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Ipsy August 2017 Spoiler Update – Three Glam Bag Designs!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We had a sneak peek of the August glam bag but we now know that there are three variations!

You’ll receive one of the following designs for August:

Ipsy August 2017

We created three unique August Glam Bags, inspired by sparkly summer sunsets, the magic of the universe, and free spirits everywhere. We hope it fills your world with good vibes and inspires you to spread them around all month long.

Which glam bag design do you want?

In case you missed it, here are all the known spoilers for August:

ipsy august 2017

A product that will be sampled this month:

ipsy august 2017

Winky Lux Peeper Perfect

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, here is another product that will be sampled this month:

HIKARI Shimmer Bronzer

All subscribers will receive at least one of the following in their August 2017 Ipsy glam bag:

ipsy august 2017



And you can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following samples:

What do you think of the August spoilers?

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  1. I have a friend who just signed up. Will she get the August bag or have to wait until September? I LOVE my bag! July was awful and I changed my profile choices and this is the BEST bag yet! <3

  2. I care more what’s in the bag rather than the bag itself though of course if I had a choice I’d want the lipstick phrase bag. The July bag with that egg thing on it was too much like something a child would get. So far I just keep my bags in a drawer except for the one I’m putting in my purse at that time. I try to switch them out once a month or so. All of this months bags are cute but I wish they were bigger & had no writing. I think I still have a box of old Clinique bags.

  3. I hate pink, so either of the other two will be great. I really like the orange one though!

  4. I’ve canceled all boxes but Ipsy, I am consistently surprised with the value they are able to bring for $10. Now that we are able to pick one item I feel like its not so much of a crap shoot anymore. Just saw whats in my bag this month and while It’s not my favorite I still think its totally worth $10 bucks I think maybe 2 bags in the last 3 years I’ve been getting ipsy I felt like I was ripped off as apposed to birchbox and sephora sub boxes where I felt like i was getting ripped off every month!

  5. This is my first ipsy bag ever and I’m receiving:

    •belief the true cream- aqua bomb
    •yoghurt mask duo
    •crown brush- medium contour brush
    •the balm cosmetics- vol. 2 eyeshadow
    •Steve Laurent prediction tip liner in black

    I’m excited to see what bag I get! Fingers crossed for good vibes or wild & free!

    • you got every single thing I wanted! Lucky!

  6. I am getting the Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal eyeliner. I specifically checked all the colors except black in my profile, so why am I receiving a black eyeliner?..

    Pretty much the only item I am happy with in my August bag is the First Aid Beauty Red Clay cleanser.

    (The other three items are The Balm eyeshadow, Naked Cosmetics setting powder which I think I’ve gotten before from somewhere, and the SLMissGlam blending brush. At least the brush is pretty. Eyeshadow brush would have been better.)

    • Everything in my bag is not listed, and nothing worthy, I yiyi, I even picked the sample choice, nope…..not in it.

  7. I have 3 subs and I always get The Balm in every one if it is offered for a particular month which is almost always.. I hate The Balm. I have had luck with getting totally different products though. Ipsy must have a ton of The Balm makeup. And I don’t think those beauty preferences mean anything. The only thing I can think of is that they use a method that groups the most common answers together. Still I like Ipsy and I love this month’s bag.

  8. OK, I’m getting:
    Pacifica Coconut Blush Duo
    Super-Hydrating Eye Cream by Air Repair Skincare
    theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen or Kuwakaribisha by theBalm Cosmetics
    HD Finishing Translucent Powder by Naked Cosmetics
    T35 Precise Blending Brush by SLMissGlam

    • And the blending brush is the prettiest, pale teal color. Very happy. I do wish I had a magnetic palette because I seem to be getting a lot of small eyeshadows and they’re just loose in my drawer.

      • Never seen a bag twin, but that’s what I’m getting too! I hope I get the lighter “highlight” color because I have really fair skin and those dark browns look really muddy on me but most highlighters actually work as a light eyeshadow on me, haha. Honestly not sure what to do with the translucent powder though? The brush looks nice but my last 3 bags have all had a blending brush. I love brushes but kind of want a different style someday… That blush looks awesome though! I got a pacifica blush a few months back and loved it, and this one has two!

  9. Can someone explain the hack to me where I can see my products early? I am new to ipsy.. also is this article accurate when it says I can email support before the 1st of the month and request a sample product in my bag in addition to my regular products?

    • There is a hack tutorial on YouTube. Some people say you can see a review bag on app I never have until 5th or this time it will be 4th. And you have to email before 30th to request.

  10. I still can’t get the hack to work. Mine is still showing “unreceived” though I paid on the first and everything seems normal.

    • “We’re still making your glam bag. Check back on 8-4..”

      • Did the option appear to “review your bag” because if you click that it will give a preview of the items. Same works on the app if that button shows up now.

        • Nope. Still says they’re making it. I wonder if it’s because I made a request this month. I’ve never done that before

          • Mine also says that they are still making it, and I haven’t requested any items this month, so don’t worry, you are not alone. 🙂

          • For me it still says they’re making it on the bottom of the page, but at the top of the page it still has the review button which toggles the preview for me, next to the area that lists all the month’s possible items. Strange that it’s not the same for everyone.

        • OK, that button just appeared for me!!! Thank you :D. (BTW, hack still not working)

  11. Yay I can see my stuff! I’m getting:

    Makeup Forever mascara
    Seraphine Botanicals eyeliner
    Sundays polish
    The yogurt masks
    A.True cream

    Super happy about the first three, I’m allergic to kiwi, so I can only use one mask (I’ll gift it), and I have dry skin so I’m not excited for the cream. I’ll try it, but I’ll probably gift it.

  12. I think im getting the peace love and lipstick one (under the pic of all 3 bags that’s the 1 that’s pic and says about this bag) I really wanted the good vibes one 🙁 but still a cute bag

    • I believe it shows that one for everyone

    • That one is showing for everybody. I wonder if we will be able to see which bag we are getting when we see our Glam Bag products.

  13. i think this months bag/bags are ugly

  14. Peace, Love & lipstick please!! 💅😘💄💝

    • I agree!! I am a lipstick lover, and the colors are gorge!

  15. Crossing my fingers that I -don’t- get the Good Vibes Only one. That pink is just not for me at all. Lol.

    Might have to figure out a bag swap if I get that one. I’m totes up for either of the others though. 2 to 1 odds shouldn’t be too bad hahah.

  16. Wild and free or peace love and lipstick please ipsy!!

  17. A little corny for me. I wish they’d have just stuck with the pretty ombre & pull tassel & left the words off.

    That being said, the pink bag would match my “good vibes” pink yoga towel from FFF. I wonder if this bag will be big enough to store my “personal massager” as someone from the forum suggested.

    • Hahaha I lol’d at this. I love a good pun!

    • I agree it’s a bit cheesy, I think the ombre bag and tassel without the words would have been more my style. Regardless, I just hope I don’t get Wild & Free. Calm Yet No Free Time would be much more fitting for me. My husband would laugh in my face with no hesitation if I ever carried around a bag that said Wild & Free

  18. Any of the three bags are fine, but I like the color of the sunset orange one best. BTW, has anyone gotten the hack to work? I seem to be having a tough time this month

    • It’s not working yet. For some reason, I’ve had to wait until the 2nd to get the hack to work. This has been the case for the past few months for me. I am impatient! lol

      • I’m pretty sure they don’t “pick” your stuff until the charge has gone through successfully, so that might be why there is that day delay before things show up. They won’t make a bag if you aren’t billed yet.

        • I was already charged this morning but the hack isn’t working for me yet. This happens every month for me– it always works on the 2nd.

          Is the hack already working for you?

          • Check and make sure that your bag doesn’t say “not received” for this month. People suggested last month that if it still said that, the hack wouldn’t work just yet.

          • Still not for me, but I am showing as status un-received though I have paid

          • I tried with the hack and it was not loading. But then I signed in and the option to “review” my bag came up so I just clicked that to see what was in it from there. Just showed up. try checking yours now!

    • What hack are you referring to? I’m new to ipsy. Thanks!

      • There is a coding hack people do that allows them to see bag early. There is a ipsy hack tutorial on YouTube . I watched it 3x made my brain hurt. I can’t do it.

        • Thanks Lisa. I looked and yeah not worth the trouble. Lol

          • for some people, all you have to do is share or review your bag to see the contents.

  19. Yup so I picked up a second bag. I was debating it for next month because I want both colourpop lip products but these bags convinced me to do it. I hope I get the good vibes only and peace love lipstick ones. Wild and free doesnt really speak to me but I will take it if I get it.

    • When you get a 2nd bag, do you change up your profiles so you don’t get too many dupes? I’m thinking of popping for a second bag. for $10 I have a lot of fun!

      • This is my first time with a second bag and I don’t exactly remember what is on my first profile but on the second one I was very specific and only picked a few items for products I like. My hair/skin tone/skin type are the same because I wouldn’t want something not fitting me.

      • I have two subs, completely different profiles/preferences, and I always get at least 3 of the same items. I often get 4 or 5 the same. Been this way since I signed up 6 months ago. I don’t get it. I wish you could sign up for two bags under one account so they could try harder to give you more variety. It would also save them on shipping.

        • Heather, I had the very same experience. I did two totally different profiles, changed my age and hair/skin/colors etc. and I would ALWAYS get at least three identical products. A couple of bags were exact repeats for all five items. And mine was so bad that if they were sending an item in various colors, I would always get the same colors. I wrote to them several times and was just given the same answer…that their algorithm didn’t take that into consideration. So basically I figured out that the profiles don’t really mean a thing. I dropped the second bag after trying for over a year. 😕

          • I had two ipsy bags also, and was so tired of paying $20 for duplicate samples. I switched to Boxycharm and I absolutely LOVE it. If you’ve already tried and didn’t like it, maybe Play! by Sephora. They have so many box variations, but none of their samples are full size. Birchbox was also a flop for me 😒

  20. Love them all!!! Been collecting ipsy bags, they are fantastic.

  21. So the pull is a tassel, cool!

  22. I am seriously thinking about dropping Ipsy like I did Birchbox. They are sending the same old eyeliners and eyeshadows out every month. And, that advice column of theirs is seriously making me sick to my stomach. I also think they should shy away from tattooed models, but I guess that is to draw in the young rebels.

    • Ipsy is most definitely aimed at a younger demographic. I am sure many older women love it as well but I think their target is 16-30. I like them for the full size nail polishes and brushes mostly with some lip and samples of other things as a bonus.

    • Why, what’s wrong with tattooed models?

    • I agree it’s geared towards younger crowd (even tho I still fit in that crowd) but I don’t think their is anything wrong with tatted models. They are showing a variety of beauty. One person might not like it but another would. I personally like their models!

    • There isn’t a thing rebellious about a tattoo anymore. They are mainstream. Most everybody I know has a tat no matter what their age. Some are very small others border on comic books but tats are not that cool anymore. I am 62 and have 7 but none are visible unless I have short sleeves and then they are pretty small. I consider them faddish and almost passe’

      The thing about all these beauty and sub boxes is that they carry one iteration or another of a brand. Ipsy’s makeup though is mostly made in China and really is for girls and boys from 13 to 25. I still like the bags most of the time.

    • I’m 47 years old and tattooed and have piercings. She’s actually become my favorite ipsy gal 😍 She’s not a carbon copy, she does things her way and I absolutely adore her! She’s gorgeous! ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ ring a bell? 😉

      • Seriously, though, I have a corporate job, and a lot of the *managers* have visible tattoos.

        • Dude I live in Portland and work in a hospital, and tattoos/piercings are practically standard uniform for the older, straight-laced, type-A attending physicians (let alone the younger residents and students). There’s nothing remotely rebellious about tattoos anymore.

    • I am 43 and I love all the make up, the beauty tips, and bags themselves including Gudetama. Even though I see posts that say people my age are not suppose to. I hate skin care which is probably something people my age are suppose to like . I don’t care you like what you like age has nothing to do with it. I am also OK with men AND tattooed women wearing make up!

    • The “young rebels” can also be drawn in by models wearing pre-ripped slacks using gadgets.

    • I have a tattoo but I’m prudish enough that people only see it if I wear a bandeau maxi dress or spaghetti straps. The only reason I gasp at seeing tattoos on Ipsy creators is because I’m thinking of down the line if they ever have to get an office job (dumb of me, I know). That being said, I think they’re gorgeous and I love Bailey and Lynette’s looks. I work with a girl who has sleeve tattoos and I envy her to death but I could never do it. I’m already too old (33) and I would not want to screw myself out of employment or promotion opportunities in the future.

      • Unless the tattoo is on your face, neck or hands /knuckles, it’s highly unlikely to affect your employment opportunities.

      • 33 is too old? Bah. I’m 36, have a full sleeve on one arm, and am in the process of getting a half sleeve on the other arm. I’m a college professor, and was hired after I had the full sleeve. So yeah, unless it’s on your face or neck, or is of something truly distasteful, tattoos aren’t likely to impact your employment very much.

      • Babe, I’m 38 and i have 37 tattoos and nose hoops ( yes, plural, two in one side) and I work in the healthcare industry. It may seem “different” to some but once they get to know you, it doesn’t even factor in. You are never to young or old to be you! Hugs:)

        • *too young …

        • Self confidence boost, thanks ladies!

          I might get a tattoo as a 35th birthday gift to myself, lol.

  23. Wild and free and peace love lipstick..mainly because of the color. 🙂 Some pinks are too juvenile for me.

  24. I will be happy with any of them! I love that we will get a surprise variation on the bag! How fun! I can’t wait to see which one I get!

  25. I tried emailing to request a bag, nope. Just FYI they said the bag you get will be a surprise. Save them a whole bunch of emails haha 🙂

  26. I love and want all three bags!!! I live in Fort Lauderdale 10 minutes from the beach and go year-round, so I always have a few packed beach bags ready to go in the car. These bags have the beachy vibe I love and are perfect for using in my beach bags. I even got another Ipsy subscription today in order to increase my chances of getting two different bags, which means I’ll probably get the same one, but that’s okay. I think they’re adorable!!!

  27. Good vibes only!!

  28. Bleecch! 😝

  29. I don’t quite get why they bothered with three this time. They should have done three last time with Gudetama in three different lazy poses.

    I suppose it might be nice though for those who get more than one Ipsy bag.

  30. I would like Good Vibes Only or Wild & Free, which means I’ll probably end up with Peace, Love, Lipstick. 😀

    Ipsy is such a great value for $10 and I really can’t complain, but they would totally knock it out of the park if they allowed for some proactive customization like allowing a choice for one of these bags, color options, etc.

    • Ha! I only want Peace Love & Lipstick, which probably means with my two bags I’ll end up with duplicates of one of the others I don’t want.

      They really should let us customize this. It would be so much easier if they built it into the site somehow instead of making us bombard their lovely CS reps with e-mails.

    • I wish they would let us choose between colors of some of the box contents. To me that would be one of the best moves Ipsy could do!

    • Ive seen some of their old bag designs and i wish they gave us the option of picking a retro bag but I do understand if it would only apply to the customers who haven’t been with them from the start. Some of their past designs were very pretty.

      • same omggg

  31. They’re all ok, but I really like the good vibes only the best. It won’t be tragic if I get one of the other ones though.

  32. I have kept 1 bag out the 36 I have received. None of these will be the 2nd.

    • Now I’m curious which bag you kept!

      • Lol, so am I. 😀
        Which bag was bestowed the honor?..

    • Michelle do you mind me which glam bag you kept? Im just curious lol the one bag i absolutely loved was the white/purple or white/teal mermaid bag from august 2016

    • Do you donate the bags/give them away, or do you just throw them out? Seems a waste to just trash them even if you don’t like them; someone somewhere could use them.

      • Well, there are other options – I personally send mine with swaps. I personally might not want them, but I noticed a lot of other people do.

      • If I don’t like the bag or some of the contents, I send it to Goodwill. I think it is awful to throw them away. We need to respect our planet.

  33. Good VIBES Only!!!! I do like the colors for Peace, Love, Lipstick though. I’ll be satisfied with either of these two.

  34. I didn’t really like the 1st bag spoiler because I prefer bags without any phrases on them, but now I hope that’s the bag I get. At least I like pink and I like the phrases on the other bags less. Oh well, I’ve only liked one bag since June so I guess I’m used to it by now, lol

    • On the second thought, the lipstick one would be ok too

  35. Not a huge fan of any of them, but I know my 13 year old little sister will LOVE any of those, so it’s a win anyway!

  36. Oooo I like them all but want the wild & free the most ❤️

  37. Looks all the same to me…

  38. I wonder if we’ll get the bag shown on our ipsy homepage. The “Peace Love Lipstick” orange bag is on my page.

    What bag shows up for you all?

    • Mine shows the same. I hope it’s the default because I like the other bags more. If I get the lipstick one I’ll give it to my daughter and I’m sure she’ll love it.

      • I think I’m one of the only people who wants the lipstick bag! I think it’s adorable. If I don’t get it, I’ll probably give this month’s bag to my husband. He loves using ipsy bags to organize random knick knacks– the other day he asked me if I had any “ugly ipsy bags” I don’t want. 😀 He’s a goof.

        • How cute. I love this comment! 😀

    • same here. it shows the lipstick one for me too

      • Oh, bummer. I was hoping it would be the bag I would get. This makes sense though– they do the same thing with products that come in multiple shades. The color shown on the website isn’t necessarily the color you receive.

  39. Oh good, I like all of them but hope most for the lipstick one. Just received the Hikari bronzer in LuxePineapple. Not for me and I put it up for swap.

  40. I like the Good Vibes one.

  41. I like all three, but I really hope I get “Wild & Free.”

  42. Ohh I really like the pink one! And thr blueish one too. Hope I dont get the orangey, not my fave colors.

  43. I still like the pink good vibes only bag best. Because of the color but I like the peace love and lipstick saying. I was surprised that was only spoiler shown on Ipsy app.

    • Yes, I was confused too. There was only the one listing for an actual product. Isn’t the point of the articles to help inspire you to use the products you’ll get in the bags?

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