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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts: The Best Subscription Boxes for Men!

Looking for last-minute Father’s Day gift that doesn’t look last-minute? Print out a gift certificate from a subscription box, and you’re good to go! These are some of the best subscription boxes for men, and it’s a gift they’ll be happy to see every month!

  1. Bespoke Post
    For the design-minded guy who loves small-batch products

     Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Bespoke Post

    Bespoke Post “Prost” Oktoberfest themed box from September 2016. Not all boxes are food related – we think everyone can find a Bespoke Post edition that they are interested in!

    Why we recommend it: Bespoke Post is known for their well designed boxes that focus on high-quality products around a specific theme. They release a new set of themed boxes each month, and when you buy a gift, the recipient has the option to choose which box they want to receive… so you can ensure they’re getting something they want, but it’s more personal than just a gift card. Although intended for men and many boxes do include masculine accessories and personal care items or men’s apparel, some of the boxes are unisex and make great gifts for women, too — like those oriented around food or home products.

    What’s in the box: It’s always different, but expect “best in class,” artisanal, small-batch products around various themes. Bespoke Post announces their new boxes each month and you can preview exactly what’s inside before you commit; see their current offerings by clicking “Boxes” on their website.

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $45/month
    Frequency: Monthly (but you can easily skip any month if you’re not interested in the current themes)

    How to give as a gift: Click “Gift a Gift” and choose a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

    Check out all of our Bespoke Post Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  2. Robb Vices
    For the most interesting man in the world
  3. Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Robb Vices
  4. Why we recommend it: One of the few boxes where we see truly new and innovative concepts every month – an MSA reader favorite! “Robb Vices delivers a curated selection of exceptional goods that tell a story of authenticity and intrigue. Created by the publishers of Robb Report, each delivery includes products that represent the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. In any given month you can expect unique foods to taste, spirits to fill your glass with, as well as tools and toys that empower the ultimate host and that will make the most discerning connoisseur smile.” 

    What’s in the box: Expect a mix of alcohol, food, and corresponding products like glassware, gadgets, and more. Each shipment is a cohesive collection of products that come together to create a unique experience that can be relished alone or enjoyed with a small group of friends, including an informational booklet with lots of background info on the brands and products.OK, What else should i know:
    21+ Only: Robb Vices almost always includes alcohol, so someone 21+ must be available to sign for each delivery.
    Price: $89.95/month
    Frequency: Monthly
    How to give as a gift: On their homepage, click “Give a Gift” and select a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan. These plans appear to recur, so you do need to cancel once your intended subscription length is complete.
    Check out all of our Robb Vices Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  5. Gentleman’s Box
    For the polished, stylish man
  6. Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Gentleman's Box
  7. Why we recommend it: Gentleman’s Box is always packed with value while including high-value items – every month.

    What’s in the box: Expect a mix of high quality and unique men’s accessories.

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $25/month
    Frequency: Monthly
    How to give as a gift: On their homepage, click “Gift” in the top navigation and select a 3, 6, or 12 month plan.Check out all of our Gentleman’s Box Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  8. Loot Crate
    For the guy obsessed with geeky, pop-culture, fandom and franchise-inspired gear


    Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Loot Crate

    The “Horror” themed October 2016 Loot Crate box.

    Why we recommend it: Loot Crate is one of our favorite geeky subscriptions. It’s great for anyone on your gift list that is into into video games, comic books, science fiction, and more, and it’s full of great exclusive items so you can be sure they won’t be getting something they already have at home.

    What’s in the box: Loot Crate ships 5-7 Items in each box along a common theme. Every box comes with an exclusive shirt to go with that month’s theme. The types of items greatly vary from a comic to vinyl figures to a Breaking Bad themed apron.

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $13.37/month + $6 shipping.
    Frequency: Monthly (but you can easily skip any month if you’re not interested in the current themes)

    How to give as a gift: You should be able to buy a gift subscription on Loot Crate’s site here in their gift subscription section.

    Check out all of our Loot Crate Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  9. Stitch Fix Men 
  10. For the fashion-forward guy who’d love a wardrobe refreshBest Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Stitch Fix MenWhy we recommend it: If you are looking for a luxe gift, or the man on your list is in need of a new wardrobe, a gift certificate for Stitch Fix Men is the ultimate gift. We find that many guys (and gals for that matter!) appreciate personal styling services like Stitch Fix instead of spending hours at the mall when they need some new threads.What’s in the box: 5 pieces of clothing to try on, and keep or return. You sign up for a “Fix” by completing a style profile with your guy’s size and style preferences, and then your personal stylist picks out items for you and sends them your way. Send back anything you don’t like and just pay for what you keepOK, What else should I know:
    Price: $20 per shipment styling fee, which is applied towards any items you decide to keep. Get a 25% discount if you keep everything in your Fix!
    Frequency: Monthly (but you can easily skip any month if you’re not interested in the current themes)How to give as a gift: Instead of signing up for a Fix on their behalf, buy a gift card, which can be applied to the Styling Fee and any items they decide to keep. You can choose to ship the gift card, print it out, or e-mail it.We’ve only reviewed Stitch Fix for Women so far, but check out all of our Stitch Fix Reviews to learn more about how this subscription works!

  11. Birchbox Man
    For the professional guy who needs to look his best every dayBest Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Birchbox ManWhy we recommend it: Birchbox Man is a subscription box with a good mix of grooming and lifestyle products. Some of the lifestyle items can be a little formal (cuff links, ties, collar stays), so we recommend this box for anyone who has a professional clothing requirement for work!What’s in the box: Birchbox Man is a monthly grooming and lifestyle subscription box for men. Each month, you’ll receive 3-4 sample size items to try along with another lifestyle item that you can select. The selection process opens about a month before shipping and, typically, allows you to pick 1 of 3 selection items.OK, What else should I know:
    Price:$20 a month ($16.25 a month with annual subscription)
    Frequency: MonthlyHow to give as a gift: Birchbox makes gifting easy – just click here and choose a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, and follow the prompts. Last minute gifters can also buy digital gift cards.Check out all of our Birchbox Man Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  12. Mantry
    For artisanal food and snacks curated around themes guys love

    Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Mantry

    Mantry’s October 2016 “Tailgate World Tour” themed box.

    Why we recommend it: There are tons of food subscription boxes out there, but Mantry is particularly easily giftable because of the cool, re-usable wooden crate that their first box will arrive in. The themes are typically more modern than other “food gift baskets”, and recipients should find at least a few products and recipes they’ve never tried before.

    What’s in the box: Artisan foods for the “modern man’s pantry” sent every other month. Expect 6 full-sized items all curated along a common theme, like “Pizza Party,” “Bourbon BBQ,” and “Tailgate World Tour” (as seen above).

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $49 every other month, with discounts for longer subscriptions
    Frequency: Every other month

    How to give as a gift: Head over to Mantry, click “Gifts” in the header, and select a 1, 3, or 6 box gift plan. (Boxes are shipped every other month, so 6 boxes is a full year subscription).

    Check out all of our Mantry Reviews to learn more about this subscription!

  13. People’s Choice Beef Jerky
    For the best in flavorful, family-owned beef jerky

    Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: People's Choice Beef Jerky

    The 6 jerky selections from People’s Choice “Some Like It Hot” Box

    Why we recommend it: People’s Choice Beef Jerky is a family-owned beef jerky company that’s been crafting their jerky for four generations. They offer a selection of theme Jerky Boxes to get a good sampling of their product – these range from Sweet Tooth to Some Like It Hot! These are all one-time purchase boxes, which makes them ideal for gifting.

    What’s in the box: A selection of beef jerky from the People’s Choice Beef Jerky product line.

    OK, What else should I know:

    People’s Choice offers a series of one time purchase boxes, or, you can subscribe to an ongoing delivery and save 5%. (Note: prices listed below do not include shipping. Shipping is free on orders over $85.)

    How to give as a gift: Head over to People’s Choice, select a box, and checkout! They mention that if you include a gift note, they’ll add a handwritten note to your order, too.

    Check out all of our People’s Choice Jerky Reviews to learn more about this box!

  14. The Craft Beer Club
    For the hop-head or lager-loving guy in your lifeBest Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Craft Beer Club

    Why we recommend it: A subscription to a “beer of the month club” is a classic, no-brainer gift for the beer guy in your life. We’ve been reviewing this subscription for awhile now and have been pleased to find they include a good mix of beers that we can’t always find locally!

    What’s in the box: The Craft Beer Club sends craft brews from around the country. Each month, they send a selection of different beers from around the US and information about the breweries behind them. Each shipment contains 4 different styles (3 or 6 bottles/cans of each kind, depending on the plan you choose).

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $39 per month for 12 bottles or $74.11 for 24 bottles. Free shipping except to Alaska and Hawaii.
    Frequency: Monthly

    How to give as a gift: Just select “Give a Gift” on the Craft Beer Club homepage, choose 12 or 24 beers/month, and designate how many months long you want your gift to be. Couldn’t be easier!

    Check out all of our Craft Beer Club Reviews to learn more about this subscription and some of the beers we’ve gotten to try!

  15. Winc (formerly Club W)
    For the guy who prefers grapes to hops

    Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Winc

    Why we recommend it: Wine of the month clubs are a great way to discover new wines, and Winc is no exception. You can easily manage your selections and preferences online, making it easy to have wine on hand for impromptu dinner parties and date nights in.

    What’s in the box: Winc allows you to customize how many bottles you receive, but their most popular plan is 4 bottles per shipment. They’ll suggest bottles to you, or you can shop online and pick yourself.

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: Bottles start at $13 each. (Shipping is free on orders of 4 or more bottles.)
    Frequency: Monthly
    Ships to: All US states EXCEPT AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, RI, DS, and UT

    How to give as a gift: Winc makes it easy to give a gift certificate; just start here and follow their prompts. If you’d rather give a physical gift, they have a great selection of one-time gifts boxes available, too – check out “WINC Wine Gifts” under the “Get Started” button here.

    Check out all of our Winc Reviews to learn more about this subscription and some of the wines we’ve gotten to try!

  16. Flaviar
    A quarterly speakeasy in a box for exploring new spirits

    Best Men's Subscription Box Gifts: Flaviar

    Why we recommend it: Flaviar is the go-to place to discover and taste craft and premium spirits – from Bourbon and Scotch to Rum, Gin, Cognac and others, as well as learn the ways of a true whiskey aficionado. Membership costs $60 per quarter ($20 / month) and offers a wide variety of perks & benefits you will not find elsewhere, with an undertone of a 1920’s speakeasy club.

    What’s in the box: Quarterly curated tasting packs that contain 3 x 1.5 oz. vials of premium spirits from around the world. All new members receive a welcome pack containing three craft whiskeys.

    OK, What else should I know:
    Price: $60/quarter
    Frequency: Quarterly

    How to give as a gift: Visit Flaviar and choose “sign up for a gift”, and select from one box, half a year (two boxes), or a full year (four boxes).

    Check out all of our Flaviar Reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

  17. Fanchest
    Sport franchise gear for fans of Hockey, Football, and BaseballBest Men's Subscription Box Gifts: FanchestWhy we recommend it: Fanchest is a one-time purchase box that sends team gear from your favorite sports team. This box is great for gifting, with high quality memorabilia and licensed gear suitable for any fan.They’ll enjoy this subscription if: their team is on the list. They currently have boxes for the Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Panthers, Cowboys, and Seahawks for the NFL.OK, What else should i know:
    Price: Starting at $59, with more ‘exclusive’ editions featuring specific players for an additional cost
    Frequency: One-time purchaseHow to give as a gift: Fanchest is designed for gifting and isn’t a recurring subscription, so just order as you normally would for giving!

Not looking for a subscription gift? Check out our list of one-time purchase boxes for men instead!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m surprised Breo Box isn’t on the list.

  2. Hey Liz, Robb Vices is $89.99/month now, not $75.

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