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Ipsy November 2017 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Reveal!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the November 2017 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for November!

  • tarte Blush
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara!
  • Ouai Hair Oil
  • MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base
  • ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip

What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I guess I’m one of the few who likes the bag this month! I like having a variety of different bag textures and colors.

    I’m also starting to suspect I’m one of the few with realistic expectations from a cosmetics subscription at this price point. I’ve gotten more sand-colored eyeshadows than I will ever need, and it’s likely that I will receive more, but even knowing that I can’t wait to find my pink mailer in my mailbox and try everything in it every month. If it doesn’t work for me, okay! I always learn something from every product, either about the brand or the shade or the formula or my skin or hair or whatever.

    I never feel like ipsy is a waste. If I ever do, it won’t be because ipsy isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, but because it’s not a good fit for me or my lifestyle anymore.

    • 😊💓😉 I feel the same way about getting my pink bag in my mailbox and playing with the new stuff 😉 I like the ability to change my profile and review the items so that I can make the most of my subscription, even if they are smaller samples, I’m realistic… and with the Ipsy shopper deals they have now? Awesome way to get myself full sizes for a great price!

    • Loving the October bag. I will agree that I’m forever saying *not for me* i get at least 1 thing a month in EACH of my bags.
      I set up a second account with Ipsy and dropped Birchbox. Ipsy is pretty much guaranteed to get at least 1 full size product.

      • Do you ship it to the same address?

    • I love ipsy. You get a new makeup bad every month! Thanks to them I have a few staple products I use now. They were my 1st and although I subscribe to several bigger boxes with bigger products, I just can’t give up my pink maker!

    • I have never disliked any Glam Bag Style. Additionally, I have discovered some really fabulous products. That peppermint Scrub and the TonyMoly hand cream in last month’s bag to name a couple. I bought full sizes of both. As for the Glam bag for November I simply adore the colors! Hopefully I don’t receive mascara or lip gloss but if I do so be it. It is such an affordable treat and that bright beautiful pink (sometimes gold) bag makes my day a bit happier!

    • I so love my IPSY. there is always a product I can’t use in the bag but I Save them all, bags to cuz I can’t possibly use them all, and give them to friends in need. That’s one of the great things about diversity. I didn’t even know you could email them and choose a sample until a few months ago. The value of the bag is way more than we pay. For instance in the 5 months I have been getting IPSY the lowest value I received was 38$ And the highest was 147. That makes us pretty darn lucky. So if we lost something that was a privilege in the first place wellllllll life goes on!

    • agreed! Plus i always wonder if people review their products? I believe this helps them match products to what you may like.

    • Hello Everyone,

      I am so excited to get my 1st box next month. My daughters, turned me on to IPSY and they love it. I can see that their marketing campaign is working well in hitting every demographic by word of mouth and the opinions of all. I appreciate this forum sharing their views as I was hesitant at first to join IPSY. Great Job Everyone.

    • So Agree with u about the products and what’s in there and at times have gotten to request a cpl. I’m nit crazy about the bag but what else r going to do when I have so many bags and designs out there. It could be worse. I have been subbed for 2-3 yrs I know. There r only so many designs out there for them. I have some really cheap plastic ones even. I would much rather have a more cloth like one than some I have gotten in the beginning.

    • i agree

    • I also LOVE this month’s bag! Might be my favorite so far!! And I love ipsy and all the products I received for the year I been subscribed!

      • Anyone else find it weird this is the only spoiler??

  2. You know why the spoiler choice was canceled? Because of people who constantly complain… it was a wonderful gift to choose one product. But no people started giving full
    Lists of what they wanted and then would complain and bash ipsy when they didn’t get everything they demanded. I have had ipsy for 4 years and they have a great CS and my bags are so tailored to me at 44. I always get anti aging creams & appropriate beautiful make up. I see this on boxycharm Too. Complain complain complain. Really? You don’t ask yourself why you are being so over the top? It’s a 10$ bag designed for us to try new products. God forbid the bag is an ugly color or you get an eyeliner again!! Seriously people lighten up… it’s makeup. Ipsy works very hard for us ipsters. Everyone I know who has canceled has come running back. Try a little positivity & maybe you won’t ruin it for the rest of us! We would still have spoiler choice!!

    • I’m in complete agreement with you Chris. I’m 43 myself and only just this past summer discovered Ipsy, Boxycharm, etc. I’m so excited for the amazing ability to try new makeup and skin care items that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford due to being disabled and on a fixed income. I don’t understand why people feel the need to complain about what they get when there’s an opportunity to give those things to people who are in need. Such as saving them for gifts for a woman’s shelter etc. There’s no need to get angry over a makeup bag that you can give away and someone will be incredibly grateful for it too 😉. We live in a world where we feel that we are entitled and have a right to be angry when we don’t get what we want. Personally, I’ve been in the position of being in need & for me any extra that I can’t use goes into a pile & I donate to a women’s shelter at the holidays. We all can use a lil bit of humility sometimes… Just my two cents…

      • I agree with you whole heartedly!!

      • I agree. I have used a number of The bags and items that just weren’t for me as gifts. I also donate to a shelter. Right now, I just sent a big bag of stuff to fire victims in California. Now they can complain. I think no house is a problem, not the color of eye shadow. Enjoy it or pass it on.

      • We need more of your kind of attitude in this world.

        • Awwww thank you Nancy 😊🤗😊 that’s very sweet of you to say, and I appreciate it more than you know ❤️

    • I really doubt Ipsy stopped offering sample choices because people were complaining. People always complain… it’s a risk of doing a sub box. No, I think it was probably such a logistical hassle to do it that they just decided it wasn’t possible anymore or wasn’t worth the cost/effort.

      • It’s true. I heard it from someone who
        Actually works there. It was a logistical nightmare due to the increased number of complaints of the people who demanded more than one spoiler choice. You can simply scour the forums and read for yourself how people are.

    • Right! Omg the complainers ruin everything!!! Love this bag to pieces! It’s so cute! ❤️
      I don’t understand why people complain. But then again, it’s todays culture.

    • O no!!! They cancelled it? Last month was the first time I saw that we could pick one item and I was soooooo excited! Boo I want it back! I’m replying to your message because I totally agree with you!! Im so sick of reading all the negative comments. Thanks for writing that 🙂

      • I want it back too I thought it was nice ,there’s always one bad apple to ruin things if they don’t like it and all they are going to do is complain then why do you still pay 10 every month to receive it cancel if your that unhappy and stop ruining things for everyone else I personally am very happy and love trying new things every month that’s why I do this and I love the different bags too.

    • A survey was sent out to some people asking how much they’d be willing to pay to select one item in the bag.

    • I agree with you as well. It’s great for $10.00. I love getting mascara, eyeliner and brow gel. I use them when I travel so I’m not worried about losing my full size products. If I get things I don’t like I have a bag I keep them and when nieces visit I let them pick from the bag. Nothing goes to waste. I use the pouches in to keep my purses organized.

    • I didn’t find out you could choose a product until recently, so I’ve never taken advantage of it. The first 2 years were great but the items don’t seem as good now that I’ve been a long-term Ipster. I rarely get skin care even though I’m in my 50s and it’s in my questionnaire. I already have enough samples to last me a lifetime so I’m cancelling after my December bag.

    • And that’s why we can’t have nice things! I made a similar comment months ago, but it got banned. Maybe it is age 😊! I’m 47 and just got back into makeup January 1st. I agree that it’s ridiculous to complain over a $10 Ipsy bag. I also have Sephora, Allure, and Macy’s boxes. I get the chance to play and use new products and luxury brands without the full price. I have found new loves (Tarte Maracuja oil!) and deluxe samples of favorites (Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask for spot treatment!) For $50/month total I get to treat myself and give away little niceties to others.

      • Hi Anita! I agree with you 😉 I’m 43 and just got back into makeup myself this past summer due to being disabled a few (6) years ago. That caused me to go thru some major depression and I’m only now getting back to my old self. I have several boxes too and I am enjoying the opportunity to give myself a little pampering that I’ve neglected for too long, plus I get to share what I can’t use with my momma and my bff 😊

        • Hi Lori! I changed my life due to a disability as well!! Twins, lol! I think having real problems puts a $10 Ipsy bag complaint into perspective.

          • Oh most definitely it does! Besides, you have the ability to change your profile preferences and review the items you receive so ultimately it’s in your own hands so complaining is ridiculous in my opinion…

    • Totally agree. I am 45 and act like a teenager waiting at the mailbox for
      My bag. Yes I get shades that aren’t for me but I don’t complain. Instead I pass them to my daughter because it is her color. And when I do message ipsy for any reason I have always had gave positive reviews. And the bags, oh I put little trial size items in it and give them to my nieces for Christmas.

    • ☹☹☹ So bummed that you can no longer pick a sample. I hope they bring the option back!!!

    • Totally agree Chris! I never even requested items when we could simply because it had to be such a nightmare for ipsy. No I don’t like everything in each bag but I like at least 1 or 2 in each bag and give away the ones I can’t use. It is only $10 not like ur losing much even if u don’t like anything in a specific bag. Of course if you never like anything in your bag then just CANCEL.

  3. I’m not excited about any of these spoilers- and the bag is just flat out UGLY! I’m glad we now have the option to skip a month because that’s exactly what I just did.

    • I don’t think the bag is “ugly” per say. Just not my preference. I too am glad to have the option to skip this month for reasons: least of all the bag’s aesthetics. I know people who would love it (yes, this very one you call “flat out ugly”), and who would love the spoiler products shown (but, those don’t excite me either.) November’s bag isn’t for me. And, it is not in my cards to spend the money for November’s bag.

  4. Eh, the products look great………but that bag is hideous!!!! I was thinking about cancelling after getting my October bag……..and you would think I would have just made up my mind to cancel after seeing this bag, but the fact that some of November’s products are already catching my eye is making it even harder to decide. Boo!!!!

    • I just cancelled Ipsy, but not because of the bag; I’ve gotten bags uglier than this (ahem, July Gudetema bag!). It’s because I am so overloaded with beauty products that I’m running out of space to store it all, so I just need to take a break from these subscription boxes (I’ll return to them all in the future) for a while. I also cancelled Sephora Play for the same reason. Plus, with the money I save, I’ll finally be able to go on a shopping spree. 😉

  5. This is actually tempting me to re-subscribe! I love yellow, so don’t mind the bag, and I would be THRILLED to get either the tarte blush or colourpop lippie… But of course, seeing as there’s no guarantee I’d get either since you can no longer request an item, it might still not be worth it…

    • When did the request an item stop? I did last month and got what I requested.

      • They stopped it this month (November). I emailed them in October, & got a response saying I could get my request for October, but they are no longer taking request anymore after October which is lame, but hopefully they give us better products from now on. If I got everything above in my bag, I’d be super happy, but I doubt it lol.

        • See and I just emailed them and asked on FB and they said they haven’t stopped it

  6. I gotta know, are the samples for each subscriber chosen by monkeys? Put in a hat&picked blindly? I’ve been with Ipsy on&off for a couple years now and although i keep hoping it’ll get better it doesn’t seem to. On average I get 1 or 2 samples that fit my profile, it seems like they pick items that aren’t in my list at all. I’m a 41 yr old woman with fine lines, dull skin, thin hair, love doing nails&acne. I don’t wear black eyeliner, bright red lipstick or glitter eyeshadow but in this month’s bag i get perversion black eyeliner, glittery eyeshadow&2 other products I’ll never wear that are not checked in my profile. The only product I’ll use that matches my list is the marc jacobs oil, which I’ve gotten from them before and I loved it. I even tried changing my profile checking off the choices that are opposite of my pf&that’s when the items fit my choices. I really wish they could get it right because I like the samples they have and have use for alot of the bags(the products I get from the boxes I sub to that I won’t ever use I put in the cosmetic bags and bring to the local shelter for the woman there). But I’d like to have more items I’ll use each month. If anyone knows how to get them to pick better, please let me know!

    • the truth is…

      ipsy is not marketed for you…i’m 56, & found ipsy to be much…MUCH too…uh…”trendy”–geared toward 20-somethings, really

      i mean, seriously…one month, i got a “star” shaped eyeliner stamp…to put a tiny black star on my face, i guess…

      i cancelled ipsy…

      • I’m 53 and I simply adored the star stamp eyeliner combo ! – used the eyeliner yesterday – perfect fine line with a little cat eye flair at the outer corner😻 and I stamp my nieces every time I see them! They love it! I used it on myself when I dressed up as an 80’s punk rocker for Halloween ! I did change my profile recently and unticked everything but nail care and skin care items and have been super happy with my recent selections.

        • I did a major rehaul of my profile, as well. Took things off I don’t need from them because I get them in other boxes or have too many kinds of already, etc…Contacting them and complaining will hopefully pay off. I’ll see with this bag.

          • I’m in my early 40’s and since we can’t request anymore I also did a revamp on my profile this month. I’m very happy with the bag I’m getting this month and I’m hoping this will continue…

          • You can email them and opt out for a few months or permanently for the lifetime of your subscription on items you don’t want anymore, such as, I opted out of primer…seriously have so much I cant keep up with giving it away.

        • …there are many much-better quality black eyeliners–using it for halloween and on your grandchildren pretty much makes my point for me

        • You Louise are simply awesome. 🙌🏻

      • But that wasn’t a star eyeliner stamp. It was an eyeliner with a stamp on the other end. The eyeliner itself was just like any other eyeliner. It just came with something extra, lol.

    • It helps to review the items that you get too. I feel like that has helped way more than my profile to get the things that I like.

    • Review your items every month and rate the things you don’t like as “not for me”. E-mail them and opt out of the types of products you don’t like and ask if they can send you more of the types of products you do like and they will adjust the algorithm in Ipsy Match.

    • Email them and complain. That is what I did because I was a dedicated sub for 1.5yrs when all of a sudden, nothing applied to me or they sent me the same thing over and over (3 black eyeliners). The CS rep was helpful and I was able to tell her 3 items I never ever want to see and I made a list of likes and dislikes and she said she would add it all to my profile. So, starting in November, I should be getting closer to my picks, I hope. If not, dropping like its hot!

      • You don’t have to email them. The trick is to change your profile. I change my profile everytime I want to focus on getting a particular item, and I usually get what I want, and have never received the same item twice. Ipsy really does a good job at using your profile to select items for your bag.

    • We should set up an exchange so we can trade things we don’t like since I started ipsy in May I’m surprised how many ppl are getting it

  7. Here’s to skipping November. I’ll take the $10 and get me that little Sephora palette I’ve been eyeballing. I’ll also get three samples and boost my points, so it’s a win for me!

    • I am right there with you. Not sure what I’ll get instead.

  8. Wow, that is an impressively ugly makeup bag.

    I am mostly OK with the contents. I don’t want that lip shade as I like a darker lip in the fall/winter but I hope I get to try the hair oil. I am not a Benefit fan in general because of how their packaging has gradually become smaller over the years while the prices stay the same but I can always use another black mascara.

    • I really hate that mascara wand style, so what I do is buy the disposable nylon wands off of Amazon. It works really well. I’m with you though, Benefits sizes have really decreased. It’s ironic that the price never does though.

      • @Angela – that’s a great idea. I usually just give away any mascaras with those big fat wands because those don’t work for me. Do you just use the disposable wands once and then throw away?

        • I use the wand once and throw away, but if you want to reuse the wand just clean it off with some makeup remover (then rinse) and let it air dry, or dab excess off with a old cotton cloth, terry cloth tends to get stuck in the fibers of the wand lol. Theoretically you could use about any wand you have, just clean it to avoid a big mess.

      • I LOVE that mascara and wand i have been using it for 3 years religiously…separates my lashes wonderfully and gets into the corners and pulls my lashes up so i don’t need to curl them, and its the only mascara that i have used that is truly waterproof i had to buy Garnier Micellar Water for waterproof mascara in order to get it off

  9. This bag reminds me of something from the 70’s and I was born in 79′. I didn’t sign up for Ipsy for the bags so it doesn’t bother me. Products look pretty good… I already got the oil in Birchbox. Hoping for the Colourpop lippie! I miss the request an item for sure!

    • I got the oil in Birchbox as well lol.

  10. I want that hair oil! I got the rose gold hair oil from sephora bags and I love it! I will trade, let me know how!

  11. Aw, man. I signed up for ipsy because of the cute bags, and now another ugly one? And I have alopecia, so I hope there’s something else besides hair oil.

    FYI, auto-correct, alopecia is a real word!

    • i understand the frustration with the
      auto-correct–the programs do not recognize medical terminology

      use your personal dictionary feature to add those words to its’ repertoire’!


  12. oh yeah!!! LOVE it all!

  13. Oh! That bag! Whoever said something about that bag hitting every branch of the ugly tree on the way down was right! Idk if I will even be able to give that thing away! At 1st I thought it was just brown w/ a yellow pull & I could just switch that out. But then I realized it’s 1/2 that yellow. I think the word for this one is fugly.

  14. Love the bag and the spoilers thanks

  15. Not liking the bag but the spoilers look good so far. Wish we could pick an item.

  16. New ipsy rewards up.

  17. Not sure if I like this bag it kind of looks like a faux suede or leather texture. I do not like the bright yellow (hated that egg bag from this past summer) but maybe it looks better in person.
    Nothing jumps out to me of the spoilers but I’ll have to give them a closer look online.
    We’ll see Ipsy…

    • The brown is fuzzy not leather.

      • Yuk!

  18. That bag fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch.

    • Too funny!! I have to agree. Why not just a brown suede with yellow pull?

    • LMFAOOO. That is my favorite comment!

    • Hahaha! I will have to fourth that comment🤣👏🏻. How do some of these things make it past the idea rounding room?

    • Oh my goodness…that comment was hilarious! It really isn’t my style…my sister has been a long time subscriber to ipsy and she always had the cutest Ipsy bags and nice products. After I saw her last bag I decided to try ipsy and boy did I pick a bad month to subscribe!!! I was so excited until I seen the bag and I’m not thrilled with any of the products…I have everything shown besides the gloss (which is too light for me in the fall) So, hopefully I will get some different items. I’m new to ipsy so I’m still not entirely sure how it all works but I was bummed to find out after emailing them when I would receive my bag, they said that I signed up too late for October’s bag and would have to wait until the second or third week of November to receive my bag! Is that normal? I guess I really can’t complain much since it’s only $10 a month but still I was eagerly awaiting my October bag but at last I guess I will have to be patient! Please forgive the spelling errors and bad grammar! My 6 month old baby makes it hard to pay attention to such things lol.

      • I have been subscribed to ipsy for about a year and a half. One of the things I love about Ipsy is their bags. Each month is something new and unique. I always find a use for each one even if I don’t like it. However, in my opinion, this one is by far the least appealing bag they’ve ever put out. I’ll still find a use for it… It is after all a $10.00 per month subscription that always values much more. My October Glambag had a value of $69 minus the value of the bag. Here’s something funny though… I’ve noticed that Ipsy gives Ipsters the opportunity to give 5 free Glambags away. It’s for new subscribers & they get their 1st bag free. This month, I got that opportunity! And I was really happy to have that opportunity! But I still have 2 invites left & of the 3 invites I have sent, 1 signed up, 1 still thinking & 1 is a no. Why? The November Glambag. “That’s the free bag?” Lol! Yes, but it’s free then only $10, your choice. If I weren’t subscribed, I’d bite.

  19. I actually like the bag! It fits for a Fall bag with those colors. Not to mention it has a wristlet attached! So many girls have wanted those on their bags. They have listened!
    I wish we could still pick a item, I’d go for the Mac Prep + Prime!
    *crossing fingers I get lucky and get it*

    • I’m all for fall, but maybe swapping the yellow for a burnt orange or burgundy or plum would’ve avoided the 70’s vibe :’D

      • I agree. I was thinking the same thing about dark orange instead of yellow. Not a fan of yellow but maybe it looks better in person?

  20. Okay, I’m sad now. The spoilers so far don’t appeal to my needs. Fingers crossed for less make-up and oil. 🙂

  21. Are we sure that’s a tarte blush and not a highlighter? (I only ask because I thought they recently were featuring a highlighter in a couple of places.)

    I am not in love with the bag, but it might be cooler in person when you can see the actual texture of the brown part, and I am hoping I’ll get the colourpop (which almost guarantees I won’t, LOL).

  22. Different strokes – I think the bag is pretty hideous, and I loved the Gudetama egg bag. The tarte blush would be awesome to get, but lately I’ve been getting eyeliners and cheaper blushes, which I normally will just give away. I’ll definitely miss the sample choice, so I hope they step it up in another way.

    • I feel the same on all counts!

    • I think you can still request NOT to get something. I requested no more eyeliners and they said they’d add it as a permanent note on my account. We’ll see if that lasts.

  23. Ewwwww, this bag is uglier then the depresssed egg a few months back!

  24. Love the bag! Spoilers look good too. Yay!

  25. These aren’t full spoilers though right? Just some of them? I’m really interested in the colour pop, just don’t want to make a decision if there are more choices.

    • You know you can’t pick anymore right? Last month was last month you could choose an item.

      • Aww no I didn’t know. That sucks!

  26. Looks fantastic!

  27. Ooh, I love these items! Not so much the mascara since it doesn’t work for me at all, but it’s a popular formula so it would probably swap well. I’m hoping for the primer since I haven’t tried it yet or the ColorPop. I still haven’t been able to try that product and the color looks wearable!

    The bag is not my taste, but I don’t really care about the bags.

  28. Hey Liz,

    Do you know if this bag is a shimmery copper color or embossed brown pleather?

    • The brown part is fuzzy hair.

  29. I 💛 the November bag!! Perfect for Autumn. Hope I get the Tarte blush, Ouai, MAC, or mascara. Just received a ColourPop lippie in August’s bag. Thanks for sharing, Liz. I’m kinda missing not being able to pick an item, but still excited to see what Ipsy will choose for me.

  30. I am now thinking about a chocolate dipped banana.

    • I am pretty much always thinking of chocolate covered bananas 😂

  31. Love that bag! The combination of a neutral with a bright color is one of my favorite things!

  32. I think I’m alone on this but I hate colour pop. My lips are way too dry already and no matter what I do it doesn’t work for me and transfers everywhere. I’m getting a decent stash of colourpop products to swap if I can ever figure out how to do that. Everything else looks good.

    • I also do not like colourpop, no matter what the colors do not look good on me, and the mattes are very drying. But what I did find was this….a new formula that works amazing, it’s the blotted lippie. Looks like you applied a light layer of lipstick and then blotted off the excess with a tissue. It’s genius! Exactly what I needed and been looking for. Colourpop is so cheap to purchase too, 5-6 dollars a lippie. Try them out, I think you will be surprised.

  33. I understand people don’t care for the bag but it is different and it is fall. Yes Yellow is becoming a cool color for decor. The products are nothing new. Just repeat and that is boring, not the bags. I look forward for the bags, not the cosmetics. How sad ipsy is getting.

  34. I’m excited for this Ipsy bag! I love that yellow color, not necessarily with that brown sparkly color, but that’s no biggie, I’ll still use it. Also, I’m excited for all the items. I have the full size mascara and I love it, so I’d love another sample of it and yeah I have a handful of blushes but I’d love to try the Tarte blush. Thanks Ipsy!

    • I don’t think it’s a sparkly brown material but faux leather. I think the lighting is what makes it look like if it were sparkles.

      • It isn’t faux leather its fuzzy hair

        • How did you come to that conclusion?

  35. I love the bag and the contents! I guess I am just very boring. Yellow and copper are great. I am happy not to feel like I have to give the bag to my daughter. The kitschy bags were getting to me.
    Tarte, Ouai, and MAC oh my!

  36. Haha I signed up for 2 November bags, and I don’t like the bag! My luck but oh well! I love 4/5 of the spoilers so, so far, so good!
    Fingers crossed its a great month and my friends will want the bags!

  37. I would love to have everything in this spoiler – it will go straight to my purse for work.

  38. Love the bag, it’s so fall! Excited to see the outing hair oil and mascara. If I already have the tarts blush, I have friends that will love it.

  39. I don’t need anymore mascara or blushes. The lippie is OK I guess. They must of listened to all the complaints about unique bags. They have been plain Jane lately.

    • TBH, I don’t NEED any of this, but I can’t stop, LOL!

  40. Yeah the bag is pretty brown and bright 💛. Two colors that down look the best together. And I really am thinking about passing. To maybe get one of these spoilers is not exciting to me honestly oh well.

  41. That bag is hideous! Yuck! The spoilers aren’t great either! I have all of them 5x over!

    • TRUTH!

    • I agree. I think this bag is really ugly. There’s something for everyone throughout the year I guess, but this one is most definitely not for me.

      • So with y’all on this!

  42. EKK! I wish you could chose one item like birch!

    The hair oil is amazing!!! If anyone wants to swap, I will take the hair oil ALL day!!

    • IPSY has a list of DIY ‘potions’ one can make on their website under Beauty News, one is for a hair oil.

      I tried it out with mixing some Brazil Tree Nut oil I had with various essential oils (rosemary, helichrysum, thyme) – it makes an amazing hair mask!

      I’d be happy with any of those spoilers in a bag besides the mascara (tried that brand before, doesn’t work for me) – but then even if I get the mascara I can re-gift it. 🙂

    • What kind of hair do you have and how do you use the oil?

      • I guess I would describe my hair as normally dry? It needs a good trim as I have lots of split ends towards the bottom. IPSY recommended to apply oil to dry hair, then put a shower cap on, and wait 30 minutes before rinsing with a little shampoo. I did this the first time (actually took a nap so it was in a good hour.) My hair was glossy and soft for days and looked a lot ‘smoother’ vs. frizzy at the ends. However, since I’d used very ‘italian seasoning’ smelling essential oils, the bedroom smelled like spaghetti for a couple nights.

        The second time I just took a little bit of the oil I had made and rubbed over my hair and into my scalp before a bath. I rinsed it off in the bath twenty minutes later and shampooed/conditioned, albeit with less product than usual. This seems to have worked almost as well, without the side effect of my pillow smelling like food. 🙂

        If I make up another batch I will probably use different essential oils, but with the same Brazil Tree nut oil base.

        • It was kind of you to send such a detailed explanation! Thank you so much for helping me understand.

    • you can choose one sample if you email Ipsy! I’ve been doing it since July and they always sent what i asked for

      • Nope October bag was last month you could request item. They sent a survey to some asking how much they would be willing to pay to pick an item so its probably going to be a pay to pick options in future.

      • I thought that last month was the last month they were letting people email and request a product. Can we still email?

        • Last month was the last month. 100% surprise now.

  43. I’m in love with this entire bag… Just the way it is.! I’ll take it! 💓 😍 💋 💄 💓 fingers crossed 🤞 that I get a few of these items in my bag for Nov & I’m loving the bag itself too 😉 ❤️ 🤗 go Ipsy!

  44. I hate this bag design. I feel like the bags are getting worse and worse. I just received the Mac primer in another subscription and I have a few Tarte blushes from Allure…

    I already own or have already tried most of the items in this bag so it’s not that exciting for me.

  45. Torn between keeping this sub and leaving this sub and doubling up on Boxycharm . Decisions decisions. They have maybe one more month.

    • I was thinking the same exact gonna give them just one more month, November..n then I’m going to decide if I’m staying or leaving…. its sad to see the slow decline the past few months…lately I think we’ll maybe next month will be better, but nope.. and now I hear we can’t request one like previously?! That actually was the only thing I was getting that I could count on that I know if be satisfied with. We’ll we’ll see… hopefully November picks up.. I don’t think the bag is bad, but the spoilers, aren’t great and 2 are mascara smh..u all know that means most of us will be getting that.. 🙁

      • I agree completely! I know it’s only 10 dollars but 10 dollars on a wish and a hope. I wish I could select and I hope i don’t get this product. What’s the point of spoilers? Oh wait, we can skip a month now. Okay bring on the spoilers then

    • I agree! I was going to let October be the bag to decide whether I’ll drop ipsy and just keep Boxycharm. I’m feeling so-so about the recent ipsy bags that I’ve been receiving. Too many damn miniature cleansers and the balm eyeshadow/blushes which I’ve let them know already. Soooo we’ll see! I love October’s bag design..

      • Exactly! Tired of the squeeze and it’s gone cleansers every month. I think they should have kept the sample choice but make it selectable on their website and maybe not be specific about the brand for example, ask what we may want to sample this month and maybe the choices would be lippie, primer, moisturizer or cleanser. Then we can select and still be surprised. They don’t want to hear me though.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t know they were letting people select an item at 1st. I think I’ve done that 3, maybe 4 times. I did ask for the BLAQ mask for October but nothing was said to me about them discontinuing that. I have been unbelievably shocked at how many points they want for the rewards points items this year. Makes really boring now. As much as I actually do love getting my Ipsy, I don’t think they listen much to what the majority of their customers want. You have to be nasty and bitchy if you want them to listen to you… That’s pretty obvious to me after a year & a half w/ them. Kinda makes me sad & sick how they changed the cost of rewards points items. One of the biggest reasons I started getting the allure beauty box. No fuss, no muss, no social media. Just your box. True some months are better & for some reason, they just started doing variation boxes. It’s just 1 item that’s different tho. Here’s a trick w/ them; Use the link on Mysuscriptionaddiction for $5 off your 1st month. After that, you call them & tell them you just still are not sure if it’s worth $15.00 per month because you’re used to paying only $10.00 per month for a beauty sub… They’ll give you the next 4 months for $10.00 plus tax. That way, you get a few months to decide if you want to pay the $15.00 + tax every month or not.

          • @Dawn, I’m with you on Allure, I signed up with the $5off your first box in July and, knock on wood, I’ve only been charged $11/month since then, and I didn’t call or anything. I’m a lil sad about them doing variations & I sincerely hope that it’s a 1 time test…

          • Allure has done variations in the past. I never knew about variations until I came across MSA in January 2016. But, this may be the first time they’ve done it this year? I just remember in the past there was a lot of upset subscribers because the RV differences were sort of big.

  46. Yay! Tarte blush and Colorpop lippie!

  47. Ohh I really hope I get the tarte blush!

  48. “We have spoilers for the November 2017 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for October!” I think you mean November, not October ^_^

    • Oops! Thank you!

  49. That’s it…………I am so signing up for a 2nd bag this month. 🙂

  50. Gosh, the bag is so ugly! And I don’t like any of the spoilers… If no alternative sample choice appears, I’ll be cancelling or skipping the month.

    • That mustard/copper color combination is GROSS. Ew.

    • I think the bag is really pretty. I love the bright fall colors.

      • I love the bag! It is adorable! I love yellows and coppers.

    • There is no more sample choice.

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