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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box – Fall 2017 Curator Reveal

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We have the curator reveal for the Fall 2017 Avenue A by Adidas Box!

Kristie Mewis and Stephanie McCaffrey

Your determination knows no bounds and neither should your gear. Whether you’re powering through a morning run or an afternoon kick-boxing class, get style and performance that keep up with your every move. Up your game with the Fall 17 Edition.

Being unstoppable starts with giving it your all every single day. Bring your Avenue A-game this season with our Fall 17 Edition. It features premium style and performance items designed for the all-around athlete.

The Fall Box will include:

Adidas Halter Bra

What do you think of the spoilers so far?

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Avenue A by Adidas

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (158)

  1. I’m really disappointed with this box as well as the last box. I HATE the purple shoes. I look like a 12 year old with no taste. I figured with 2 soccer players there would be a warm up jacket instead of a sad mismatched outfit and ugly sunglasses. The last box was worse, a thrown together box of left over items. I noticed from other people who get the box, there was an inconsistency it the items. The box with the Stella bag was good. But it’s gone downhill. I just wish the items were cooler and more stylish. I see the value. But it’s not my taste.

    • I understand your disappointment.
      However, I love the box.
      Secondly, I never really look at the items as “I am going to wear them as an outfit.”
      This box, I tried the bra paired with a cute running skirt. Perfect fit and looked awesome.
      The shoes, I wear to work and look great with lots of outfits–jeans or tights.
      The navy tights — perfect fit and feel and will go with anything.
      That purple top — haven’t paired it with anything yet, but I feel certain it will do fine for a run.
      The glasses — on first look, I’m thinking cheap, cheap, cheap. But put the on and they look great and the lenses are decent.
      I’m not unhappy at all — with all the boxes I have received I have never worn anything as an outfit. I think the curators try to represent a feel as opposed to an outfit — but, I do understand where you are coming from. Each of us have different needs and expectations

  2. I received my box and I’m more disappointed this time than last. The bra is not cute and doesn’t match, the plastic looking glasses couldn’t be less stylish and look cheap, and the tank isn’t wow-worthy. The shoes are ok and (yet) another pair of black tights. I haven’t been over the moon with a box since my first one earlier this year with the Stella workout bag combo. A fall box with no jacket or long sleeve top?! Cmon Adidas.

  3. I received my notification last night. 4.3lbs and arriving by EOD 8/18. Hurry up and get here!!!!

    • Excited — mine arrives tomorrow!
      While a lot of you did NOT like the last box, I have really gotten a lot of use out of all of it!!!!
      I like the fashion sneakers. Would not wear them to run in but since sneakers are my work shoes they are perfect. At first I didn’t like the top but now I find myself wearing it A LOT. The capri tights feel amazing. Not my favorite color comb but still I war them quite a bit.
      Wasn’t sold on that particular sports bra so I just use it when I ride the bike trainer since I don’t require much support then. The “spoiler” halter bra on the other hand looks like something I may like. My wish list in the new box is to get an Adidas jacket!!!!! What would make my day is if they put the UltraboostX in the box but that would be in my wildest dreams.

  4. Box shipped for me yesterday (arriving in WI). Weight is 4.2 lbs. Box dimensions are the same (19x15x7). Summer box was 4.1 lbs and Spring box was 5.8 lbs for comparison. Always arrives in 2 days for me so it will be here on Thursday…but I cannot wait!!! Hoping someone gets it today so we can find out!

    • Just curious – on the site when I click on the exchange section, it says that exchange isn’t available until my box has been shipped. Does it work for you now, and if so, can you see what will be in the box?

      • No, you cannot exchange yet. Even when it is available you usually have to list what items in what size you want to exchange. The form has never worked properly for me so I always just end up emailing them

      • Oh well, worth a shot. 🙂

    • Make sure u post on instagram and tag so we can see!

  5. Has anyone else noticed how the website doesn’t show the summer box as the latest edition? I feel like maybe they realized that it was so skimpy that they didn’t want to show it.
    Maybe that means that they learned and this one will be better and hold a higher value.
    Fingers crossed.

    • Totally noticed that and had the same thought. I felt so bad that I had encouraged my friend to sign up and then THAT box arrived. Fingers crossed for a good box!

    • I got my box yesterday. It’s got the bra, a tank, 7/8 leggings, these gorgeous purple ish shoes, and a pair of sunglasses.

      • Oooooh thanks!!!!!! Any pics? Do you love it???

      • Can u post on instagram

      • What sneakers were in the box?

      • someone posted below that they were the Adizero Tempo 9

      • yes! pics or instagram please!!!!!

      • there’s another post added now with pictures, and there’s someone on instagramp who posted it “jbrogran22” … i think its pretty fugly

      • I absolutely love this box.
        That halter bra is amazing. I figured I’d only wear it for work on the bike trainer — WRONG. I did a double today, bike trainer and run. That bra top was fabulous for the run as well. So comfortable..
        Sunglasses: They are on appearance, kind of flimsy. But put them on, and they look great and the actual sunglasses themselves are decent. Two for two now.
        Decided to wear the tights to work — yes, I can wear workout gear to my law office–love them and they fit great — plus what a surprise — the zippers on the legs!!! The color is nice too!!!
        Three for three.
        Shirt — I like it — haven’t tried it on so I can’t score it per se, but I already know what i’m going to pair it with so I feel good about it.
        The shoes are great — I knew they would be as the Adizero Tempo is a good shoe. I feel like I have gotten a great value for this box. Although I would have loved to have had one of those jackets the girls were wearing in the ad … I know this box might not float everyone’s boat, but it’s a good one for me

  6. I just got my shipping email…three times. If I get three boxes I’m gonna be very upset.

    • I did too! Right in a row. It says my box should be here Thursday by noon.
      Fingers crossed it’s only one really good box.

    • Which city/state do they ship from?

    • I have not received a shipping notification yet. In Indiana. My account shows delivery of 8/18 but my box probably won’t make it by then if it hasn’t shipped yet.

    • Hoping that’s just a glitch! I thought I’d get a shipping notification from them yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get one today… but I still wanna see some spoilers. Maybe Liz will have her review up soon.

      • I don’t have the box yet, sorry! 🙁

  7. When is the full reveal happening??? Keep looking for it and can’t find anything! On the west coast so won’t get mine till Friday

    • I know….waiting and waiting…..i hope we won’t be disappointed.

    • Mine hasn’t even shipped yet. I dunno why, but every subscription service I have ships to me weeks after everyone else it seems. I am in Georgia.

      • Same here in Texas

      • Erin- FYI I am also in Texas and received my shipping notice last night. My box is arriving Friday.

    • Did you get your shipping notification?

      • Nope. Not even a shipping notification. Got an email saying I was billed back on August 3rd but that’s all I’ve heard from them so far

    • So annoyed… someone has to get their’s today. Mine currently isn’t showing any progress, but the last one got to me a day early… anything can happen.

      • I usually get shipment notification on 2 days before the delivery.
        But someone should have gotten it by today to do the review of the box…

      • Mine looks like it has been stuck in NC since Saturday…

      • Jeez that’s sooo frustrating!

    • I have my box. Bra from the spoiler, a tank, leggings, gorgeous purple (plum) shoes, and sunglasses.

      • what “style” are the shoes . . .

  8. Does anyone know a customer service number for Ave A?

    • I don’t think there’s a phone number. All customer service is through email which, in my experience, is inconsistent – sometimes prompt and helpful, and at other times, a bottomless pit of silence. Hope you get them on a good day!

      • Thank you, I see that is exactly how they work. They have charged 2 times for 1 box and I want my money back.

  9. Hey everyone – not sure how I got my box before you all did since I live in Europe, but it’s a good one. Pink and purple Adizero Tempo 9 shoes, Supernova 7/8 tight in a deep blue, performer strappy tank in purple, the sports bra we already knew about, and a pair of really nice looking sunglasses.

    • thanks for letting us know! any chance you could post a pic? super curious about the colors

    • Are u on instagram. If so can u post and tag adidasavenuea

    • yes!! please!! pictures!

  10. I was able to return the disappointing Summer 17 box last time. I forgot to cancel the Fall 2017 box. I hope I don’t have to return this box as well. The package weight for the Fall 2017 box is listed as 3.8lbs on the FedEx site. :/ So it’s somewhat concerning that there may only be a pair of socks and the featured bra and no shoes in a fancy box. LOL

    • My FedEx weight is showing 4.2 pounds so there’s ‘something’ in there 🙂

      • The summer 2017 box I received weighed 3.5 lbs. I wish they would release at least two spoilers before billing and release all content after shipping.

      • I haven’t recieved my shipping notice yet, bit nervous. Just ready to know what is inside already!

      • I’m kinda nervous too! I haven’t received my shipping confirmation either….😕 Has anyone received their boxes yet???

      • No shipping notification for me either. My account says delivery date is the 18th.
        If it doesn’t ship soon I will be out of town and won’t get it for 2 weeks. Eek!

      • I am hoping it is some of the warped knit stuff which would be super light I haven’t gotten shipping info and it says it should be here by Friday. Wishful thinking and hope it’s a good one.

        What other subscriptions do you guys get?

      • Erin- FYI I am also in Texas and received my shipping notice last night. My box is arriving Friday.

      • Mine shows a weight of 4.1 lbs with delivery of Thursday. Exciting and nervous since it’s my first box hope I’m not disappointed.

    • How were you able to return the disappointing summer box? I inquired and was told they don’t permit returns. The only thing I wore out of the entire box were the shoes which were blah.

      • I sent them several emails from the moment I received the box. I did take several emails to get a response. I did not take anything out of the box. I knew from the reviews that I did not want the selections. I am hoping this box is much better, or I simply will not try again. I noticed that the adverts from the previous seasons were in depth and even included videos about the curators. Yet, on the last to quarter boxes, there has been very limited information provided on the curators and one early reveal.

  11. I’m really concerned with this box. Last one was such a disappointment. Up until the summer box I have never been concerned. But someone stated 4.1lbs for the box and all we have is a sports bra for a spoiler…..maaaaaaaaaaaaan. So guessing it’ll be another 3 maybe 4 item box, if we’re lucky. Think we were just spoiled by the first several boxes… bleh

    • Let’s hope they changed the packaging which accounts for the lighter box or there are super light knit sneakers #wishfulthinking

      • #wishfulthinking …Im going to just stick to that lol

  12. Does anyone know a customer service number for Ave A, i got charged 2 times for 1 box?

    • If you can’t reach them quickly by email (And I’d use the words, ‘can you fix this or do I need to start the dispute process with my credit card?’) I would contact your credit card. They’ll handle the charge back for you.

      • Thank you , that’s a good idea.

  13. Shipped today, got my tracking number… a bit sick about wondering…. It is 4.1 pounds. I have to wait until next Friday because I am on the west coast, hopefully someone gets ot soon.

    • Do they ship so everyone will get it the same day? I’m going out of town for 2 weeks on the 20th. If my box doesn’t ship till the 18th I will have to wait, but if it gets here next Friday, I will be thrilled !

  14. Liz, when will you reveal the contents of the box to us? So curious as to what’s inside!

    • Me too!!

    • they have finally updated the website slightly and it says the fall box is sold out. Also shows some photos of the curators running stairs in some really ugly outfits. :-/

      • I’m going to agree with you , those are really really ugly pants. please please don’t let those be our outfits.

      • I don’t think they normally give you clothes the curators are wearing in promotional photos. It’s a Fall box as well so I’d be surprised to have gotten shorts.

      • Thank God

      • It is full length tights they have on in the photos. Like navy blue with pink stripes

    • Still no spoilers?😩

  15. A little scared that no more spoilers have been given.
    Last box really frustrated me, and I wish I had suspended my membership. I hope they don’t disappoint us again.

  16. I received my receipt for this box and am a bit nervous since $150 is quite a bit for a box. I just hope it is a similar value to the boxes before the summer box. Hoping for a great one!

    • Are there still no additional spoilers? This box is due to be delivered on the 18th according to my account. I’m really worried about this box this time.

      • Nada over here in Wisconsin. 🙁 I am praying it is worth it because I absolutely did not have the $$ for this with school shopping for the kids and what not!

      • The suspense is killing me!!

      • I agree!! They could at least tell us one more item, especially since we are spending so much. Liz, anything?!

      • Where on the account does it say it will be delivered by a specific date? My account doesn’t specify the date or even when it will ship. The only thing I have is the original order confirmation email that says it will ship the week of August 14th. Thanks.

      • In your actual account when you go on subscription details oncw you log on.

      • Thank you!

  17. I keep getting emails saying my card will not go through. I’m thinking that it goes through on the other 20 boxes I sub. They are saying the information isn’t correct. Grrrrr. I’m getting aggravated, this is the 3rd time I’ve give them my info. I swear i better not get 3 boxes.😄

  18. Please be good! Pleas be good! Please be good!!! I’m still upset I missed out on that Stella bag….my first go with this sub with this fall box. The long wait has made the anticipation build, hope its worth it!

  19. Can’t wait until they ship! I desperately need running shoes but I’m holding off until this comes.
    Brooks just released some national park shoes that I really want…hurry and ship before I’m tempted to buy! Haha!

  20. Can’t wait to see the shoes for this box! Although I totally forgot about them deducting this month…. I thought it was September. Didn’t we just get a box in June?

    • Just got charged and no more spoilers!!!!

      • Same here. Last box I considered a disaster and you hardly had spoilers. This box they didn’t even release the spoiler for shoes – not a good omen.

      • I’m a bit worried too, but didn’t want to miss out like I did for the spring box.

  21. Totally forgot it was going to charge today (for some reason I had september in my mind of the next box release). If there weren’t anymore spoilers other than the bra, I was going to cancel.

    I am excited about the curators, so I think it’ll be a good box. Just wish there was more spoilers.

    • haha! same here! I didn’t realize they were going to deduct today either. I also thought september and was going to cancel if there was no other spoiler.

      • I just checked because I don’t even think I have the $$ in my account right now! :/ They did not deduct the $150 until the 12th of the month last time and then the actual box shipped on the 23rd. I just bought another pair of Adidas (PureBoost Xpose) from FinishLine because I have been obsessed with the first pair that I received from the Summer box! I hope this box has some sort of track jacket or sweatshirt…I feel the sports bra spoiler resembled the one we got in the last box which was not supportive enough for me…and was super huge!

      • Are you using your shoes for running?

      • Not running…yet. Using them for biking. These shoes are so comfortable I don’t know how I haven’t owned any Adidas in several years! They’re like wearing a variation of aqua socks but much cuter!
        And 5 minutes after I posted earlier, they sent me my receipt. Crap!

  22. Help me. Should i cancel? No other spoilers, so shady ><

    • Im taking a chance and keeping mine. This will be my first sub. I looked at shoes yesterday in store and figured this way I’d pay the same price and get an outfit to go along with it.

      I would think they would have learned from last month’s mistake and that this month will be better.

  23. Kinda freaked out I’m getting billed $150 tomorrow for a sports bra I really don’t care for. Keep checking the site for one more spoiler. Maybe shoes???

  24. if still nothing by tomorrow, I’m canceling :((

    • When do they start taking $$ out

      • They start billing as of tomorrow 8/3……Okay, $150 on a box and the only spoiler is a sports bra scares me just a little 🙂 lol

  25. I wish there would be another spoiler before they bill next week… I’m more curious about the bottoms than the shoes.

    • Yes… Anything at this point

  26. I’m new to running/jogging and have been doing so on trails around my house (in a wooded area). It’s often very wet back there.
    I have no idea if these exist but perhaps some waterproof gear (shows, socks?) might be a nice idea.
    It would have been nice for spring subs when it rains more. Here in the south it still rains here daily!

    • I run in Brooks they make waterproof shoes that don’t make you overheat I think they are called asr

      • @Lauren
        Thanks for the tip! I’m going to look those up 🙂

  27. I really dont like the bra. It just looks boring..maybe it’s the color? Bland.
    I agree with others- I really like those jackets! I hope another spoiler is revealed. I’ve been eyeing this box for awhile!

  28. I have always loved this box, but last month’s was a total miss, aside from the shoes. I thought i would love the sports bra, but both the original size I got and my exchange/replacement size didn’t even fit me (one way too small, one way too large)! While it was still a good deal with the shoes, I could have gotten Adidas shoes that were more my style/preference for way less than $150. If we don’t get a stellar spoiler (hopefully some shoes) by next week, I have to be financially responsible and cancel D:

  29. Liz,

    Will anymore spoilers be released for the Fall box?

  30. When I first signed up it said summer was sold out and to sign up for Fall 2017. On June 29 I received an email that my summer box was ready, to confirm payment and it will ship Aug 3rd. So does this mean I am getting a summer one I guess?

    • I would say yes , only because the same thing happened to me but i had to wait but when it was ready they emailed me and told me they was charging my account because my box was ready. Maybe they had all the items in your size so you got to slid in the summer box. I had to wait , i wanted the spring box but had to wait for the summer box.

      • Thanks! I am ok with the summer one as I really want the kicks in it!

    • Adidas did the same thing to me in April and said my box would ship on May 28. I thought for sure it was the Spring box that became available and got all excited. But when I emailed customer service just to double check they replied and said it was for the Summer box.

  31. Once we enter our credit card information do they take money out same day. Thank you

    • They did not charge my card until my box was being shipped.

      • Veronica thank you so much

      • You’re welcome. They did email me and let me know that they were charging my card also.

  32. I’m hoping for a Karlie Kloss collaboration, not that I’m delusional enough to think it’ll make me look like her. I like her laid back style & have seen her collab with Adidas for other projects.

  33. Why do they look so angry?

    • They don’t look angry…we are just used to females doing “Blue Steel” for selfies.

    • They DO look angry lol

      • Maybe they are angry about the last box. 🙂 jk

      • Haha!! Love this ^

  34. C’mon, release another spoiler! Shoes please….

  35. Avenue A’s customer service is TOP NOTCH! I emailed them well after the 10 day request for exchange (the sports bra was gigantic!). Not only did they respond right away that they ordered me a new one but to keep the original one I was sent and give it to a friend!
    The sports bra is a little uni-boob-ish but I wear the shoes a TON! I normally wear colorful shoes and I’m surprised by the amount of wear these are getting (and they’re easy to clean in case I bike through splashing mud puddles, etc.). I am not giving up on this box any time soon!

  36. I’d really like to try this box, but I am worried about shoe sizing! Are you finding the shoes run true to size, or a bit big? I typcially wear size 8, but wondering if I should choose 7.5… could you ladies advise?

    • I usually wear a 6.5, very rarely a 7 and I’m happy with a 6.5. I’ve contemplated even going down to a 6 but I would say they’re very close to ‘true to size’.

      • That is helpful to know, thank you!

    • With Adidas, if you wear a size 8, get a size 8. It’s rare that their shoes run large.

      • Great, that’s what I was worried about, thank you!

      • So far I have ordered size 9, and they have fit like gloves. The confusion may be due to the stretchy nature of the shoes that they have been sending. As far as the last (shoe last) goes, I would say that they are the right shoe-size length.

    • True to size for me

    • This might just confuse you, but unlike other ladies, I find Adidas shoes run very large. I normally wear size 6.5, and even size 6 is a bit big (but workable) on my feet. My feet are not particularly narrow either (if anything, on the wider side, I think). I always choose size 6 (a half size smaller) for Adidas. But even if the shoes end up too big on you, they’ll let you exchange with no question asked, so I think you can just go with your instinct!

  37. THAT JACKET…ugh I wish it was that jacket but if there is one thing I have sadly learned is I have yet to see us receive something the curator is wearing :/

    • Agreed! I want that jacket!

      • Now I want that jacket, too. Isn’t it refreshing that the two curators aren’t pulling some vapid, duck-lipped, trout-pout, mouth-breather face?

    • I would love that jacket too! We shall see!

      • Please email them about that they might listen

  38. I had a preorder for fall after summer was all filled up, so some of the sizes may open up if people don’t respond to the preorder. The email is giving us four days to confirm our sizes and enter our payment information.

  39. Pumped for this collaboration! I’m expecting cool and sporty clothes. I’d be happy with that jacket 😉

  40. I’d actually like to get this next box but I paused my subscription for the summer box and now some of my sizes for fall are already unavailable. I thought I was just skipping one box but apparently not. Bummer. Waiting until winter, I guess.

  41. What sizes do they have? I’m bigger and also have size 11 feet, but this box always looks so good!

    • I believe they go up to XL. I have size 11 feet too, and so far all the shoes have worked!

      • I wear a size 12 shoe. So far I have had no issues.

  42. Im with the others, I am excited about the curators of this box. I also liked that they asked for a cup size for the bra, hopefully the fit and support will be better than the last one.

  43. I’m sorry. That bra does not seem cute, and the little straps in the back don’t seem like they’d give a lot of support.

  44. I think I’m going to cancel if they don’t give some good spoilers.

  45. Hard to commit to a bra…wish there was a shoe spoiler….

    • I second that.

  46. Super excited for this one! I’ll be curious to see if they spoil anything else. But super pumped to see pro athletes curating this one! (and soccer always has the best gear)

  47. I might have to buy this one…🤔

  48. Agreed! Professional athletes should know what works best 🙂

    • Ditto

  49. I’m excited! I am happy they went with professional athletes this quarter.

    • Same here (except I LOVED the Rita Ora collection even though many seemed not to like it). I want them to have UFC fighter Justine Kish to curate the one after this…I love the way she let poopgate just slide off her back and let it be water-under-the-bridge with humor and class.

      • I met Justine when she was 14, my son was tall for his age and in martial arts he had to spar her , bless his heart she always won. She was already very advanced and he was just starting. He’s 26 now and I told him at least the girl who always beat you up in class went on to be a professional MMA fighter.We have a laugh about it. I know her sister , her families is from my hometown.

      • She grew up in my hometown , I know Justines sister . My son use to take mma with Justine , she’s has been great since I met her when she was just 14 year’s old. My son was younger , but much taller than everyone, so he always has to spar with Justine. She use to kick his behind all over the room. I felt sorry for him. Now he is 26 years old and we laugh now , at least it was a future professional MMA fighter.

      • And she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I bet she has no idea how many people have had “poopy accidents” of one kind or another, and can relate (even though we may not be highly trained and unbelievably skilled athletes). I’d tell you a story about the cough lozenge “Sugar-free Fisherman’s Friend”, but I think my post would be removed.

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