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Birchbox Limited Edition Vogue Anniversary Box – Available Now!

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Limited Edition Birchbox Vogue

The Birchbox Limited Edition: Birchbox x Vogue 125 Box is available now!

To help celebrate Vogue’s 125th anniversary, this Limited Edition Box is our first-ever partnership with the brand. Vogue teamed up with horticulturists to create and cultivate the Vogue rose—a unique, vibrant peach-colored flower with an intoxicating scent—which inspired this assortment. The box includes exclusive shades from rms beauty™, NARS, and JINsoon, plus more petal-perfect products with tips on how to use them from Celia Ellenberg, Vogue’s Beauty Director.

Limited Edition Birchbox Vogue

The Box: Birchbox Limited Edition: Birchbox x Vogue 125 Box

The Cost: $68 ($224 Value)

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And don’t forget to add your free mystery sample pack!

The Products:

Are you going to grab a box?

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  1. I purchased this box! With 15% off and the 13% points for Aces this box ends up costing just over $50, which makes this positively a steal – It’s net cost is just about 22.5% of the total value.

    IMO this box is almost Barneys or Net-A-Porter caliber. I am excited to try the CT dry mask, the RMS and the immortelle + rose balm. I am also happy with the other items. If this goes to sale (it seems likely, given the lukewarm reaction here) I would probably get a second box 🙂

  2. Why would anyone buy this at this price unless they were obsessed with roses? Birchbox is forgetting itself to be charging at this price.

    • I am obsessed with roses and even I can’t justify it lol

  3. Yea, pretty pricey for a small amount of things. I’m still in love with that Good As Gold box which is still 30% off and has awesome stuff in it! Do i need a 2nd?

  4. I swear I got a text message about this last week. Went to check it out but couldn’t find the page. Then the message disappeared. Thanks BB for making me feel crazy.

  5. i’m with most of the other replies…
    this box looks really great, but just not at that price point!

    i’m tempted, but holding off and hoping for a sale!

  6. Not sure if anyone has FabFitFun. But they have the herbavor herbavor sprays for $5.00 right now. I snagged a couple for free shipping with the summer box

  7. This isn’t the summer limited edition box, is it? The last couple of years the summer box came out around this time, but it was summer themed..

  8. Man I wanted this so bad, I adore roses every scented product I own is rose, but that is just way too much for this. For $45 I woulda bit for sure

    • Agreed 100%

    • Agree!

  9. I didn’t know the 15% off coupon but still ordered one yesterday. I really want to try herbivore and rms, and other products look like things I’ll enjoy using too! I’m a big fan of rose scent.

    Anyway, I talked to their customer service and they promised to refund me 15% of the full prise. Good service too. Birchbox really excited me this time!

  10. I wanted this box , and it’s quite lovely but i can’t do 68$. I just can’t.

  11. with 15% it is not bad for what this box contains. But I dont see myself having enough incentives to buy this box knowing that the mask is only one use for $22 and the nail polish are counted as full size products in a this box. If anything, my least fav products to see in a box is sheet masks and nail polishes for an incredibly high RV. That is insane. Can Birchbox pls take those 2 out and keep the box at the price around 35-40$ for the rest of them???

    • What’s the 15% off code? 🌹 not sure I would even get with that though.

      • The 15% off code is TAKE15. I successfully used it today on this box 🙂

        • Thanks for taking the time to respond!😊

    • You can actually use the mask 3 times—its a dry mask and the instructions specifically say you can. I have tried it and I still got product the 3rd time .

    • With the aces 13% back I got $7.50 back in points so I don’t think it’s so terrible of a deal. I buy an item from birchbox once in a blue moon anyway (the free shipping and 13% back is hard to rationalize other retailers). I’m very happy about it 🙂

      • What’s the aces discount? Is it a code? I’m an ace and don’t know about 13% off.

        • Cara forgot the decimal in 1.3% in her comment. Birchbox subscribers receive 1% back in store credit on all purchases, Ace’s get 1.3%. So if you use the 15% off, for example, you’ll get $5 or $7.50 to spend on the website.

      • Aces earn 1.3 points for every dollar. 1.3 points is $0.13. 13 cents on every dollar is 13%. I think their points are confusing (1 point = 10 cents) so I say 13% to simplify it. I have no idea why they chose 13% for aces. Guess 15% was just out of the budget lol. Everyone else earns 10% back in points. The points can be used as cash. Other rewards systems tend to do points towards more samples.

    • I didn’t forget the decimal actually. You earn 1.3 points for every dollar spent. 1.3 points is equal to $0.13 cash points. 13 cents on every dollar is 13 percent. I say 13 percent because it’s a lot less confusing than 1.3 points. I hate how they do their points (1 point = 10 cents). I have no idea why they upped 10% back to 13% for aces. Guess 15% was just too much lol. But aces get 13% back, everyone else gets 10% back. My other comment didn’t go through, hopefully this one does.

  12. Yeah, I’m with everyone else. I told myself I’d buy it if it was less than $50, and even with 15% off, it’s still about $58. Boo, BB.

  13. Purchased! Great deal esp after 10% off an Birchbox points. Looking forward to trying the rose water mist, eyeshadow stick, rose oil spray … all of it!

  14. I totally thought $68 was unreasonable. Then I did $68/238 value at 29%. I pro-rated each item and the only thing that was expensive was $20 for the face balm. The rest is a steal. So now I think I’m going to get it. I waited on the last box too long and it *actually* sold out to my surprise. Plus I’m a sucker for rms and it’s an exclusive color. I’m going to kick myself if this actually ends up in the 40% off sale in a few weeks. I’m just trying to decide if I should wait to see if they update a decent GWP category.

    • You are right, this box is a steal! I’m sure it’ll sell out within a week or so.

  15. $68 is just way too much. Yes the value is there overall but I would reacher buy 2-3 of Sephora favorite boxes for the same price with more value. As an ace member birchbox has been losing more and more of my business to Sephora flash. They don’t listen to their customers!

  16. 68 is laughable. Oh Birchbox. You swing and you miss.

    • Nailed it 😂

  17. $68, LOL

  18. This is a nice box, but $68 is hella steep. I get that a couple of these are full size items from “luxury” brands, but imo the “full size” is small and overpriced in the first place ($22 for one sheet mask?! get out). I wouldn’t use the magazine subscription, so that’s not an incentive.

    I have a feeling that this box will sell out, but if for some reason it doesn’t, and gets marked down in a few weeks (like some of BB’s other LE boxes have been), I’ll buy it then. If not, oh well. No big loss. Something about this box suggests that it was curated specifically with instagram in mind.

  19. This is actually really tempting for me. I already know I like the charlotte tilbury mask and the RMS lip 2 cheek and those two values alone basically mean you are getting everything else in the box for $10. I dunno if I want to spend that much money right now but I am seriously thinking about it.

  20. I was interested in this but not for $68! Dang

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