Allure Beauty Box December 2017 FULL Spoilers UPDATE!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for December 2017 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks, Karolina, for the heads up!)

Allure Beauty Box December 2017 Full Spoilers - Unboxing

And, we now know that the box is curated by Jaclyn Hill:

And it will include a $20 Bauble Bar Gift code!

Source: Jaclyn Hill

What do you think of the December 2017 Allure Beauty Box full spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) If you sign up in November, your first box will be the November Box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my December box today! Everything is gorgeous and I love it all. Now I can buy my signature necklace from Baublebar! 🙂 YAY!

    • Did you receive a shipping email or did your box just show up?

      • Yes Dawn, I did receive a shipping notice on the 15th… 3 days prior to its arrival. But from prior experience w/ Allure, I have learned not to rely on shipping notices. Sometimes I get a notice, sometimes I don’t.

        • Thank you Jill.

          • Dawn I use Informed delivery from USPS it’s great for keeping track of boxes. I received mine today but haven’t made the one mile trek to the mailbox to get it.

  2. Has anyone gotten their Dec box yet? I subbed Nov 26th, they took my cash Nov 28th. When it didn’t come the 7-10 days I called on Dec 5th. “George,” informed me that there was a problem with the Dec box and that it was at the warehouse awaiting shipment.

    • No, I am a regular subscriber and I have not received my box yet. I was wondering why….

    • When I called CS last week, I was told that they are shipping in batches this month and they couldn’t tell me when my box would ship. The only thing I do not like about the Allure box is the odd CS and no shipping emails. I have gotten 3 shipping email in my 6 months with Allure. One for the sign up gift, one for my 1st box and one that arrived after a box showed up. I’m not ready to cancel over it but I do wish they would fix the shipping email issue. Without it, there’s not much I can do if I need to be out of town…

  3. Does anyone recall the brand of mascara they are offering for sharing Allure on social media? I love mascara in general, just curious so I can look it up online and do recon 😁

    • it’s Mally

  4. Truthfully a tad bit disappointed in this one. Lots more makeup that I don’t use and can’t seem to swap with. And I have not idea how to skip a month. There was no option on my account management nor phone number. Anyone know?

    • There’s no pause or cancel button. There was a contact us to email and there is a number, I googled “how do I cancel my Allure Beauty Box?” to get the number.

      • The last time i called to pause – they actually cancelled it. No biggie since i then got the new subscriber gift when i resubbed😜

    • Hi Annie,
      The email address Jello posted is one option to requesting a skip or box postponement. Or there is a phone number on the Allure website and they can take your skip/box postponement request. I’ve done it both ways and never had any issues.

    • Hi Annie still looking to swap any of the items from this box?

  5. Just signed up,. what a great box! hourglass, dior, and philosphy. LOVE

    • Does Anyone Know When I Can Subscribe To Get The December Jaclyn Hill Box?? I Just Want That One Box Lol T.I.A 😊

      • You usually have to subscribe in that month if you want the box for November you have to subscribe in November, however sometimes they have leftovers, email them and give it a try…

  6. Are there any restrictions on the Baublebar coupon? Can it be used in sale items and/or combined with deals?

    I’m thinking of subbing for this box (mostly for the Diorshow) and the Baublebar could put me over the top.

  7. Has anyone received their November box? I subscribed on 11/3/17 and have not received anything yet. Anyone know when new subs ship?

    • I got the November box earlier this week.

      • Were you a new sub? When did you subscribe?

        • New subscriber, October 29th.

    • I also subscribed on nov 4th and I haven’t heard anything.. No shipping confirmation.. NOTHING. And I know most people have already received their box! And one thing I do know, the tarte blush for new subscribers doesn’t ship out for SEVERAL weeks after we get our first box. My friend didn’t get her blush until 6 or 7 weeks later!

      • When i first signed up last year, i remember it taking about 3+ weeks to get the first box and then it went by the schedule of getting the shipping notice around the 8th-10th. So my 2nd box came about 1 week after my first one. The first one takes time to get in their delivery system/schedule.

    • I’ve been subbed since April and still don’t have my november box though I got shipping notice.

    • Same here. I signed up on 11/09. After reading so many complaints I decided to email costumer service and ask. They told me it takes 10 business days after the order being processed for them to send an email with the tracking number.

    • I subscribed 11-13, and I JUST received the November box today! And not all the features items were there. I hope December doesn’t come in January, I’m looking forward to December’s box with the features items of course. If it doesn’t come on time and I miss features items, I’ll be cancelling.

  8. I too was trying to cancel all of my subs, and then of course I see that there is an hourglass mineral primer in December’s box, which even at the mini size pricing, makes it worthwhile.

  9. Why oh why in December do we have to get a sea salt beach creme? I am not going to an island!! This box just isn’t doing it for me this month.

    • Haha, do you mean the Oribe matte waves texture cream? That’s for your hair. This will be my 4th, apparently it’s floating around sub land. If works nice if you want some texture to your hair. Not a super fan… Unfortunately, I recently cut my hair into a style that is worn straight.

  10. I for one am suddenly impressed with Allure. I cancelled several months ago as the boxes seemed so lackluster but then signed up again 2 months ago. I have loved everything so far and this box looks great.

  11. I am a huge beauty influencer nerd and the fact that this box is curated by Jaclyn is going to make me bite..

  12. Is that becca highlighter full size ?

    • No, it is a mini sized one. Jacyln Hill put up a snapchat video showing the mini sized one. She was talking about how cute the little one was.

  13. Do they ship to canada?

  14. Allure has always been the one box that I know can’t give up, I’m on product overload and about to axe a lot of my subs come January and use up all that I’ve acquired over the last 6-8 mos.
    That Juice beauty lippie in November’s box is awesome.

    • That is a total dupe for my favorite mars crayon and it even feels the same. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do !!

      • Edit. NARS crayon lol

  15. Definitely canceling. This is not as good as the November box. Save my $15 and re-subscribe when a month’s spoilers look exciting.

  16. Idk… Yes, it is a really good box but not quite what I expected for the December/Holliday box. In their October, November, December spoilers, they kinda made it out that the December box was going to be something so spectacular they just couldn’t let us in on it yet. IMO, the November box had more BANG to it that the December box does. It’s still a good box, just expected something really great I guess. The highlight, mascara & hair product aren’t going to work for me but will be gifted. More for my daughter’s stocking! Saves me a lot of $ and time. That’s how I’m looking at it. I may not like or want everything in a sub but someone will.

    • My November box was mostly the variants that weren’t shown and almost all the products will be up on swap. I’m only keeping sub bc I loved Oct and I’m still paying $10/mth and this month looks good. Holiday worthy? Nope!

  17. I’m loving this box!
    Thanks for the sneak peak MSA!

  18. Link isn’t working!!!!! Ahh!!

  19. I want that mascara to be fullsize 🤞🏻

  20. I like everything and will probably make use of the baublebar discount too!

    • Me too!

  21. Is there a review for the Nov. box? I couldn’t find it in the tagged reviews. This box looks great and is full of products I already use and love. I would consider signing up again just to get it, but I’d like to see the Nov. box first.

    • Review should be up tomorrow!

      • You’re the best, Liz!

      • Thanks!

  22. Happy with this! And I love Baublebar! Will definitely use the $20 code.

  23. Do you think there will be variations? There are for November so I am worried…

    • If it is not something you have to spend $100.00 on to get the free gift, there is usually a catch. Do we know any details on this? Someone asked up a ways,but no response yet. Also are these all smaller sizing for the items in the box. Wanted something full size or cancelling. And worried about those variations would have liked Novembers much better with other variations. Hopefully not but….ya never know for sure!

  24. December box looks gorgeous! I’m going to check out Bauble Bar right now! (new to me)

    • I just did and already have a list of wants lol

  25. I cannot believe how good Allure is these days. Knocking it out of the park!

  26. This is seriously my favorite sub!

    • Mine too! I went over the reviews of all the boxes I sub too, in order to assess which ones I am actually benefiting from. I have discovered more items I would repurchase from Allure than any other box! It’s a keeper 🙂

  27. I just got my November box in the mail. It’s really nice, but I STILL haven’t gotten my October box or my blush- but I definitely got charged for both October and November.

    • Same here. I want to cancel but don’t know how. Can anyone help?

      • Call them to cancel

      • I sent an email to cancel and they sent back an offer for 4 months at $10 per month.

        • Just beware. They did that to me too & now I’m finding out right now the order was never processed.

          • They did it to me also. And now I’m charged $10 plus tax but the second time for November! I hope they’ll resolve this. Really annoying. 🙁

        • Thank you!

  28. So excited for this box! I still haven’t received my November box though 🙁

  29. The Oribe texture lotion is a great product for wavy hair and the mascara is nice too. Pretty great box!!

  30. A great curation!

    FYI: called last week about the Tarte Blush gift for Newbies. I signed up in the first wave, think it was beginning of October. Was told that it was in process to ship directly from vendor “any day”. Can’t wait to see the November box in person.

    • There’s already one unboxing on You Tube for the November box and it looks good!

  31. Liz, do you know the sizes of the items featured? Specifically the mascara & highlighter?


    • Looks like the mascara is .5mL if my eyes are correct – which is half the size of the full!

      • I figured that too when I went to the Allure website & got a better look at the mascara


        • I was looking at the box in the box and I thought it said 15 ml.

          • It can’t be, the full size is only 10ml.

          • Yup I just saw that. Lol I really need to use my glasses. Oh well half is still good. Much better than the Mac sample that’s going around.

    • They said the highlighter is small size it was on snapchat if you read above someone wrote.

  32. Never received tarte blush 🙁
    Anyone else? I ordered the October box.

    • They are shipping it separately. I contacted cs on 10/28. But haven’t received mine till today.

    • Ordered two subs. No Tarte yet.

    • Never received my October box or the blush from over two weeks ago. I received my November box today, so I called customer service and the lady said they are waiting on inventory for Oct boxes and same with blushes.

    • I haven’t received it or the tarte blush.. They really should make it up to us customers!!

    • Same here, no October box or free Blush!

  33. Can that really be a full-size mascara the box looks like it

    • I don’t think so because the product it is next to is not very big. I think it’s just a bit of an illusion.

  34. Not a bad box, but nothing really exciting either.

  35. I’m glad I resubscribed 😊

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