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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Fall 2017 SPOILER!

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We have a spoiler for the Fall 2017 Avenue A by Adidas Box! (Thank you, finlidan, for the heads up!)

The Fall Box will include:

Adidas Halter Bra


What do you think of the spoiler?

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Avenue A by Adidas

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Comments (73)

  1. I just signed up and it is saying I’m getting my box now in August. Does that mean I am getting the last summer one? I was hoping to start with the fall box. Thanks!

    • i AM THINKING we will be getting a billing notification this month and then sometime soon the new stuff

    • When you log in and look at subscription details it should show a billing/delivery date. I’m a recurring subscriber and my bill date for the fall box is 8/3/17 and delivery date is 8/18/17. If those are your dates then it should be the fall box. I’m not sure if they are still putting out last quarter’s box but I doubt they are.

  2. Frustrated with all of the sports bras, those of us with bigger cup sizes cannot use these. I have a natural 36g chest. I am not a bigger girl I just have big boobs! (Thanks to my kids and dna!) I wear a medium bottom and large top in Adidas and I am sure I am not the only athletic girl with a greater than D cup size. I give away more sports bras than anyone. I have written to Adidas and got a canned response. I don’t care if the sports bra is an add on item, but as the feature it worries me.
    I’ll rock my 3 stripes with a Panache 36G sports bra on.

    • Same. I’m just a DD/DDD and look RIDICULOUS in most shorts bras :-/
      This one doesn’t look very supportive though the color is nice…. maybe for yoga of it doesn’t give me what a poster further down calls “saggy, uni – boob”

      • What is worse than “saggy uniboob” is when your breasts are spilling out the sides, tops, and bottoms of these bras. It is like trying to put a tube of Pillsbury dough into a tube of Chapstick. It is never going to work, there is too much to fit!!!!

  3. The bra spoiler and curators are now up on the site. Since the curators are actual athletes this time, I’m optimistic that this won’t be an athleisure box.

    • It says the fall box “features premium style and performance items designed for the all-around athlete” so hopefully won’t be athleisure but not running based. I like that.

    • Oh I think this is going to be really good!!!

      My only thing that would be a negative on all boxes overall is that I like the neutral shoe color but not every time — Add some color. Overall I have been satisfied with EVERY box — even the ones others don’t like

  4. I still do not see this as a spoiler on their website. The source of the spoiler said she received an email, did anybody receive the email? I subbed for 5 boxes and did not receive an email from ave a. Hmmm

    • I received the same email yesterday and today.

    • yes — they wanted me to update my size chart — apparently the size chart now allows for a cup size a/b c/d

  5. I’m excited to see how the new bra works. I didn’t have any issues with the last box… I got the black and white items, but my husband accidentally dyed the top pink which I’m ok with. My big thing is the style of shoe. I’d love another pair of Bounce or Ultraboosts (which were my favorite so far). Not all the shoes have been equally successful for me for running. The Edgelux I find especially unsupportive and we’ve gotten them at least twice. If the shoes work well, I don’t care at all about their color. 🙂

    • They have the bounce for $40 and ultra boost for $48 on adidas eBay store. Just bought the ultra boost this morning in black.

      • I meant to say pure boost, not ultra boost.

      • Thanks! I’m still doing ok on mileage with the shoes they’ve sent, so I’ll just cross my fingers for the next box. Meanwhile I use the Edgelux for weight lifting. 😛

  6. I feel like I’m the opposite of everyone here – since this would be my first time subbing to this box, I would love a grey/black option. If the box let you choose colors, or at least choose a neutral option, I would find $150 easier to part with.

  7. I would love to see a backpack or bag since I missed the other boxes that had them. Hopefully they will include some socks, a water bottle, hat or just something else in general.

  8. I loved the last Avenue A box and I received the coral color. I have actually really liked all the boxes. They are each unique enought that I feel they stretch my style in a different direction each time I wear them. I’m looking forward to what else comes in the fall box and who they are going to collaborate with. Great job, Adidas!

  9. I might be in the minority but I liked the last box. I do agree that it was missing a cap or even some pair of socks. Still is the only box I’ve liked everything.

    From the Rita Ora box I havent used the leggings (I use the hoodie all the time though) and from the Spring box I havent used the jacked because I dont really like the color.

    What I love about the Avenue A box is the quality of the pans and the sneakers are great as well. Customer service is excellent as well.

    I dont see a reason to cancel at this time unless they are sending black and white sneakers again which at this point I dont want a 4th pair.

    I do like the color of the sport bra from the spoiler, hopefully it means we will get more color!

    • The summer box was my first box and I liked it but I don’t think it was worth $150. I’m hoping the fall box will have a little extra something in it to make it feel like it’s worth $150.

  10. Canceled! I just have way too many bras. Winter box was my favorite, loved every single item there, this box looks like be another just ok box.

  11. My subscription is on pause after being so unhappy with the last box, plus I felt like the last three boxes in general were not so great (especially the Rita Ora…I got two shoes that were way too big, and I couldn’t find anyone who wanted the hoodie or leggings). Anyway, usually the spoiler item is the “big ticket” one so I’m really curious to see what will be in the box, though I’m definitely skipping. I can’t even describe my disappointment with the last box, I felt like I’d just thrown my money away (I got the coral version which is very unflattering on me). I get the idea that this was an experiment for Adidas and they’re not throwing the resources into it like they did in the beginning. It might not be around much longer, given how inconsistent and lackluster it’s been this year.

    • If You happen to have the hoodie and leggings in a size M I’d consider buying them off you!

    • Avenue A items sell really well on clothing resale sites like Poshmark. Sold my Rita Ora leggings on there for $35 within 5 minutes of posting them for sale. Could’ve gotten more had I done my research first. I feel better taking a risk on these boxes since I know there is a way to get some money back from things that aren’t my style.

    • If you happen to have the rita leggings or hoodie in a size M I woukd buying them from you!

    • If you have them in Size M I’ll consider buying them Off you!

    • Oh wow!!! Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t even think about poshmark or eBay. Also, just wanted to say that the Rita Ora items were just too youthful/hip for me to pull off and I tend to wear boring, monotone stuff. :). I moved a few weeks ago and both items went to the cat adoption team thrift store in Portland, OR.

      • Well that’s a good cause too 🙂 Very nice of you but in future your stuff will sell online!:)

  12. This looks like a fine bra but as a spoiler it is just as disappointing as the last box. I always thought the point of a spoiler was to hook people into buying…

    • I completely agree… ANOTHER sports bra? As if they haven’t given one of those in EVERY box… What the heck??

  13. 🙁

  14. Does anyone know when this box will bill? I’m a subscriber, but I might cancel if we don’t get another (more significant) spoiler.

    • According to the website it bills August 31st. It also says delivery is August 31st so only one of of those can be accurate. I suspect billing will change to 8/15.

    • August 3rd it sasy on my profile

      • *says

  15. This looks like the most unflattering sports bra ever… saggy uniboob inducing…….

    • Exactly!!! I completely agree. Seems like each box is becoming worst than the one before. I doubt I will resubscribe any time soon. 🙁

  16. I’m glad there is an option for cup size. Also I’ve been trying to switch from a Large to medium shirt for two boxes and it just now finally let me, not sure if other had been trying to update sizes but you might get lucky now!

  17. I know this may seem boring, but I would love to get some extras like socks, headbands, maybe even some sweat wicking undies. I am training for a Half Marathon, and these would be extremely helpful.

    • I would love socks & headbands!

      • Me too!

  18. Good news on the sports bra. If you login to your account and go to your fit profile, there’s now a band size AND a cup size. For example, you can put you wear a small band but have C/D cup size.

  19. I like the sports bra, but I need it in a 2X and since Adidas doesn’t ship anything larger than XL, I’ll be passing on this box.

  20. I wonder if there will even be shoes in the next box, after all shoes are not guaranteed
    Via the FAQ:
    ” Each box is a surprise! Each will include 3 to 5 products that could include a combination of footwear, apparel, and accessories that match your specific size profile.”

  21. I like it! I love that it’s finally a COLOR. If they stick with this color theme, I’ll be happy.

    Hopefully, they add more value this time. I loved the summer box, just wish it had one more item.

    • I see the one on the website only comes in white.

    • I like it too. Let’s hope they’re back on a roll.

  22. Wow. I like the color of the sports bra, but I was expecting an awesome spoiler after last month’s mess. I’ll need to skip this month if this is the best spoiler they give prior to billing. I can’t risk getting another box like the last one. I’m actually wondering why there wasn’t a shoe spoiler and am nervous it’s because they’re going to be something that won’t appeal to a lot of subscribers.

    Speaking of shoes, I think I’m in the minority on colors – I actually love neutral-colored shoes. I’d rather have shoes that can go with many different outfits than a pink or orange pair that I’ll rarely wear.

    • I’m with you. The two neutral pair I’ve gotten I wear ALL the time. Very practical. Also this spoiler I agree with several comments in that I can’t gamble a $150 box on a bra. Especially one that won’t work for those of us with larger breasts.

  23. Darn.
    These types of bras only work well for smaller cup sizes ☹️

    I might end up skipping this box.

    • Anna if you log into your profile, they let you choose a cup size as well as band size of S/M/L. Hope that helps!

  24. What is the last date to cancel this box? I need more spoilers. I wasn’t a fan, something was missing (Maybe a jacket) IDK

    • You may pause your subscription and you won’t be billed the next quarter, unless you change your mind and activate it again. That’s what I’m doing until something comes up that triggers my FMO on this sub.

      • Keep in mind that pausing is basically cancelling. All it does is save your credit card and sizes. If they sell out of your sizes, you still don’t get the box. I paused for spring and when I tried to ‘unpause’ they were sold out and got the summer box instead.

  25. I was hoping to know who they’re collabing with.

    • Me too!

  26. Not enough to get me to subscribe after the summer box let down. That was my first and last box unless something irresistible comes along.

    • I agree, they really needed to lead off with a “wow” item like the Stella bag back in Spring. This is concerning.

    • Agreed! They need to lead off with a nice bag or shoes. A sports bra is not very exciting.

    • I feel like this isn’t really a “spoiler” per se but more an alert to update your sizing for a new type of item. I’d expect another spoiler soon.

      • I was looking to see if anyone else felt this way, because I suspected it was less about spoiling and more about gathering sizes. I’ll keep my pitchfork at bay for now!

      • I agree. Definitely think it was about sizing and not their big spoiler.

  27. I wonder if they’re going to release any more spoilers for the next box. This sports bra is not calling my name. The Summer box was my first box trying Avenue A and I was a little disappointed by it. It just seemed to be too light compared to the Spring one which is the actual reason I subbed. 🙁

  28. I have been waitlisted for this box since the spring box was spoiled…….will I ever get off? Those of you who have been on the waitlist, how long before you were able to join? I think I’ve been waiting for at least 4 months now.

    • I tried to subscribe when the spring box was spoiled. But of course, it’s sold out and I got waitlisted for the next box which is summer. I know that they sent an email before to verify your account. Were you able to follow the link and do that? You should have been able to get the summer box like I did, since it seem like we subbed at about the same time.

      • Hmmmm, I don’t recall getting an email…..I guess I can always try again. Thanks for responding…..

  29. I wonder how this box will compare to the fiasco that was last month. It’s curious they aren’t leading off with the shoes like they normally do… please dear Lord don’t let them be gray again.

    • What did I miss? I got last months box but mine was fine. I’m with you on the color thing! I love my collection of grays/whites I have now, but ready for some color.

      • I think it was just that the precedent of previous boxes was so much better. The value was exceptional and the items seemed curated and well-chosen. For the past box, we were getting items already on clearance, a not-so-great value, and customer service that suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

    • Agreed! Or At least let us choose between a neutral color or fun/bright color. Lots of sub boxes have incorporated choice to their boxes to give a bit more customization for people. If we’re spending the money (in this case, $150 is pretty high for a sub box), then at least give us a choice on one of the items.

      Overall, I’ve liked all the items and have used them a lot. The only issue I can see from subbing long term is getting another pair of grey shoes every 3 months.

      • This is the best idea I’ve heard yet! Even just 2 options for color would go a long way! One neutral and one colorful. I hope someone over there is listening!

      • Best thing to do is give feedback!!

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