s a huge company like Ticketmaster. BC might be a big deal to some of use here, but they’re no where near as big as Ticketmaster.

        Do people really believe they CHOSE to cause drama and a fiasco? They wanted to offer a LE box to people and with their popularity, there’s really no way they could have avoided the mad rush. Unless they just posted the box as a total surprise, which would have still ticked people off (and still ended up getting posted about and probably resulting in website issues anyway). BC isn’t huge, and I’m sure their site can only handle so much traffic. EVERY website has a limit and the potential to crash. It’s really not a plot against anyone.

        I would only say they could have had something in place to prevent multiple orders, but then again, if people wanted to buy more boxes as gifts, that seems reasonable (and good advertising) too. In the end, it’s only makeup, no big deal if I miss out.

        • If they wanted to drum up the excitement but not support the rush of orders, what seems reasonable to me would be to require login to make sure you are a current subscriber and track if you ordered and then limit to 1 for a few days until most everyone has a chance at at least 1. Then open to public and multiple additional orders by subscribers. Instead, as someone else said more eloquently above, they are just making themselves seem more interested in $ and greed than “rewarding” subscribers while raking in some more sales for them (win-win). Overall, it’s just bad marketing and could be bad press if it ends badly…

          • Moreover, I predict irate posts here on MSA when people start receiving these boxes, that they turned out to be all repeat items from our subscriptions…

          • They did require login

          • Ok great if they required login…i wouldn’t know as I’ve still not gotten even a first page to load
            In over 3 hours. Saw somewhere else someone said they chose preorder instead of login because it was quicker…thought that might be loophole. Either way there was another part of my statement – limit to 1 for a time period.

          • I take that back. There DOES appear to be a loophole in that someone confirmed they never had to login and Liz even apologized for potentially spreading misinformation that there was a presale for subscribers only. So now no required active sub or limit…

          • I am adding to this line of comments to say that I managed to order one even though I am not a current subscriber. The payment went through as well. I am very surprised I was able to get a box and just figured I’d try bc I can’t lose anything from that. I would be very annoyed if I was a subscriber who missed out because non-subscribers like me were able to order, even moreso if the staff was spreading misinformation…

  29. this is getting extremely irritated. I love BC but this is extremely unprofessional and such a waste of time and effort. ok, I don’t care anymore. if I get it then i will get it. if I dont then i can save 45$ toward Black Friday sales that coming very soon . Fair game !

    • My thoughts too. Not even sure how people are getting to check out page. I’ve refreshed and tried probs my 50 times on and off for over half hour and can’t get 1st page to load. Oooohhhh weeeelll. Maybe later….if still any left.

  30. This so so annoying. I was keep hitting “place order’ and then getting error messages, and now I got confirmation for two boxes, which was not my intention at all, I just wanted one box.
    BTW, they charge $4 shipping.

    • Omg I did EXACTLY the same thing. I’m annoyed.

      • However now my sister is getting gifted one so there’s my silver lining.

      • I would love to buy a box off of you .

    • Someone below said shipping was included. (??)

    • I can’t ever see it errors on page

    • They charged me close to $10 for shipping. What the heck!!!

      • OMG! 🙁

    • Mine charged me for 4.

  31. Do you have to be a current subscriber to purchase this LE box?

    • I can’t figure out how to buy since I’m not a subscriber

      • Only subscribers can buy it right now. It’s suppose to launch to the public in the near future..

    • I’m not sure – I was able to purchase but wasn’t even logged into my account. It was quicker just to add to cart via the “preorder” button, and then pay than to try to go through the login pages.

  32. Is shipping included?

    • It was included

      • $4 shipping

    • It charged me $10 🙁 It said free, but my order confirmation said $10. I’m in CA. And NOT happy that wasn’t disclosed.

      • Same here! I emailed them to let them know that nowhere in their checkout page did it say we were getting charged s&h so let’s see when I’ll hear back from them.

        • It said on the first page before you even order it that s&h and taxes are not included

          • It actually says the complete opposite of that. “The quoted price includes shipping and handling…”

        • Yes, I’m curious if they’re going to correct this.

          This is located at the bottom of the page.

          One-time purchase (not a renewing subscription). Offer only valid while supplies last – limited quantities available. The quoted price includes shipping and handling to the contiguous United States. Sales taxes may be collected where applicable. Orders shipped to Canada may incur additional freight and duty charges. Products will begin shipping on November 20, 2017; please allow up to 10 business days for delivery. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for additional information.

          • Thanks for noting this! The splash page graphic also says $44.95 *not including shipping or duties for Canada*. I’m pretty convinced that no one in US should have been charged forshipping.

    • not included $4.00 s/h

  33. Hey guys – took me 20 minutes in total.

    Words of advice: Just be careful… Somehow, I managed to have 4 in my cart from over clicking / refreshing~! Almost ended up paying for 4 instead of 1, but I would have sold them for face value if I didn’t catch it to others.. Anyway, had to drop my entire cart & repeat. I got a blank page after confirmation, BUT what I did was, instead of refreshing so they didn’t charge my card 500 times after the cart mishap, I checked my gmail & the confirmation was there. Good luck!

    • can you use the points toward the LE box??

  34. Still trying to check out but the time gives me hesitation I am wondering if these will be products we haven’t already received in our previous boxes being a one time sale.

  35. I was able to get 3, just have to hit refresh a lot. Hopefully it was worth it 2 are gifts. Wish I had redeemed my charms because there was a spot for the codes to apply to the purchase. Oh well! Good luck everyone!

  36. This is so stressful! Ha! Fingers crossed that everyone else is locked out just like I am!

  37. Finally got it, Boxy has yet to disappoint however I hate blindly spending $48.95 and not having spoilers.. but I have a case of FOMO.

  38. Boxycharm impresses the heck out of me every single month. I use to subscribe to an insane amount of boxes, and it’s the only one I still get every single month… I’m so excited for to get this!

  39. I can’t decide if I want to order it….darn FOMO

  40. This is ridiculous. The site is offline now.

    • Seriously, what a joke. I think I’ll pass, too much work with no spoilers or value.

      • It said it was over a $200 value

      • Yep- all this build up and hype then their website won’t even work. Not like I’m missing out on Dior or Chanel, probably just stuff that would sit in the drawer anyway.

        • Exactly. If there’s any left over tomorrow then I may try it again. If not, I can afford to purchase what I want elsewhere without the aggravation.

      • Thanks, missed that part, still not worth the hassle.

  41. I really hope that BC would have the fortitude and decency to tell us if it was repeat items…I hope. I’d love if it was a box of new items *fingers crossed*

    • I know, right? But considering they are marketing this to current subscribers first, my guess is that it will be new items. They stand to have a lot of disappointed subscribers otherwise.

      • Very true. I didn’t think of it that way!

  42. Website will not load at all. This crap is getting old…almost makes me want to say forget it. My time is worth more than this hassle. Guess I’ll try back later. Ugh.

  43. Got one! My tips:

    I kept clicking on the original link until I got through to the “checkout” page. Then, once I was there, I did get error messages but just kept refreshing THAT page, and eventually, got a confirmation!

    • Same! But I got it eventually

  44. Easy pass without spoilers. I’ll save the $45 towards Black Friday.

  45. Geez, they sent the link to our emails so subscribers could get first crack at the limited edition box. Now that the link is posted publicly, it will be difficult for any of us to get it.

    • Yeah… agree, Kim… SO NOT cool.

    • Hi Kim,

      My understanding is that you have to log in to your Boxycharm account to be able to buy the box, so even posting this publicly wouldn’t change that only subscribers would get access first. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

      • Good thing because as usual no email for me so I would have missed it.

      • People who are waitlisted have accounts. And they are probably flooding the site as well. Which is why the link was sent with shipping notices and not to all the waitlisters as well.

      • I definitely didn’t need to sign in to my account (wasn’t even able to due to webpage loading issues). Checkout didn’t populate any of my saved information either (name, address, etc.)

      • So far I’ve had three friends who aren’t active subscribers tell me they were able to buy. So it sounds like they meant to send the specific link to subscribers with their tracking info as intending for those current, active subscribers to have the first access to purchase. This happens all too often when bloggers just want to get clicks & hits so to floods the site and sells out before the intended active subscriber base has a fair chance to purchase.

  46. I keep getting an error

    • Me too!! Aaaargh!

  47. Still trying to get the site to work. I hope it isn’t sold out already. :/

  48. Still no spoilers and the site is down. Strange release so far. I really hope it’s not just repeats from previous boxes!

  49. I got mine!

    • can you use charm points?

      • Did you find out if you were able to use your charm points?

  50. I think there website crashed I can not get in to order 🙁

    • *their

    • Keep trying. I had to refresh a lot, but I finally got the confirmation order.

      • You are lucky! I got it in my cart after 10 minutes, but every time I click ‘checkout’, I get the 504 bad gateway message!!!

        • Keep refreshing if you got to the checkout – I did and I got mine, eventually!

        • Make sure you havent actually ordered already, check your email. That happened to me and I had a order confirmation in my email!

      • can you use it with the charm points?

      • I’m trying on both my phone and laptop no luck hope they don’t sell out

        • Got it after like 45 minutes lol!

          • I am a subscriber and didn’t realize the info for the limited edition actually came in my tracking for my normal box from them until I saw on Instagram a bunch of people complaining about the site. I did manage to get one after retrying and retrying but who knows if I’ll actually get it? I tried like a couple people said for 45 mins. The problem was people who were NOT subscribers managed to get the link and order them. I agree with everybody else that said that’s a huge mistake on BoxyCharms part but I’m sure the next one they do they’l have that ironed out. The biggest problem w these guys I think is that they probably didn’t expect the customer reaction they got. But seriously it’s a great deal on the regular why wouldn’t they expect a flurry of people trying to get their hands on a limited edition box worth $200???????????

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