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Beauty Box 5 Status Update


I let MSA readers know I’d post again about Beauty Box 5 shipping delays as soon as I heard back from them. I’ve reached out twice now and I haven’t heard back. So, since we don’t have any responses from Beauty Box 5, I thought I’d share what I know, and if you’ve had any interaction with them, please let us know.

Here’s a timeline:

July 21st – Beauty Box 5 posts on their facebook page that July boxes are delayed. Our July box arrived the week of August 27th. (Beauty Box 5 July Review)

August 26th – I emailed [email protected] to find out what was going on and if they were shutting down. (No response)

August 28th – Beauty Box 5 posts on their Facebook page that boxes will be delayed because their shipping warehouse is located in Houston:

September 12th – Again, I emailed [email protected] to find out what was going on and if they were shutting down. (No response)

As of today, September 19th, there have been no new posts on any of Beauty Box 5’s social media handles since the August 28th post.

While I totally understand any shipping delays because of Harvey, it seems off to me that they aren’t responding to emails or customers on social media. (My understanding is that their main office is in Austin.) At this point, I would recommend reaching out to your credit card company to file a chargeback if you have been charged for September. 

If you’ve had any luck communicating with Beauty Box 5, please let us know.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. Better Business Bureau profile says out of business

  2. If they are shut down, why is their website up and running? And their Facebook page?

  3. I paid for a whole year and only got 4 of the 12 boxes. I’m in the middle of disputing it with Discover card and they took it off my statement but they were being kind of arses about it. Wanted to know if I had any “solid” proof like emails where they actually answer me or anything stating they weren’t shipping. I told them there was some info online (like this site!) and they said that was heresay Nd I couldn’t use it. I’m not sure how I’d get a refund as I did get 4 of the 12 boxes.
    Those 4 boxes will end up being extremely expensive if I don’t get some kind of refund.

    I have stopped paying by the year now for any sub. I’m only doing month to month so I don’t get stuck in this situation again. I did switch over to Boxycharm though and am loving it!

    • I think it just depends on the rep you talk to, because I disputed my Serendipity box cancellation easily and didn’t have to provide any proof at all. So try another rep if they stall you. It would be honorable of these bankrupt companies to provide a clear email about going out of business so we could provide proof to our c/c companies, but most of them seem to just slink off into the ether. I agree about year-long commitments to subs; I only go month-to-month now, too! Good luck!

    • I too paid in full for a year as a gift sub. Been trying to reach them but no response. Going to try to get refund through credit card. Hope I don’t get a hassle. I got 2 of the 12 boxes. My status on their sit is listed as “canceled”…this sucks.

      • They are scanners. Ridiculous. In April I bought a 3 month subscription as a gift and a 1 year for myself. 1St month received 1 had to email to get 2nd. Got Mays in June and again only 1 and had to email same with junes in July and then poof it’s like they disappeared. Never got a box or a reply again.

  4. They owe me for the August box . Are they going to make this right or are we all going to have to fight with them for a refund. So glad I took my credit card information out and canceled so I didn’t get charged in September but sorry for all of you that got in the web

  5. I’m pretty sure they have shut down. My subscription now says canceled and I was not the one to make this change. I have not received a refund on any of my missing boxes, so I guess I’ll start working with my CC company. Has anyone who bought the BF deal had luck with being refunded for the 3 months that are missing?

    • Now mine says cancelled too and I had not done that (only changed the cc with a disposable cc with 2.00 on it a couple of weeks ago).

    • I’m in the same boat. They’ve charged me August & September haven’t received anything but they have my money! It also says canceled too.

  6. If you go to their page and try to subscribe to box it says page cannot be found. Also they are canceling peoples subscriptions.

  7. I was tryingvtongive them the benefit of the doubt, but without any communication it makes it hard. I haven’t received Augusts box in addition i was charged sept 1st for my quarterly sub. I will be disputing it with my c.f. company tomorrow.

    • It looks like they are out of business if that helps dispute.

  8. The money came out of my account 8/3 as of last week I never got a reply from my emails or Facebook messages. I finally decided to call my bank. I got a letter yesterday that the temporary credit they issued me will be permanent.

    • How does a refund work if it was paid by debit card? I’m sure the bank isn’t going to put those funds back in my checking account then try to fight with BB5 to get their money back. They took out $30 August first, for three months. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      • Contact your bank and dispute the charge.

  9. Beauty Box 5 actually used to have amazing customer service and was very responsive. If something was missing or broken in a box, they’d respond within 24 hours, mail me the missing/broken item, plus give me an additional credit to use as a ‘sorry’. I believe Beauty Box 5 was bought out by a different owner several months ago, and then this happened. So I think its current failure is the result of the new owner.

  10. What a shame. They once were one of my favorites. The lack of communication is just rude. Good luck, everyone, at getting reimbursement.

  11. Called their phone number and it’s always busy

  12. I do not subscribe to this but based upon many, many phone calls with my credit card company about Little Lace Box and Serendipity, please call your credit card company ASAP and provide proof that your sub is not sending out boxes you paid for. I provided not only MSA posts but all the LLB and Serendipity emails and post that boxes were delayed and would be sent (but never were!) and the final note that they were shutting down. My credit card company will credit customers while they fight it and said that they often get the money back from the banks that the sub boxes used. Most credit card companies will provide the credit permanently as as courtesy to you regardless and they will fight for their money bank on their own with the banks of the bankrupted sub box companies. Just a helpful tip, don’t expect one call to your credit company to do the trick, keep following up at least once a month until you get the credit back and only ask for the amount you are truly owed (which is all I would ever ask for anyway). If it is an honorable sub box company that will do a refund, that money will go to your credit card company to keep if your credit card company has already refunded you so it will show up as a credit from the sub box company and a rebill from your credit card company since your credit card company already credited you for it earlier. Hope this is helpful to someone. I asked a lot of questions from the people at my credit card company about how this would be handled not only for me but for them so I wanted to impart what I was told. Once I finally receive a credit back for anything, I like to donate the same amount or more to a worthy, well-rated charity so that I feel good about every aspect of the process and help to balance the karmic scale but that is just my personal choice.

  13. The reason I loved this box was all items were full size! My daughter and I loved them. I have I think 3 boxes left on my year sub, so I will just eat the money like I did with Little Lace. I will NOT sub to birchbox or allure (again) or any type of inexpensive sub that only sends itsy bitsy samples.

    I cancelled this past FFF box, didn’t like any items, and popsugar hasn’t been good the past few or more months for my taste.

    My daughter wants ipsy again, we also want to try an all natural sub, but we will wait for Black Friday and see what pops up. Oh and all these advent calendars look so good! But again I think I’ll wait.

    Anyway, BB5 reminds me of Little lace, how disappointing 🙁

  14. Can anyone tell me how beautybox5 comes up on the charge in your credit cards. I need this info to put in a dispute with Chase. Thanks in advance.

  15. When I cancelled 6 month’s ago I called them to make sure I didn’t get charged anymore. I googled the phone number.

  16. I got charged in August too with no box and I want my money back for August too, not just September. But like many other people I’ve noticed on their social media talking, I also have contacted the BBB regarding this issue with this company. I figured the more people that complain the more serious they’ll handle the situation?

    • What exactly is the BBB going too do?

      • Sometimes they have better contact info to reach appropriate people for fastest resolution. Certainly not a wasted avenue to try in this situation. They do pass a long a lot of info about fraud, etc, to law enforcement, in case card company needs more proof before granting chargeback. (I interned there before college, and they try to help people as best they can, so worth a shot)

      • One time UPS lost a package of mine and the shipper wouldn’t reimburse me (this was in grad school, when $50 was a lot of money to me, and I was out the $50 for the dog food in the package that got lost plus I had to go spend $50 more, locally, for a new bag of food, because my dog had to eat…).

        Anyway, the company I bought from kept giving me the runaround until I got the BBB involved, and then they did actually resolve my issue. So the one time I have used the BBB, it worked for me. Will be most useful if, on the company’s BBB page, there is an indication the company actually works to resolve complaints.

  17. I cannot even log into my account. It keep saying “wrong password” and I tried to re-sett it, it says we sent you e-mail with password resett instructions, but e-mail never came. I tried several times.
    Ladies, can you log into your account? I just try to assess if it is me or universal problem.

    • I can log in and see my account info and everything.

      • Nope says the same thing to me. I can’t log in either

    • Never mind, I got it. it shows that my August and September boxes are “processing”

    • I can’t log in either. Purchased this sub as a gift for my daughter. I think the last box she got was in June.

    • I logged in earlier this week to cancel. It went through.

  18. And let’s not forget how Revive dropped off the face of the earth after several emails that they were closing temporarily to restructure.

    • Revive was cool to me and refunded me all my money unlike LLB. At least they went out with some dignity. I’m glad I haven’t subbed to this box in a long time! I hope you guys get your $$ back!

  19. I got caught up in the whole LLB/Serendipity fiasco (annual subs). They sent a nice email explaining so I left it and never claimed assuming they would make it right, they didn’t and now it is proabably too late. To add salt to the wound I think they then sold my email address. Have an annual sub to bb5, didn’t even get my July box. I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt, I have emailed several times and had not response…

  20. I cancelled this box over a year ago – it all just felt a little thrown together for me. The products weren’t consistently great – I stuck with Birchbox, Ipsy, and PopSugar. All reliable and awesome products – Thankful I followed my instincts!!

    • I had it for awhile back when I first discovered subscription boxes. But, they sent me toe separators in three of my first four months. I don’t even use toe separators!

      • Fun fact: those can be pretty handle for organizing. If you sew they’re the perfect size to hold bobbins and smaller spools of thread. They also work well for holding makeup brushes while they dry. Still not cool that you got them so many times as one to your box items since they’re what 10 cents a piece or something?

      • Thanks for the toe separators tips Wendy! I never know what to do with those since I don’t polish my toes.

    • I think I just got lucky with my timing. I subbed with an annual probably beginning with the February or March box last year when they started to get pretty decent (compared to 2015). I didn’t renew my annual when it was up earlier this year, and that seemed right when their curation/service/etc. started rolling back down the hill.

  21. Exactly why I will not do anything more than month to month. This market is saturated and they are going to come and go. I think certain ones are fairly safe like Boxycharm but you never know.

    • Yeah, I am like this too, even though it costs more. It is way easier to get, say, $15 or $28 back from the credit card company less than a month after you’ve been charged than it is to get $90 or even $100+ back 4 or 6 months later.

  22. What can I do if I’m an annual subscriber and my subscription expires on June next year.

    • Dispute with your credit card company

      • Yes dispute it right away.

  23. I quit them last year because all they send is manna Kadar and Bella Pierre junk but I had a very high opinion of their customer service before all of this went down.

  24. Oh man! I got the Better Than Black Friday deal of $84 for a year, which is $7 a month. I’ve got three boxes left. Thanks for the idea of contacting credit card company, I wouldn’t’ve thought to do that.

  25. Well i thought it was just me! I placed a one time order mid August and have sent multiple emails. Never heard anything back. Thanks MSA for this article!!

  26. I have sent several emails and Facebook messages with no reply. They didn’t even read my FB messages either.
    I paid for $30 for a 3 month subscription and have yet to receive my first box which was supposed to be in August. I’m contacting my CC company to get a charge back

  27. I received my July box, and still have 5 boxes left with them. At this point I don’t think I will receive them. It would be nice to recover money for the remaining 5 boxes, but I am not sure what to do, this is the first time happened to me. Any advise?

    • Assuming you can’t get BB5 to refund the money to you (which it sounds like they won’t if they’ve “disappeared”), you’d have to try to call your credit card company, show them evidence of the boxes you’ve received and that you still have 5 left in your “contract” that you already paid for. You’ll also have to show proof that they are out of business (a post like this would probably work so MSA has done some work for you!) and ask the credit card company to try to chargeback for the unsent boxes. I’m assuming the credit card company will try to contact them directly but most, if they don’t get a response in a certain amount of time, will at least refund money to the customer (you) and then continue to take up the “case.” Some credit card companies say this type of things has to happen within a certain amount of time from the original charge, though, which is why prepaying for a long term sub is risky. But it really depends on the credit card company. Good luck!

  28. Wow. I’m not a BB5 subscriber but stories like this and LLB’s reactions to shutting down had me so pessimistic and paranoid about the world that when I stumbled on hints that Sunday Mood Box was closing too, I full blown panicked. I signed up for a 6 month sub during a 50% off Cratejoy sale in May and I knew there was risk involved but I was hoping it wouldn’t actually happen. I immediately sent messages from their website (which sounded like had been turned off once but was back on when I searched), through Cratejoy and in response to a “your September box has shipped!” email that provided no updated tracking for a week. To my SHOCK (sadly it should not be a shock) I quickly got a response indicating that they were indeed shutting down, my September box was taken to the post office that day and I would still receive my remaining agreed-upon boxes since I had a prepaid sub. And when I responded and asked another question and said I was sorry to hear they were closing, I got another immediate response thanking me for my understanding. THAT is how you do business and have moral character. I realize that “in the business world” there are certain rules and things your lawyers instruct you to do when you declare bankruptcy or shut down but completely leaving loyal customers out in the dark and cutting off all communication is sad. Anyways, I’m sorry that any of these companies have to go out of business but I’d just thought I’d share that (at least so far) there IS one company (and owner) who is doing “right”…don’t lose all hope in the world. Honestly, I don’t expect to be wow’ed by these last few boxes from Sunday Mood but that isn’t even really the point anymore…at least they are trying to live up to their contract.