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Ipsy Now Offers The Option To Skip a Month

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Ipsy now allows you to skip any month of your subscription! Here’s how to do it:

We’re currently testing out a 1-month skip feature! If you would like to skip 1 month of your Glam Bag subscription, you canย email ipsyCare ([email protected]) and we’ll help you out.

We currently don’t have a way for you to skip more than one month at time.

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out our Ipsy reviewsย and our Ipsy Spoilers to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is PERFECT FOR ME! Especially because most of the time, I don’t know what to do with all of the ipsy bags that I get. Also, sometimes I get bored from the bag reveal, so this is a great tool for me because I don’t want to have a boring ugly bag laying around, i would rather skip it and wait for a nicer bag. This is also a great tool if you want to save a bit of money and save space, because for the past few months, I have been getting items that I won’t use, so skipping a bag is a really nice thing

  2. Beauty Box 5 has a new feature where THEY can skip YOU. Hahaha…jk

    • ROFL!! BB5 owes me two boxes, but at least you gave me a laugh that diffused some of the anger and frustration I’ve been feeling.

      • Love the “new feature” comment, definitely needed that laugh!

        Had to add 2 of my own just cause ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Even had a new feature – send your box on a trip across the country! (aka, replacement time!) It was actually kinda funny seeing it move so fast and so far, but Julep was good and sent a replacement out.

        Oh and another – send your box to a stranger! It turned out the tracking numbers had been switched, but it was like a horror movie seeing “delivered, Texas”!!! (live in PNW)

  3. that is nice that they offer a skip option but this isn’t better than the request 1 item a month option so if this is the reason why they are doing away with that, they have to do better than this. To skip a month should be available period because we have all fallen on hard times.

  4. I haven’t seen the Oct, Nov, etc bag designs yet. Can you do a bag design peek so I could decide if I want to skip a month if I don’t like the bag?

    • There’s already been a spoiler on October bag and items. You’ll just have to do a search for it! ! It’s too soon for November tho!

  5. I skipped August because I didn’t like the bag itself and had just returned from vacation and was feeling a little overspent. I appreciate this feature, personally.

  6. I get the reasoning behind the skip a month option, but I don’t see many people using the feature. Since we don’t know what we’re getting anyway, I know I wouldn’t want to give up a month and wonder if that month’s products would be some I really wanted to try.

  7. Well… this might be the new “fun product personalization opportunity” that they were talking about in replacement for us choosing an item in our bags. Hope everyone that stood up for them on removing the item choice is happy now. Looks like instead of choosing an item for your bag, you get the option to skip a month. Wow. Hopefully i’m wrong tho!

    • Personally, I signed up for the service they advertised and anything above & beyond is a bonus. All the perks come with a price somewhere down the line.

  8. Birchbox has a feature where you may pick an item. They make you aware of when choices are available and you just pick one. I don’t understand why Ipsy makes it so difficult.

    • You and me both.

  9. did they just give a spoiler for what the December bag will look like? October’s bag is the actual bag & the November is kinda hard to see but the December bag looks like it might be a frosty blue color… hmmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Good eye! I hope you’re right! That blue is pretty!

    • Probablynot, that was September’s bag. The October bag is a deep red/maroon color with a tiny bat on the zipper.

  10. I think it is very nice that Ipsy is doing this! That way if I see a bag that is way too juvenile for me (ie that egg thing) I don’t have to get it. Thanks Ipsy!

  11. EVERY sub should offer this option.

    I suspect there would be alot fewer outright cancellations.

    • Julep allows you to skip your Maven boxes or even have it sent to a friend, but you”ve gotta go in and do it every month tho! I really like that feature as some months you just don’t see anything you like or want etc!

  12. Btw, is it happening to anyone else that Ipsy is raising your age in your beauty profile? I swear every time I go in to update my preferences, my age is up a year.

    I recently changed my age to 18 because I saw a recommendation that that would guarantee a better box, and now of course it says 19!

    At least there is still a ways to go (to be still considered young) when you set it to 18. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mine does the same thing — drives me nuts!

    • Yes!

    • Yes, the first time I thought I had imagined it but now it’s just annoying seeing it tell me I’m 22 every time… lol

    • But I’m in my 50s. Why would I want stuff age appropriate for an 18 yo? I want things that are more likely to be appropriate for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am consistently unhappy with my bags, so I’ll try anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Well, plus, I wouldn’t trust their anti-aging (or most skincare, for that matter) choices.

        This way I figured I might at least get cooler makeup.

  13. I skipped the September box because I didn’t like any of the spoilers. I was about to cancel it and subscribe to Sephora play. When I did that an option popped out asking me if I wanted to skip the month instead. So I guess this is an easier way than emailing them.

  14. Sadly they come up with this AFTER I’ve already cancelled. Oh well. I wasn’t feeling ipsy anyway because out of the last 12 bags I’ve received 9 of them always had a black mascara. It was ANNOYING and I emailed customer service and updated my profile religiously and still month after month black mascara and black eyeliner. If something pops up that seems like I might be missing out, I’ll just swap for it.

  15. I wish Pop sugar had this option

    I would prefer if ipsy was every other month better items larger makeup bag. Also give subscribers a chance to choose 2 items. I would pay 20 a month if they did that

    Lately I ‘ve been getting a lot of items I won’t use

  16. Wish they would come up with an alternative for the bag every month!

  17. This is useless. This feature makes sense for a sub like Julep where you can see all the products and pick from them, and you can skip if you don’t like any of the products. But Ipsy is a total surprise now that they’ve done away with the sample selection (which was by far their best feature), so why would anyone need to skip a month?

    • It’s not really useless… You can skip if you are moving, getting a new credit/debit card, going on vacation, or just don’t like the spoilers.

      The sample selection was in Beta and not meant for EVERYONE and it got abused. Can you imagine how hard it was for them to have hundreds/thousands of email (!) requests for a certain product when they actually only emailed a small sample group of subscribers to try to test out a sample selection program. They are supposedly working on making it a part of the subscription anyways – hopefully they can build that option into their site.

      • I think the skip a month option is good for people that go on vacation or just want a break but I also think that this should have always been an option from the start. As far as people “abusing” the item choice, I don’t see how it can be “abused” if you only get to choose 1 item per bag. And if they get more than one bag, so what? Its 1 item per bag. They shouldn’t have tested it out to begin with if they didn’t want people choosing. Also – I know it was a beta test for only SOME ipsters, but everyone should have the option to participate and give their opinion. I’m starting to wonder if some of the people on these posts work for Ipsy. Sorry if i’m bursting anyone’s bubble here, but I believe that customers should always come first.

        • A system that relies on emailing customer support can easily lead to loss of a great deal of time/money – especially if more people emailed than they initially meant to limit the test too.

          Imagine a customer service rep gets paid $12 an hour to reply to emails. Imagine it takes five minutes to review every email, see if there is enough of the product to approve the request, reply to the user, mark somewhere that that product is to go into that user’s specific bag – plus any extra time it would take to stuff those particular bags.

          That would be a monetary equivalent of $1 per user sample request – one tenth the cost of the bag! Now imagine thousands of subscribers are requesting samples. For those bags, the profit margin for the company could completely disappear. That would be unsustainable – it would lead to either lower quality items, or increased subscription costs, to make the same amount.

          It makes perfect sense that they would want to switch to some other option than emailing support for a subscriber to pick a sample. It would be less time/money for them, and less time for the user to, to have a way to automate the selection from the site itself. (Such as picking from user profile, or swapping out an item from a list of spoilers, or choosing one from a list during a specific window of time, etc.)

      • My thoughts on that as well. The ’email support’ option is inefficient – it likely takes many hours (which translates to $ in paying customer service) to sort through and reply to all the incoming requests for samples, then translate that into somehow marking the choices out for each bag.

        It would be better for them to find a way to automate through the site, such as choosing a sample from the profile page, or being able to swap out a product within a couple of days when we get our spoilers as to what we are getting, etc.

        • Totally agree!

      • I’m totally picking up what you’re putting down…you’re not alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agree I wish they were like Julep where you could pick your own products, that’d be awesome!

      • Not sure I would agree, as it would likely make subscription costs higher ๐Ÿ™ People would tend to gravitate towards picking all the higher-ticket items if picking anything was allowed, plus it would defeat the Ipsy aspect of trying out new brands or things you wouldn’t normally select yourself. And alternative systems where you have to pick a combo within a certain value can be frustrating.

        I do love the idea of getting to pick one item (which you know you will like and so already have good value for the bag) or perhaps even to swap out an item on a spoilers list that you know you do not need or want. (For example, the many people who get repeat mascaras or eyeliners every month – a swap out option in cases like this would be great!!)

        Picking all five items is a lot to expect for $10 a month though, and would go against the sort of suprise/try new stuff aspect of the bag.

    • I literally needed to skip a month just last month because I was out of the country for five weeks, so…what’s why.

    • I agree. Why would I want to skip if I don’t know what I’m getting, anyway?

  18. Why did they get rid of the choose a sample option but they’re adding this? I think it’s annoying that you have to email them for everything — you’d think they’d be more “user friendly.”

    • Yes, espcially annoying as they already would skip for you if asked… Rather annoyed they are making it a “new” thing but not actually making any improvements to it…

      Although I thought for sure I saw a button to skip on the site the other day…(under billing and your subscription tabs) which I would far prefer!

      • I saw it too on the subscription page too, but it wasn’t a button. I went to cancel and when I clicked they asked if I would like to skip a month instead of cancelling so I went with that. They say that they email some time before the end of the month you skip to let you know that you have until the end of the month to skip again or you will get your next bag as you normally would. I agree that it is less time consuming than having to email and wait for confirmation.

  19. That’s good! I hope they add more features soon because October is otherwise my last month.

  20. I think this is great ! I’ve had ipsy for almost two years and I canceled it twice and went back cause sometimes it’s just too many bags ! I hope they come up with you a click feature instead of having to email them.

    • Yes, I hope so too! When I first saw this, I thought they had! Primarily because the feature to email to skip already existed! Not a fan of when places call something that maybe some people didn’t know about yet “new”, espcially when they don’t have it fleshed out to something beyond emailing lol.

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