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Ipsy September 2017 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Reveal!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have more spoilers for the September 2017 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for September!

Plus, for a limited time only, Ipsy has removed the waitlist to sign up for the Glam Bag!

What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

In case you missed it, you can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following:

Or you can ask for:

ipsy September 2017

If you’d like to select a sample for September, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the items listed above. Make sure to email before the end of August!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

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  1. I got one thing that was in the September bag, the other stuff was stuff I will never use.. 😔

  2. I am getting a prmit beauty gel polish, real elemental practice bio fresh mask, colourpop cosmetic brow boss, smash box photo finish, dirty little secret lipgloss. 3 in which is not on this list but I’m ok with it 👌🏽

  3. Does anyone know what color the Colourpop VIP ultra glossy is? I can’t tell from the picture like I can with the lippy stix. Thanks

    • Looks like a watermelon type shade.

    • To me it looks like a very wearable peachy color

    • I think is nude beach

    • I am just not liking the bags. July was adorable but other than that….. I’m not feeling it. We should get a choice.

  4. didnt they have a bag kinda just like this one in the past

    • I saw pics of a black bag from before I signed up, but I’ve had ipsy going on 3 years and never had one like that. Hopefully it will be classy looking as it seems.

      • I purchased an Ipsy offer last year that came with a black Ipsy bag. The word IPSY is embossed all over it and the zipper is bright orange plastic. I would have to go look into my purchases to see when that bag was from. It’s black but not exactly classy. I actually to use it but it’s for storage in the bathroom. The September bag will probably end up in my purse.

        • Oh yes! I think that was the June bag 2 years ago. It’s made of a black spongey scuba-like material and neon orange plastic zipper. This one looks very different to me.

          • Yes, that’s the bag! It’s not that pretty but it’s durable & padded. It is always in use. Someone said it reminds them of a wet suit. Yep! It does. I wasn’t subscribed when that bag came out. Wonder what the theme was…. This bag looks a little elegant. Can’t wait for September!

      • I looked at my purchases and found the ipsy offer I was talking about but the description is no longer available. It was the Every Day Hair Essentials kit purchased on July 29,2016. So, I’m not sure which past Glambag that on was…. However, it’s not as pretty as this one. Sorry I can’t post a pic.

        • The Ipsy bag you are referring to is from June 2015. The material on one side is similar to a wetsuit. But this September 2017 bag looks different.

          • Yes! That’s what it reminds me of! I subscribed in 2016. The September bag looks elegant.

    • Hi, I wasn’t aware you can could request items for the next bag? How do you do that? Thank you in advance.

      • you look through the list of items up there as spoilers , and you email the one item you want…also youre allowed to opt out of things you dont nail polish, brushes, lip gloss. .whatever those three items are just email and tell them

  5. Do you know what DLS lipgloss in Nude Beach looks like? Is it nude or pink or both? Thank you!

  6. I chose the NEOGEN Dermalogy White Truffle Serum Oil Drop. I received a sample of the Neogen Milk to foam cleanser in one of my glambags and fell absolutely in love with it, so I’ve been wanting to try more of their products.

  7. I’m a little confused about how their beauty quiz works because my preferences are getting totally ignored. This month I’m getting the Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB cream in beige (I did NOT check concealers or tinted moisturizers in the quiz and I let them know I’m a very FAIR skinned redhead…can’t use this), Pacifica blush duo (I did NOT check blush because being fair skinned and having rosacea I CAN’T USE IT), theBalm eyeshadow in brown (I did NOT check eyeshadow because I only use certain colors/palettes, and I DO NOT wear dark brown), and the only two items I’m going to use are a blending brush and the yoghurt mask duo, which I specifically requested. What gives? I’ve noticed others are getting items I DID specifically ask for, like nail polishes, and I’m getting 3/5 things I absolutely cannot use and did not request.

    • Just because you don’t check off products on the profile doesn’t mean your not going to get them. The whole point of sub boxes is to try things you normally wouldn’t try and step out of your comfort zone. The only way your guaranteed not to get something is if you specifically ask ipsy via email to opt out of 2 products. So if you don’t want blush or eyeshadow, tell ipsy customer service you want to opt out of those.

      • I think it’s just weird to have a quiz asking what you like most and then send absolutely none of those items, ever. Defeats the purpose of the quiz, wouldn’t you think? I assume the purpose of a sub box is to let you try new items that you might actually want to buy, which isn’t going to happen if you’re sending items the individual CANNOT use. This is why one might have a questionnaire for preferences or to state skin/hair/eye color…which only works if they use it.

        • I always get an item that I have checked. The quiz is to figure out what you like best, but your items won’t be strictly limited to those things. They don’t know what you can’t use, because that’s not part of the quiz. Email them and let them know that you specifically do not want those things (I haven’t felt the need to do this, but if you absolutely will never want a certain thing, it sounds like a good option), and make sure you review all of your products. I was sent a brush one month, rated “brushes” one star in the review and haven’t gotten another one since. I’ll do the same with the bronzer I was sent this month, because I’m way too pale for bronzer. I hope you enjoy your future bags more than your past ones. =)

    • Becky,
      Are you reviewing the products you get each month? Some people just mark how many “hearts” they rate the products but don’t write anything below it. You don’t have to write a lot just a few sentences. I think it helps them better understand why you rated a particular product the way you did.
      I would advise emailing ipsycare & ask for the ipsy match people to look at your profile to get it more in line with your coloring & wants. Explain a little about your hair/skin & what does & doesn’t work for you.
      That being said, I think unfortunately we’re almost always going to get items we’d never use. I have so many brown eye shadows it’s ridiculous. I always say in a review that I have too many browns & mention alternative colors. Doesn’t always work but I have noticed over the past 2 months I’m different colors or not at all.
      I also personally think they have an over abundance of brown eye shadow & black eyeliner.
      You could also try the swap section on here & I’d be happy to swap with you if you want. I’m a medium skinned brunette. Hope that helps. I’m sure others on here will offer helpful info. Lots of good feedback on here.

      • Thank you. Yes, I do try to fully review. Doesn’t seem to make a difference, though.

        • Make sure when you review you click the face that says the color is not for you. I doubt ipsy reads the words you write; so the stars and the clicking the faces for whether you like a type of product or color is what will help. I’ve also noticed if I give something a 3 because it is “meh” it doesn’t help. Put 1.

          • Good tips thanks Sunshine! I’ve previously marked a lot of meh products a 3 but I’m going to start this month being a tougher critic of the items/colors that don’t work. Can’t wait to try the eye cream.

          • I gave my millionth mascara and eyeliner 1 star each on your advice. Still had to give MUFE the brand 5 stars. Hopefully that doesn’t detract from future bags

    • Since when do we literally get to choose what Ipsy sends us???

    • I agree with Jackie S. The point is to send things for you to try and review. I’ve been a member for only 5 months, and I’ve gotten things that I didn’t care for. I’ve noticed that since they gotten to know my preferences they’ve started sending items that I profiled just in different shades and manufacturers. I make sure that I post a review for every item wether I like them or not in my case they seem to be hearing me. I’m sorry that you feel like they are ignoring you, I assure you that they are hearing you. I’ve sent emails to ipsy when I had any questions about this and I’ve always gotten a response. Be patient and good luck. 😁

  8. This may be a stupid question but I just signed up for Ipsy and I’m not sure how it works…
    Can we request more than just 1 sample for our September bags or are we limited to just 1?

    • You can request more than one, HOWEVER you are only guaranteed to get one requested product. So you can say id like to get this and that, but you won’t get both.

    • You can also opt out of two categories (I’m opted out of brushes and eyeliner). Another way to help your bag be better for you.

      • You can opt out of three.
        I’m opted out of ‘Hair Styling,’ ‘Serums,’ and ‘Cleansers.’

        • Oh really, good to know, thank you!!

    • You can just request 1 spoiler per month

    • How do you request?

  9. I absolutely love my ipsy, but I was a bit underwhelmed with my August bag. Sample sizes were a bit too tiny for me. The eye cream and TheBalm eyeshadow sizes were honestly a joke. Here’s hoping September is back to the usual standards.

    • Felt exactly the same! Super tiny!

    • My bag is supposed to be here Tues but I’m kind of bummed to hear about the sample size of the eye cream since I’m getting that also. NOT surprised about the Balm size as previous products I’ve gotten of that brand have been ridiculously small. I know…it’s $10 but some/a lot of the products I get are crazy small.

      • I got the eye cream and think it is tiny but it will go a long way since you just need a dot. I have a handful of balm shadows now and want to rip them out to put in a palette. Has anyone tried it? I do like the illuminating color this time!

        • I put all of mine in a z pallete. Way easier!

          • Jessica & others who commented can you explain what a Z palette is? I just got 4 pressed eyeshadows from Colourpop & they were supposed to send me the empty palette to put them in but…big chaos. I’ll spare the details.
            Anyway, I don’t know what a Z palette is & does anyone have alternatives for keeping eyeshadows in a palette type thing? Thanks!

          • A Z pallete is an empty magnetic palette. It includes magnet stickers to use with no metal pans. I bought mine at Sephora.

          • Thanks Jessica! I’ll start looking for a z palette this weekend.

          • You’re welcome!☺

        • yes rip them out but be careful

          • Yes , last Saturday I spent the day depotting all my eyeshadows I’ve received from all my boxes .I ended up with a large z palette full of beautiful eyeshadows.I have to say im anal and any that were not in the perfect round pot were completely put in new pots .I had ordered a kit from qvc so I had pots, magnets, and the depotting tool

        • I pulled all mine and put them in a z palette but the pans aren’t magnetic so you have to get some of those sticky magnets to put on the back of them.

        • I feel like we voted on tbese colorpop lipstick colors over a year ago. Does anyone else remember that? Lol I was on vacation so didn’t get to put my request in I forgot. 🙁 anywho I see a few I really want so here to hoping. I’d love the it’s a 10! That stuff is expensive. And I hope I get a ipsy color pop. I mean I did vote on them!

        • I did just that , I spent a Saturday taking all the sample eyeshadows I’ve gotten from all my subscription boxes and transferred them into a large zpalette , filled the whole thing up it looks awesome

        • I did just that , I spent a Saturday taking all the sample eyeshadows I’ve gotten from all my subscription boxes and transferred them into a large zpalette , filled the whole thing up it looks awesome 😁

    • Maybe it just depends on what you get – I got three full size items (i’m counting two yogurt masks as one full size, my eyeliner was full size, and my nail polish was full size). The other two (mascara and moisturizer) were big enough that I’m confident they will last me until the next bag!

      • Ditto I am getting 3 full size. Pacifica blush , naked powder , and nail polish . I am also getting perfume which was request. I already have it and its a really good size. So I consider the balm kinda like a freebie. I think the reason I get so many full size is when I filled out my profile I only chose that I shopped at drug stores, Walmart, and Target. I also don’t check expensive brands as something I want to try.

        • Naked Cosmetics translucent powder is not full size at all. Also, I have a full range of brands checked as well as shopping at Sephora, Department and drug stores. Not real sure that matters as I’ve never heard of the eye cream company and didn’t have TheBalm selected. Possibly luck of the draw. Like I said, I’ve never had problems with the sizes before, but this month was just sad.

          • OK well I googled the powder and found it on naked website for retail $23 on sale $14 the .35 oz which is size sent was only size they had it in sounded full size to me. My bad. As for other things I am just guessing I get mostly full size don’t know why more people don’t.

        • Oh this is interesting! Yes, the full sized items are often the drugstore brands and nail polish. I got the Pacifica Blush.

          • Interesting to me as well – I only have sephora/high-end stores and really luxe brands checked and also still seem to get at least a couple full sized items a month. Not sure how much our answers matter in this case…

  10. I was not so impressed with my first Ipsy bag but will give it another chance. Hopefully next month I get an item based on my profile

    • My first Ipsy bag wasn’t as great as I thought it would be, but the two months Ipsy bags I received were spot on and it exceeded my expectations! It helps if you rate the items and tell customer service what your preferences are or if you redo your beauty quiz. I don’t think you can opt out of specific brands, but I know you can request to opt out of certain types of products. Hopefully this helps!

      • Thanks!

    • When I 1st signed up w/ Ipsy, I signed up w/ Birchbox as well. At the time, I thought I needed to choose between the two due to our budget. I misunderstood what my hubby was saying…. Idk how but that 1st month, Birchbox nailed it & Ipsy did not. So, I canceled Ipsy & missed out on a very pretty bag & an awesome product month as well. I resubscribed but it was too late for that month. Birchbox lasted 6 months, 3 more than I should have given them & when I go look at what others are still getting a year and a half later, it’s the same damn stuff! I’ve been w/ Ipsy for a year and a half. Some months I’m like WTH? But mostly, they’re awesome! By far the best $10 beauty sub out there! In my opinion. I consider a 3/5 profile match a good month. This month I got 4/5 profile match. I just don’t like the color of one but it’s still a match. Give it a couple of months & don’t hesitate to start a friendly conversation w/ ipsycare.

  11. I get two ipsy bags and requested the neogen serum in one and the mac cream in the other today and got an email back that they would make sure my picks would be in my bag.

    I’m kinda blah about this month’s, I’m not much into lip stuff and I hated the tarte mascara it ran horrible and smeared. I already use smashbox primer.

    I do like the classy bag!

    • I just received a response from Ipsy stating no to the MAC item. 🙁

      • I heard people who requested MAC and DLS were told no too.

  12. I requested the Elizabeth Mott Eyeshadow in Gunmetal.

    • Yeah, I was interested in that too but with no pic I’m wondering if it’s going to be shimmery & I’m more into mattes & I have hooded eyes. Let me know how you like it.

      • Anita,

        I have hooded eyes as well! I’m finding them hard to work with, especially when every eye look you see a video for, is on non-hooded eyes and wouldn’t work for you. Are you as frustrated as me?

        • Melissa,

          I also have hooded eyes and I’ve been able to make shimmer shadows work. Check out YouTube and search for “hooded eyes makeup tutorials”. You will find channels of other people with hooded eyes as well. My 2 favorites are Alissa Ashley and OmabelleTV. I hope you can make some of your shimmer shadows work 🙂

          • Thank you! I have eyeliner I like but only wear it once in awhile. Maybe 5-10 times per year. The winged look is never going to look right on me with my eyelids. At least not an everyday look and I don’t see myself needing to be “camera ready” anytime soon. I absolutely love shimmery eyeshadow but with my eyelids and skintone, it always looks odd or like too much. So I usually stick to a natural look and add a splash of color at the lash line. I will definately be checking out the videos!

          • Your welcome! I hope you can find some helpful videos. For the longest time, I always swore I couldn’t do wings because my eyes are really hooded. I tried and tried to no avail. I found some videos on YouTube and I can actually do wings. Not very well, most days I get mad and end up taking the wing part off because I messed up, but every now and then, they look awesome lol. Someone told me to practice before you get in the shower. That way your not messing up your makeup since your going to wash your face anyway. I still practice before I get in the shower lol! I don’t know which liner you use, but if you haven’t tried it yet, check out the ELF brush tip liquid liner. Its like $2 at Wal-Mart and it’s so easy to work with!

          • I’m not sure I want to even mess with eyeliner. Even the last time a professional did my makeup, she opted to not use eyeliner on me. What?! That’s when I went back to a little eyeshadow on the top lid and just a little along the bottom. I still don’t do it everyday but it’s so easy to add when you’re in a rush to go from day to evening. Just use a damp cotton swab and the dry side to blend or smudge. No fallout.

          • Jackie,

            Thank you so much! I will definitely check out those people on YouTube.

        • Melissa, Jackie & Dawn,
          YES! I can’t get the winged look. Tried lots of brands, felt pen & pencils & most work fine on the lash line but terrible on wings. Watched a tutorial for hooded eyes & she used a sigma e06 brush ($15) & gel eyeliner in a pot. Probably not getting that brush but looking for a decently priced & hopefully the holy grail next. I know I was aiming wing wrong so IF I can find a good gel eyeliner I’m going to be happy.

          Also, I like shimmer eye shadow but a lot are too glittering for me. Someone please comment on that gunmetal shadow when you get it. Interested to see how it looks. Thanks to all that have offered suggestions & their experiences with makeup I so appreciate it. Keep sharing.

  13. September will be my 2nd bag with Ipsy and I will request the Neogen Truffle Oil. I know a lot of items I will get I probably won’t use but I look forward to trying new products. It looks like a brush is usually included.

    • If you really don’t want a certain type of item you can opt out (like brushes). You can opt out of two categories. Just email them like you did to request the oil.

  14. The glam bags starting in May reminded me of the summer time-fun, easy breezy living. September is the start of school and Fall so the easy breezy vacation mode has to go back on hold. Back to life, back to reality.

  15. I was thinking about requesting the NeoGen truffle oil, but I think I might get the ColourPop gloss! I’m a sucker for exclusive items/collabs, and the shade looks gorgeous.

  16. I don’t know if this is old news, but you cam skip a month with ipsy. I was about to cancel my account and it gave me the option to skip a month instead. I decided to hold off on canceling now that I know I can skip, but after seeing spoilers for September, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I had no idea this option was available now.

      • I didn’t know that either, and I’ve subbed to Ipsy for 5+ years! lol

  17. It seems a lot of people are being told no to their requests this month. I am kinda afraid to ask for anything.

    • I requested the Neogen white truffle serum yesterday (kind of wish I had waited since I’ve now seen the Mac product). I received a reply within 3 hours or so advising me I would get this in my September bag.
      I’ve also received about 5-6 black eyeliners in my 8 month subscription so I completely relate. You probably know more than I do about specific requests but have you asked them to opt out of that all together? I just removed it from my profile at the end of July & I’m not getting one this month. if I get one in September’s bag then I will contact them to opt out. I’ve had to contact them several times since I started & they have always worked with me. I also always mention in my monthly reviews how I seem to get black eyeliner a lot & suggest other colors I would prefer.
      Just my 2 cents.

      • Sorry, most of my reply is to the commenter who said she’s cancelled her subscription because of the black eyeliner. Oops for the tech glitch on my part.

      • I saw someone post on Facebook they were told no on Mac item.

        • I was just told No on the MAC item as well. 🙁

      • I told them that I currently own way too many eyeliners and mentioned that I don’t want any more in my future glam bags. The rep. who helped me out said that they marked it and will not be putting anymore eyeliners in my future bags! It also helps to not mark it as a preference when you do your beauty quiz! They only let you choose certain released samples. If they tell you no, they generally will also give you a list that you could choose from. I requested three products from the August bag, and I got all three!

        • Wow that’s great Jaclyn! 3 items good work. Since I’ve changed my beauty profile (no black liners) & took several other things off I’m crossing my fingers.
          I think Ipsy is pretty reasonable they want their customers happy I told them I had never received a serum since I started & it was no problem.
          Thanks to the comment from the person who advised the Mac item couldn’t be requested because I was thinking about trying to switch to that from the Neogen. Saved me an email.

          • I removed The Balm from the item list on my Quiz, and I emailed them and asked them not to send it after I kept receiving it. They told me I could not opt-out of specific brands, just an FYI.

    • If there is something that you like, go ahead and ask. I’ve never had a problem. All they can do is deny the request and give you something else. I’m undecided so I did not email them this round.

    • I believe if you request for a product from the first list of spoilers, they can guarantee that you’ll get that product. The other spoilers are not guaranteed products.

  18. When I requested an item i wasn’t given the choice of the colourpop lippies. Hope we all get one anyway….

  19. Now that pizza slice bag sounds pretty creative to me 🍕. I’m going to be happy I think with my August bag products (finally getting an eyebrow pencil, under eye cream, belif moisturizer). Of course I’m getting the Balm product & I’m not a fan of their line based on what I have received so far…packaged cute though. Took them off my profile & took advice I read on here to shave off a few/several/ok 10 years off my age🙀. We’ll see how that works out.

  20. I want the mascara AND one of the lip products, so I’m conflicted about requesting one or not requesting any and hoping for both 😉 I had great luck last time I didn’t request anything, but it’s gone the other way too. Thank goodness for the swap site!

    • I’ve requested 2 products and they’ve always said that I would receive at least one of them but sometimes I get both…

  21. I swear if I get that black eyeliner pencil…

    • If you do, I will swap you something for it. I may be the last person on earth who loves a black eyeliner!!

      • I’ve had black eyeliner in the past 3 bags and have loved them! There are two of us. lol

      • I love them as well and always excited to try a new good eyeliner

    • I just cancelled my Ipsy acct yesterday because I’m getting yet another Black Eyeliner. Every month I get them, and i rate them badly!!! Yet they still keep sending. Not anymore. August is my last bag. So many other great items and they send the same [email protected] over and over.

      • You do realize you can op out of eyeliner completely

    • Honestly same tho, I never seem to avoid the black eyeliner, I always get it… liquid or pencil.

      • I love black eyeliner it’s just that I seem to get it too frequently & it’s always in pencil form. I just bought some liquid eyeliner because I got tired of waiting for one from Ipsy

    • I think I could open a black eyeliner store. SIREN’S BLACK EYELINER STORE, EVERYTHING $1!!

    • Same! I tried to email them and opt out of black eyeliner but I was told I can only opt out of eyeliners completely, which I understand but it’s still a bummer. I’d love to receive a different shade, but I just keep receiving black over and over and over…..

  22. If anyone is wondering Ipsy had a smashbox primer before the clear one it was .25 oz. I have not requested anything . Can’t decide if I want a gloss or mascara.

    • The spoiler sizes are shown above in the picture with the bag, for those who are asking.

  23. Does anyone know how big the mascara will be or normally is? I thought about requesting the tarte mascara but i have not received my first bag yet and i am not sure the size of mascara they normally send. when i click on the link it takes me to the .24 oz size for $23, but i didnt know if that was accurate for sizes or just showing us a picture of the product and for us to read a little bit about it.

    • Subs sometimes link to the full sized product even though they’ll be sending the travel/sample size. They pictured the sample sized mascara in the top photo above along with other potential products that could be in the bag.

      • oh i see now, thank you!

    • Sometimes there full size sometimes there Minis it just depends

      • I guess the only way to find out is when it gets delivered? Or do they release it prior in spoilers?

        • I’ve never gotten a full sized mascara in ipsy and I’ve been here for a year. And they tell you around the 5th of the month which products you will be getting.

          • I had a full sized mascara last month but its an unknown brand.

    • It’s a high end brand so it’ll def be a sample size.

  24. I’m signing up just for the bag!

    Everything inside is just gravy.

  25. A bag I can actually include in my purse. I’m pleased.

    I like their fun bags, but I like their fun bags interspersed with practical makeup bags the best.

    • I agree. I love the fun bags but at times a simple bag is best.

    • I am totally here for the fun bags!

      Uh, that doesn’t sound right.

      But out of 3 months, I got 1 super cute bag (ice cream cones,) 1 sorta cute bag (lazy sad egg) & one I’ll be gifting eventually (lips.) My real problem was what was IN the bags, not being able to select opt-out permanently & getting repeat items (like how some people keep getting black eyeliners.)

      • You can email them & ask to opt out of 2 diff. types of products, not sure how long it actually takes but i did this and 1 thing I chose was lotions or creams & when I saw that one of my products was a lotion and another the eye brush I specifically asked not to receive because I just ordered some. they were very nice about it then when they revealed the samples, I just got kinda angry, I know better than to think I’m going to love everything but to dislike my entire bag….thats never happened to me before 😂

  26. Ipsy must read these comments… 🙂 We went from Mr. Egg, to cutesy comment bag to ultra sophisticated basic black…excited for September’s bag! It all looks good,,I’ll take it…!

    • As far as “the bag” goes, I like the variety….when I gift any of of my extra stash, I use the bags which makes it extra special…

  27. Since I am new I am wondering if Someone can clarify something for me, do we get the choice of the glam bag or to pick 1 sample and then they give us the other 4 random samples from the other choices list? I signed up last month but I didn’t know I had any choices. Thanks!!

    • So my subscription addiction gives us sneak peaks in advance about future or upcoming glam bags. You email ipsy care and tell them the sample u want in ur ipsy bag for that month that was listed on the samples that was put up and they put it in ur ipsy bag for that month and the other 4 products are random. But sometimes if the product is highly wanted and cant be guareented they give u a list of samples u can choose 1 from that is going to be in your ipsy bag for the month u mailed in for.

    • the glam bag is chosen for the month and everybody gets the same one. Except there were 3 different bags for august and the bag you get is a surprise. You can then request 1 sample you would like and the other 4 are random. If you fill out the beauty questionnaire and do the reviews midmonth on the products you receive, your bag becomes more customized. If there is something you absolutely HATE, you can opt out of 2 categories for 3 months I think. Hope that helps! I love ipsy, it rocks!

  28. september’s bag looks great ! im excited for it after the disapointing ones that i’ve gotten all summer. i did email and as for the Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Radiance Primer since i love the regular primer so fingers crossed its a decent size.

  29. Agree. ipsy has obviously been hiring the teenyboppers and trying to appeal to them, hence the infantile look and feel of the past few months, along with the nonsensical language that’s used by the likes of Kylie Jenner (“adorbs”, “gorg”). Now we’re getting back to the ipsy we love. Excellent!

    • Yes. At the rate we’ve been going I was expecting a bag in the shape of a pizza slice with the word “Hangry” written in glitter. With a pepperoni pull tab no less.

      • Now THAT’S funny!! 😂😂😂

        I kinda want that bag now, tho….

      • 😂😂😂😂Yes! I so agree because that cartoon egg mascot had me like😮🤔😒

      • I kinda want that bag also:)

      • I’m picking the eyeshadow in gunmetal.

      • I would sub for the pizza bag!! 🍕

    • I hope I don’t end up with yet another nude lip product. I look terrible in nude lipstick. Ipsy does way too many nudes and not enough of other colors!

      • Not gonna lie, I’d kill for a neutral, I should look into the swaps. I keep getting dark fuchsias! I am a redhead and can’t pull off those colors. The lip colors in the profile quiz don’t even have the tones that work for me (which are corals or ones with more orangey undertones). I wonder why that is since there are more than pinks, reds and neutrals out there, but those are all we can choose from.

        • I’m with you, Kay. I’m a redhead, too. Black eyeliners and the brightest fuchsia lip shades ever.

          Also, if you sub to Boxycharm, their quiz doesn’t even have a redhead option, the closest is some bizarre haircolor like amber or something like that.

          • What? That’s nuts!

        • I love you redheads! One of best, oldest & dearest friends has the most incredible red hair I have ever seen! I got a ginger for a daughter in law too! She wears a t-shirt that says,”Pale IS a color & I wear it well!” I’m Native American. So, most makeup is too yellow. Highlighter, 99% of them, NO! Ipsy did send me one that’s actually a lavander color. Perfect! Anyway, although I love my Ipsy, I get bored & will check out other subs. Have you checked into How To Be A Redhead?

      • I’d request one of the colors they have up now then, especially if didn’t have another sample you’d prefer to request. That way you can guarantee no nudes and have the added bonus of being able to review and saw you like the darker shade so they’ll listen more in the future.

    • I don’t feel that their look has been at all ‘infantile’ the past few months. I think it’s been adorable and fun, which is the point of trying new beauty products! If you go look at the past year’s worth of bags, there’s always been that variety of different styles. The first bag I received (July 2016) had little beach umbrellas on it that I remember everyone thought looked like peppermints. We went from that to painted makeup ladies, then glam silhouettes whose arms spelled ‘ipsy’ followed by cartoon Halloween items. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of them! I mean, I know they’re not for everyone but there’s no reason you can’t pass along a bag you dislike to someone who might actually appreciate it!

      • I’m looking forward to the October bag since I love Halloween 👻. I use the bags I don’t like to pack a few supplies for the car glove compartment & I have given a few as the wrapping for a birthday gift. I also use 1 as a cash stash & stick it in a drawer for emergency money.

  30. Yes! A pretty little elegant bag for my birthday month! The August bag is ok but it’s going to be interesting to see which one I get. I emailed & asked if I could please not get the one that says Love Peace Lipstick because I hardly ever wear lipstick anymore. Response:” No, sorry. They are picked at random but I’ve opted you out of lipstick starting next month!” Lol! What?! Ok… I thought I had opted out of mascara but I’m getting AGAIN…

  31. I have really been loving all the bags over the past 3-4 months! I’ve acutely been using them as little handbags off and on because they don’t look cheap and generic like they used to. Even the little egg that just can’t was awesome! Really they just stepped up their game in that area.
    I’ve requested the smashbox primer.. love me some smashbox primer! Let’s hope it’s deluxe sample or $16 size

  32. YaY, ive been wanting a black bag i can just toss into my purse and not care if it gets dirty

  33. Yes! A makeup bag for an adult. It definitely seems like the last few months were more for the teens and early twenties . I understand they can’t make everyone happy and I will go through months of not loving the bags because they do cater to so many age groups. I am fine with that but I am happy with the September bag!

  34. A simple and classic bag, FINALLY! Not everyone is into sayings and cartoon characters. This I would actually carry. The August bags are pretty with the ombre and tassel, just wish they would have left off the words.

    • Agree. This bag looks more universal. I hated that egg thing on July’s bag.
      I would love to try the Mac product I don’t think I’ve ever received anything from them in my Ipsy bag.
      Can you request a specific item every month & should I do it near the end of the month or as soon as the spoilers come out? Seems the spoilers are revealed over several days or weeks time.

      • I usually wait Anita. They always have more towards the end of the month and they tend to be better in my opinion.

      • The only thing you have to worry about if you wait until the end of the month, is them running out of the item you want. I waited until the middle of the month and requested a concealer a few months ago and they told me that was a highly requested item and it was sold out so they couldn’t guarantee that would be in my bag. I usually get my pick in on the 1st or 2nd of the month, that way your guaranteed to get it.

        You can always email them and change your request at anytime. I did that one month, once I saw more spoilers and they changed my request for me. Ipsy has the best and most accommodating customer service!

        • Thanks so much for all the helpful info wish I had known everything I’ve learned so far about 8 months ago. I usually end up liking 3 sometimes 4 of what’s in my bag each month. My fave thing last month was the Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer. I already had several other bronzer brands from previous months. Initially I was rolling my eyes at yet another btonzer but Tarte’s is THE BEST.

          I love this site everyone is so helpful. Thanks again.

          • Your welcome!! I’ve been subscribed for a year this month and have been learning more and more just recently. I’m glad I have MSA and all the commenters on here to help us out! It’s a learning experience figuring out all the in’s and out’s of sub boxes 🙂

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