Subscriber Survey: What Boxes Should We Review Again?

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Sunday Subscriber Survey time! This week’s subscription box question is:

Are there any boxes we stopped reviewing that you would like to see us review again?Β (Sometimes we stop reviewing a box if we don’t have a good match of a reviewer for it, if it doesn’t seem to be popular with MSA readers, or a few other reasons.)

If there are boxes you miss seeing the reviews for, please let us know! πŸ™‚

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yummy Bazaar Full Experince – was real close to subscribing but the reviews stopped!

    • I agree!

  2. Glamour Ghoul Box!!!!!!

    • Agreed!

  3. Lip monthly!

    • They are horrible!
      I signed up for the 5$ first bag and after 4 weeks still isn’t shipped. I hear from others who got charged even tho they canceled…Customer Service is also not really good!

      • I got charged for an annual after I cancelled because they have a not too obvious 2nd step you must do which is hidden in their cancellation confirmation email to make the cancellation official. The subject of the email reads like any other cancellation confirmation email I’ve ever received from any other sub when I’ve cancelled through my account via a cancellation link, so I didn’t bother reading the actual email. After being charged I read it, and it started out like a regular acknowledgement of my cancellation request, but toward the end it changed to something like an “are you sure? If so, then click this link to finish the cancellation process” They refunded my charge after getting my strongly worded, but not mean, email. Overall, I like the bags, but that’s just something I’ll keep in mind if I decide to re-sub in the future.

      • Totally agree and the products are really cheap!

        • I understand that they are hit or miss sometimes but they have a great idea going! You get the bag, a random beauty product AND you get to choose your lip colors! I think if they started getting reviews again, their popularity would increase & hopefully allow them to partner with more quality brands & improve on their services. Also, you can never have too many lip products lol

      • I think they don’t speak English very well. I love my Lip Monthly, but early on, I had a problem or question – I don’t even remember what it was. I specified in my email that I do NOT want to cancel and they cancelled me. I got it taken care of, but so many of you had a hard time cancelling and I got cancelled when I specified I didn’t want to! This makes me think they don’t speak English very well.

        As for the products, I enjoy almost everything they send.

    • Yes! Please!!!!

    • I second that

    • Agreed!

    • Yes, to this as well.

  4. Loot Wear, please!

  5. Sisley Paris please! Bless Box looked interesting when it was for sale in Gilt, but I passed since there were no reviews.

  6. Sisely paris, lip monthly , candy german

  7. Geek Chic

    • I’ll second Geek Chic!

  8. Or a “Petit Vour vs Vegan Cuts” closer look!!

    • A Petit Vour vs. Satva would be cool too!

  9. You never have reviewed it to my knowledge, however My Lit Box is a stellar box! 😁

  10. Glamour Ghouls and the My Thrill HORROR box.

    • oh I have my thrill club horror box and it’s pretty cool so far!! I’d love to see what others get in their boxes. So yeah, I agree on a review for it! πŸ˜‰

  11. Sisley Paris
    And Treatsie if they are still around.

  12. Rebecca Mail

  13. Sisley-paris please!

  14. I loved Rent the Runway reviews 😊

  15. At Home With Nikki has a new sub box called The Nstyle Box that looks fun

  16. Sisley and 5th Ave

  17. I feel like I haven’t seen an idea chic review in awhile, and I’m biding my time until I eventually sub to them. I wait for reviews to use as spoilers to see if i finally want to take the plunge. And I there a globe in club review? Now That the art is box is so expensive, Im considering starting the club just to get access to the add ons.

  18. Prospurly and Bless Box!

    • Agree, I miss Prospurly, I always wonder how they’re still doing!

      • Me too!!

    • Yes, to both. just received my first Prospurly and I could not find any reviews at all for it. I liked my first box.

  19. Nourish Beauty Box πŸ™‚

    • Yes! I love Nourish Beauty Box. I thought I was the only one. πŸ™‚

  20. Glowing Beets!

  21. Honeybee Gardens has a monthly “Buzz Box” (single box purchase, new set each month). Their stuff sometimes shows up in the eco conscious beauty boxes but I’d love to see a review of their stuff.

    • YES! This!

  22. Loot tee

    • Yes!!

    • Loot Wear too! And Loot for Her!

  23. The Well Necessities Collection. I would love to see it reviewed and maybe Lisa will put up another coupon to give me an excuse to sub again. πŸ˜‰

  24. Lip Monthly, especially now that So Susan Lip Love doesn’t have much lip.

  25. Please review Bless Box. I have not received a box yet but bought the Gilt City deal. I see mixed reviews and would like your honest opinion. Thanks.

  26. I know you review beauty fix but I was hoping for a review of the bridesmaids box from them.

  27. Bless Box

  28. Hamptons Lane!

    • I thought I saw a June review for this?

      • I only saw a June spoiler but I could be wrong!

  29. Lip monthly!

  30. Monarch Fitness if they are still around.

    • They are not still around; that’s why we stopped, unfortunately. That was one of my favorites.

  31. Glamour Doll Eyes I believe they have a few.

  32. i would love to see plated or burga box or hello fresh with deals that aaplly to new and old users thanks

    • Can we get a meat eater to review to some of these meal boxes and snack boxes? With all due respect to vegetarians I’d like to see the other side for once!!

  33. I would love to see a couple of sweet melissa’s buzz bag reviews. To find out more about the kind of jewelry/fandom material that is in them

  34. Lip Monthly πŸ™‚

  35. How about Scribe delivery? I don’t know which pen and paper one to get. I would like to see iPen reviewed too.

    • +1 to iPen please!

    • yes!

  36. 5th avenue

    • 5th Avenue

      • The 5th ave dress for success box this round was outstanding

  37. Mizzfit

    • I second this, I know there’s drama but no one else reviews them and Bianca Jade doesn’t even post the contents anywhere (that I’ve been able to find).

      I always liked seeing what was in those.

      • Look her up on instagram and there are lots of reveals

      • Drama is right! However, the way she responded to commenters was not ok with me! I will never subscribe to this box because I refuse to support someone like that!

  38. Peaches and Petals

    • Me too.

  39. Since I bought a 3-month subscription to Bless Box via Gilt City, would love to have updated reviews (only found one on YouTube so far for June & it was far from glowing). Thanks!

    • bless box has been so packed full of stuff, seems way worth the money paid.

  40. Simon says scrap

  41. Blessbox

  42. Would love to see reviews for Trendsend by Evereve again! I haven’t had success with Stitchfix, but thought Trendsend provided a different take and good options.

  43. Prospurly.

    • Yes, Prospurly!

  44. Sisley-Paris

    • YESSSS!

  45. Rainbow Honey!

    • Rainbow Honey has completely changed in the last 6-8 months. I miss seeing their reviews too but mainly because I miss the old rainbow honey company.

      • Exactly why we need reviews!! XD

        • From what I’ve seen on Instagram the bags get sent out really late and it’s old polishes from old collections. I actually signed back up so I could hopefully get stuff I missed out on but I still haven’t received my May bag. I haven’t gotten an email from them. It really seems like the company was sold and that the new owner is just selling through old inventory. And they’re no longer doing any body care type items. It’s all super disappointing as I was a huge RH fan.

  46. I don’t know but I’d like a review on another Popsugar-style lifestyle box. Now that LLB is gone, I want something else

    • MSA recently started reviewing Sugarbash, which is another lifestyle sub in a similar price range ($39.95, every other month). You may want to check out those reviews πŸ™‚

  47. My lemon Crate !! Was trying to make up mind this morning. And I can never make up my mind to spend the money on fifth avenue because it has been so long since it was reviewed.

    • Oh, yes to 5th Avenue! Especially if we could get different reviewers for each box. Since everything is personalized, I would love to see the range of styles that they send.

      • I would think that if they knew it was someone from MSA, then they would be sending AMAZING items. It’s a very slippery slope with 5th avenue style. this is coming from someone w/ a lot of probs w/ them. and they read these blogs religiously.

  48. Try Treats and/or Candy German were two of my favorites to see reviews on!

  49. Merkaela ❀️LOVE the box!

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