Allure Beauty Thrills Box July 2017 – Available Now!

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The July/August Allure Beauty Thrills Box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Angela!)

The cost is $49.95 + $10 shipping.

The July Beauty Thrills Box will include 23 full-size items. And here are the FULL spoilers:

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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  1. Omg! I just realized that I never received this box. I have received no communication so I googled when it would be on sale and it was JULY! They did this to me last time too. I sent an email about the May box and the day after I received a shipping confirmation. Their customer service is the worst. What is the purpose of a yearly subscription when you’re put at the bottom of the priority list or forgotten. I will not subscribe again. The quality has gone downhill anyway.

    • Ha! I’m glad I read your comment because I just realized I never received mine either! Just called and they said they’d resend and it would be 7-10 days.

      • I get the monthly $15 box too and the September box never moved from the shipping partner per the tracking #. Is their shipping partner the problem? Their shipping sucks.

  2. Has anybody received the replacement Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe that leaked? Allure emailed me August 18th saying that they were shipping it to me and it should take 10 business days. Haven’t gotten it yet.

    • They said they were going to send a replacement, but I received the May box instead (?).

      • Not sure if it helps – On August 15th they said they were going to send a replacement, the packaged showed up on my USPS feed on August 18th, and it arrived for me on August 26th. I didn’t receive any email at all from them after August 15th – no shipping confirmation or anything like that. It just appeared in my USPS feed, and then in my doorstep.

        • Would love to receive a full box instead of just one item! But will settle for the Beach Babe. I guess I will have to email Allure again. I haven’t gotten any notification from the PO which I usually do with any package with a tracking number. Will let you know what they say. Very frustrated with Allure. I didn’t ask for them to replace the damaged items that were leaked on just the Beach Babe. Thanks!

          • I only asked for the Beach Babe as well, but somehow they sent the May box instead. And anther hair product leaked, so when the box arrived I thought they sent me the Beach Babe and it leaked again LOL. It was the Dessange hair oil from May Box that leaked this time.

    • This is the email I got from Allure about not receiving my replacement Beach Babe:

      “We apologize for the delay, your replacement item is currently still being processed and has not shipped yet.”

      They told me it would take 10 days so what’s the holdup? Frustrated!

      • Yea. I think their Customer Service is completely remote from their actual company and distro. They probably process admin type orders/issues, but have no info from the actual company. When they replaced my May box because shipping deets showed no movement, they had no idea how long it would take for me to get a shipping email or the timeline of delivery. Popsugar had to replace a few broken items for me back in April and it took almost 2 months to get.

      • I went back to the original email and for me they said they would ship the replacement within 10 business days – why they shipped so fast is a mystery for me, but they did say it could take up to 10 business days to ship.
        Either way, you’re past the 10 business days so they should have shipped your replacement by now anyway. Hope you get it soon.

    • I finally received my replacement Beach Babe. It took 6 weeks not 10 days. So disappointed with Allure’s customer service.

      • You know what’s funny. I didn’t have any problems with anything in the box, but they sent me not one but two of them in a plastic baggie, sealed, in my box.

  3. What happened Allure??? My box just arrived, that is unacceptable. My firsmail notification came August 8th. It would have been nice to have been communicated to with what the hold up was. Also the contents in my box were pretty beat up.

    • At least you got yours. I just realized I should have gotten mine and didn’t. Shipping confirmation says it’s still waiting to be dropped off at the shipment facility…

  4. Final Update:
    My box arrived today, wet but from rain not leaking product. Harvey has brought heavy rain/flooding/tornadoes to TN. Obviously, nothing like the disaster in Houston, my heart goes out to everyone there. Thankfully the tornado warnings are no longer in effect but we are under a river flood warning. In the grand scheme of things having to wait on a box is nothing. Hope everyone is safe out there.

    • WOW. Such a nice post. I am donating to our local Chicago animal shelters like PAWS that are transporting the stranded pets in Harvey, TX. I can’t be there, but we can all help in other ways.

  5. Finally got an email with tracking showing my box was rehshipped. Now we just have to hope it actually shows up this time.

  6. This is interesting. I contacted their CS because I received a tropical banana infused box (the sea salt spray was empty and spread all over the other products). They said they were going to send a replacement. Today I received a box, and found out they sent me the May 2017 box (which is okay, I guess; at least they sent me something to compensate for the 3-4 damaged items on the August box). But guess what??? ANOTHER PRODUCT LEAKED!!! This time around was the Dessange hair oil, and my box had oil all over the products lol. Once again the Post Office had to deliver my box wrapped in a plastic bag.

  7. Ordered the August box, received the May box which I already bought! Ugh! Off to email CS!

  8. They are reshipping my box since it hasn’t moved in over a week. Let’s hope this one makes it too me and hopefully they had the good sense to stick the sea salt spray in a zip lock!

    • Mine too.

    • I guess I got lucky. Mine was not in a bag but only leaked about 1/4. I had the same issue with shipping–weeks went by with nothing, then I emailed them, received a message apologizing and stating I would get tracking and within 5 days received my box Yipeeee. I love it!!! lots of things I will use and lots to give. Felt like XMAS so much stuff definitely worth the approx $60 w shipping even if I give 1/2 away. I received everything but nothing extra, also did not expect extra items. This is awesome– I did not have ANY of these exact items, only think not new is I use the OgX in a different scent/formula. I am so pleased> seriously looking forward to another thrillers box. Muah!!!

    • HOLY COW guys. Mine finally arrived on 8/24 after getting the shipping email on 8/10!!!! WTHeck? It has been painful watching the shipping updates. It starts in Glendale Heights, IL which is about 30 miles from Chicago where I am! It went to Decatur, IL and then Springfield, IL (WAY WAY WAY down South), all the way back up to IOWA, then FINALLY to Chicago all while getting 3 days in a row each time.. “On way to Chicago, On way to Chicago, On way to Chicago”. I thought for sure something exploded in it, but everything was fine. Boxes were crushed a bit, but the salt spray did NOT explode. So strange!!! (unless when it was in Iowa they replaced my box because it was damaged originally?) Iowa was the return address on my monthly Allure Box, so I am guessing that was maybe what happened. I will never know. Welp, finally have it now.

  9. Darn. I am worried now. Mine shipped on the 8th. Still have not received it. Says it is on its way to Chicago from Springfield…but nothing yet. I hope it didn’t fall apart like others have mentioned. I had shipping problems with this box in May too. WTH???

    • Now it is back at their Allure Iowa Distribution. Anyone else have this happen?

      • Mine is still who knows where. No movement since the 9th when it left the shipping partner. I’m beginning to think the sea salt spray exploded, ruining the box, and it got returned to sender? Maybe? I sent an email just in case. There’s no way it takes 7 days to travel 8 hours, even with snail mail. They used to be so good about taping lids and putting stuff that could potentially leak in it’s own bag. This may be the last box I order since they don’t seem to care about quality control anymore.

  10. I’m beginning to wonder if my box was lost or the sea salt spray exploded ruining the whole box. I got a shipping notice, shipped on the 9th and hasn’t moved since. I know mail shipping is slower than drive time but I only live like 8 hours from where it shipped from so you’d think it at least be in my state by now. If I don’t hear something soon I guess I’ll email them. This was my birthday present.

    • This happened to me in May. It said shipped and then never moved! Two weeks later, nothing, so I sent the Customer Service a FWD email with the Tracking showing no movement. They sent me a new box, but it took a week to get the shipping email again and then another week for delivery. Pain.

  11. Received my box today. The Not Your Mothers Beach Babe leaked out over the whole box and was completely empty! The box was soaked and smelled like coconut. The other stuff is OK but the boxes are soaked too. They just threw the products in the box without any bubble wrap or taping the lids on. Not happy! But this is the first time I have had an issue and I’ve been buying the boxes for many years.

    • I had this same issue. The post office left me a note to come to the post office. When I got there, they informed me that they marked my package as damaged because it was soaking wet. After I told them I didn’t want them to return it for me, I opened it to find the entire bottle of Not Your Mother’s spray completely empty!

    • That had leaked in mine, as well. And I thought we were going to get a full size pack of the Spa Life eye pads, but oh well.

      • My post office just delivered the box and from the top it looked fine. But when I picked it up the bottom almost fell out. I wrote to Allure asking them to either send me a new product or give me a partial refund. I bet other people had the same issue.

    • Exact same problem here. Completely empty sea salt spray, everything smelling like coconut. The post office wrapped the box in a plastic bag because it was soaking wet. I sent an email to Allure inquiring about this, but I’m not sure if they will do anything about it.
      The “good” thing is that I probably would not use the sea salt spray anyway. The bad thing is that I could gift this, and some of the other products, and now I can’t do that because all outer packages are damaged.

      • I emailed Allure and sent them photos. They will send me a new Beach Babe so that is nice. Like you, several other products were soaked but I will be able to use them myself but not gift them. You should email them to let them know so maybe the next time they will package the items better.

        • I sent an email with pictures and they said they are going to send a replacement. I’m not really counting on that, but if I do get a replacement that would be really nice of them. If not, I’m just happy that they acknowledged the problem and apologized 🙂

          (By the way, I bought this as a birthday gift to myself and it arrived on time YAY — happy birthday to me *<:o) )

          • Happy birthday!

        • Same issue with the Beach Babe! What email address are you all using to contact Allure? Thx in advance.

          • It’s on the Allure Beauty Thrills website at the bottom:

            [email protected] or call 1-877-356-9904

    • Received mine on Saturday and actually missing a couple of products including the Paula’s Choice Retinol. Called Allure and hopefully they are going to send me the products I am missing. There were no extras included. Disappointing as I purchased the presale and you think those boxes would be complete and shipped first. Check your boxes for missing items!

  12. I received my box today! No extras though. 🙁 I just got the shipping notification yesterday when clearly it had already shipped days/week before. Everyone should be getting your boxes soon despite lack of shipping notices! Hope this helps, I was impatiently waiting as well! 🙂


    • Got mine! Loving the shea lip gloss- awesome color and very moisturizing! Something that smells like suntan lotion had sprayed or leaked a little bit, but otherwise I am ecstatic!

  13. I got my shipping notice today!!! Since I haven’t received any boxes this summer, I’m almost giddy for this one. 😀

  14. So this morning impatient Heather scrolls through the comments to see if anyone had posted about when this box would ship, and lo and behold a few hours later I get a shipping notification. Apparently my box started out in Illinois, and is now in Las Vegas at a shipping partner facility waiting to be transferred to USPS. I live in Los Angeles so hopefully just a few more days! Hopefully everyone else will be receiving there soon as well!

    • *their box. Dang talk to text and my grammar nazi ways!

    • Lucky!!! I saw someone else post a comment their box has shipped in another post, so I rushed to my email, but nothing for me yet. 🙁 I’ll probably be checking this post now everyday for comments saying whether or not their boxes have shipped and/or been received yet.

  15. Has anyone heard anything about this box shipping? It’s the July box and it’s already the 9th of August! Seems like I ordered it forever ago!

    • I sent an email and got a very vague response:
      “We apologize for the delay in your shipment. You will receive an email confirmation when your box ships that will include USPS tracking information.”
      This doesn’t answer my question, which was “when will this box ship?” :/

      • I just called customer service and was told that my Box is on its way. CS was able to give me the tracking number. I told CS that I never received a confirmation of shipping email and she didn’t seem very surprised. Maybe your box is on the way too? The CS phone number is 1-877-356-9904.

    • I got mine today. Yay!

      • Did your box have any extra items in it?

        • Haha… great question! I think we’re all dying to know. 😀

        • Got mine today. No extras and that’s fine with me. I’m happy if they are included but I don’r expect them.

    • Just received my shipping email with tracking number about 5 minutes ago.

    • I just got my shipping email right now! 8/10 – Laura

    • I received the shipping email today. It was mailed August 8th from Glendale Heights, IL. Mine should be delivered 8/11 by the post office.

  16. Anyone know when these will start to ship approx.? Thxs

    • Their website says that boxes generally ship within 7-10 business days. My May Beauty Thrills box was shipped within the 7-10 day timeframe.

      • So it should ship between tomorrow and Monday for those that ordered on the first day? 😀

      • I am wondering when this box is going to ship too! Mine was purchased as a birthday gift 10 days ago… I emailed CS and they replies saying there was a delay in shipping?

        Liz – any info on this? Thanks

    • I ordered this July/August box right when it was available on July 25 and I still have not received a shipping email at all…

      • Me too! Money was deducted from my account as soon as I ordered but have received nothing.

      • I ordered a full year of these boxes on May 8. I did not receive the May box until June 26 – and I had to email their customer service dept a couple of times to receive it. They gave the impression that my box had been sent and said they would “reship” it, however I never received any kind of shipping notification or tracking number until they shipped the “replacement” box (which i think was really the first box and they overlooked me somehow). The good news is that the box was amazing once I received it! Very good value for the price! Because of the problems I had getting my first one, I am concerned about receiving the August box. I kind of wish I would have bought one at a time instead. I subscribe to many boxes, and Allure is the only one that does not email me when their monthly beauty box ships so I never know when it will show up. Anyway, I will post here if/when I receive the box and/or a shipment notification. It looks like it’s going to be a great one! 🙂

    • Just got my shipping email now on Thurs, 8/10! Sign up for the Text updates when you open the tracking number

  17. I just purchased the May & August boxes. I must be insane.

    I keep telling myself how many gifts I’ll be able to get out of these 2 boxes alone….

    • Yea! It is ALL full size items, so totally worth it!

  18. Is this considered their Fall box?

  19. Did they put extra items in the May box for those who purchased it?

    • Yes, We got 3 to 4 extras in the May box. Items from past boxes.

      • Thx Laura appreciate your help 😊😊😊

  20. Wondering if this box ever gets discounted if they don’t sell? These spoilers always tempt me but as a college student I just don’t have the heart to spend $60 on a box!

    • The Spring & Summer boxes were sold half off last year, so fingers crossed they’ll do it again this year! The only thing is that when the Summer box went on sale last year, that’s when they gave the 50% off discount on the Spring box. They didn’t do that this year even though there are still Spring boxes available, but there’s still hope. 🙂

      • Luna, did you buy one of the past discounted boxes?

        I wonder if they would still have the extra unlisteds in the clearance boxes?

        • No I didn’t since I had purchased the annual prepaid last year. It was tempting though!

    • Ditto. Although I do appreciate a portion of the proceeds go to charity, I would appreciate it even more if it were at least $10-15 cheaper.

      (I say this as I know I wll be pressing “confirm purchase” soon enough 😶)

  21. First time buying it! Hope it really is worth it. There are only 2 or 3 items I will not use, so…. *crossing fingers*

    Plus, I just had my bathroom remodeled and as I was doing inventory, I realized my “back-up stash” is kind of a joke and could use some boosting. 🙂

    • I really liked this box when I bought it in May. I do mainly buy spa/premium brands regarding hair and makeup, but this stuff is very useful. Lip balms, body creams, face wipes, shampoo, soap… mostly practical. I loved it. Saves you a few trips to the drugstore for sure!

    • AND ALL FULL SIZE, so it is a great deal!

  22. I’m soooooo tempted! But I’m the queen of letting stuff sit in a box lol

    So I’m going to pass, really great deal tbough!!!

    • Omg. Me too. I leave everything in the boxes and now my closet looks like a sub hoarder with tons of beauty boxes piled up everywhere. Lol

      I try to cut back then I subscribe to other subs and always am stuck at 14 boxes at a time. I need to go to subscription addiction rehab. Bahahahaha

      • After reading your post Anber I don’t feel as bad. I was convinced that I was the queen of hoard….thank goodness for this website I feel normal. But anyway…I feel like I need this box. 😍🎁

      • Haha! Same! My closet is tragic, filled with sub boxes I’m going to get to I swear lol

        Me, too!! I could open my own store at this point…just from the boxes lol

        • I did a garage sale lol
          It was a very hot day (100F, terrible idea to do a garage sale on that day), but yet I managed to get rid of 10 subscription boxes items that I never got to open yay 😀

      • Lol so glad to see I’m not the only one!
        I already lost count on my sub total, just let them keep coming in…
        Srsly thinking about getting a storage unit haha…

  23. Just bought my box! 🎉🎉🎉This will be my second box with beauty thrills, I got the may box and was surprisingly impressed. So excited for these products like the Paula’s choice retinol serum & the in shower 60 second facial product (seems interesting!). I’m really hoping they throw in some great bonus products!! The wait for the box to get to my house is gonna suck though!
    Thanks MSA for this post or I would’ve never known today was the Sale day for this box!!!❣️❣️

  24. I think I am not going to jump right on this (as I have done in the past). It’s not ‘thrilling me’ but if there were some additional enducements, I could be persuaded…..

    • Hopefully they’ll through in some awesome bonus products!

  25. I like to purchase boxes so I can have the opportunity to try products I may not be able to afford to try. This box seems to have mostly drug store products so if I was interested in trying any of them it wouldn’t be much of an investment. I love hair products and would probably use most of them but for $49 and $10 shipping, it’s not worth it for me.

    • The value is there!

      • Missy, you are so right! The value is definitely there but I’m trying to talk myself out of another box purchase. I have more products than I can possibly use but I keep buying more. What is it about these boxes that makes us want them so much???

        • FOMO.

  26. Shoot! This is the one box that I will order. I thought I was able to resist. Oh well

  27. I ordered it! I just opened my confirmation email and it states that this year they will have a limited edition October Breast Cancer Awareness box:

    Thanks for ordering the 2017 Allure Beauty Thrills Collection! This year we will be offering boxes in May, August, and December, in addition to our new, limited edition, October Breast Cancer Awareness box.

    For newbies, I will just say that I have been buying these boxes off and on since they started. If you are interested in starting to swap on this site, this is a great box to buy.

  28. Fingers crossed for added extras like Allure did with the May box! Even though they’d be repeats from prior boxes, they’d still get used in my household. The only items I can think of that I’ve given away from these boxes are self-tanners & fake nails.

    • I was thinking the same thing, please come on with the extras!

    • What were the extra items in the May box?

      • There were 4 i got; the first was biocleansing conditioner by unwash(full size), a Rimmel Lipstick, not your mothers Plump for joy(full size) & glov makeup remover(big one)

  29. I have no idea why everyone hates on hair products. Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your skin or applying makeup! I have been passing on the Beauty Thrills boxes for a LONG time now. It’s been years since one tempted me, but this one is really a great deal with a lot of useful items in it for me personally. Really loved the variety and the serums!

    • I hate hair product samples, especially conditioner, because my hair is really long and thick so the sample usually isn’t even enough for one use. I LOVE full size hair products, like what’s in this box. I am so glad I locked this in!

    • I have long, thick hair down to bum and my issue is a big bottle of serum or leave in conditioner lasts me 4 or 5 months. Each box has at least 2 of these so I have a serious backlog of serums and leave in conditioner even with my crazy long hair. I don’t heat style or blow dry either so most of the hair products I give away. This box used to be more well rounded. However, I always appreciate shampoos and conditioners!

    • I just don’t find myself using/needing hair products all that often. I air dry. I don’t have the time built in to my morning routine to apply hair products every day. I wear my hair down, so I worry about hair products touching my face and giving me acne or staining my clothes. And my hair is naturally straight, so any product meant for curly hair won’t do anything. That said, I still bought this box because I wanted the skincare items.

      • Exactly exactly exactly. I air dry, don’t curl or dye or damage my hair any way except just living. And my hair sounds just like yours. The only difference is that I resisted the box. I probably would have gotten one if I didn’t already have a large stockpile of skincare stuff to try….

  30. Either way, i used almost everything from the last box. Anything like heavy hair products i give to my fam members w thicker hair, or the end of the year my friends and i make and collect Xmas gifts for the woman and children at a domestic violence shelter.

    • That’s a beautiful idea, Laura! I know some of my local shelters and even our Child Protective Services like to put together treat baskets around the holidays. I usually give the things I won’t use to my mom but I may have to start saving the things neither of us will use for donations.

  31. No deal on the May box?

    • I thought that was weird too! I just bought mine and expected a half off deal the the May one. Just high shipping a sales tax fees and a subscription offer for the magazine. Which I got, lol.

  32. too many Hair care products

  33. This is the first Thrills box that has tempted me in over a year. When the spoilers first came out I was actually convinced I was going to pick one up. But now that I’ve had time to think about it, it seems pretty heavy on the hair products and since my hair is very thin and oily (and I air dry) I don’t use alot of product….and the shampoo/conditioner I do use has to be volumizing. The skincare and other items probably make up for it, but although there are a few things I’d love to try, there is nothing I absolutely NEED. It doesn’t help I’m in overload already. LOL. So I’ve convinced myself to pass. But if this happens to go on sale at some point, I may be tempted again…..

    • I completely agree with you LB 🙂

      • Same here!!

    • Yep me too. The only thing that really interests me is the paulas choice but you can get that 20% off with a promo. So, unless it goes on sale it’s a no. Too much drugstore stuff, and why always fake nails and wraps?

      • Those Incoco wraps are the best out there I think! So so easy fast & great long lasting quality

  34. Ordered! The Paula’s Choice serum alone is $42, plus most other things here are full size. This is incredible value and covers many beauty needs which means I don’t need to scrounge for these items one by one.

    • The Lierac is also $42. I ordered this one. WAY better than the May box however Im not as picky as some.

      Ive realized that I use this box a LOT. Have given up on a lot of other subs but Allure remains my top so I LOVE the Thrills box when it comes out.

      Now Mama just needs the May one to go on sale hee hee 😛 then my day is complete!

      • I’m really considering it because of the serums, but I don’t really need anything else. Decisions, decisions…

        • Same Gabriela…Some of these are great, which makes the box better than the last, other items a bonus 😊❤

    • I’m SO excited to use that serum, that alone makes the box worth it to me and the reviews are pretty outstanding on it plus I’ve been wanting to try a retinol treatment and from what I’ve read this could be the holy grail product I’ve been looking for!

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