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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Coupon – Save $30 On the Spring Box!

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Flash Sale! Now through May 9th, use coupon code SPRING30 to save $30 off your first Box of Style box! (Regularly $99.99)

Your first box will be the Spring 2017 box. Here is everything in the Spring box:


Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to see exactly what’s in the Spring Box, and to learn more about this quarterly subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If anyone is interested, here is a voucher code for $50 off at It expires today. Code: GILT17Q1BEUJP.

  2. Wow we get all this for a few dollars more than just tatcha skin care! I’m excited about tatcha, chalice to help women have water, the water bottle and butter London!
    I think it’s a good deal I can gift the other items:)

  3. I really love RZBOS, but this bag was really poorly made. I wore it once, hoping I could get over how stiff the leather and the zipper were and how narrow the bag opening was, but I didn’t really get the chance: The place where the strap connected to the bag pulled away.
    I also wasn’t a fan of the quality of the scarf, and that ended up being donated. I loved everything else in there, but I’m hoping the quality of the hero items goes back to what I expect of RZ.

    • The Tribe Alive bag was horrible. Those photos were so deceiving! The quality was disgusting and not par with what I expect from Rachel Zoe! And a retail of over $200? Come on, RZ. We are not that stupid.

  4. Can someone please tell me what color the bottle is. (what is says on the tag) I haven’t been able to find that anywhere!

    • The bottle tag has “NAKED” as the color.

  5. I just bought a second one at this price. The Tatcha and the bkr bottle more than pay for it, I wanted another chalice anyway and the purse, scarf, nail polish and earrings will make decent Christmas gifts.

  6. I thought this box was really great, and a fantastic deal. You won’t be disappointed!! 🙂 I didn’t think I would like the bag because it usually isn’t my style, but I LOVE it!

  7. I tried to post this earlier, but BOS has the worst customer service for such a great overall box. My bag was delivered damaged and they refused to replace it, citing inventory. Well, they have plenty of inventory. There are better ways to spend my money.

  8. I am so tired of paying $100 for a box only to see them “reduce for quick sale” It would be better to go ahead and announce the hero item for the summer box! I will more than likely wait though since they almost give away boxes at the end of the season.

    • Agreed! Subscribers we’re supposed to be first on the shipping list and that sure has not been happening. I love this subscription, but think I’m going to drop my subscription and just order them after they come out.

  9. I’m going to cancel my yearly subscription and just buy boxes individually since it’s appearing to be a better deal that way. There is no incentive to stay an annual member. Oh and the tiny makeup bag and key chain/fob they sent for being an annual subscriber doesn’t cut if for me

  10. Wow! I just emailed them telling them that others and a friend of mine got a $30 off offer for the summer box and they instantly replied and granted me the offer! I can’t believe how great their customer service is right now. I think so far they have been fantastic with me and look forward eagerly to the Summer Box! I can’t wait for spoilers

  11. I was just offered $20 to remain a member and not $30 which is really irritating because I would take the $30 offer and remain a member. I don’t know why they are offering people different amounts to remain and actually want to get the summer box but I know it’ll be offered at a lower price or something so I want to have the $30 offer so that I feel confident I made the right choice

    • I was just offered nothing, so at least you got an offer!

  12. According to an email from Box of Zoe this morning, if you’re already a subscriber, they’re also offering one-time gift boxes of $70 if you want to pick up another or send one to someone for Mother’s Day, graduation, etc.

    • I received that email. Fine print at the bottom says:
      Offer valid for new subscriptions only from May 5, 2017, 12:01am PST through May 9, 2017, 11:59pm PST. or while supplies last. $30 discount valid for new subscriptions only. Discount is applied only to initial transaction of subscriptions. Thereafter, seasonal subscriptions renew at $99.99 and annual subscriptions renew at $349.99 (plus tax where applicable). Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any other offer. To redeem online, enter code SPRING30 in the promo code box at checkout.

      Note this part: Thereafter, seasonal subscriptions renew at $99.99 and annual subscriptions renew at $349.99 (plus tax where applicable).

    • I did not get that email. How do I do that? Thanks.

      • I just logged in to my account, clicked on the “gift” section, chose a one time gift, and entered the spring30 promo code. 🙂

        • Thanks Kecia.

  13. They need to cut their losses here and move on. The fact that they can’t move this box is apparent and not a good look. I swapped for earrings but wouldn’t buy the box because the hero item was not appealing. Hoping to be wowed by summer spoiler.

    • Agree!

  14. This box has great curation and value imho. Wondering where is the problem why folks don’t like it?

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of people not liking it. On another thread, someone mentioned the possibility that they purchased more product than previous boxes, in order to reduce their cost, and just can’t sell it all.

    • I love the curation and loved the bag with the scarf wrapped in it so much I swapped for a second scarf to wear in my heat as a headband. The BKR is perfect for carrying water in the bag and the nail polish is perfect for spring. I just wish I they had given two chalices instead of one haha.

    • I was not a fan of this box due to the quality of the bag and the earrings become out of shape after a few hours of wear. The nail color goes only too thick and streaky and I did not like the color. The water bottle, the scarf and the Tatcha were great though. Those three items were fantastic though.

  15. I just submitted a cancellation request, and got a response immediately stating i wouldn’t be charged for the next box, but offered me $30 off the next box if i choose to stay….wonder how long they’ll give me to respond to the email?

    • They offered me $20 and I would have taken the $30 I don’t get why people are getting different offers

    • I submitted a cancellation request (as I posted further down below), and they already responded back and offered me $30 off of the next box. I need to think on it for a little bit, but I think I’m going to take it. I’m thinking they must have had a flood of people trying to cancel after this $30 off promotion came out.

  16. I wish they would move on to the Summer box announcements. This Spring box has been overplayed.

  17. I am done subbing to this. I will just buy them on a one off going forward when there are big discounts like this. How silly.

    • Agree!

    • I was not a fan of this box due to the quality of the bag and the earrings become out of shape after a few hours of wear. The nail color goes only too thick and streaky and I did not like the color. The water bottle, the scarf and the Tatcha were great! So I felt I got my $ worth!

  18. I want that handbag…

    • ebay

    • My unsolicited opinion🙄
      ….its not that great 😐 i also wanted it and picked up a box, but ended up not really using it so I had to go buy my own summer bag anyway 🙁
      I like the scarf, use the challise and water bottle regularly, and rice cleanser often enough to not feel like i completely wasted my money, but these are not things I wanted. I wanted a nice new purse.

      Nail polish was too streaky, and earings are not my style. The purse:
      1. White thin stringy material- not canvas, so delicate but easy to dirty
      2. Stiff material, but sloppy structure i that makes sense?
      3. Patern is just hard for me to work in.

      Its a decent a bag/ tote, just wish I hadnt oogled over it, not worth it.

    • I wanted that handbag too! I got it just for that. I like it, but it’s not long enough to feel like a proper crossbody, and that was my sole reason for purchasing it. Oh well.. I’ve already cancelled.

  19. I was soooo hoping this was going to be a Summer box spoiler instead. I’ve been holding off cancelling my sub (to avoid the hassle if I actually wanted the Summer box) but it seems like I’m going to have to. From the website it seems like I’ll be charged for the Summer box on the 15th and from other people commenting here it sounds like it takes at least a week for your sub to be cancelled. No spoilers yet or even a hint of what may be in it, so that’s alot of money to plop down without knowing if I’d even like anything. And, it seems even if I do cancel I may have plenty of time to just sign up again with a discount anyways! Ugh…they aren’t helping me give them money….

    • I am in the same boat and completely agree. I wasn’t going to cancel because it seemed like such a hassle, but at this point it is more the principle of it, as there is clearly no incentive to be a continuing subscriber.

      • Actually just submitted the cancellation request myself. Will resub (maybe with a sale!) if I desperately need the next box. But super disheartened that there really isn’t a reason to be a continuing subscriber.

    • FYI, as someone who has been there, done that……. I was unable to get anyone to respond to my emails after a full week…. once you contact them, you get an instant, “we’ve got your mail…. someone will get back to you in 5-7 days”….. I sent several hoping for a response…. after a week and a half, I posted my displeasure at their customer service on their FB page….. within an hour and a half, I had been contacted, my account was cancelled….and all was well !!! 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip. You convinced me to act on it now. I was in the middle of filling out the online cancellation request and I noticed a chat feature. So I started chat and a rep told me that she marked my account as cancelled before the renewal date so I will not be charged. Waiting on email confirmation though (made sure to take a pic of the chat since I didn’t see an option to send it to me either). FYI, she also offered me $30 off the summer box if I decided right then to take myself off the cancellation queue. I declined….still too much money without any hint of what’s going to be in it. If I love it, I’ll just wait and hope I get some of these deals later on…. It kind of irritates me that you can get discounts by NOT sticking around and being a loyal subscriber….

    • I’ve been debating this myself… I really enjoyed the last two boxes (and got Fall at a steep discount) but I don’t want to run the risk that the summer box doesn’t have items I want. Plus, yeah, it’s really annoying to pay $100 for something that others can get for $30 (although there’s no way to buy this one for $70 without also getting billed $100 for the Summer box so it isn’t quite that steep a discount – if I read the rules right you can’t cancel until after your box ships so it’s really $30 off two boxes.).

      • I signed up for the Winter box because I loved it and got $20 off that one. I stuck around for the Spring box because I liked the spoilers and paid full price for it. I was willing to stick around for the Summer box and pay full price again to avoid the hassle of cancelling but no spoilers yet and no way I’m willing to take the $100 risk of a box I won’t like. The kicker is that you can totally play the game of cancelling and resubbing every season and using all the discounts or even apparently threatening to cancel to get a discount (the rep just offered me $30 off the summer box if I wanted to cancel my cancel request right then). Just seems not right to me….or alot more effort than I’m willing to invest. LOL. I cancelled. I’m done. If another box really wows me I’ll think about signing up again and using one of the discount codes again…

  20. A little warning: If you sign up now, you will be charged full price for the summer box. Their cancellation process is very unreliable and the cutoff date is 5/15.

  21. Okay, I seriously regret buying this earlier now. It’s a good box, but knowing I could have gotten is $30 cheaper is just making me mad.

    • Join the club! It really makes me angry they drastically reduced the price when I paid $100!

  22. Man, they can’t give these things away! There are a few likes but not enough for this price tag (even discounted). I’m hoping their summer box will be better!! (Anyone know when that comes out?)

    • Billing begins on the 15th. If there isn’t a spoiler (and a good one at that) by the 14th I’m cancelling for Happy Rebel. And then wait for the summer box to go on sale haha

  23. Confusing, is it $20 or $30 off – “use coupon code SPRING30 to save $20 off your first”

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