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Weekend Giveaway: Win 3 Months of Bulu Box!

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Weekend Giveaway time! This weekend, Bulu Box will send ONE randomly selected winner a free 3-month subscription!

Bulu Box Giveaway

Bulu Box is “the monthly box of healthy discoveries that will upgrade your health.” Each box includes a sampling of vitamins, supplements, and healthy snacks. Each box contains 4 to 5 premium samples, coupons, plus lifestyle extras from time to time. By leaving reviews of the products you receive, you can earn points to redeem for items in their shop.

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  1. Daily walks and workout videos!

    • I usually go for walks but soon I’m going to start back up at the gym where I do cardio and lift weights. I would like a fitness box because I would love to be able to try different healthy snacks.

  2. Yoga and planning hikes with friends are how I prefer to workout!

  3. Working out with friends keeps me going!

  4. Walking, protein swaps and Adidas A swaps keep me going!

  5. I subscribe to yoga club and wear my yogi clothes when I’m not working. Being a working mom and full time student I just look for any opportunity to get a quick workout in! Even if it’s just yoga with my kids!

  6. The way I get my workout routine going is by putting it off as long as possible. I have COPD and a back problem which doesn’t help. Right now I am doing just exercises for my back.

  7. Walk two very strong dogs for three or four times a day. Subscription boxes help with sunscreens during the day, boxes for the dogs’ treats and toys, and products to clean up when we get home.

  8. I do ab routines at home, dance classes, and walk to area parks. Sub boxes currently have nothing to do with my fitness life.

  9. I do a lot of gardening that makes up for my daily exercise. As for you other question… I have not yet found a way to incorporate subscription boxes into my daily exercise. Bulu Box sounds like a good start though!

    • Just walking in my yoga pants I don’t subscribe to any fitness boxes

  10. Walking the dog!
    And subscription boxes are the reward!

  11. I move and walk all day at work so when I get home I’m exhausted. I probably go 7-10 miles a day working as a nurse.

  12. I use new products I receive in my boxes to mix up my routine and make it interesting.

  13. Due to a whole host of physical issues, I’m not up for hardcore working out (yet). I have joined Weight Watchers and I’m starting to walk. I’m researching yoga exercises that I can do with my back and leg issues, too. Subscription boxes aren’t just about what they specifically offer towards health and fitness, but they make an excellent reward for goals reached, too. Plus walking to the mailbox everyday is good exercise. 😉

  14. My local library has a good selection of exercise programs on DVD that help when it is too hot to go outside. Subscription boxes have introduced me to healthy snacks that I probably would not have tried on my own.

  15. Well sub boxes help my workout routine because I have no money left to do anything so I may as well exercise… 😛

  16. I have physical limitations and need ideas. So far I haven’t found a sub box that would be useful, but nutritional supplements are always welcome.

  17. I like to walk for exercise. I am challenged with upper body strength as I have a pacemaker and can’t do strength training. I am always looking for new exercises!

  18. I fix my food up or whatever I want after, sometimes a small snack and then exercise(to music so I don’t get bored as easily lol). This way I can get in 2 or 3 times (lunch plus 1 or 2 snacks) and sometimes I bring a protein ball or something to bed if I feel like a midnight burst coming(I go to bed at 1 or 2).
    So basically I put my food aside so that it’s a reward/motivation to exercise and I won’t have to get up to get my pick me up after exercising!! I get super tired after exercising, as in can’t move for an hour! I am trying to slowly bump up my time and adding in multiple exercise spots really help w/ that. (If I were to bump it up at once I might faint!)
    As for boxes, I have been using the pink FFF resistance band which motivated me to get going again on my exercise…it is really hard to stick w/ something that is easy to overdo and get stuck laying down all day! (yes, sad I know).
    Which led me to some great youtube videos and to buying a larger version of them(w/ varying resistance amounts and can raise w/ arms up high w/ feet on the middle of band…if that makes sense. The pink one goes half that height. I use both for diff things).
    Oh, and now I am trying to find some protein powders for smoothies, and acai superfood things via swaps! (no luck yet though 🙁 )
    Lol, didn’t realize how long this comment would be! Guess I had a lot to say about exercise! Now I really want this giveaway!! ;D

  19. I have to get into a routine!

  20. I’ve started experimenting with food subs and cooking at home is way healthier than eating out!

  21. I love walking with my kids! Sub boxes have provided me with great motivation to get healthy, from water bottles to yoga mats.

  22. I love running in the morning and taking vitamins

  23. I walk to pick up my kids from school. my boxes motivate me to not sit on the couch all day and to look pretty for myself and enjoy the beautiful day.

  24. Walking my dog is a great way to make sure I get exercise. He’a a terrier so walks are mandatory. Plus, then there’s yoga to help me deal with the stress of… having a terrier. Subscription boxes give me the pretties to feel like I look less frazzled and more human.

  25. Yoga is my favorite way to exercise because it’s low-impact and boosts my mood so much

  26. I fill my boxes with weights, tie to my hands and feet and go for a run!!
    Just kidding…my boxes keep me super motivated to workout. I take my trial size, SPF, snacks and other awesome stuff in my car and they are so fun on the way to a run or after a gym class before I zoom to work. Love my boxes!!

  27. take the stairs!

  28. Love swimming and FFF TV is great.

  29. I’m about to start on my third week of T25. I have an official love/hate relationship with Shaun T. If I’m having a string of “I don’t want to do it” days I tell myself that I can get a one-off box I’ve had my eye on if I keep with the program. It helps, but truth be told I’d probably buy it anyway 🙂

  30. walk walk walk!

  31. Yoga Apps and I have at least one sequence memorized.

  32. Get a dog to take for working out xD Having nice outfit or gadget from boxes

  33. I like walking, and hair ties from sub boxes are helpful.

  34. Health supplements! Need good vitamins to get energy to work out!1

  35. I get a workout in whenever I can. I usually like to walk/jog our local trail. At home I do Pilates.

  36. Liz,

    Is this for campus cube or Bulu box? I am kind of confused.

  37. I do group classes at the YMCA every morning after I take the kids to school. I like my sub boxes for the massage oil, water bottles, and FFF TV when I can’t get out.

  38. Sometimes when I lack motivation I like getting a new outfit or gear to get myself exited to work out wearing a new sports bra or using a yoga mat or ball. I never buy a whole bunch of stuff at a time but one by one, and over time youll get to have a pretty nice at home workout set.

  39. Running! Sub boxes let’s me try new brands of clothings.

  40. I hope to workout more when my baby is born. My other children can join me.

  41. I love group fitness classes at the gym – Pilates, barre and yoga are my faves!

  42. Two words: water bottles. Every subscription box water bottle has saved me when I’m sweating it out!

  43. I usually just walk around the neighborhood

  44. I get most of my workouts in while adventuring with my dog. He’s a workout himself lol. I’ve really been enjoying all the supplements in my recent subscription boxes because they help me learn what will work best for me and remind me that I can’t be beautiful outside unless I’m healthy inside.

  45. Getting the kids involved in the workout!

  46. Never won any giveaways before but always enter lol

  47. Favorite way, well my only way currently is when my newborn is sleeping, hopefully I’ll get him on a schedule soon! And how I use subscription boxes for fitness, if my boxes includes a fitness items, I normally give it a try at least once

  48. It comes up with Bulu Box, not Campus Cube.

  49. I have to get my workout in first thing in the morning…before my kids are up! I use sub boxes as motivation to work out…get to wear something cute or try new things…more importantly, if I stopped working out I would feel guilty for subscribing!

  50. The best workout is dancing and walking at a park. Subscription boxes are my reward for putting effort to workout.

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