19 Best Wine Subscription Boxes of 2019

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Best Wine Subscriptions

The world of wine can be an intimidating place. There are so many varieties of red wines, white wines, rosés, and sparkling wines to choose from that picking the perfect bottle out of the hundreds at the wine store can be overwhelming—especially if you’re new or unfamiliar with this beloved elixir.

Wine of the month clubs have been around for a long time, but modern forms of these subscription services are making a point of attending to wine newbies. These subscription boxes go relatively easy on the lofty wine lingo and get serious about providing fun, educational content to help you get to know what you’re drinking and why you’re enjoying it so much. Some even go a step beyond mere bottles, sending along luxury items and extras to help complement the indulgent experience of a great glass of wine.

Check out what we think are the best boxes for wine newbies, plus our list of other subscriptions you’ve just got to try, even if you’re well-versed in wine! Want more? Read our latest reviews of wine subscription boxes here!

Wine Subscription Boxes

With so many wine subscriptions available today, how can you find one that is right for you? Take a look at our top wine box picks below, and read on further to find full reviews and deals on your first month:

Box Price per Box Price per Bottle
Winc Starts at $39/month $13+ per bottle
Wine Awesomeness $45/month $15 per bottle
VineOh! $59/quarter N/A
Vinebox $29.00/month $9.66 per 10cL glass
Blue Apron Wine $65.99/month $11 per 500ml bottle
Wall Street Journal Wine Discovery Club $149.99/quarter + shipping $12.50 per bottle
Tasting Room by Lot 18 $84.49/every other month $7 per bottle
Bright Cellars $80/month $20 per bottle
Plonk Wine Club $54.99 monthly or quarterly $27.50 per bottle
Glassful $54/month $18 per bottle
Martha Stewart Wine Club $59.99/month $10 per bottle
Heartwood and Oak $89.99/quarter $5.99 per bottle
Gold Medal Wine Club $39.99/month $20 per bottle
Firstleaf $79/month $26.33 per bottle
International Wine of the Month Club $35.95/month $18 per bottle
California Wine Club $39.95/month $20 per bottle
Cellars Wine Club Stards at $29/month $29/bottle
Wine Down Box $49 per month N/A
Wine of the Month Club $44.95/month $15 per bottle



1. Winc

Winc subscribers receive 3+ bottles a month, priced starting at $13 each.

The Cost: $39.00 per box (For 3 bottles, starting at $13 each. You can order more or less each month and Winc offers some higher price point wines as well.)

COUPON: Get $25 off your first box when you follow this link!

When you sign up for Winc, their wine connoisseurs collect important info on your unique palate through easy questions like “How do you like your coffee?” and “Do you like citrus?” Once they process your responses, you’ll get personalized recommendations of wines sure to satisfy your tastes that you can choose to order or swap out with anything else on their extensive monthly menu of reds, whites, rosés, and more.

2. Bright Cellars

The Cost: $80.00 per month, for 4 bottles of wine.

An easy peasy flavor profile quiz, personalized wine recommendations, and a feedback loop that lets you weigh in on what you got (so you can get even better selections next time)? This subscription isn’t just bright—it’s brilliant! They’ll even let you know if one of your beloved bottles goes on sale, so you can nab more of what you love. And while they’re not part of the subscription box, you should definitely check out their site shop, which is full of punny t-shirts and gifts for wine lovers. Read our Bright Cellars Reviews to learn more!

Winc comes with an informational booklet explaining more about each month's highlighted selections.

Each box comes with a super sleek, beautifully designed mini journal of essays, photos, and more about the types of wines on that month’s menu. Best of all, the presentation and branding is fresh, fun, and modern. From the box itself to the labels on the bottles, this subscription is just downright cool. A feast for the eyes, a treat for the tastebuds—Winc is overflowing with things to love. Read our Winc Reviews to learn more!

3. Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness is a great box for those new to wine, and includes recipes and tasting ideas with each box.

The Cost: $45.00 per box (3 bottles, $15 per bottle)

COUPON: Get one bottle free when you use this link!

Wine Awesomeness is the upscale loft, the sharkskin suit, the vintage Ray Bans of wine clubs. Each month, their wine experts curate a box of all red, all white, or an assortment of wines, based on your preferences, and ship them your way to enjoy.

Wine Awesomeness comes with an informational booklet each month including recipe pairings and more.

The box they come in might not look super sleek, but the quirky, unexpected wines, and better yet, the information booklet explaining all of the bottles make this subscription 100% awesome. Each wine comes with a recipe to pair with it, a visual guide to its flavors and feel, and even a theme song that captures its vibe. Our favorite part is the paragraph-or-so description of the wine’s flavors—these guys make wine sound like an out-of-body experience! Gone are the days of thinking a wine is just red or white. Wine Awesomeness proves just how much personality wine can have.

4. VineOh!

Vine Oh! is the only subscription box that combines wine with relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle and home items!

The Cost: $59.99 per box (2 bottles of wine per box, plus other goodies!)

COUPON: Save $10 off your first box, just use code MSAWineForMe

Wine is amazing, obvi. But it’s also not the only indulgence out there. VineOh! is a lifestyle subscription that treats you not just to wonderful new wines, but treats, self-care products for the body and bath, jewelry, home accessories, and other little luxuries, too! Choose to receive reds, whites, or a mix of the two, and four times a year, you’ll get a big box full of wine and delightful surprises.

Example info card from Vine Oh listing out all the retail values and items included in the box

VineOh! has a playful, feminine vibe (loving the pink and wine-purple branding). They provide a lot of cute copy explaining each and every item curated for the box, and they even include coupons and discounts that you can use on the products you fall particularly hard for. It’s almost a bummer that this box only comes four times a year—we could get used to this kind of pampering! Check out our VineOh Reviews to learn more.

5. Vinebox

Vinebox is a wine subscription that lets you sample wines without committing to a full bottle.

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $29.00 per month for 3 10cL glasses of wine (not full bottles)

Think of Vinebox as the Ipsy of wine-of-the-month clubs: where other boxes feature entire bottles to get through, Vinebox sends you just two-glasses-worth of three different wines in chic, sleek, screw-cap vials. The vials come shipped in an elegant, black box, nestled in drawers that slide conveniently out with a pull of their ribbon handles.

Vinebox's single pour tubes are a great way to sample more expensive wines.

Don’t be fooled by the non-traditional presentation. These high-quality wines are bound to impress. They’re sourced from boutique wineries across Europe, and flaunt the best reds, whites, or all of the above that Vinebox has to offer. Read our Vinebox Reviews to see more!

6. Blue Apron Wine

Blue Apron Wine bottles are smaller than normal wines, perfect for sharing with two.

The Cost: $65.99 per month for 6 500ml bottles (smaller than usual wine bottles, which are 750ml)

COUPON: Get $20.00 off your first order when you follow this link!

The popular meal kit delivery service now has a wine box, too! Unlike other subscriptions that send you full-size bottles, Blue Apron Wine sends you six different 500ml bottles—that’s two-glasses-worth of each flavor of red and white wines from renowned purveyors. In other words, like Blue Apron, this subscription cuts down on waste. If a particular wine just wasn’t your thing, or you’re only entertaining two for dinner, there’s no extra to worry about. Each sample-sized bottle comes with a flavor profile, tasting notes, and educational, contextual info, so you can broaden your wine expertise while you discover new brands to love!

7. Wall Street Journal Wine Discovery Club

WSJ Wines is a pricier box, but it includes some award winning wines.

The Cost: $149.99 + shipping (12 bottles per shipment)

COUPON: Get your first box for just $69.99 when you use this link!

The selections in the WSJ Wine Discovery Club are heavy hitters. According to their site, they offer a “99-point Super Tuscan” lauded as one of the best reds ever produced, gold-medal winners, and more! This is a pricier box for sure, but folks who are maybe just a little more experienced with wine will love exploring the sophisticated flavors in each of the 12 bottles delivered every three months. Check out our WSJ Wine Review to learn more!

8. Tasting Room by Lot 18

Tasting Room by Lot18 includes a "Tasting Kit" in your first box, so they can learn more about your wine preferences.

The Cost: $9.95 for the initial tasting kit. Boxes start at $84.49 for 12 bottles each shipment.

“Tasting kit”? Yep! With this subscription, you actually get to try before you buy. You’ll take a quick quiz to see what your flavor preferences are, after which the folks at Tasting Room will send you a set of mini bottles to sample and review for just $9.95. Based on your feedback, Tasting Room will pick 12 bottles that match your palette and ship ’em your way every other month. These are high-quality, carefully selected wines from places like Napa, Bordeaux, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and other well-known wine-producing regions around the world!

9. Plonk Wine Club

Plonk specializes in organic and natural wines– which can be hard to find in other wine clubs.

The Cost: Subscriptions range from $54.99 for 2 bottles/shipment, to $249 for a full case of 12 bottles per box. Subscribe monthly or quarterly.

COUPON: Get one bottle FREE when you use code MSA25

Plonk specializes in organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. That means wines without pesticides or commercial additives such as colorants, acidifiers, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or chemicals of any kind. But don’t worry—there’s plenty of rich, unique, elegant flavor to be had! Choose from several subscription options designed to please a variety of tastes, and enjoy rare, hidden-gem wines from Argentine, Chile, Australia, Croatia, France, Italy, Oregon, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, New York, and more. Healthy, organic eaters, this is the subscription for you! Read all of our Plonk Wine Club Reviews to learn more!

10. Glassful

Glassful wraps each bottle like a gift.

The Cost: $54.00 per monthly box of 3 bottles

“Tannins”? “Bouquet”? Glassful knows that not everyone knows the language of wine, so to determine your particular palate, they lead you through an interactive, visual quiz that covers things like your ideal sundae, how you take your coffee, and even the fragrances you tend to reach for. Easy, right? Once they know your tastes, Glassful picks three organic, biodynamic, sustainable wines to delight you. They also pack some extra gifts for you, all of which fit a particular monthly theme.

11. Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Martha Stewart's wine club is full of imported picks that pair with a variety of meals.

The Cost: $59.99 per month for 6 bottles

You know Martha Stewart isn’t going to lead you astray! Choose from her half case (six wines) or full case (12 wines) to have award-winning, premium wines delivered to your door at delightfully less than retail. It’s a good thing.

12. Heartwood and Oak

Heartwood and Oak is a quarterly wine subscription that comes with a corkscrew set in your first box.

The Cost: $89.99 every 3 months for 15 bottles

COUPON: Get three bonus bottles and free shipping in your first box when you use this link!

If a monthly subscription is a bit too much for you, try Heartwood and Oak’s quarterly subscription! Each box brings you 15 bottles of red, white, or a combination of red and white wines. Think highly rated, gold-medal-winning, expertly curated bottles that go for way more at the store. In your second box, you’ll even get an elegant corkscrew set to help make your wine experience feel even more sophisticated.

13. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club is known for high quality wines from California growers.

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $39.00 for 2 bottles/month

Gold Medal Wine Club has been in the wine-of-the-month biz long before the “subscription box” trend was a twinkle in the internet’s eye. Choose from a variety of subscriptions, from the entry-level to the downright decadent, and indulge in wines beloved by the winos who know them best.

14. Firstleaf

Firstleaf works directly with wine producers to get you the very best.

The Cost: $79.00 per monthly box of 3 bottles

Firstleaf works directly with winemakers to deliver you delicious wines at a great value. They’re also big on providing an impeccable, personalized experience—you can leave reviews of each wine you get, change your preferences, view and edit upcoming boxes, and switch up your delivery schedule with ease. Check out our Firstleaf Reviews to learn more!

15. International Wine of the Month Club

International Wine Club has been in the business for over 20 years!

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $35.95 for 2 bottles/month

International Wine of the Month Club has been exploring and sharing wines since the mid-90s, so these wine lovers really know their stuff! They’re passionate about sharing a variety of unique wines from outstanding vineyards and have a stringent selection process to make sure you’re getting the best wines possible for your buck.

16. California Wine Club

California Wine Club focuses on wines from small family business in their home state of CA.

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $39.95 for 2 bottles/month

If hand-crafted, limited-production wines from small vineyards are more your taste, then check out California Wine Club. This company has been sharing the artisanal wines of small, family-run wineries since 1990. Choose a subscription level to fit your budget and tastes, and indulge in the wonders of California wine country from the comfort of home.

17. Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $29.00 for a single bottle/month

The experienced team behind Cellars Wine Club offers a slew of different subscription types tailored to your tastes, interests, and experiences. There’s a subscription for sweet wines, west coast wines, international wines, high-end and premium wines, and more.

18. Wine Down Box

Wine Down Box pairs wine with meat and cheese for a full gastronomical experience.

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $49.00 per month for 1 bottle of wine plus cheese and charcuterie for two people

Wine is fine, but wine enjoyed with the perfect pairing of charcuterie? Even better. Wine Down Box supplies you with a monthly bottle of hand-selected, limited-production California wine and just the right combination of fresh artisan cheese, meats, and handmade crackers to complement its unique flavor profile. It’s perfect for a date night indulgence or adding some sophistication to lazy Sunday afternoon snacking.

19. Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club sources their picks from around the globe.

The Cost: $44.95 per month for 3 bottles per shipment

This long-standing club offers international varieties of red and white wines from Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Chile, and beyond, plus a monthly issue of their informative newsletter, Wine Expeditions. These premium wines are handcrafted by small wineries around the globe and meticulously researched to ensure you’re getting the best there is to offer. In other words, this subscription is guaranteed to please.

What’s the right wine box for you?

Check out our latest wine of the month club reviews to learn more about our fave finds and find current reviews!

Have you tried any wine clubs or boxes? Did they help you learn about wines?

Best Wine Subscriptions

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  1. Hated Winc. They only gave me sweet wines for months of me giving all the sweet wines a low rating.

  2. I would like to buy a wine subscription as a gift. Any of these allow to prepay for 3-6 months?

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  4. Anna, great summary of the wine subscription, but it would be really helpful if you tell how many bottles in each box. Because if you compare same boxes for, let’s say, $40, but one gives you four bottles and the other one is two, this factor make a big difference deciding which sub I should go with.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We updated this article to include the number of bottles per shipment for the entry level plans 🙂