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Harry Potter Wizarding World Box April 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from torturedbysolitude on Instagram!

March’s theme was Dark Arts:



More about this box:

The Box: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

The Cost: $34.99 plus shipping

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The Products:

  • Exclusive and officially licensed
  • 5-7 items in every crate
  • Delivered every 2 months

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What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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  1. Wow, I can’t even express my utter disappointment in this box! This was my first time ordering and I was so, SO excited for it as I love the Dark Arts. My box is set to arrive Monday and I debated looking at these spoilers but couldn’t control myself – I thought seeing it would make me even more excited to get mine, but instead I now am no longer looking forward to receiving my package!

    Colin Farrell is one of my favorite actors but I hated Fantastic Beasts so the shirt isn’t really something I’d be proud to wear. It’s okay, I guess, but I would have much preferred it to be a HP character! The Azkaban bag is alright but pretty lackluster. I don’t really have a use for it. The wax stamper is cool in theory but it’s not very practical and the seal design is rather ugly. I know it’s the opening to the CoS but a Dark Mark would have been A LOT cooler. The diary pin is fairly decent, probably the best thing in the box. And as for those plates, they are atrocious! I get the reference but I still just really hate them. I can’t believe they had a Dark Arts box without anything Voldemort related! Okay, Tom Riddle’s diary, yeah, but that was before he was Voldemort so it doesn’t count.

    So anyway, I’m thinking of trying to sell my stuff on Poshmark if anyone’s interested, lol.

    • They’re doing a Dumbledore box next time. I’d guess that with the major miss on death eater items here that a Voldemort box is incoming.

      Though, personally, I love the Umbridge plates. She’s my favorte “evil” from the book (not all bads guy ware black)

      • True, they probably are planning a Voldemort/Death Eater crate. It’s still upsetting to me, though, that this box doesn’t have even one Voldemort item. 🙁

        • Well, it was the *defense* against the dark arts box.

          Just got mine. I love it personally

  2. This was my first box and I was pretty pleased maybe because of the salty reviews I was expecting crappy Dark mark temporary tattoos. The Umbridge plates are hilarious them being plastic makes them more novelty item than collectors item but as a novelty they are pretty funny. And the wax seal set is nice quality and is a real collectors item like I was promised to get in these boxes. I wish it wasn’t in crappy plastic though that I accidentally threw away but the actual set was very high quality. The shirt ehh not my fav character but I’ll wear it. I was afraid I was going to get the bellatrix daily profit askaban picture shirt I just donated. So it better than that haha.

    • Sorry I typed this way to rushed and forgot some details.
      To hopefully clarify I meant I wish the wax seal set was didn’t come in cheap plastic, it was a super nice set in clear cheap plastic packaging. I wish it was in a box also embossed with the logo instead.

      And the shirt I was relieved it wasn’t one I had had before after getting a spoiler we were getting an askaban item and the reviews of not actually exclusive items I was worried it might be that.

      I think that’s about it on the things I rushed in a hurry to post, instead of waiting till I had more time like a smart person would lol I’m an idiot sorry. It’s hard to clarify in a second comment hopefully these made sense

  3. Do you get the same stuff regardless of what house you choose? Or maybe only the wax seal is different?

    • Sometimes you get house stuff. The seal isn’t a house seal, so should be thw same

  4. Another disappointing box… I have been a subscriber from box 1 and pretty much every box only had one item I liked and the rest was just cheap boring stuff. There’s no exclusive items whatsoever and I feel you’d be better off buying items from Universal Orlando or Official Warner Brothers websites and they are so so much better in quality and design.

    The Umbridge plates are not even glass but plastic 🙁
    Unsubscribing after this box.

    • I think you need to look closer then.

      In this box alone, shirt, pencil case and pin are labled as exclusive, plates and stationary set are labled as “made for lootcrate”.

      And I know past boxes were along the same lines (except for pops). You just have to look.

    • You didn’t look hard enough then. Shirt, pencil case and pin say exclusive on them. Other items say “Made for Lootcrate”.

      Past boxes were the same.

      • Sorry, my first comment wasn’t showing up for me so I reposted

        • No problem 😄
          Yeah, I realize that some of those items were exclusively made for Loot crate, but my main point was that quality and design-wise – they are nothing special and you could find similar and most importantly BETTER quality items on official websites.
          Somebody in the feed complained that some of the items arrived defective. Very poor quality for the subscription cost we pay. 😟

  5. So no matter what house you choose it’s all the same stuff? Or maybe just the wax seal thing is different? How does that work?

    • Sorry people I didn’t see this one posted so I asked twice.

  6. It seems like this box is getting a lot of mixed reviews..

    I actually really like this box. I think it’s because I had such low expectations about it that I was bound to love it. I mean think about it- it’s a dark arts box, how wrong could that have gone? True I don’t have much use for the wax seal and letters but they are still cool items and the shirt is ok, would have loved a collage of the baddies, but Fantastic Beasts is still shorta new so I understand why they went this way.

    Overall I think they did a good job with a hard theme..

  7. Wasn’t there supposed to be something in this box that is “first in a series of collectibles”? I don’t see anything in this box that suggests that

    • Maybe the plates?

  8. I love the tshirt, the bag and the pin, but the seal and the plates.. dont know what can i do with them :/

  9. I’m glad I cancelled and this is my last box. I love the azkaban bag and basalask fang, but everything else is meh…I would actually like the plates if they were all the same size because then I could use them to serve salads or rolls for people who would get the reference or even if they were coasters. I’m not fond of the fact they are each a different size 🙁

    • It’s how show plates are arranged. Look at a picture of her office

  10. I want all of it! I might order this if it is still available

  11. I don’t sub to this box but those cat plates are awesome. They crack me up so much.

  12. Omg I love the cat plates! But the rest, I’m not excited about and I’m kinda glad I just finished my subscription. With my previous box, they sent me a duffle bag where the emblem was upside down. I emailed them about it and they said a replacement would come but it would take a while since they were moving their warehouse. That’s understandable but I still haven’t heard anything about it and it has been over a month.

    • So sorry to hear you’re also having issues with replacements. Not sure if it makes you feel any better, but I totally understand…

      I’m still waiting for 2 replacements from my JANUARY box 😳

      (Get it together, Loot Crate.)

      I’ve talked to them via email and online chat about this FIVE times so far. (Almost ready to call the BBB about this mess… Crazy.)

      • I was excited for the duffle bag when I first saw the spoiler but the quality is so poor that even if they send my replacement, I doubt that I’ll carry it.
        Apparently I had miscounted my boxes and I actually will be receiving this box as well, I received the shipment notification yesterday. You can see how much I care about this box … I didn’t even try to count properly to see this if I was going to receive it

  13. Extremely disappointing! I have quit this box but still have one more box left. THis just confirms that it was right to cancel. I loved the last box, but this is just trash.

    • Same!

  14. Frustrated with this sub. I want it to be so much better than it is but can’t decide if I should keep getting it for my son. He’ll wear the shirt, but it’s not our favorite, but he probably won’t use the bag. I know he won’t use the wax seal thing, and what the heck would he do with the cat plates? Does anyone want those? Except Umbridge, of course…hem hem.

    If that basilisk fang is a keychain and not terribly heavy, he MIGHT use that. If it’s a pin, he most definitely won’t.

    Such a waste of money on this one. If there was even a Pop figure, then I could be slightly appeased, but no.

    • I love the cat plates! Lolol

    • I love the cat plays, I’m going to be displaying mine!

      I hope they DON’T send out any more pop figures unless its an exclusive. I can so easily buy those myself and I already have a duplicate Sirius because of them.

  15. Other than the shirt, I love it! The plates are hilarious!! Love the azkaban pouch too! I was holding off canceling until I saw this box, but I’m glad I waited.

  16. I like the pencil/makeup bag, but no FOMO on this one.

    • FOMO?

  17. How underwhelming 😶

  18. I am so disappointed by the items in this box. I loved the March house pride one because it was items I could use/wear. But this one I have no use for silly plates or a wax seal (or whatever riddle’s diary thing is. a pin perhaps?)
    And I wouldn’t want to wear someone’s face ever on my chest. I prefer drawn characters. It’s cooler (in my personal opinion) to have something that’s like a reference instead of obvious movie merch that’s just an actor from the movie. But to each their own I guess

    • I’m legit scratching my head over the Umbridge-inspired plates. Who has ever gone “I want THAT for my house!” They were interesting because they helped paint the dichotomy of the character, not because you’d ever actually want them!

    • I’ll take Colin Farrell’s face on my chest any day

      • Lmao!!!

    • The you het a pin in every box. Loot Crate tradition.

      Think of them as merit badges

  19. Could you clarify please? Is this supposed to be the spoilers for May’s box? March was house themed, but you’re referring to this as March’s box.

    From the post above: “We have FULL SPOILERS J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from torturedbysolitude on Instagram! March’s theme was Dark Arts:”

    • and it’s supposed to be May, not April…. this looks so junky. I’m sorry I got this. It was my first one.

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