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At Home With Nikki NStyle Box – October 2017 Full Spoilers!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the October 2017 At Home With Nikki box! (Thanks for the heads up, Jocelyn!)


Here are spoilers for the October box:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My spoon was broken due to poor packing. I contacted support and 1 1/2 weeks later they finally emailed me. The mail said they were closing the case and hope I was satisfied with the outcome. They did not resolve anything! That was the first communication from them regarding my problem. I still have a broken spoon that needs replaced! Now I have to try and contact them again. Grrr I’m so over this box! Cancelled!!!

  2. I have this whole box up for swap if anyone is interested.

    http ://swap.mysubscriptionaddiction.

    I’m trying to post my swap link up there

  3. I cancelled after October box, cheap uninteresting stuff.Goodbye Nikki box.

  4. I was going to give it one more box but after reading the reviews and looking at my box again I canceled.
    This was disappointing.

    • I am thinking about doing the same thing. Im just so disappointed 😔

  5. I might email them and ask for a return. This is ridiculous

    • The first box started off great and included four napkins and four napkin holders etc. Customers bought in and the second box’s value was definitely lower with a cheap pouch and notice of free shipping to US shipping being eliminated. Third box was a fail with only one place card holder and not even the name cards that were shown in the video being included nor was there proper protection of fragile items??? And then rewarding her employees with nicely put together gifts when it’s obvious the employees didn’t take great care to ensure all items were in each box and wrapped well!

      Worst of all Nikki has not replied to any of the concerns on Facebook but she is definitely monitoring her At Home With Nikki Facebook page and replying to comments on her other projects! That is a complete insult to the PAYING customers!!!

      • That is really upsetting. This was a very disappointing box. I’m still so angry about it. She has to know that people were overwhelmingly disappointed and should address it

  6. I just got mine today and I am so disappointed. This is the most disappointed I’ve ever been with any subscription box in all my years of subscriptions. The value and quality is not here. I can’t believe this is all there is. And the mug is cheap and why would I only need one card holder? They cost so little and we got one. With no card stock. I want to return this box. I’m done with this sub

  7. Am I the only one that didn’t receive their box until the 30th of October and it was missing the cup and spoon? The box certainly isn’t worth the cost without them (and questionable with them)….

    I contact them but have not heard anything back yet.

    • I just got mine today and I am so disappointed

    • I actually received mine on (after emailing wondering where it was) November 1. This is my first box and definitely the LAST! I’ve never been so disappointed by a subscription box !!! Everything in it is absolute crap…I will use none of it. And the cheap cup with the spoon…all’s I can say to this whole box is WTF! The first two boxes looked very nice, that’s why I signed up. What happened to this one? Good way to loose your customer base!

  8. My mug came broken and the spoon too. Not impressed with this month. The only thing I liked with the soap.

    • Are the items going to be replaced?

    • I can only say I’m surprised to find mine not broken……i was surprised to see it simply lying in the box unprotected.

  9. This month was such a disappointment. I just started a sub with Sundae Home. The October Box had a blanket, notebook, candleholder, plaque, TWO mugs and tea. So much nicer than this NStyle Box. And I agree that I would have preferred what Nikki gave her employees than what was sent to us.

  10. An awful box, Nikki! What happened? As a “friend,” you owe an explanation. You actually fibbed about Cloth & Paper going all out for us. Those aren’t even planner folders, they are sales folders. They don’t even make sense as you describe them. The cup is cheap made in China crap. And, one placeholder? C’mon. You really smoked us with the first two boxes. I get that an item or box can be hit or miss when trying to please, but this one totally fails the “friends” test. You failed your reputation, Nikki.

    • I agree. This is my first box and I amso disappointed. The gift bags Nikkimade for her employees was stunning- guess her subscribers don’t mean much. The items are cheap ant not useful- a refund would be nice. My box did not arrive until 10/28, another bummer.

    • First, the good …the box itself is going to be used to pack some beautiful items for the bar as a gift for Christmas, its gorgeous as well as the stuffing.

      The tea towel, nice, simple. It will be used for sure, I can always use a new towel for my kitchen! Nice touch.

      The pillow cover is adorable and will be a hostess gift to a party I am going to this weekend in a gift bag with a nice candle.

      The Laundress soap although VERY nice and I love it, makes no sense to this “brunch” box.

      Now the confusing part….ONE place card holder? These are very inexpensive and I get them at Office Depot, or other office outlets. Why only one and not at least 4 if not 5 for brunch?….at least to match the paper thingys?

      The paper folder thingys I am going to use for a” Harry Potter trip Agenda ” that I am hosting my immediate family to here in Florida, seems the only thing that makes sense and is kind of cool for these folders, I can include the tickets to get in the park, our plans for the two days there, and the gift cards I got them to buy a wand or something. Am I crazy or is 5 a weird number for these too?

      Unfortunately, the cup came in fine condition but was not at all wrapped in side the box, I could hear clinking around even before I opened it and indeed the unwrapped ceramic spoon was broken in two pieces. One was in the cup itself and the other inside the box rolling around.

      So….I think value wise, its right on the mark or better, but curation wise….its awkward, not bad, just weird. And really, the video keeps me wishing for the basket the girls got! LOL

      Trying out another month before I give up though. The other boxes she has done were knock outs and that is why I tried this one.

    • Agreed, I am extremely disappointed that she has not addressed any of the issues regarding her box but instead is celebrating her success in other projects. Complete disrespect to the customers who have spent money on this box.

  11. The first Box (June) was awesome but I missed it. I have received the 2 boxes since then and I have not been as impressed with them. The October Box had a LOT of stuffing shreds and the cup had no extra protection– just loose in the box. I had to contact my CC because I did not recognize one of the charges–My VlogBox. I called the tel # on the statement and it was for AT&T Directory Assistance. The only other info that my CC could supply was that the company was GoSend. So I disputed the charge and had to cancel the CC. A few days later I received an email from NStyle– turns out that this was THEIR charge. I explained why I disputed it — they had no idea that they had a phoney phone number listed on the statement. I had no idea that this was their company–it wasn’t listed anywhere on the statement– CS was apologetic but now I have the hassle of contacting my recurring charges and updating my new CC info with all of the companies. NOT very happy about all of this, and on top of it the Oct. Box was a late disappointment.

  12. Did anyone notice these boxes were shipped from PA? I wonder how that came about since Nikki is in SC. Any guesses?

  13. I am going try one more month. But my first box was a let down and did not feel like it was worth $35. Am I wrong? My hopes were high after seeing previous boxes and loving Nikki’s work

  14. I thought the first two boxes were great. This one is disappointing. Also, it’s disappointing that they didn’t bother to reach out to customers and let them know about the late shipping.

  15. My first InStyle box arrived yesterday and I, too, was very disappointed. The cup/spoon is darling but two cups would have been more useful. Also, there was no mention where the cups can be ordered, either in the accompanying literature or on the cup.

    I do not use Cloth & Paper planners, so including a very specific product, planner folders that are not even hole-punched, are of no use to me. Two dish towels would have been great, too, and at least 4-6 card folders.

    I was hoping the InStyle box would continue to build my online relationship with Nikki, who I admire very much. However, I may not continue my subscription based on my first box, October InStyle.

    • 4-6 card holders, My first InStyle box arrived yesterday and I, too, was very disappointed. The cup/spoon is darling but two cups would have been more useful. Also, there was no mention where the cups can be ordered, either in the accompanying literature or on the cup.

      I do not use Cloth & Paper planners, so including a very specific product, planner folders that are not even hole-punched, are of no use to me. Two dish towels would have been great, too, and at least 4-6 card folders.

      I was hoping the InStyle box would continue to build my online relationship with Nikki, who I admire very much. However, I may not continue my subscription based on my first box, October InStyle.

      Last sentence in second paragraph has a typo: 4-6 card holders ( not card folders).

  16. The first box she did was amazing and hooked me. Wish I had gotten that one. 🙁 So I signed up and got her second box which was decent, 3rd just OK, this one is just worthless with single entertaining items. I’m very annoyed with this box now. They are getting worse each time. I’ll wait to see what she does for December’s box before canceling. Last chance Nikki.

    • I feel the exact same way!

  17. Am I the only one who thinks after watching that video above that they would have preferred the gift basket items she gave her employees over the actual contents of the oct. Box? They has a fall blanket, candle, etc. Now THAT would have been an amazing fall box!

    • *had

    • Agreed and worth $35

  18. I was so excited to sign up for this box but I have to admit I am really dissatisfied with this reveal. I think if you send items like this, it makes more sense to send a set opposed to one. For that reason i may just swap but even then im annoyed because i buy these boxes hoping to actually use the items NOT just to swap and pay additional shipping for other random items. Oh well, I’m kind of bummed but will hang on at least through December.

  19. I haven’t gotten my box yet, and October is almost over. When I chose to subscribe, it was because the last couple of boxes looked amazing. I must say, when I saw the reveal of this box, I was really disappointed. I feel let down by the slow more-than-two-week shipping (she said they were shipped around Oct. 12).
    I’ll probably give it one more shot for the December box, but if it’s not better than t his, I’m cancelling.
    Last year, I subscribed to GlobeIn based on Nikki’s recommendation, and I was sorely disappointed in those boxes. The price jumped up from $10 to $13 right after I subscribed, and the product they sent was going for less than $2-4 in the stores.
    As much as I love Nikki’s videos, I’m not thrilled with her recommendations.

    • I don’t have my box either yet and my tracking hasn’t even begun to track from the east coast to the west coast where I’m at. I already cancelled. I wish I could just reroute the box to someone who wants two of everything. What a waste of $35.

  20. Wow, my first box kind of disappointed. What am I going to do with that #7 Envelope? Maybe put a post card or something in that clip thing. Dish towel I will use but nothing to be excited about.

    The mug is kind of boring imo, and not going to be eating chili out of it. It’s not that big. I like my pop sugar best day ever mug better.

    Would have been nice if a candle was added.

    yes one of everything

  21. I really like how Nikki shows the contents of her boxes in her videos. I wish more subscription boxes did that. Maybe in the future, Nikki will be able to offer add-ones like the bigger subscription boxes.

  22. The box is a let down as is the video. Not to mention it’s late. Website says 10/12 and payment confirmation email says 10/18 for shipping. Almost like she lost interest. Too bad. The first two boxes were good.

    • I think it’s late because of the pillow case since she mentioned she had to switch companies. But I do agree that a pillow case as the hero item is not exciting at all. I think I’ll give December one last chance before I unsub

      • I had the same thought. Will see what the December box looks like before deciding whether to unsub or not.

  23. Kinda odd to send only one of each item unless it’s supposed to be for entertaining yourself.

    • LOL.

  24. Will wait and see when I receive my box and hopefully will feel differently. Feeling a little let down. Having just one of the mug and place card holder seems more like a marketing box. I understand that you create your box by vendors giving you good deals so hopefully they will get more business. But at least two mugs would have made the box more useable for the subscriber.

    • Totally a marketer’s box. Problem is she or the box company didn’t even try to make it an At Home with Nikki box.

  25. The last box looked amazing. I hope this box isn’t a let down like it’s looking. I agree everything Nikki had out looked amazing. It would of been nice if she would have included at least two mugs. I guess I will find out when my box shows up.

  26. Hmm– I think that I prefer more the items that WEREN’T included…

    • I’m trying to think of what wasn’t included. It’s wide open really.
      Let me see … a frisbee, a giraffe, nine geese-a-laying. I probably forgot around six billion things but I get how they’d be preferable.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of what is shown in the above picture– goblet, dish, napkin.

  27. I have a question. Does this box contain one of each items only? So in order to use them for “entertaining” you should have bought several boxes???

    • Looks that way :/

    • Yes. It is a weird box of random.

  28. This is a lovely box 😊Please keep reviewing it. I love it!

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