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Birchbox August 2017 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the sample choice and curated box spoilers for the August 2017 Birchbox! (Sample choice will open on July 26th for Aces, July 27th for everyone else)

The sample choice options are:

Birchbox August 2017

And here is the August 2017 featured box:

Birchbox August 2017

It includes:

If you are a Birchbox Beta member ($15 a month), you can pick from one of the Spotlight boxes as well:

Spotlight On Endless Summer: These products that help you carry that sunshine-y vibe whenever, wherever.

Spotlight On Smooth Operators: Nothing can make you feel polished quite like soft, even skin and sleek, glossy hair, agreed?
Spotlight On Big and Bold: Voluminous hair, dramatic eyes, bold lips, and luminous skin? We want it all!

birchbox july 2017

Spotlight On Radiance: The search for a luminous complexion—and the glossy hair to match—ends here.

birchbox july 2017

Spotlight On Sunny Day Essentials: These “sun-day” must-haves will help you reap the get-gorgeous factor of summer all year long.

birchbox july 2017

Spotlight On Customer Faves: Get ready to join in on these fan-favorite products that everyone’s talking about.

Spotlight On Eyes: From lids to lashes—and the delicate skin all around—you’ll have everything to make your eyes pop.

Spotlight On Hydration: Nourished strands, smooth lips, and dewy skin—you’ll be moisturized from head to toe.
Spotlight On Bodycare: You don’t always have to go face first—these products will keep the skin on your body in check

 Spotlight On Curly Hair: Embrace your natural hair texture with these styling solutions that help you spiral into control.

 Spotlight On Color-Treated Hair: You’ve already found the right hue for you. Now it’s time to care for your color.

Spotlight On Dry/Damaged Hair: The new meaning of SOS? Save Our Strands! These restoring products are here to help.

Spotlight On Dry Skin: Hydration is here! Your thirsty skin is about to be thoroughly quenched with this selection of moisturizing skincare products. From a gentle, exfoliating cleanser with a cult following, to a high-tech liquid-serum hybrid, and a nourishing all-purpose balm, your dry skin will drink up all the goodness in this box.

Spotlight On Oily Skin: Get your T-zone in its best shape with these oil-absorbing, mattifying, and pore-purifying products. Whether you need to banish a blemish, tone down shine, or give your complexion a deep clean, every day can be a clear skin day with this all-star lineup.

Spotlight On Anti-Aging: Dullness, dark spots, wrinkles perhaps not everything gets better with age. We’ve rounded up high-performing products dedicated to restoring smoother skin and a healthy, youthful glow. From a plumping moisturizer, to a smoothing serum, and a mask that’s basically a face-lift in a packet, you’ll celebrate each year that passes looking your best.

What do you think of the sample choices and curated box? Which one are you picking this month? 

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

While supplies last, use coupon code FACETIME at checkout to receive a free EVE LOM Cleanser and Muslin Cloth ($27 Value) with your first month of a Birchbox subscription


birchbox july 2017


While supplies last, use coupon code IWANTUMAC to get a FREE M·A·C Cosmetics Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Look Lively with your first month of a Birchbox subscription!

birchbox july 2017

Birchbox is $10 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full details: Use code FACETIME at checkout to receive a free EVE LOM Cleanser and Muslin Cloth with the purchase of a women’s rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.

Full Details: Use code IWANTUMAC at checkout to receive a free M·A·C Cosmetics Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Look Lively with the purchase of a women’s rebillable subscription. Offer available while supplies last. Your free gift will ship with your first subscription box. Please note that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Redemption of this code for existing subscribers does not guarantee receipt of these promotional items.

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  1. How easy is it to cancel?

  2. I just signed up now. Will I still have the option to pick a sample choice?

  3. So help me out. If I choose a sample for my monthly box, and I want to buy a curated box. How much does the curated box cost. This is my first box.

  4. I decided to upgrade to Beta because I love the options this month in the Spotlight boxes–the Radiance box has 3 things I’ve been dying to try!

    Can Beta users choose a box and a sample or just one or the other? Loving that Stila lipstick shade.

    • Beta cannot pick a sample choice . I had beta and decided not worth the 5 bucks because I could not choose sample and pick one skip one. You only get one option with beta . It’s worth it if u like the spolltlight choices. I think aces should not have to pay the 5 dollars.

  5. Stupid question…how do you subscribe to the Beta option?

  6. Ooooo, pretty box this month! I love their box designs!

  7. How do you get that featured box?

  8. I feel like every few months I buy the curated box and also love something from the pick section. And then the next few months my boxes are terrible. Definitely getting the Oribe dry shampoo and buying the curated box.

  9. Wow, those are actually good choices! If I was still subscribed, I’d have a hard time choosing between the Stila and the Glamglow!

  10. Is it just me or is this the first time in over a year that the sample choices AND the curated box have been really good? Considering buy the box and choosing a sample. Finally, the Birchbox I used to love! I hope it’s not short-lived and they can keep this up.

  11. I’m not understanding the Beta thing. So for only $5 more I can pick one of those other boxes in addition to my normal monthly box?

    • Instead of. Not in addition to.

    • You’ll get the option to pick one of those boxes instead of the monthly box.

    • No, for 5 dollars more you can pick a box. That would be your monthly birchbox

  12. I am definitely picking the curated box even tho I already have Aria in full size. I will be putting that up to swap. But the rest of the box looks amazing! Birchbox is doing an awesome job this month!

  13. oooooh I love all 3 of the sample choices!!

  14. Definitely choosing the curated box! Love and will use all the samples!

  15. Oh man, I regret cancelling last month. The curated box looks amazing for me! I love hair masks, Dr. Jart, and the Pūr-lisse mask is one of my favorite products ever. I received it from Ipsy a few months back and holy cow I love it so much. I’ve been lusting after the full size but it is so damn expensive. I’m considering re-subbing for that product alone.

    • Can you tell me why you like it so much? I’m looking for some new face products. Lately my face has been breaking out like crazy. My skin is normally in the dry side, although less so in summer. But I don’t know what’s going on right now! I’m 31, shouldn’t I have grown out of this?
      Anyway, any more info about the purlisse is much appreciated!
      And does anyone have any experience with the eve lom cleanser?

      • I’m currently using a 20ml sample (most likely the size of the BB offer) of the Eve Lom cleanser right now, and I really like it! It’s thicker than any other cleansing balm I’ve used so far, and it takes the makeup off very well. It comes with a muslin cloth, and it’s recommended to soak it in warm water, place on the face for a few seconds, then wipe away the cleanser. I’m not a fan of wiping my makeup on any cloths, so I just emulsify the cleanser first, then rinse it off with water. It rinses very well, but I’ve heard it could leave residue behind. I’ve never felt any though, before I go in for my 2nd cleanse. Also, a little goes a long way, so that sample will have quite a few uses so you can get a feel of whether you like it or not. 🙂

        • Luna! My box dog! Where you at??? 😎

          I haven’t tried Lom, but I got Cailyn Dizzolv’It in a sub recently. Lame name, but excellent product. If Lom is as good as this, I’d happily sign up again with BB!

          I’ve canceled BeautyFix & TestTube – for now. They need to woo me back. Otherwise, it’s over between us.

          • 😀 !!!
            I haven’t tried Cailyn Dizzolv’It, but it sounds familiar, and I don’t doubt I already have it in my stash. I’m going through a stage of using sample sized cleansing balms right now, so I’ll have to dig into my bin containing all of my sample sized cleansing oils & balms to see if I have it, and add it to the queue. 🙂

      • Btw, you can have adult acne well into your 50’s. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve witnessed it in a few co-workers.

        • I’ve always suspected I would have acne and wrinkles at the same time. Sigh.

          • I am 40 and currently dealing with the worst acne I’ve ever had (I had perfect skin as a teen, but apparently the post-30 hormones hate me). Retinoids and retinols are your friend, as they help treat both acne and wrinkles. (The can also cause an initial “purge,” which I always thought was a myth until I did some experience-necessitated research, but I am hoping to ride this out and see some results.)

        • I’m 44, & blackheads are my boyfriend. We’re in a long term (as in HE’S NEVER GOING HOME!!?!) relationship.

          I fully expect when I die, they will be there with me, following me into the afterlife. While I’ll still have an uncreased face! 😑

          • For blackjeads and whiteheads the ONLY treatment I have ever found that really really works (I’m 50 with oily skin) is Clientele – they have a mask that you mix and apply with a brush – WOW!!! Voom!!! You can feel it working and when I washed it off – all of the “heads” were gone. Use it once a week. Get it at –

          • Every night I put Jojoba oil all over my face – it has made a huge improvement in eliminating my adult cystic acne (have had acne on my chin for the past 10 years – i’m past 45 now). Yes – it is oil but it works. I have been using it for years now.

          • Loretta, thank you for the recommendation!

            I’ve recently begun using my Derma roller once a week & following a sort of K-Beauty routine. I have noticed an improvement. But I still have cycles & would love to say “get lost” to both black/white heads!

        • Yes i am 45 and just started to back out on my face.

      • I will second that emotion about the Pur-lisse mask. Of all the ones I’ve received, that one is also my fav. It feels like it does the job, without stripping my face.

        I’ve only used 1 product from Dr. jart – the Cicapair tiger green grass cream – got it from either BB or Allure. Don’t know what the fuss is all about that guy. It could be I’m not using the product right, but I have not seen any difference.

      • I love Purlisse! All the samples I’ve tried from them are awesome. Two of my favs – the mask & their BB Tinted Moist Cream. Great coverage.

        I’m not impressed with Dr. Jart. Have used his Cicapair & I don’t get it. What’s with all the hype?

      • I can’t speak for Joy, but I know I love Pur-lisse because the use awesome ingredients that are sooo gentle (and effective) on even the most sensitive skin. I, too, love the mud mask in question, but I mean. ALL of their products are amazing. Skyn Iceland is another fantastic brand for face products. Hey Honey is a good brand as well, but some of their products can be a little less easygoing for people with sensitive skin (not sure if you fall into that camp, but figured I’d mention it). If you’re looking to try any of those brands, you can probably find them relatively cheap on eBay, or if you’re a BB subscriber, I’d recommend trying the Curated Box this month. It’s a great sample size, too. You don’t need very much each use.

      • You are going to want a script of retinol from the doc. I got mine when I was about 30, and I’m still using it now I’m my 40’s with nice clear skin (sssshhhhhh) and nary a wrinkle in sight! Make sure you get that script now and keep using it ’til kingdom come!

        My younger sister just started this same phenomenon with the adult acne in her 30’s, and just got her retinol script from the dr. My skin looks better than hers, wrinkle-wise, but I expect that she will look great soon!

    • They almost always sell the curated box on its own. To resubscribe for the curated box, you’d have to get July first, so it’s still cheaper to buy then stand alone curated box ($20 if you resubscribe in time for sample choice vs $15 just to buy the box).

    • Uggg, I cancelled last week!

  16. Sigh…again, don’t want any of them. I cannot wait for the liquid lipstick thing to be over with. I’ve already got several Oribe dry shampoos, and I don’t want anything “hydrating” for my skin type. I’ll choose nothing and they’ll send me at least two of them anyway.

    • I feel you…

    • LOL I lived thru matte the 1st time it came around. No thanks to the 2.0 version!!

      Matte lips look like dried out, wrinkly old prunes to me.

      • Vanessa, I know what you mean. I just found out that Lipsense is a thing again, and I got a set of that about 20 years ago. I wonder if that’s one of the original matte lip products?

    • Yeah, I hear you. Nothing on that list is calling my name. But TBH, I think maybe it’s not Birchbox but me…I am realizing that I have reached box fatigue. None of them excite me anymore and I have way too many products that I’ve never even used. The fad is over for me. I’ve reduced my subs drastically this past year and just have to wait for my BB sub to run out since it’s prepaid and make a decision about beautyfix and RZ. Feels like the end of an era for me, but it was fun while it lasted.

  17. Hmm, to choose the Glamglow or the curated box… 🤔

  18. I’m choosing the Stila Perla! I love this line and am currently wearing Patina as I type this. I’m excited to try another shade! I absolutely LOVE the design of the box this month! This one will be a keeper.

    • I have Perla but not Patina (dying to try though). Check swatches out online or in a store. It’s very pale pink, cool-toned with a white cast, compared to Patina, which seems much, much warmer. Reminds me of a mod British 1960s go-go girl, complete with heavy eyeliner, tons of blue eye shadow, and false lashes.

      But kudos to Birchbox for offering two very different variations of Stila that aren’t red or boring neutral!

  19. The curated box looks great! If they had a deal where I could select this as my first box, I’d re-join. I’ve burned in the past when resubscribing as I wasn’t able to choose between sample choice and curated and ended up getting an odd assortment of items that didn’t fit my profile. I will probably sit this one out and try and swap for the Purlisse blue mud mask and Dr. Jart hydrogel cream.

    • I can’t be 100% sure it wasn’t a fluke, but I had that worry, too, but the last time I re-subbed it let me choose from sample choice/curated. I think the trick might be to do it ASAP – so if you don’t want July’s box, on 7/25. Anytime before that will get you July’s, too.

      That said, the other option would be to just purchase from the BB store at the beginning of the month. $10 for subscribers, $15 for non.

      I agree, though. The curated box looks amazing. Actually, I’m impressed with all of the sample choices this month. Compared to the last few months, they definitely stepped it up. 🙂

    • To be honest, sample choice hasn’t sold out in a long time so you’d likely be fine, as long as you sign up at least 1 day before sample choice opens. And then you could get the free gift and the curated box! I’ve signed up in the past before, on the last few days of the month, and gone in and selected sample choice. Lately I’ve been canceling and re-subbing every month. But it’s still a risk so swap may be safer!

      • But will I still get July’s box if I sign up during sample choice? I tried looking up their info about customization timing, but they don’t say when they stop sending out July boxes.

      • In my experience, they always “switch” the website to the next month’s box the week of sample choice, usually somewhere in the 20’s, like the 22 or the 23. I think next Monday they’ll likely have switched to selling August boxes and be done July ones. Just check back on the homepage next week. They’re transparent about it. The button will specifically say “Get your August box” instead of “Get your July box” and usually the color of the box in the cart has changed.

        • Awesome, thanks!!

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