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Target Beauty Boxes for September 2017 – Available Now!

The September Target Beauty Boxes are available now! (Thanks, Cassie and Christy, for the heads up!) And this month there are two boxes:


The Box: Target Beauty Box – September – Your New Basics

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Jar-7ml
  • AcureUltra Hydrating Shampoo- 1.3 oz
  • Acure Ultra-Hydrating Conditioner- 1.3 oz
  • Total Tease Mascara – Very Black Washable
  • Simple Micellar Water- 1.9oz
  • up&up Premium Cotton Rounds
  • Sensodyne ProNamel Strong & Bright- 2.0 oz
  • NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion -13.5oz

The Box: Target Beauty Box – September – Total Hydration

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Crème- 1.75 oz
  • Curls – Blueberry Leave In Conditioner 2 OZ
  • SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo (15 mL)
  • SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Blow Out Crème (15 mL)
  • Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion Deluxe Trial Size- 1.7oz
  • Animalz Sheet Mask – Panda
  • St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub- 1oz
  • Chapstick Total Hydration- Blood Orange

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (78)

  1. I just always appreciate this box. I’ve never had any problems with any boxes whether it be damage, shortage or spillage. It’s hard to believe so many people have problems with this box. All these complaints I read seem a bit overreactive or petty really. It’s $7 and most times they, cs, appear to compensate so…. on to more important things like hurricanes than our silly target boxes. Just sayin’

  2. I just got an email saying that you can purchase anything full-size from the two September boxes at 15% off, with promo code “SEPTEMBERBOX”.

  3. I just talked to customer service about my boxes. The one box lists the blueberry conditioner at 2 oz when it’s only1. The other box has the shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and Nivea incorrect. Grossly overstated on the toothpaste and moisturizer. Additionally the stated value of the box listed represents the much larger sizes. He offered to send a message to have the description corrected. Really?! I offered to send copies of the descriptions and pictures of the items I received to the Attorney General. He didn’t seem at all concerned that it’s illegal and not simply an oversight to carry on this practice month after month. He said I could return them if I’m not happy. Consider the Texas attorney general notified.

    • I just had a chat with a Target rep, he kept saying he’ll inform the management of this issue, but even though I was wondering if that was all the help he would offer, I didn’t ask for anything, and in the end he offered a 15% discount for the inconvenience.

      Considering that I got the two boxes for $3-something because of some gift card balances I had, I really can’t complain. 🙂

      I have to say, though, I do think the boxes are a good value regardless, especially with the two $3 off coupons. The Curls cream was a disappointment, since it was the main reason I wanted the Total Hydration box, and it turned out to be a very small 1 oz bottle, but I suppose that will be enough for a couple of tries.

    • I was not at all happy about this either. Plus, even though there is a safety seal on the Simply cleansing water, it was not sealed right, the lid was not screwed on & it leaked damaging the labels on everything. I wouldn’t really care about that part too much but I didn’t by this box for myself. I’m putting together a gift basket of small, easy to use items for a new, young, expectant mom. My 1st call didn’t go too well. He put me on hold so he could talk to someone about this to see if what I’m saying is even possible. Kinda glad I live in a valley & the call dropped. When I called back, another guy say the notes in my account & mentioned that I received a refund for July’s box. Yes, for 1 of them due to empty products but that doesn’t have anything to do with THIS box. I have already checked. The boxes are not sold out yet, please just send a replacement. Put me on hold… He came back on the line & stated that they are sending a replacement box. I got that email so it should be shipping out Monday. Please do keep calling back. You may get replacements sent. I would keep calling back until they do or refund your money.

    • If you consider the full size would sell for more than the box it self each trial size is about 3 dollars. I think the boxes are a great deal and will continue to purchase.

      • Well, they did list the box value as being $35, but it’s not even half that. This was misleading, no question there.

  4. I think I might be done with Target boxes for awhile… Not only are are the sizes listed wrong on most products wrong but the one that is right, the Simply cleansing water did leak all over everything! Which is odd because there is a safety seal there but the cap was loose and so was the safety seal. Such a shame. These items were meant to be part of a gift basket for an expecting mom.

  5. Is anything in the 1st box the sizes listed? The sizes listed above are what Target had listed in the product description. Sounds like they listed the Nivea wrong. Wondering if anything else was listed right…

    • All of the sizes listed listed above (except the Nivea) are correct as far as I can tell. The mascara was full size. The samples are all good sized and will be great for travel.

      • Most of the sizes are different, actually. The Acure shampoo & conditioner were listed as 1.3 oz, but are actually 1 oz. The toothpaste is 0.8 oz instead of 2 oz. Even the little Garnier cream jar was 6ml instead of 7.

  6. I just got my box, and the Nivea is 2.7oz as I suspected it would be. At least in this case the picture showed the correct size. When they switched up the John Frieda Anti-Frizz cream a couple months ago, I was really disappointed, because they only sent a tiny a foil packet. I also had my make-up wipes dried out because the package was open, so I requested a refund on the box and received one.

    Otherwise this box is a great value. A full size mascara and very generously sized samples. It is actually pretty heavy for a Target box.

    • How many cotton rounds, btw?

      • 2 cotton rounds

  7. I just got mine and the Nivea is 2.7 oz.

    • Also the Sensodyne is 0.8 Oz the shampoo and conditioner by Acure is 1 oz the Garnier Moisture bomb is 6 ml and the rest is as indicated by Liz.

      • Is anything the size Target listed on their website?

      • Yes the Micellar water is actually 1.9 oz and the mascara is full size.

      • Thank you.

  8. I wonder if anybody would bite if Target sold a box that was Up&Up brand, full of deluxe AND full sized items, more items than what we get in your basic Target box and for $5-7?

    A lot of people seem to care about brand but I think if it were Up&Up brand AND the sizes were decent I’d totally fall for it. It’s a great way to see if their store brand items are any good plus there would be the value in size, I think.

    • I would totally go for that. Most Up & Up stuff I’ve tried has been good.

      • Yes! I think that’s a great idea! I would probably buy it depending on what’s in it.

  9. I ordered the Your New Basics box. The Nivea is listed as 13.5 oz in the description on their website. After ordering 2 of the July boxes & getting empty this in one box & empty that in the other, I passed on the August. If this isn’t what is shown this month, it will be refund time. No gift cards or partial refunds.

  10. I found out about the Target beauty box a few weeks ago and have been checking every few days to see if the September one is out and I just snagged the basics box. So excited to try out some of these items! $7 is a good deal even if it is the small Nivea.

  11. I haven’t ordered a target box in a long time ..but I got both of these ..glad they are 7 instead of 10..

  12. I just got shipping info and the weight is 0.98lbs, so the Nivea won’t be full size.

    • In the case, looks like a quick CS chat request for a partial refund will be in my future.

      • What?!! The size of the Nivea is the main reason I purchased the box this month at all. After the empty product issue in July…. I purchased this box as part of a gift bag for a 1st time expecting young mom. The cleansing water & the Nivea are quick & easy for a new mom to use. The size of the Nivea listed in the product description on their site says 13.5 oz. So, ya, if it’s not, I will definitely be calling them in that.
        P.S. I don’t need any nasty comments. It’s my money. Not to mention that Target does not pay for these items. They’re free promotional items. The price is just basically S&H

  13. Omg, finally boxes with products I want. I got both. Thanks MSA!

    • Woohoo!

  14. I got one of each. The items in the Target boxes aren’t always exciting, but it’s one of the few boxes (I get way too many) where I actually use up all or most of the items. The sample sizes are usually decent too a 1 oz facial cleanser will last me all month by the time I’m running out time for another Target box.

  15. Is it confirmed that the Nivea is in fact 13 oz? The pic shows a travel size.

    • It says 13.5 on the website, so even if we all receive small travel size bottles, I think we’ll be able to get a refund or replacement from Target CS.

      • Yep, that will be my plan if its not the size they have listed. I took a screen shot of the item page, on Target’s site. Saving that just in case. Since their boxes haven’t been selling as well, as they used to, I’m hopeful it is the full size, as an incentive.

  16. I think both of these boxes look great. On the total hydration box I love sheet masks, always need lip balm, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is the best and the rest I can try or gift. On the your new basics box I love Acure face products so I’m excited to try their hair products, I’ve been wanting to try the moisture bomb, the description says the Nivea is full size so that rocks and again the rest I can try or gift.

    Both of these contain several things I really want and others that are cool to try. Super happy with both of these this month.

  17. This will sound so weird but: those Up & Up Premium Cotton Rounds are my favorite cotton pads, after MUCH searching and testing. But it looks like there are only two of them? Seriously?? They cost $3 for a package of 50. It’s the only thing in that box that I want besides the micellar water, so maybe I can swap for some. At least they’d be light to ship!

    • 6 have you ever tried the cotton rounds by The Body Shop. They are 100 for $3. I usually buy them on their buy three get three free sale. Then I have cotton rounds for the year. I find them to be high quality.

  18. I had $8 in GC’s so I bought the curly haired one. For the Apricot scrub my favorite, normally $3.99 so steal, sheet mask $4 in store and online, already recouped my value. I don’t have curly hair but my cousin does so I will add curly hair packets to the gift closet, add them to the Kate Spade mug I got her for Christmas, boom! The chaps tick and all else is just a bonus

  19. I got the Basic Box. But I’m confused, I thought these were free shipping like the Walmart boxes and when saw the shipping charge at checkout I decided to go add a few more things to my order, but then on my order confirmation I saw a shipping discount was applied. If I had left my box order alone and not ordered anything extra would it have ended up with free shipping after all?

    • Yes, beauty boxes are shipped for free.

  20. I got the basic box still considering the other because I have wavy hair but lots of it so I’m not sure about a bunch of foil packets

  21. After posting my size concern, I got hubby off to work and realized all I had to do is download the products image to see the size. The Nivea lotion is 2.7oz in the picture, Sensodyne is too small to read, but tinier than the mascara, so not 2oz., but certainly enough to sample.

  22. It seems like a lot of packets and really small samples… maybe I’m biased against it because I have mascara and micellar water out the wazoo and a bunch of in-shower lotions (though once I tried them I liked them). I wish the curl defining creme was a tube or bottle and not a packet because it’s hard to keep once it’s open if you don’t use the whole thing. I might have been more willing to bite if I liked Acure hair products, but I don’t. I really wanted to, as I adore their skin care line, but every Acure hair product I’ve tried has been a bust, including the products included in the one box here. I also might have been more willing to bite if the Shea Moisture was more than packets, as I love their hair care products!

    I mentioned it in response to someone else’s comment, but TWO cotton rounds? I can’t even remove all the nail polish on my toes with two cotton rounds. For Up & Up they couldn’t have given a package of 10?

    Unfortunately I’m taking a pass on both of these. I think it’s the first time in two years that I haven’t purchased a Target box. I almost passed last month but ended up buying it after I saw the MSA review.

    • Maybe they will include several cotton round 2-packs?..
      I would hope that it’s more than just two, but oh well…

  23. I got the hydration box, because curly hair items are rare in boxes these days! It will be fun to try some new products without wasting a ton of $.

  24. Ordering the Basics box because I love trying new mascaras and that is one I’ve been curious about. So figure it’s like buying the mascara and getting some freebies. Plus, I use micellar water and will be nice to have a travel-sized. I also use the Nivea In-Shower lotion (in the winter, in addition to regular lotion) so happy to have that — I truly doubt it will be the full-sized (as people are mentioning upthread) but if it was, I’d be really happy! The other products I don’t necessarily need but can (and will) use. I think this is my first Target box in about six months — do they still send the coupon with them?

    • Yes $3 off.

  25. Jumped on both of these before I even looking at the contents. Happy I did! They both look good to me and I had a $3 coupon so SCORE! 🙂

  26. I ordered the basic kit. It has a listed value of $34 on the site. Only item I was interested in from the hydration box was the chapstick so that was an easy pass.

  27. Ordered both after taking three months of Target boxes break

    • Same here, especially since after some gift card balances I had I only paid $3 and change for them. 🙂

  28. Both seem rather boring to me, passing again.

    • Same here

    • Same. Easy pass.

    • Same.

    • Passing too. Haven’t ordered Target BBox in months.

  29. I ordered the basics box because it does have useful items. Nothing in the hydration box that really does it for me. I think I have hit the peak of beauty box/subscription exhaustion and just lost interest in it. Just glad their new clothing lines have some cute items. 🙂

  30. I ordered the basics. For me, there are too many hair products in the hydration box and I’m pretty picky about what I use on my hair. This will be my first Target box! So glad you can pay via PayPal… I wonder why they don’t do a regular sign up/subscribe box..? Maybe that will happen…

  31. It looks like the Nivea in shower lotion is about 2.3 oz

    • FWIW — I just chatted with a Target representative and asked whether it would be the larger size listed or the smaller one that’s pictured.

      “Him: What we can guarantee is that it should be the 13.5 oz that will be included. We apologize if it appears much smaller on the pictures provided on the website.
      Me: So it will be the larger size, the one that’s listed?
      Him: Exactly, the ones that are listed on the details portion are the ones that will be sent out.”

      I’ve already ordered the New Basics box, and I’ll still be happy with it even if it’s the smaller size lotion because I want to try it. But obviously, full size is better! Fingers crossed he’s right about which size it is.

      • That would be crazy-amazing to get the full size on the in-shower lotion! I ordered mainly for that and the mascara.

      • I’m going to expect the smaller size that is pictured (despite what the customer service guy said — they’ve never been wrong before, right?!). That way, if it does happen to come with the larger size, it’ll be an exciting surprise. If it is the smaller size, then it’s what I expected and I’ll still be happy to try it.

      • Thank you for the info!

  32. I think I’ll order a New Basics box because I’m sure it’ll sell out quickly! What a great way to try mascara and micellar water – two of my favorite things! What a great deal for $7!

  33. I ordered a New Basics box. I’ve been curious about in-shower lotions and micellar water, so I’m excited to try them. Even if it’s the tiny size of the Nivea pictured, rather then the larger size listed, it’ll be OK, because everything will be perfect for traveling. Plus I’ll always happily take a new mascara and face moisturizer to try!

  34. The hair box is tempting. Ur I have locs now and those are a lot of foil packets.

  35. I haven’t ordered a Target box in at least 3 months. There’s nothing in either of these boxes that really interests me but I think the boxes are a good deal if you’ll use most of the products. I love Target!!

  36. I think the Nivea and Sensodyne sizes are incorrect. Doesn’t look like 13.5oz, and 2oz respectively. Was close to pulling the trigger, without the Sensodyne at 2oz, I don’t see any value for my needs. Just teeny samples, mostly lesser brands.

    Did reorder the Up&Up cotton pads – again. They are the best I’ve ever found. The Premium in the pale fuchsia pink package, they offer others, but not nearly as good.

    • The mascara alone is $8.

    • I think it’s funny that it’s a packet of two cotton rounds. Two! I think Target had a box in the past (or maybe it was Walmart) that had a short stack of Swisspers. It was probably a 20-pack. I love Swisspers and buy them at Costco.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous…
        But the overall value is not bad! Significantly higher than it’s been in many months.

  37. I bought both also ! They both look great . I love that toothpaste and I see myself using most of these items .

  38. I haven’t ordered a Target box in many, many months, but I got a New Basics. The Acure sizes will be great for travel!

  39. Oh, this is early!
    And the first time in the last four months that I’ll be buying the Target box. 😃

    • Including September, that is.

    • I haven’t ordered in a long time too. I got 2 of the new basics, that’s a good travel box.

      • I am getting one of each, I have curly hair. 🙂

      • I bought one of each as well. I’m glad that I checked when I did because I wasn’t sure if Target was going to release these next Monday (the first Monday in September) since it will be Labor Day.

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