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POPSUGAR Boxes On Sale at Gilt City!

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Gilt City has POPSUGAR Must Have boxes on sale now!

Use coupon code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your Gilt City purchase – FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use this.

The Box: Tropical Wanderlust Box

The Cost: $25

The Products:

  • Ocean Tribe by Turkish-T Kilim towel
  • Winky Lux Lip Pill in bunny
  • Six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises

The Box: Gilt Exclusive Must Have Box 

The Cost: $75

The Products:

  • 3.1 Phillip Lim 10th anniversary limited-edition 31 Nano Second pouch
  • AJ Goods Nest wire bowl
  • Pehr chambray runner in wine
  • Eight additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises
  • Box contents have over $400 retail value

The Box: Flirty Fall Box

The Cost: $25

The Products:

  • Jack + Lucy Bicoastal wide-brim fedora
  • Kendra Scott Elaina Adjustable rose gold bracelet in white pearl
  • Six additional full-sized fashion and beauty surprises

Are you going to grab any of the boxes?

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  1. My Flirty Fall Box has shipped. I have the tracking showing it arrived at Fedex – should be here the 30th. Weight is 2.7 pounds.

    • Mine is 3lbs, I just hope I like it

  2. Just got shipping emails for Gilt exclusive and Flirty Fall boxes. Hopefully the Tropical wanderlust is soon to follow!

    • Same here for my 2 fall boxes, nothing on tropical wanderlust. But when I try to track, fedex says tracking numbers not found. In my experience, it will be quite a while before we actually receive them.

    • I just got my shipping email for my Gilt Must Have box!

  3. My box is supposed to be here today! I ordered the Flirty Fall box, hoping for some goodies.

    • Please share what’s inside! I was tempted to order that one, but wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it.

    • When did you get your shipping notice for the Flirty Fall Box? I keep checking and my status still shows “processing”. Today is the 11th business day since I ordered, so technically my box should’ve shipped already. Will you please let us know what items you receive? That might help me be less patient about the fact that my order still hasn’t shipped yet! LOL 🙂

      • Same boat. I emailed them for the first time today and I got a ding letter back about shipping within 7-10 days of order. Well, like most people, I ordered on the 6th. Ugh….getting impatient. I’ve never had a problem with ordering from them yet so….

        • I emailed customer service today for the first time as well and they wrote back that they would check with their warehouse to inquire about the status of the boxes. I have not yet heard back from customer service re: the status, but I did check my FedEx account just now and saw that shipping labels have been created for my order. Hopefully that means they will actually be shipped out soon!

          • I do not have a FedEx account. (deep breath) KAAAAAAHHHHN!

          • I just got an email back from them and they said I should receive tracking tomorrow.

        • I downloaded the FedEx app and created an account. If anything is being shipped to your address via FedEx or FedEx Smartpost, it will show up on your account. You can set it so it automatically notifies you as soon as a shipping label is created. It may have required a cc # to create an account (I don’t recall now), but it does NOT charge you for anything (unless you were to create a shipment). You should download the app and see if your label has been created. If not, I would write customer service again and tell them it’s been longer than 10 business days and you would appreciate a status update on your order. 🙂

          Btw, my PopSugar account still shows the status as “processing” so they have not updated the account with tracking details. I assume that is because the package has not actually been shipped out yet…just a shipping label was created.

    • Did you get a shipping notice or do you have to look somewhere on the popsugar site? I ordered ad redeemed on the fifth and it’s my first time getting anything from Popsugar so I’m not sure where to look! With all my other subs I get an email notice. I’ve been going back and forth on doing the monthly box depending on how much I love the one from gilt so it needs to come soon! I have no patience🤦🏻‍♀️

    • False alarm! It didn’t show up even though tracking said it would be here today.


  4. One of mine shipped yesterday 4.1 lbs. Don’t know which one it is. I just received an email for my September box which shipped 9/19 also. Will update which variation this is when I get the email.

    • Just found out it’s not a Gilt box. It’s the rest of my warehouse sale items that I expected in the first box but were actually shipped separately.

  5. Anyone know if these have started to ship yet?? I’m so anxious to see what’s inside 🙂

    • I check my PS account twice a day…still no tracking number. Ugh. Hopefully, this is one of those deals where the tracking number shows up and it was actually sent a few days before so it arrives the next day and it’s YAY!!! That’s been my experience with these Gilt City deals.

      • Wow! That’s like magic.

      • I haven’t received a notice yet:/

    • The LE Fall are not set to ship till 9/21, maybe these ones will go out at the same time?

      • It says on their website it ships 7-10 days after you redeem voucher.

        • Well according to my PS account, BOTH Fall & LE Clearance boxes are being processed. So I’ll most likely get them at the same time.

          Oh well.

          Carey, your necklace will be coming to you soon! 😀

    • Nothing yet. I am in Chicago.

    • I’m still waiting too 🙁 WAHHH I don’t have the patience for this

      • I have zero chill when it comes to subs.

    • Checked my FedEx app and I have 2 labels created for popsugar. One should be my September box (finally!) and the other is one of the Gilt boxes. I ordered all three so no idea which one.

      • I just emailed them. It’s been well over two weeks for me and still no shipping notice:/

      • Do you have a tracking number to reference?

    • I think we are all going insane now.

      • Oh no. That ship sailed a LONG time ago! :p

        • Agreed.
          And these threads are our safe space to talk about our insanity!

          • “We all go a little mad some times.”

            Better go crazy with makeup & skincare, or Loki Funko toys or boxes of wine & shoes than say a co-worker or a neighbour & that witch at the PTA….

      • I really am so relieved to see I am not the only one still checking this post for information- like I would be ecstatic if someone else said they received a box. I won’y care if mine is still “processing” because at least it will be real for someone else. I feel as if I purchased air and I do not know where I left it.

        • I am still stalking this thread as well. I purchased 3 boxes and am very impatient to see something from someone regarding shipping. This is the only lifeline to my boxes at this point!!

        • I check everyday 😂 I’m in need of spoilers. I ordered three of the fall box hoping to find lots of goodies for Christmas presents!

          • I know! JUST GIVE ME A SPOILER!!! I got the tropical wanderlust for $17.50, so I know I won’t be disappointed since it was so cheap, but GIVE ME MY BOX. It’s been over 2 weeks. Woof.

  6. Broke down and ordered another Fall box. I realized the hat would be a great gift for a friend and I wanted one too so I caved. All the other products will be a bonus and will find happy homes for all.

  7. I REALLY want to know what will be in the fall box from the gilt sale. I’ve never gotten a popsugar box, and I though this was a good way to introduce myself. We will see when it gets here!

  8. Has anyone received a shipping notification yet? I was wondering how long it takes for PS to ship these Gilt boxes…

    • The Popsugar website says that they will ship within 7-10 days after you redeem your Gilt City voucher. I bought a box the last time Popsugar was on Gilt City and I think it took the full 10 days for me to receive my shipping notification.

      • Well that’s good to know! Although given the nation’s current climate situation, shipping/delivery may be affected in multiple areas.

      • Thank you! I redeemed 9/6 so hopefully I get a shipping notification soon

        • I did as well, have you received a shipping notice yet? I haven’t 😔😔

          • I also made a purchase on 9/6 and haven’t received a notice yet.

  9. If I buy the flirty fall voucher, that’s not the new limited edition fall box, is it? I’m waiting that to go on sale!

    • The Popsugar website says that they will ship within 7-10 days after you redeem your Gilt City voucher. I bought a box the last time Popsugar was on Gilt City and I think it took the full 10 days for me to receive my shipping notification.

      • For me, it’s been 15 days since i redeemed

        • Ditto 🙁

    • Opps, I replied to the wrong comment.

    • No, The Fall Limited Edition box is its own box that was released recently with new items. The one above is a mystery box of past ‘fall-type’ items.

  10. I’m so weak! I’d already bought the tropical box on Wednesday but that Gilt City box kept creeping into my mind. I neeeed that runner and wire basket for my fall decor! Well that’s how I’m justifying it anyway lol. I got it for $50 though, which is a great deal. I referred myself and got $25 off $75. Just an idea for anyone on the fence.

    • Thanks it worked.

    • Very clever. Wish I’d thought of that when I’d had the chance for the Tropical box…

  11. I couldn’t get the facebook coupon code to work, so I bought the fall box with the 20% off, since I’d pay $20 for the hat alone! It’s so cute.

    I also used the wrong mailing address, since I have a popsugar must have account but am moving soon. I emailed customer service and had a response with a fix within an hour! I’m really impressed!

  12. Can anyone inform me great uses for this Turkish Towel? Everyone on here seems to rave about them and I have never had one.

    I suppose we are all going to have to wait awhile before they began shipping if I remember correctly from the last time? It seemed like it was a few months?

    I am glad that they are adding a few new things to these mystery boxes ( towel and Leather Pouch) but I do wish they would add some more new things for the additional items…..

    • This turkish towel is pretty thick and like a light beach towel or picnic blanket, but in general they dry quick and pack small, can be used as a lightweight travel blanket. at least that’s how i have used this, i keep one in my car and one in my gym bag and bought some more for washing, and because of my hoarding tendencies regarding popsugar home goods.

      • Hi,

        Oh ok….well that does sound like something I would and could use then….
        Thank you for the reply:-)

        • I use mine as a bath towel, my thicker towels often don’t dry.

  13. After fighting and resisting and trying to practice self-control, I caved and got the Flirty Fall box. First purchase with Gilt City. I’m excited!
    I justified it since tomorrow is payday anyway, and I’m sick as a dog and deserve something to look forward to.

  14. Couldn’t resist the hat, so I got the fall box this morning (got the tropical box yesterday because of the towel that I have been wanting for a while now and missed out on the sale)

  15. I am trying so, so hard to hold out for full spoilers. That Fall box, though, is calling me!

  16. I got it to work on an account not associated with FB and that was not eligible for WELCOME20. Try multiple accounts before you give up!!

  17. Got the Fall box for 20! Can always regift but am liking the hat for me!

  18. Just purchased the Gilt City Exclusive for $60. I started looking up the spoiled items. The items listed have a retail value of $275, I found them for sale at $40 for the 3.1 Philip Lim 10th Anniversary Edition 31 Nano Second Pouch (retail $195), $4 for the AJ Good Nest Wire Bowl (retail $35) and $8 for the the AJ Good Nest Wire Bowl (retail $44) so even though the retail price is greatly inflated it still came to $52 and there are still eight additional items. I don’t see how I could be too disappointed. Christmas is coming and the things I don’t care for can always be gifted!

    • Thanks for this breakdown. Makes me feel a lil better about not scoring a better deal!

  19. Mark me down for Fall. Really shouldn’t, but I did anyway. 🙂

  20. Blast it, Tropical is sold out 🙁

    • Good news for my pocketbook!

      • Yeah … you’re right, mine too.

    • It’s my first time using gilt city. The tropical voucher says valid until December, so can I redeem it later in November without risking the box being gone?

      • That’s how it’s supposed to work. So if you are giving it as a Christmas gift, you can have it shipped directly to your receipient to arrive in December.

  21. I caved and got one Gift Exclusive box using the 30% and two of the Tropical Wanderlust boxes using the 20%, it did allow me to order 2 of the same box in one order and sent me the certificates separately. I am hoping there are some good gifts in these boxes that I can gift at Xmas time! However, the Turkish towels are for me, they are perfect for beach vacations, I took mine to Greece with me in July and it was perfect!

  22. Bought 3 of the fall box to give those beautiful bracelets as Christmas presents! 17.50 each after the coupon code, well worth it for the bracelet, everything else in the box is just a bonus!

  23. I caved and snagged the Tropical Wanderlust and Gilt Exclusive boxes since I don’t have a membership anymore. But, I already have one of those lipsticks and the wire bowl and runner (from past mystery boxes). I’m really just excited about the towel and that leather pouch. What do you think will be the other 6 or 8 items in the boxes? I can hardly wait to find out! Also, I must say that I secretly hope that the Bingo game shows up. I know y’all hare tired of it, but my grandma loves Bingo, and I haven’t gotten one yet! I also have my fingers crossed for that lemlem split coverup.

    • Well I have a few of you would like one😊

  24. I tried logging in thru FB. I even reactivated my account! But alas, the code doesn’t work for me.

    I was purely buying for Xmas gifts. Oh well.

    • I caved. I got the Exclusive Must Have box. $60. I was going to buy the Tropical one too, but with no code, I’ll pass until I know what’s in there.

      The hype of the Turkish towels almost swayed me!

      • If you’re swayed create a new email address and use the welcome20 again to bring the box down to $20.

        • annabanana, why would you do that to me?


    • I don’t even have a Facebook account and the code worked for me.

  25. I couldn’t pass up tropical wanderlust w/ the promo code just for that towel but I’m guessing that the rest of the box will probably be a bust. Based on what’s left the MH Boutique I’m guessing we will get 1. Hat Attack Sarong, 2. House of Pom Napkins, 3. NCLA Mani kit, 4. Pintrill Pineapple Pin, 5. Stephanie Johnson Camera Bag and 6. the swan

    • Aren’t some of these items sold out on the 75% off sale? The bowl, pehr runner, the hat, and I don’t recall seeing the bracelet on there at all?? So do they not list everything that they have overstock on when they have these big sales? I would think they would to get rid of once and for all…..

      • Everything I listed is still available in the boutique, as is the hat, bowl and runner. My theory is that they hook you with a highly coveted item and then throw in all of the overstock stuff. I’m not complaining about it, just being cynical.

        • Oh I wasn’t aware that they are….I got the tropical and fall boxes because I don’t already have the towel or the hat… I justified it by just gifting the rest.
          Not going to get the other one though because I already have the bowl, runner, and probably the other contents. I do believe these are good deals if you don’t already have some of the items.

  26. I caved and bought 1 of each.

    • Me too! Lol

  27. I’m tempted for $20 to snag the fall box. But I already swapped for the hat, but the Kendra Scott bracelet would be nice and worth the $20. I just wish I knew what the other items are – like someone said before, it’s a repeat of products we’ve been seeing in LE, past boxes, and mystery boxes for the last year (that hat is from a 2016 fall box as is the bracelet).

    Anyone else on the fence?

  28. I can’t add more than 1 box to my order. And it doesn’t go into my cart but straight to ‘order now.’ Any advice? What am I doing wrong? ☹️

    • Nothing wrong, if you want multiple boxes, you need to process them one at the time. The reason is (I think), based on the order GC sends you voucher, if you add multiple boxes, they cannot send you multiple vouchers, the system will give only one voucher, but one voucher only for one box.

      • Thank you so much!!

  29. Gave in to the Turkish towel in tropical box… and bought 4! These will be perfect bridesmaid proposal gifts =D

  30. Oh Popsugar thanks for the sale! Got the Wonderlust box for that beautiful Turkish towel 😍😍😍

    • Can you tell me how you found the Wonder lust box on the PS website? I can’t find it. Thank you!!

  31. Darn it. Had just about convinced myself that I didn’t need one of these when I realized what the towel was. So, I just ordered the Tropical Wanderlust box. And FBCITY30 did work for me, so at least it was only $17.50!

    • How did you guys get the 30% off promo to work? Lucky! It kept saying invalid or expired for me. Oh well. 😭

      • Wendy–if you have Facebook login using it. That’s how I got it to work.

      • I had the same issue, couldn’t get the FBCITY30 code to work for the Wanderlust box no matter what I tried. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time even trying to get it to work. It’s really only $2.50 more with the 20% off code. My time is worth more than that.

        Glad to get the box for $20, but I really need to stay off this site. I keep adding more and more subscriptions. I just can’t bare to let any of them go.

  32. The FBCITY30 code did not work for me sadly… but i broke down and got one for 20 because i haven’t had the monthly box for a while or any of the last sale boxes and deals…. Gifts or what ever. I didn’t end up getting the FFF Fall box either because well it’s 50 and I just did love anything in the box. I can’t wait for Black Friday deals…

  33. I really really debated on this one. I love that wire bowl and the table runner will be great for fall, so I pulled the trigger, and used the fbcity30 code on the exclusive box. Made the box 53$ which is good enough for me. Worst case scenario, I sell the phillip lim bag, as I’m not sure I’ll use it.

  34. Yesterday I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any beauty product for at least 3 months. It lasted less than 24h. Tropical box ordered, waiting for the voucher to arrive 🙂

  35. I went for the tropical box. The towel made that an easy sale for me . I am just hoping there are not anymore of those Michael Stars hats that are going to pop up in this box. Either way I will be happy for $20 .

  36. Of course I ordered! I want another Turkish towel. I need another Kendra Scott bracelet for Christmas. I might regret the other box since I don’t want another bowl or runner. Hopefully some of the other 8 items will be great!

  37. Got two boxes for $25 with discounts, not even sure why, it is probably will be staff that did not sell out when they had 75% off sale. Secretly hoping for Tatcha, but for sure there will be:
    – swan
    – eye shadow pallet;
    – this blue glitter nail polish;
    – manicure kit
    – cargo blush

    • Oh I’ll laugh if they have the nerve to slip a swan into the Flirty Fall Box

    • Do you know what brand eye shadow pallet?

      • There has been a small Stowaway Cosmetics eye palette that has been showing up in mystery boxes and warehouse sales for awhile now.

    • Exactly. After the Ultimate Disappointment Box a few months ago, I just can’t bring myself to trust these people again. At one point I owned 4 of those stupid swans. I traded 2, gifted 1, and threw the last one away just to clear up some space in my storage closet. The glitter polish only appeals to certain people, but at least the rest of the items on that list are totally gift worthy if you have any teenage girls/young women in your life. The eyeshadow is awesome, lately I’ve been wearing that and the blush daily. A manicure kit can be a nice gift for a kid going off to college or for keeping at your desk for when a nail breaks mid-work day. But that stupid swan haunts me.

      • Oh no Jennifer! Now you have me expecting a swan and I ordered 2 boxes!

        • I am sure there will be many of the non expensive left over from the 75% off sale they had prior to these…..that is what they did last time. They are going to continue these until the last swan and other stuff they obviously have tons of. I believe these 75% off and mystery boxes with a lot of the same items have been around for like going on two years.

          They are most definitely great boxes for anyone that is gifting or has not purchased any in the past for sure though…..I wish I had a pool to use the one swan that I do have, I love the water:-)

  38. I really just want a spoiler, or full reveal for the fall limited edition box.

  39. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve had my eye on that towel for months and then got shut out on the flash sale. Honestly don’t even care too much what the rest of the box contains cause it’s well worth it. And I used survey money to buy it so it was essentially free lol.

  40. I missed out on the flash sale and have really been wanting the chambray runner and wire basket for my table, so it was an easy sell for me:) I also picked up the tropical box because I’ve heard so many good things about that towel!!

    • I got the runner and the wire basket in a previous deal and I love it! It looks great in our kitchen table 🙂

    • I jumped on the towel bandwagon, too!

    • I love the wire basket, especially With fall coming (yay September!) and the runner is beautiful, however (and this is probably common sense but I’m a noob so) DON’T put it in the wash! I had a dinner party and it got trashed (yeah my dinner parties are fun!) and I carelessly threw it in the wash and it majorly un-threaded.

  41. I want the towel, but, alas, that sachajuan hair in the sun will be included in the box. It’s been around for a loooong time. I don’t mind the lipstick since I’ve been donating a lot of excess beauty to the women’s shelter.

    • LOL. I was also convinced that although the towel is probably a good enough deal to buy the box, I didn’t even want to SEE the other stuff that would probably show up with it again….inflatable swan, more emoji napkins, that hair in the sun stuff… So I started looking at the Turkish-T (brand that makes the towel) website and happened to see they had some good stuff on sale. So I splurged and bought that instead. Oopppsie. I’ve gotten enough “plain” turkish towels from various sub boxes over the past year but they had some towels with terry cloth sewn with it too as an extra layer and I’m really excited to try those out!

      • Oh no! I didn’t think of the swan. I already have two!

  42. I got the boxes for $20 bucks ! fall is always amazing with this boxes

    • How did u get two for $20 or was it $20 each box ?

  43. Anyone having luck redeeming your voucher(s)? The links they provide in the voucher are invalid.

    • I had to do it several times but it finally went through for me. Just keep trying

    • In my emailed voucher there was a link you could copy and paste and it takes you to the right place. It didn’t work when I clicked on it, but it would let me copy and paste in a browser.

      • I can’t seem to redeem mine , please help !

      • Thank you. That’s the only way I could get it to work. The links in the voucher itself didn’t work.

    • I wasn’t having any luck with the “click here,” so I emailed PopSugar for help. They replied right away, and gave me the address to use which went right through. It’s the, or pretty close to that (giltcity?).
      If the other suggestions don’t work for you, try emailing PopSugar.

      • Carol, thank you so much!
        Typing this in worked for me:

        • Who needs customer service when you have all these wonderful ladies? Thanks, that worked for me!

        • Thank you! Now if only someone could help me demystify the chromebook!

      • Thank you! I’ve been trying to find the link on the email but couldn’t find it. This link worked!

    • Funny thing about the swan…I love mine! It’s big enough to use as a floaty so I have yet to put a drink in it, but I have definitely taken it to pools and beaches to float on. I get a lot of compliments on it!

      • I swapped away a swan. But you’ve got me convinced that when I receive the next swan, I’ll try it out with the kids. There must be a swan in that tropical box.

  44. I’ve been wanting to try a Turkish towel, and missed out on the earlier flash sale @ 75% off! Apparently they still have a stash of them… The rest is bonus!

    And it let me use the WELCOME20 code, so, $20. for the towel, etc.! I hope they ship soon!

    Though why they ran out of towels at the flash sale is a mystery to me!

    • My guess is because they had a stash set aside for these boxes….the towel is one of the rare things that hasn’t been offered in this boxes over and over and over and over again so it would be a better spoiler item.

  45. Does anyone know how long it takes for these to ship out when they are bought in the Gilt City deal?

    • i think within a week it shipped when i purchased one last time they had a sale!

      • Thanks 😊

    • I would think they’ll ship September boxes, then warehouse sale, then these. Seems like that’s how it went before

  46. Yay! I wasn’t able to get more Turkish towels during their summer flash sale before they sold out, so I’m glad I have another chance. They’re such high quality and I used them daily. Excited just for that!

    • Ooooooh that might be how we can get an idea of what else will be in the boxes by looking at those sale items

      • Definitely is. Almost all the spoilers are things that were in the flash sale. Easy pass for me since I hit the sale hard. 😂

        • I lied lol. Bought the tropical box with the 30% off code. I have no chill.

          • I thought I bought the Wanderlust box but I actually bought the Fall one. Thanks codeine! And yes I have no responded to myself twice.

  47. I used code FBCITY30 (supposed to be for accounts associated with facebook- but I don’t think mine is) for 30% off with my existing account. Got two tropical boxes for $35!!! That was totally worth it for the two towels alone! Thanks for the heads up Liz!

    • The code FBCITY30 worked for me also. A big thank-you Jennifer!

    • Thank you for the code it worked!

    • Thanks! I got the wonderlust box for $17.50 with this code. Better offer and no need to sign up with a new account to use the welcome20

      • Can’t get that code to work! Hmmm…… any ideas?

        • The last time Gilt City offered Popsugar boxes I remember using the FBCITY30 code and it worked for both of my accounts. Some people said it didn’t work for them so I lucked out, I guess. Now I just tried to use it again (just to see) and it wouldn’t work on either of my accounts. Have you already used that code previously?

        • Kathleen–I tried creating a new account and it didn’t work, so I logged in with Facebook and got it to work. Thanks Jennifer, for the code. I don’t feel so bad getting yet another towel I don’t really need (but for some reason really want) when it was only $17.50.

    • Thank you so much! What a deal!

      • Oh, and it worked for me, as well!

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Remind me what to do next. I received this message: Estimated Delivery: Your voucher, complete with redemption instructions, will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Or, will I figure it out? Thanks!

    • Thank you for the code! YAY!!

  48. I keep trying to put one of each in my shopping cart and it will only let me pick one? Are you limited to only one of the three boxes?

  49. I almost had a heart attack with the $175 price on the exclusive box. It’s actually only $75.

    • me too!!!!

    • Oops! Thank you – fixed! 🙂

  50. I’m slightly tempted, but each has dupes as spoilers.

    • It’s all going to be old stock. Nothing in them will be new. Though they could have chosen some less crappy items as spoilers.

      • LOL. That was my thought too…I’m always intrigued by these since a “surprise” great item I’ve been wanting could pop up in one…but it’s gotten to the point where all of the spoilers are the same things we’ve seen in 10 different deals over the past 6 months. Geez. Great deals for people that haven’t purchased before, but if you have, you probably already have multiples of all of the spoiled items….so it’s probably not going to do a great job of reeling people in to buy again! The only one I’m tempted with is the tropical one for the towel….which I only have one of so far. But I do have about 3 of those lipsticks. LOL.

        • LB, I have three lipsticks, too and am about to acquire another one. That towel roped me in and the extra discount sealed the deal.

          • Yeah, bummed to get another lipstick, but at least it seems to be flattering on different skin tones. Stocking stuffer!

      • I think I’m about to receive my third swan!!!

        • They are like rabbits! They keep multiplying! Ahahahahahahaha

          • I keep telling people to just have everyone play the stupid bingo game at Christmas(or at a game night if you do those) and wrap stuff up for the prizes. I will have 5 swans lurking amongst the prizes- all deceptively wrapped.

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