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Ipsy July 2017 SPOILERS – Guaranteed Items!

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We have more spoilers for the July 2017 Ipsy glam bag!

All subscribers will receive at least one of the following in their July 2017 Ipsy glam bag:

What do you think of the new spoilers? Which item are you hoping to get?

Also, you can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following:

ipsy - July 2017


If you’d like to select a sample for July, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the items listed above. Make sure to email before June 29th!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got the CAUDALIE Vino item.

    I squeezed it and NOTHING CAME OUT. It is only 1/2 full.

    Getting really disappointed with companies that are doing this.
    [This happened to me with the COVER fX illuminating drops, as well! ]

    Or the product is tampered with???

  2. Is it true you can pick two items for them to send you? I’ve heard conflicting things.

    • You can only request 1 item. You can request to opt out of 2 categories like contour and highlighter but every month you can email them and ask for a list of products to choose from and you pick one.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try that mascara for a long time (though I haven’t felt like shelling out the money for a full-sized one), so I really hope I get that!

    • That mascara is my holy grail mascara! right now Sephora has the 2 times the points on qualifying makeup items, so right now would be the chance to buy it! if you don’t like it, you can always return it! also sign up for the sephora VIB program since you get a free birthday gift in store or with online purchase!

  4. I hope I get the NYX orange blush and the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara – I have never tried it so I don’t know if I’ll be in the love it or hate it camp.

    • I want both of those to! I did an image search on that orange blush and its so pretty on all the people I saw it on.

  5. I requested the face masks. I’m hoping they have multiple colors of the NYX blush, and if so, that I get one. I’m guessing the ofra product is the eye shadow you have the option to pick. If not the blush I wouldn’t mind the nudestick or eyeshadow, just wish they were more out there colors. I already have the mascara and can’t do bronzer (sadly, or else I’d love to get that).

  6. My issue with Ipsy is each bag gets allocated 1-2 decent brands with decent packaging, but then like 3-4 no name brands or samples in cheap packaging.

    We all try to grow our makeup collection, but I realized that all the little Ipsy samples was making my makeup display look cheap. I can’t even throw them in my purse because the cheap plastic (or even worse, cardboard) samples, I would be embarrassed to apply in front of others or in a public bathroom and that’s when I realized I’m better off not subscribing to Ipsy.

    • Why do you care so much about looking cheap? I don’t think Ipsy makes anyone look cheap. Ipsy is usually a really good deal, you cant expect your products to be packaged in something fancy when you’re only paying $10 for it. If anything Ipsy will make you look smart. Why buy a full size $30 product and find out you hate it when you could end up trying it and 4 others for only $10? Now, that’s just silly. You’d rather have the full size in a public bathroom so you look “cool” or make it seem like you have the money to buy expensive makeup? If you’re really that materialistic, than you’re right. You’re better off not subscribing.

    • You need a z palette to pop all those singles into!

      • What is a z pallette and how do I get one? Will it work for all of those little cardboard book looking singles? Like from I think The Balm and some others?

        • A Z palette is an empty magnetic palette that can hold makeup pods with a metal backing, like eyeshadow singles.
          Btw, this isn’t a plug, I am not in any way associated with the seller, but I got mine from “anothersoul” on Etsy, because they are simply beautiful (and very good quality).

          • You can get them on Amazon too. And I think as well. Just Google “z-palette” and you can find them. The one I got came with little magnet stickers you can put on the back of any pot to make it magnetic.

          • Oh, you can get a Z palette anywhere, I was just talking about those specific designs. Check them out, you’ll see.

          • Juju,
            Thank you for this. I just went there to look and they have many style, looks and kinds of z pallette..I have been browsing online for a couple that I would like and priced reasonable, but haven’t really found any. I have now 🙂 I love this community here and comments and chats because you learn and find out so many neat tricks, and things you would never know about otherwise.

          • Aww, I am glad to help. 🤗 😳

          • How much are they on itsy

          • Etsy. You need to google that seller and look at their store, because the z palettes are different sizes and designs, so the prices are different. I got two at $17 each. They are handmade.

      • That’s exactly what I do!

      • I bought a great palette (travel vault) from Makeup Geek. It has a big mirror, so when I’m traveling and someone’s using the hotel room bathroom, I can put my makeup on in the room. I love getting the small sizes just to keep in my palette. The Balm blush from June is awesome! It would be great if Ipsy had a palette to offer.

    • You think people in some public bathroom would care what you carry in your purse? 😀

      • That’s what I’m saying. Are you a Kardashian? Or on reality TV? I totally get having nice things on display and doing whatever you need to do business-wise, but the bathroom? I ain’t judging….Maybe you live in a very small town and are a makeup artist so you must present well, idk.. I mean it’s a bizarre statement on the surface and now I want to know more 😂

      • 😂😂😂 seriously!

        And if your trying to build your makeup collection, ipsy isn’t the way to do it. Try boxycharm. $21 a month for 4-5 full sized makeup products.

        Ipsy IMO is more trying products out before you buy a full size to see if you like a brand/formula/color etc.

        • Lmao you guys crack me up!! 😂😂😂

      • I’m glad you said it…

    • Ipsy isn’t known for its couture products. If you don’t like no name labels or cardboard packaging I would just cancel Ipsy. I agree about asthetics of packaging. I also gravitate towards high end packaging but I still like Ipsy!

    • I have never gotten cheap products like that in my bag at all you just must be very un lucky

  7. Aside from the BTS mascara (which flakes on me), I would be happy to try any of these! Ipsy seems to match me with wearable colors, so I’m hoping the bronzer and blush have options for various skin tones.

    • I asked for the Tarte Bronzer and she said they didn’t have it. Just now the list she gave me is just those items in the list with the mask, the gel, highlighter, eyeshadow and moisturizing sorbet. She didn’t offer any of those other items for July.

      • yeah they only let everyone pick from those 5 items. You cant request anything else. ):

    • I have the same problem with BTS! I want to love it but I look a mess within hours. 🙁

      That said, def got it from ipsy. It feels like a lot of these are repeats?

  8. How small do you think it’s the tarte cleanser?

    • I’ve gotten a sample of the Tarte cleanser from Sephora and it was a tiny little packet it wasn’t even enough to do my whole face so I hope it’s bigger than that.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ipsy send a packet. So you’ll probably get enough in a little bottle for 2-3 uses.

    • I’m guessing .25 ounce…. they had a couple of sampler sets for sale at Sephora (I bought one when the rainforest of the sea line first came out, and they had a new one this spring), with that size bottle in it.

    • I bet its the little bottle the top picture shows. That looks like the size of the sample that comes in one of tartes kits. Which I have and its tiny .25 fl oz. but theres plenty in there. you only need a little. it doesnt remove makeup well so youd use it after a makeup remover. so you dont need a lot.

  9. I am also kinda afraid of that NYX blush. It reminds me of RuPaul’s Drag Race a few seasons ago when a black girl was using a foundation that was VERY orange and didn’t look good on her at all, and another girl said, “B**** you’re orange!” Also, on a very early episode of House, House tells a clinic patient that his wife has been cheating on him because she didn’t notice the change of his skin color (he was taking too much beta carotine or something), and the patient didn’t get it, and House says, “You’re orange, you moron.” So yeah, orange face is no.

    Also, did anyone else get in their April bag the dry shampoo that ipsy recalled and said they’d send something as a replacement in their June bag? I didn’t get anything extra in my bag, so I emailed to ask if something could be added to my July bag.

    • My dry shampoo replacement was a small eyeshadow brush. It was in my package and wasn’t listed on the website

    • I received two Glamour Dolls eye shadow crease brushes! I was so happy at first I only saw the one then later I found the second one in the envelope.

    • I also read on their facebook page (well, on people’s comments on the facebook page) that if you missed the first deadline, your item will be in July’s bag instead….

    • I also read on their facebook page (well, on people’s comments on the facebook page) that if you missed the first deadline, your item will be in July’s bag instead….

  10. I would looove to try the Better Than Sex Mascara. Fun, fun!

    • Me too! I requested the cleansing gel as my “you can pick” item. I REALLY want to try that mascara!

      • How do you request a certain item?

  11. I am not gonna lie that orange blush scares me but I looked it up and it got really good reviews . I hope I get mascara I dont want cleanser or bronzer . I already requested Nomad highlighter so hope they won’t send Ofra too.

  12. I hope I get the mascara, lip crayon or cleansing gel. I don’t ever wear blush and that color looks awful. I’m indifferent when it comes to bronzers and highlighters. Not my fave but I don’t hate them either.

  13. Hmmm… these products all seem so last summer. And really, does Ofra only have ONE color?

    • Right? I’ve had Ofra in my bag a few times over the year… always the same Korean strobe level highlighter. Like, I get it, y’all like the high beam look… but I am totes over it! LOL

  14. I’ve opted out of mascara & blush. (Although I actually wouldn’t mind experimenting with a bright color like the pictured NYX for funsies.)

    So the only thing I’m really hoping NOT to get is the Ofra whatever. Not a fan of that brand.

  15. Am I the only one who isnt a fan of nudestix lip products? I have 2 different colors and they are really pretty and long wearing but when they dry its super sticky and feels like glue is on my lips.

    • Try MAC Lip Primer under it.

  16. I think I’ll just let Ipsy pick my products as they are always, always spot on with what I like. And even when I see a color that I would never wear, I still try it on and am always surprised that I really love it. So now I’m wearing colors I normally wouldn’t wear to wearing all the time. I received a very orange/red eyeshadow and thought it was so ugly, but tried it on and now love it and get compliments all the time. Not everyone will love what they get but I suggest going out of your comfort zone and try new things. You might be very surprised how much you’ll love it. Thank you Ipsy, I’ll never rid you.

    • I agree 100% about trying things you don’t think you like, especially colors. And, like you, I’m not requesting anything this month, just waiting to see how they do.

  17. Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer is back! Yay! I have wanted that but I missed it last time! I hope I get it!

    • I wonder how small the bronzer will be? Hopefully not like the balm samples.

      • I still have one from last year when they sent them out. It’s a pretty big pan. I love it

      • I just got that bronzer, as pictured above, in a J.C. Penney’s exclusive Sephora Favorites kit (I think it was the travel one), and like Amber said it as a very generous sized sample. Since I’m not that familiar with Tarte’s makeup, I actually thought it was a full size, that’s how large it is, but I’m sure it’s only a travel sized sample (especially considering the name of the kit it was in 🙂 ).

      • It’s bigger than those! It’s actually a decent size for a mini. I guess what you’d call a deluxe sample maybe. The entire compact is a little smaller than the palm of my hand

  18. NUDESTIX 👍😍❤

    • I was so excited to get something from NudeStix in my Sephora Play but the color was awful…if Ipsy sends out the same one it’s literally poop brown, lol!

      • I know the one from Sephora was the worst color I’ve ever seen!

        • Agreed! That color is awful. I hope I get this ipsy one and I hope it’s a pretty color

      • Agreed it was awful but I tried it as eyeshadow and it works really nice.

  19. well based on those selections & the categories I’ve already opted out from, I have a very strong chance of getting the sea wash. It’s also one of the items I personally requested. Hooray!

    Is that blush neon orange?? 😮

    The bag better be cute Ipsy, you on probation.

    • How do you opt ou?

      • I sent them an email regarding ipsy match and asked to opt out. You used to be able to opt out of 3 products, but I think now it’s only 2. You just tell them you’d like to opt out of blush or mascara or whatever products you don’t like. You can’t opt out of a specific color or brand, but you can opt out of products in general. Hope that made sense lol

        • Okay thanks. Do you do this every month or is it a one time thing?

          • You can do it for a few months or for the duration of your subscription. I asked to indefinitely opt out of hand cream and face cream because certain stuff breaks me out and they told me no problem and if id like to receive these items in the future just let them know.

    • This is the first month that I’m completely disappointed in the spoilers, I even cancelled my second subscription. This bag better be a great one, the past few have been awful. That plastic ice cream reminds me of a kindergarten pencil bag. I’m still waiting on one of my bags to arrive from last month.

  20. Nudestick, Please

  21. Nudestix, please!! When everyone else got a nudestix, I got lip plumper :(. I have NO interest in getting the Too Faced mascara. Great brand, but the L’Oreal is so much better!

  22. TARTE!!!!! Wonder if its only the dark bronzer or if their will be a lighter shade too.

  23. Hoping for the Ofra eyeshadow/highligher or the cleanser because I don’t use bronzers and I wear glasses so mascara gets on my lenses and if that’s the blush color it will make me look clowny since I am very pale. I’ll wait and see though!

  24. I used to love this sub but I had to cut back on my expenses :(. However this morning found out that Macy’s is launching a beauty box and I just order mine, $15 a month. 5 deluxe samples plus a bonus item, we’ll see how it goes, I hope is good 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing. I just subscribed. Excited for what’s inside.

    • Thank you for this information, I just subscribed also. I am curious to see how Macy’s will do it. 🙂

    • I think the bonus is a fragrance and it comes with a makeup bag too.

  25. I have no idea whether it’s better than sex for some people, but that Too Faced mascara is worse than drugstore brands. In my experience, it clumps and flakes. L’Oreal mascaras beat it in a heartbeat, and without the inflated price and supposed-to-be-cute moniker. Hope ipsy won’t send me that (again).

    • I’m not a fan either

    • I was told it is actually okay when you buy a full sized tube. Smaller packaging makes it dry out. I’m not sure I believe it, so I just stick to W3ll People.

      • I bought the full size and it was just as bad as the sample size. Too clumpy and just wore terribly. It was flaking off and was not a good look. I returned it after trying it twice. Really hoping not to get that sample.

      • How odd! I’ve heard the opposite!

        • IMO, I love it!

      • I love the well people mascara! You can do as many coats as you want and it never clumps!

    • I didn’t like it either. Literally threw out the deluxe sample I got in one of Ulta gifts after one use – just couldn’t see myself ever using it again.

      Speaking of drugstore mascaras, in addition to L’Oreal I’ve always liked Max Factor. Years ago the 2000 Calorie mascara was my number one go-to. The latest one isn’t bad either (the formula), but I am not crazy about the brush.

    • OMG, I thought I was going crazy. I hate it, it flakes so bad it hurts my eyes. I’m glad it’s not just me.

    • I won’t support Two Faced for ethical reasons, but I’ve read quite alot of negative product reviews.

      • Two Faced mascara clumps a bit in my personal opinion benefit and tarte have much better mascara options.

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