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Boxycharm vs GlossyBox vs BeautyFix – August 2017

subscription boxes comparison: boxycharm, glossybox, and beautyfix

This Boxycharm vs GlossyBox vs BeautyFix series compares my subscriptions every month to give you a good idea what you can expect from these popular beauty subscription boxes. (Boxycharm and GlossyBox are both $21 a month, and BeautyFix is $24.95 a month, so they seemed close enough in cost to compare!)

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Important to know: With Glossybox and Boxycharm, there are certain items that all subscribers will receive, but the remainder of items in the box will vary. With BeautyFix, all items are the same for all subscribers. (With the exception of perhaps different colors of a beauty item.)

Boxycharm August 2017 (Check out the full Boxycharm review)

Number of items: 7

Full-size items: 7

Deluxe size items: 0

Brands featured: Tarte, The Beauty Crop, Pur Cosmetics, Bellapierre, Royal & Langnickel

Categories featured: Makeup (5)

Cost: $21

Total Value: $106

Favorite item in the box: tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette in Volume II

When a box sends a tarte palette in a box, it’s almost always going to be my favorite item in the box! Plus I love that these are subtle shimmer/pearl shades – very wearable!

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GlossyBox August 2017 (Check out the full Glossybox review)

Number of items: 6

Full-size items: 1

Deluxe size items: 2

Brands featured: Bliss, Doucce, Pixi, Lancome, Rituals, Doctor Babor

Categories featured: Makeup (3) Skincare (3)

Cost: $21

Total Value: $43.20

Favorite item in the box: Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara 

This mascara is excellent if you are looking for a dramatic eye look! It gets an A from me in both volume and length! It gets a B in lash separation, but all in all, this is a fab formula!

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Beauty Fix August 2017 (Check out the full BeautyFix review)

Number of items: 8

Full-size items: 2

Deluxe size items: 0

Brands featured: Foreo, Juice Beauty, DCL, Keranique, Dermablend, MDSolarSciences, Perricone MD

Categories featured: Makeup (1)  Skincare (4) Tools (1) Supplements (2)

Cost: $24.95

Total Value: $124

Favorite item in the box: Foreo Luna Play 

This item alone covers the cost of the box!

I’d been a Clarisonic user for years, but last year I switched to Foreo thanks to the first time I sampled this device!

Both Clarisonic and Foreo do a great job at cleaning my skin thoroughly. (While using the Foreo Play, I did wish that there were different intensity settings like there are on Clarisonic, but these options exist on the full-sized versions.)

The big difference for me is the silicone brush surface area. It’s nonporous and will resist any bacteria build up. With Clarisonic, you have to always buy replacement brush heads. (At $22 a new brush head, switched out every 2-3 months, the costs add up!) 

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Verdict: No question – Boxycharm is the winner for me this month! The palette is gorgeous, the lip color is a perfect color for me, and everything else is great, too. BeautyFix was good this month, too. Glossybox? No so much. The mascara was the only item there that wowed me.

What was your favorite box for August? And what was your favorite product?

Here are my general suggestions for which box to pick:

Boxycharm: If you are looking for full-size makeup, this is the box to go for. They consistently send out makeup in addition to haircare and skincare products. (You will quickly build up an impressive eyeshadow collection with this subscription box!)

GlossyBox: This is the best box if you’re looking for trying out brands that you typically don’t see in the US. You’ll get a mix of US and EU brands. The one downside is that values of these boxes can vary depending on which variation you get, so make sure you’re happy with the main spoiler items that everyone gets if you’re thinking about signing up.

BeautyFix: This is my go-to box for sampling a lot of high-end skincare products. They usually round out the boxes with a few makeup and haircare products, too. You’ll get a mix of full-size and sample-size products.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (32)

  1. I am so disappointed that i have not seen at least ONE Boxycharm spoiler for September……not ONE! i am going mad lol How come no spoilers for September box yet? usually by now there is at least 3 spoilers up?

  2. My vote is for Boxycharm for the month.

  3. This is my first month subscribing to Boxycharm. I have no shipping notification yet – when do these typically ship out? Thanks in advance!

  4. I got Glossybox & Boxycharm this month, and while I paid only $10 for the former, I unsubscribed. The products were a joke, such small samples and not one thing to get excited about. Boxycharm was great. The palette is just beautiful and made in Italy. The brushes are nice, the rest is extra.

    I’m still thinking of getting the Beautyfix box for the cleanser.

    • How were you able to cancel your Glossybox? When my July box arrived, it contained the packing material but no products. I have been trying to reach them to both a) get a replacement box and b) cancel my subscription, but their customer service department isn’t responding, even after I followed up with photographs. Any tips? When I call the phone number, I’m on hold for 20 minutes and then I get voicemail. It seems the only way to contact is via email but they are extremely slow to respond.

      • This exact thing happened to me! They hadn’t correctly sealed the side of the outer box and my entire inner box was empty, packing materials only.

        I ended up throwing a fit and threatening to file a chargeback on their Facebook page after a week of emailing and posting on their FB with zero results. That got their attention. They said they were sold out of July so they credited me 1000 Glossydots to use on a future box. My special sub price ended for August so I’m trying to apply the Dots to the September box…we’ll see.

  5. Love Boxycharm but I barely use the eyeshadow palettes and the lipstick. I like basic makeup foundation, contour palettes, eyeliner chocolate or black, lip gloss, mascara, highlight. Use sheet masks, cleaners, facial moisure on a daily basis. I’m going to cancel Boxycharm soon just because I’m not using the products that much. I get Ipsy and I get mostly what I use. Nothing’s calling out to me to replace Boxycharm.

  6. Liz, I want to know how many subscription boxes you usually open in one day. Do you and your husband have other jobs besides MSA, or is this your main/only job? How do you store your beauty products? Could you post a photo?

    • What fun questions! I hope she answers. 🙂

  7. I just cancelled Glossybox after having a 6 month subscription. I enjoyed some of the boxes but some were just o.k. and I had an issue with a broken nail polish that took about two months to settle. Just not worth it.

    I really want to love Boxycharm but it seems like their main item each month is an eye shadow palette. I rarely wear eye shadow so that leaves Boxycharm out for me.

    I am really leaning towards a subscription to Beautyfix. I love some of the past items like the washcloth and I really like that they seem to concentrate on skin care.

    Does anyone know what box I will receive if I subscribe to Beautyfix today?

    • You should get the August box 🙂

  8. Glossybox’s customer service is enough for me to stop subscribing to them. I emailed them about an issue over a month ago and still haven’t received a response back. The August box and its value is just awful. I will definitely be taking my money to either Boxycharm or Beauty Fix now.

    • They really aren’t good at responding. I emailed them that the lipstick, or whatever that was fell right out of the tube and onto the floor when I opened it. The time before that, I got an empty eye shadow box. I’ll probably cancel Glossybox unless the September box dazzles me.

      I’d be interested in Boxycharm but I don’t wear eye shadow either so my daughter would be getting that.

    • My experience was actually positive. I got a dried nail polish remover last month and they promptly replaced it.

  9. I have been subscribed to all 3 boxes about a year now. Always been happy with all 3. This month not so much with Glossybox. I received the exact variations listed here. The products I do like in Glossybox like the rituals body wash are small nearly valueless samples. The value for Glossybox was about half what it usually is in my experience. The mascara sample again very tiny almost valueless. The brow gel the only thing over $10 I will never use. I loved this month’s Boxycharm even though I already own the Tarte palette. Loved beautyfix this month. They have consistently good value monthly. This month I ordered another box my 12 year old is starting to break out and for 24.95 minus the 5 coupon code I can get him his own cleanser and device to clean his skin. Can’t beat the value in that and it will give me more opportunity with the other skin care samples.

  10. I’m not into make-up other than lipstick, so BeautyFix always wins for me.

    • I’m not a big makeup wearer as well… so I agree. But if I still worked and wore makeup I would for sure be all over boxy charm

  11. Does anyone know what the heck happened to glossy box? It was my favorite….now not so much at all. And I have been calling their customer service for over a month now…no one answers, after 30 minutes of sitting on hold you can leave a message, but no one calls back. And email hahaha they don’t answer that either. I’m scared because I’m only calling to use my glossy points, but in 2 months I gotta cancel my subscription and if they won’t answer, they’ll charge my card without my permission. I have a true fear that’s going to happen. Anyone have suggestions?????

    • I didn’t want 2 boxes in one month so I had to cancel then use dots for the month after (Sept will be my glossydot box).
      To use glossydots you have to email them the month before you want the box. They do respond but it can take a week+. They responded pretty fast to follow up emails.
      I never call it seems pointless.
      Hope that helps, I loved this box at first but not anymore 🙁

      • Julie, I feel the same. I was so in love and now I’m just bored with them. I’ve sent an email a week or so ago so fingers crossed they respond

    • I always cancel my glossybox right online after I click on my subscription and I think you click change option and then there should be a cancel button. I’ve been on and off for years and never had an issue canceling. I agree that their boxes are def. lacking as of lately. I’m glad I’ve only been paying $10.

      • Thank you Michelle. I just search where you said and found the cancellation button. I’ve already paid till October so I have time, but at least now I can relax, knowing I can.

      • Yes, thank you! I find their website really hard to use but finally found the option to cancel hidden under a tab called “Recurring Profiles and Orders.” I received a confirmation email that my account is cancelled, so fingers crossed that it actually works. I’ve had a lot of problems with customer service. My August box arrived empty (no products, just the packing materials), and it has been really difficult to resolve. I just received an email saying they will replace the box but that it may take two weeks before I receive it. I haven’t been provided with a tracking number, so I’m a bit concerned that this may not even happen.

    • I got Glossybox to respond to me by posting my complaint (my valid credit card hadn’t been charged correctly and my subscription showed pending for weeks, and there was no option to cancel or resubscribe) publicly on a comment their FB page and instagram account. Companies like this usually respond when their public image is at stake. Good luck!

      • Thank you Rose…ive tried that already too. But still no respo se from them. I have received the lemon clarifying rinse in 3 boxes now and reviewed it bad every time, but some how I keep getting repeat products.

    • I would email them again requesting cancellation of your subscription, and advise them that you do not wish to be charged for a renewal. It doesn’t matter if they write back to confirm your request or not, though common courtesy dictates that they should. If they do end up charging you, you can contact your credit card company and report that you did not authorize the charge. That happened to me once with a sub box (not Glossybox) that automatically renewed after I had advised the company that I did not want to renew my subscription, and my credit card company honored my request and cancelled the charge. I think credit card companies deal with this scenario quite often, and they’d rather keep their card holding client happy over the unscrupulous practitioner of bad business.

    • Glossybox used to be the best box about 2 years ago! I remember getting alex and Ani bracelets in my boxes! It was top of the line! And then boxycharm hired a brilliant marketing exec… there is no competition. Boxycharm has over 100-150$ worth of beautiful high end products every month and glossybox is same price and has less of a value than ipsy! My 10$ ipsy bag yields 3/4 full sizes and has over a 60$ value most months! So I kept ipsy and boxy and said goodbye to glossybox last year. It was the best decision I made. The boxes themselves are beautiful but the products inside are terrible. They are on par with birchbox in my opinion which is also a terrible beauty subscription IMO.:)

  12. Boxycharm is the best, if you’re into makeup and want the best bang for your buck. Love them!
    I’ve not tried Beauty Fix yet…but I know it’s coming….maybe after I cancel Birchbox and Glossybox. Glossy is getting stingy with their offerings

  13. I think Boxycharm is always the winner lol. It usually offers the highest value; but sometimes Beauty Fix has a high value but it’s more skincare.

  14. Liz – I know this is more of a general MSA AMA, but what beauty items do you still have to purchase even with all the boxes? The right color foundation? Make up and nail polish remover? Lots and lots of cotton balls? Your favorite shampoo? I’m so curious! Thank you for such a great, comprehensive website!

    • I love this question! I’ve always been curious about everyone on here, not just Liz…as a subscription addict, what does everyone actually purchase? How many actually repurchase something they got in a sub box? I’ve only actually gone and purchased the full size of 2 items this past year, even though there’s many products I’ve loved – I just have a million more to use up first!

      • This is a great question for the monthly survey…what products have you tried and loved enough to purchase again? I keep trying to find the best hair products for my wavy, frizzy hair.

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