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PLAY! by SEPHORA The All-Star Edition – Available for VIB Rouge!

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Sephora is offering this limited edition Play! by Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Randee!)

The box is only available for VIB Rouge clients now but it will be available to VIB clients on August 30, and to all clients on August 31 — while supplies last!

The Box: PLAY! by SEPHORA The All-Star Edition

The Cost: $20

The Products:

Discover the best in luxury with this exclusive, limited-edition box—available online only. This collection includes six trial sizes from Sephora’s top luxury brands curated by our experts. Each product boasts a host of five-star reviews and is a bona fide Sephora bestseller. Get to know your luxurious new collection with the help of six limited-edition tarot cards, featuring detailed product information as well as a little cosmic guidance.

– TOM FORD makeup product
– Dior makeup product
– Hourglass makeup product
– SK-II skincare product
– AMOREPACIFIC skincare product
– Viktor & Rolf fragrance product
– Collectible bag
– PLAY! guide to all-star beauty in the form of an exclusive tarot deck

This is a one-time purchase and not a monthly subscription.

Are you going to buy one

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  1. I was pretty disappointed with this bag. The Dior mascara has been given away as a “choose up to three” sample before. Granted, it was an awesome sample, so I grabbed a few, and still have them. I checked, and they’re the same size as the one in this bag- 0.05 oz. The hourglass primer has also been given away before.

    The lipstick was part of a $35 purchase promo. I don’t find the color flattering, but that’s subjective. It at least makes a decent cheek stain. The skincare products are nice, although “Moisture Bound” is the least expensive line of AmorePacific’s products. That leaves the Flowerbomb perfume, which I do like. However, unlike the last bag, you get one deluxe perfume sample, not two.

  2. I love this box! The Tom Ford lipstick is so pretty on me I’m going to look for it in swaps or online for sure.
    I wish I got two boxes because I will use almost everything. I’m glad it had a nice sample of that perfume because it was not for me and I hear so many people love it and I almost purchased a bottle.

    This box was well worth try the price.

  3. This says sold out- with a spot to email when it’s restocked. Seems kinda unfair to be able to buy multiples of a play edition when the regular one only allows 1 per customer. Second time i’m bummed out by Sephora.

  4. Is Sephora giving free shipping on this box?

  5. Mine arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

    • Please post a photo or the details. Mine doesn’t come until Friday.

  6. guess i’m the only one excited for the AMOREPACIFIC skincare product

  7. I wish I could buy it; but probably a good thing I can’t since I’m not VIB Rouge.
    My bank account will thank me.

  8. It’s live for VIBs!

  9. Curmudgeonly comment warming! I wouldn’t be surprised if deals like these purposely have very limited supply, so that once you finally get into the website, if it’s sold out maybe you’ll buy yourself something else as consolation. I would. They had me at [photo of iridescent bag], so I’d have to buy something like Too Faced’s Glitter Bomb palette.

  10. Doesn’t look like it’s available to order for VIBs yet even though it is definitely 8/30 by PST time..Sephora what is going on??

  11. Does anyone know if this ships like the play boxes or will it qualify for flash shipping?

    • Yes, it qualifies for flash shipping. I was not charged for shipping.

      • So if you don’t have flash shipping you have to pay for shipping for this?

        • Yeah you’ll have to pay for shipping. Unless you spend $50 lol

          • Lamesauce. Count me out.

  12. A few hours, and I will be able to order. Never done this before, so excited.

  13. Said it’s a broken link…why?

    • I just tried too :(. Sad, seems it is sold out 🙁

      • Were you all signed into your accounts? There are some comments below from the rouges saying you had to be signed in I believe.

  14. I just ordered one. I am glad they are making this one available though to everyone over several days unlike last time where it was rogue only.

    I hope Sephora continues these luxury limited edition Play boxes. I will *always* pick up as you don’t *ever* see many of these brands in any other subscription boxes.

  15. I can’t even get into the Sephora website…bummer!!!

  16. I’m Vib Rouge, I ordered 3, it’s an awesome deal! Actually better than the last one, can’t wait to get them😊

    • If you’re at all interested, I would generously swap for this. You should be able to click my name to see what I have.

      • I have tried to get on the swap list, but they still have me on a wait list???

        • Me too! I’ve been waitlisted for as long time now. 🙁

        • Oh no! That’s a bummer. I was off the list in a few weeks. How long has it been? Well just off hand, I would gladly swap a full size Tatcha gentle enzyme powder for this. Can you see my listings if you click on my name? I don’t know if you can since you aren’t on the site.

          • Hi Amanda. I would order an extra one if you still want to swap for the full sized Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder.

          • Hi Sue. I hope you see this message. For some reason, there wasn’t a Reply option on your comment. And yes, I would gladly swap the full size Tatcha for this. Are you on the swap site? It is a good way to make both of us feel comfortable in swapping since there is the Ratings system. My listings and ratings should be found if you click on my name.

    • They should limit it to 1 per person, so everyone has a chance to order one.

  17. Yes! I’m so glad they are offering this again (despite all the people on their beauty talk forum hollering about how Sephora should give it to them for free and other misc. drama). I loved the last luxe bag and I’m excited to get another bag of luxury products. The Sk-II is probably worth $20 just by itself.

  18. This is what I get for reading emails at work- just ordered!

  19. Based on the best sellers from each brand, my guesses are:
    Dior lip glow (or the iconic mascara if the tom ford product is a lipstick)
    Tom ford eyeshadow (or lipstick if the dior product is mascara)
    Hourglass primer
    SK-II essence (food for thought… the aura essence packaging matches the bag!)
    Amorpacific enzyme peel
    Victor & rolf flowerbomb

    • I’m hoping for the Bonbon fragrance, because the bottle is so pretty even though I prefer using flowerbomb.

    • OMG I’ve been dying to try the lip glow. I really hope that’s it! It will make the whole purchase worth it for me. 🙂

    • Your selling me on a 2nd one

    • I hope your guesses are correct because those would be my perfect choices (although I REALLY would love a Tom Ford lipstick but no more Dior Show mascara because we can get those as samples all the time).

      • How do you get the Dior samples all the time?

        • Go to any Dior counter and ask for it. (Nordstrom etc.) when I make a purchase and ask for one they usually shower me at least 2-3.

    • it would be great if they could give us the mini package of dior mascara and primer – they had this kit a year or so ago and those 2 go great together! I am hoping for the amore pacifc – not for me, as I have the full sized one, but for a friend, so I can enable her 🙂

  20. They had me at Tom Ford makeup product! Then I saw Hourglass, SK-II, and Dior and practically fell over myself to get it.

    • Haha ! Me too … no hesitation

  21. I predict samples of the following:

    Tom Ford lipstick — probably the sample shade that was offered via promo code last month

    Dior mascara

    Hourglass mineral primer

    SK-II essence

    AmorePacific Enzyme Peel

    V&R Flowerbomb

    I’ve tried all of these except for that particular shade of the lipstick, and I have plenty of samples laying around, so I’m passing on this. I didn’t get the last one, either, and was glad that I didn’t.

    • These seem like good guesses. I’m thinking (hoping) for the original Diorshow mascara and a Tom Ford lippie. The shade from the promo has been sold out, so i wouldn’t bet on that one, though. And one can only hope for the SK-II Essence!

      • If not the SK-II essence, it might be a set of single use under eye gel pads.

        • My guess is close to yours… I’m thinking it could be the SK-II sheet mask. 🙂 I’ve seen those in a few GWPs in the past.

          Hopefully, it’s not that moisturizer sample that comes in that uber tiny red jar.

    • You got them all right except the Amore Pacific is a moisturizer. The flower bomb is the size of a regular Rollerball about 22 dollars in value . Tom Ford is the Indian Rose Lipstick tiny tiny looks like Barbie might enjoy using it for her date with Ken . Lol . I’m just joking we can use it a few times ladies . I know Tom Ford is off the charts expensive so I guess that’s why it’s so tiny . Those products are quality though . I was hoping for foundation or blush from that line a sample size .
      I have a photo of The whole bag and the Tarot cards but I can’t get it to let me post it here on the site . I’ve been trying for a half hour .
      I also don’t really feel this was a bag worthy of all they hyped it up to be . I’m usually a person who will say yes yes this is awesome each month that play comes out but I have to say after they had all these big ” all star ” brands listed I expected so much more than what they give as samples a lot of the time or for 100 point bonuses .
      I thought for sure there would be a foundation stick or some kind of foundation or blush in this bag and at least one larger size product !! Even ipsy is giving mostly large size products and they are getting some of the heavy hitting name brands in there now .

  22. ordered! really loved the last bag 🙂

  23. I ordered one, I was really happy with the last bag, I got to try some high end products and the sample sizes were good in my opinion

  24. I’m a vib so will be ordering tomorrow!

  25. Just ordered. I didn’t have any restraint.

  26. Never was I ever going to not buy this.

  27. Ordered without a moment’s hesitation. Can’t wait to see what they’ve chosen.

  28. Oh how I wish I was still a rouge! You lucky girls!!💞💜

    • What’s a rogue? Sorry I’m new to Sephora…

      • vib is people who spend over $350 at sephora in a year and vib rouge is people who spend over $1000 at sephora in a year. BI is just anyone who has a sephora account.

      • A rogue is typically a stealth class character and gets +1 speed and lock picking


        • literally lol’d

        • Diet Coke just came out of my nose! Lol! 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Love it!

    • Hi! I think they said that VIBs can order on the 30th, and then BIs after that, so there’s a good chance you can snag one! They probably set aside a certain amount to be available for each level so everyone at least has a shot. And with the last bag it went out of stock then came available again, so keep checking!! Good luck! 😀

  29. I wasn’t rouge last time it was offered, you bet your bottom dollar I just ordered it Now that I am. Was able to add a lip balm to make my total 25$ and use a promo code for a Kat von d mini.

    • What was in it last time?

      • Below is what was in the first bag:

        Tom Ford Black Orchid .1 FL
        YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick – Bright Strawberry Pink
        Dior Poison Girl .17 oz
        La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream .24 oz
        Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer .16 oz
        Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara .11 oz

    • What was the pronoun code? I’d love to use it for a KVD mini. Thx ☺️

  30. Got one ! Well, for the first time in years that I feel like Sephora really gives out good perks for VIB rouge .

    • I don’t know, i feel like if you are spending roughly 90 a month at sephora it would be in their best interest to just send these for free. I mean you’re going to end up buying the full sizes anyway.

  31. Just got it. The link still doesn’t work for me, but I managed to search it – add to cart without going into the product page. Very excited!

    • Okay. The link works now!

  32. Just ordered!

  33. Thanks for the heads up

  34. I like the way they’re handling it this time with the dates. Everyone gets a chance, but it seems fair that frequent shoppers get to order first.

  35. Got it and this time it will be for everyone. It said today for Rouge, tomorrow for VIB and the day after for all. You can order up to 3 at a time like last time. Got one for myself, sister and cousin.

    • Oh, and glad there is only one perfume this time.

  36. Done. I really liked the last luxury Sephora play they offered.

  37. link doesn’t work??

    • You need to be logged into your Rouge account to access it today. Try logging in, then using this link. If you don’t have a Rouge account, see the release timeline in this post.

    • It’s for vib rouge members…if you are make sure you’re signed into your account and if it still doesn’t work you can search for rouge exclusives on Sephora’s site.

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