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Allure Beauty Box vs Macy’s Beauty Box vs Look Fantastic – August 2017

This new Allure Beauty Box vs Macy’s Beauty Box vs Look Fantastic series compares the subscriptions every month to give you a good idea what you can expect from these popular beauty subscription boxes.

Allure Beauty Box and Macy’s Beauty Box are $15 a month, Look Fantastic is $16 if you pick an annual subscription (you don’t have to pay the full cost up front), so it seems fair to stack them up against each other).

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FYI – Each of these boxes sends the same items to all subscribers with occasional variants. (For example, there may be three different shades of a nail polish a subscriber might receive, but all subscribers will receive that nail polish.)

Allure Beauty Box August 2017 (Check out the full Allure Beauty Box review)

  • Number of items: 6
  • Full-size items: 1
  • Deluxe size items: 1
  • Brands featured: Ouai, Hey Honey, SkinFix, Rodial, Caudalie, Vichy
  • Categories featured: Skincare (4) Makeup (1) Haircare (1)
  • Total Value: $69.35

Favorite item in the box: Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

This pink clay mask is soothing and smells lovely thanks to lavender! I applied a thin layer, and it took about 10 minutes to dry completely. I washed it off and couldn’t believe how soft and clean my skin felt. (I seriously couldn’t stop touching my face!) It’s my favorite discovery in the box! (And ZERO skin irritation, too!)

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Macy’s Beauty Box August 2017 (Check out the full Macy’s Beauty Box review)

  • Number of items: 6 + a bag
  • Full-size items: 0
  • Deluxe size items: 0
  • Brands featured: Smashbox, tarte, Benefit, MAC, Philosophy, Carolina Herrera
  • Categories featured: Makeup (3) Skincare (2) Fragrance (1)
  • Total Value: $30

Favorite item in the box: Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette- Golden Hour

I was very happy to see a Smashbox item in a subscription box that wasn’t a primer! Plus these satin shades are just gorgeous!

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Look Fantastic August 2017 (Check out the full Look Fantastic Sephora review)

  • Number of items: 7 + magazine
  • Full-size items: 1
  • Deluxe size items: 2
  • Brands featured: Mane ‘n Tail, Korres, Lord & Berry, Skin79, Lottie London, Gatineau
  • Categories featured: Makeup (3) Skincare (2) Haircare (2)
  • Total Value: $50

Favorite item in the box: Lord & Berry Magic Brow in Brunette 

This is a slightly-warm brown shade with ideal pigment for an eyebrow pencil. Depending on how much pressure you apply, you can get different color-intensity. (No stand out favorite product this month, though.)

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Verdict: Allure Beauty Box is the winner for me this month. Lots of excellent brands/products, and good sizes, too! Macy’s just had too many products that have been sampled in subscription boxes before, (however it would be a great box for someone new to boxes), and the Look Fantastic August box was a letdown. I’m used to better boxes from them!

Of course, my favorite box varies every month, so here are my general suggestions for which box to pick:

Allure Beauty Box: Allure is great for a mix of makeup, skincare, and the occasional haircare item. They also are good about sending some full-size or deluxe-size items each month, and they include a variety of brands. (Pretty much anything featured in Allure magazine is game.)

Macy’s Beauty Box: This is a brand new subscription, so we’ll have to see if things change in future months. For now, this seems to be a good box for a beauty subscription newbie. Everything included in this first box is a great beauty staple.

Look Fantastic: If you’re looking to try out brands you might not see at Sephora, this is a great box to sample. (It’s from the UK.) And the UK version of Elle magazine is a nice bonus, too!

What was your favorite box for August? And what was your favorite product?

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (27)

  1. My Macy’s box was missing the the Tarte oil and the benefit brow was dried out. Macys customer service was apologetic, checked to see if they could reship and when they could not reship, promptly refunded my money, and gave me a 20% off coupon code for a future Macys purchase. I am baffled that so many people have been given the runaround as that was the easiest customer service interaction I have had to date in dealing with beauty subscription mishaps. Allure customer service’s billing is a bit of a mess and when I had items missing or damaged(not this year, but quite a few times last year) the cust service reps were polite and professional with promises to resend the item however I only received one replacement shipment so with no follow-through on promised replacements I find that to be the most disappointing customer service I have received.
    Don’t be afraid to contact Macy’s and I hope they are as professional and efficient for you as they were for me.

  2. The Macy’s box was actually $50-$58 in value not $30.

    • What Macy’s says the value is and what the per-ounce cost of each item is, can be different. I don’t think any of the samples were worth $9 or $10 each, and they would have had to have been to get a $50+ value. Subscription boxes inflate values all the time.

  3. Allure was the winner for me as well. I cancelled Macy’s box after this dud. I actually tried to cancel Allure after my July box but they promised me a free box if I stayed. I’m weak so of course I said yes. Plus I really want the September box. I received my free box on Friday and it is the amazing December box. Mine came with a SkinCeuticals product. Very happy with that. September is going to be another great box.

    • Lol I wanted the Macy’s box. I subscribed the first day but then in late July I went in and changed my payment method. While my account said subscribed, no payment was taken and no bag arrived. I finally contacted them to say where’s my bag when everyone else got theirs, and they told me my account had been cancelled because I changed my payment method after the 10th. Whaaat? First, the original payment method would have worked, so basically they had 2 payment methods they could have used. When I protested and said I really want this bag, they said they could not send me the August bag but that the problem was that my billing and shipping addresses were not included. Whaaat? I screenshot my account page, which said “subscribed” and listed billing and shipping address. I told them at this point they should be sending it for free but I was still willing to pay for it, and that obviously the mistake was on their end. This is after about 6 back-and-forth emails. They told me to call customer service. I have been really hesitant to do that since others on this forum mentioned that when they called, their people had no idea there even was a beauty bag. That, and the fact that I work 2 jobs and don’t really have time to hang on the phone during business hours. So far, no bag.

      • I also had problem with Macy’s saying my payment info was incorrect. Signed up in June. Email said I had till Aug 10. Went in and re typed everything and updated. Almost 2 weeks later email again telling me I was cancelled. I had been e mailing with customer service the whole time. What? I was mad. Got same 20%off offer. I said I was afraid to use that when they couldn’t get a box straight.
        Signed up 1 more time hoping they get it right this time.
        I had heard great things about them from subscribers on this site so I thought their box would be good too. Guess I will see what happens in sept.

      • If you are doing subscriptions and change your payment method the first month… the mistake is obviously on your end. You changed your payment method before they could even charge you and then have the audciaty to say they should send it for free. It’s people like you that ruin it for people.

      • Hey Tracy….what exactly have I ruined for you or anyone else?

        What’s the problem if I decide that instead of using my debit card, I would prefer to use my Macy’s charge…well after they should have charged my debit card but didn’t? And then they change their tune and say the problem isn’t my form of payment, but that my address isn’t on file, when I screen shot them a page showing my subscriber status as current, with address and method of payment? After all that runaround, I cancelled and resubbed and you know what? I still haven’t been charged or received a bag. So yes, when they tell me I don’t have a shipping address on file and I can prove to them that I do and they still won’t fix it, the mistake isn’t on my end. I’m thinking I’m dodging a bullet by not getting this sub.

        You know what really sucks? People that come on these boards and attack others. Does that make you feel good?

  4. I like this new $15 beauty box series. I think Allure takes it this month as well.

  5. Hey Liz, just wondering what makes the items deluxe Size or just sample size I guess.. I am a little confused when I read how many of the products were deluxe Size and it says “0” when I thought they all were deluxe??

    • I was wondering that too about the Macy’s box. I have had a packet sample of Philosophy purity made simple. That little bottle is surely deluxe.

    • I was wondering the same too. I always thought of sample size as like.. foil packets and deluxe sample size more like the small tube sizes.

    • I don’t know for certain, but I look at ‘sample’ size as just 1 or 2 uses and ‘deluxe’ size as around half of full size. It’s not always this way but think of it like this…

      Small = Sample Size
      Medium = Deluxe Size
      Large = Full Size

  6. I agree on the Caudelie mask being amazing. My face felt so clean and soft. The Hey Honey peel is fantastic too. I was so happy with Allure focusing more on skincare this month. I can’t compare it to the other two boxes since I don’t sub, though I will warn anyone considering the Macy’s box that their customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with from any company. Ever. I might look into Look Fantastic though as a replacement.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you about Macy’s customer service. Not only do they not try to fix the problem on their end, but they hung up on me after twice ignoring my question and changing the subject. And I was nothing but nice to them and had already talked to 2 other people and been on the phone for 30 minutes. I finally gave up and cancelled. Life is too short.

      • Ugh exactly! That was my main issue with them: they completely avoided the problem. Maybe their training is to dance around the actual issue until customers get so annoyed they just give up? Well it worked with me cause I cancelled after never hearing from whatever branch was supposedly being sent my problem. Just not worth it. Disappointing and not at what I expected from such a well-known company.

    • Ugh exactly! That was my main issue with them: they completely avoided the problem. Maybe their training is to dance around the actual issue until customers get so annoyed they just give up? Well it worked with me cause I cancelled after never hearing from whatever branch was supposedly being sent my problem. Just not worth it. Disappointing and not at what I expected from such a well-known company.

      • I have called them 4 times asking about my August Box and why I had not been charged, nor have I received it. Still have not gotten an answer. They just avoid the question and spew some nonsense that has nothing to do with anything. Decided to cancel and go with another subscription service.

      • See my response elsewhere in this thread to see my similar experience. And they really don’t provide an email – I just replyed to the first email I got confirming my original sub.

  7. Allure was great this month and my winner also. A bit dissapointed in Macy’s but good brands but not spectacular. Look Fantastic had some new to me items but this is the first box of theirs that I found disappointing. Hope they pick back up. Also anybody know if the rumour is true that LF is taking over Glossybox. If so, I hope they don’t go downhill because this box has been my favorite for the past year.

    • The Hut bought Glossybox last week. They own Look Fantastic, Pop in a Box and a couple others. I wonder if the dynamic will change since I read they plan to use Glossy to push some of their other subs.

    • I haven’t heard about Lookfantastic taking over Glossybox, but early last week it was reported the The Hut Group, who owns Lookfantastic, amongst other companies, did acquire majority ownership in Glossybox. It’ll be interesting what possible changes to Glossybox this could bring.

    • You can google it and it will show up in news articles. It is publicly available information. As others have pointed out, LF isn’t taking over GB. It is the owners of LF have bought GB.

      I did read though that they may eventually be making it so that GB subscribers can purchase items they like in their box and from their brand partners through their website like how LF subscribers can do so now through the LF website.

  8. For anyone considering Allure Beauty Box, I want to warn you that they continued charging me after sending me an email confirmation that I had unsubscribed (and that was after several emails and phone calls trying to unsubscribe). I only found out be checking my bank statement. Terrible customer service, feels like a scam. Buyer beware.

    • I have subscribed off and on to Allure many times over the past few years and have personally never had an issue.

    • I’ve had issues with them. You have to call them – you can’t settle it online. Out of these three subs, the only one that has ever given my any halfway decent service is LF, and I do mean halfway.

    • I had a similar issue w/Allure. I was charged after I cancelled, and another box arrived even though I had cancelled well before the date. They said to write “return to sender ” on it and mail it back, which I did. They never sent me a refund. That was like 4 months ago 🙁

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