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Luxor Box Best of the Best Special Edition Preorder + Spoiler!

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Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.26.46 AM

Luxor Box just announced their June Special Edition “Best of the Best” Box and included a spoiler!

The box will include:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.26.34 AM

Limited Edition Rose Et Marius Gold Precious Casteu Tumbler

Featuring our members ALL TIME favorite and most luxurious brands with some of their most exquisite pieces. Each BEST OF THE BEST Special Edition Box will include the $225 Rose et Marius LIMITED EDITION Gold Precious Casteu Tumbler. Handmade in France. Porcelain from Limoges. These are exquisite and very rare Rose et Marius tumblers. ONLY 300 pieces were made. Each tumbler is numbered on the bottom and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Each Special Edition box will have a total value of $800+

The box is available as a one-time purchase with no subscription. The cost is $375 (USA) or $395 (Canada), shipping included, and ships the week of June 26th, 2017.

FYI – update from Luxor Box:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.34.50 AM

What do you think of the spoiler?

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  1. I really feel like I could find something very similar at homegoods, even an entire set, anc not have a breakdown if I broke one.

  2. I bought the March Luxor box, mainly for the Eddie Borgo Plinth bracelet. I love everything in this box, and even DH was excited about the Foodie items. I went ahead and subbed for a year, although DH is not on a “need to know” basis, heheh! Then this box shows up! Wat? Well, it was the vino talking, but I took the plunge. I will use the tumbler as a small vase, like I use julep cups, and I’m hoping for something from Halcyion Days. I have developed a love/hate relationship with MSA! Lord, help me!

  3. I have a Luxor Box sub and usually buy the special edition boxes – love them! This is my favorite box without question. I am blessed that I happen to be paid well for what I do, so the price isn’t a big issue. There was a time in my life when there was no way I could have something like this. Now the items make great gifts for family and friends.

  4. Super excited about this limted edition tumbler. I collect them and cant wait for this box. I wonder if this is taking the place of the Black box this year?

  5. IF I had the money just laying around I’d go for it. But It’s too rich for my blood right now. Hope everyone that bites is delighted!

  6. I think Luxor Box has nice things don’t get me wrong I used to sub… But I just bought my yearly round trip ticket to Puerto Vallarta for only 200.00. Is it just me but I don’t get the tumbler price either and spending 300.00 + on a box that I don’t know what’s in there to me is just not making sense? To the lady’s that can more power to you but I’d rather go on my Vacation & use all the Spring >Summer items on that trip. I just can not fathom spending more then 40.00 on a box that you don’t know what your getting? 😱

    • Agree. I think that’s the appeal with popsugar and fabfitfun. It’s only $40-$50 so if it’s a box of stuff you can’t/won’t use, then it’s not *too* bad. It’ll sting, but you’ll recover. But if you find use in a couple things, then it’s super great because you get a good value and the box pays of itself and everything else is a bonus. For a box like this, when I wouldn’t normally pay $200+ for a pretty tumbler, there’s really no chance I can derive the kind of value from spending over $300+ on a mystery box like this.

      • Absolutely I agree with you too! I actually only have 5 sub boxes I get they are FFF, Popsugar, Rachael Zoe, Ipsy, & Seohora Play. T does help as far as money wise FFF & Rachel Zoe are Seasonal haha !!

  7. Why would they offer two special boxes timed so close together? It seems like poor planning on their part. Had I not just bought the mystery box, I would have tried this. And I’m sure Kimberly and I are not the only ones thinking like this…

  8. I have a tumbler. I also HAD at one time a full set of antique glassware. Considering my history…I now have my tumbler where I can SEE it every day. (I hope this helps anyone with their buy or not question)

    • This makes no sense to me.

  9. What, exactly, are Rose et Marius LIMITED EDITION Gold Precious Casteu Tumblers? Are they drinking glasses?

    • Apparently yes. If I got this maybe I would just put it on a shelf or something.

  10. $225. for a tumbler? Am I just very unsophisticated? I do not get it. What do you do with a $225. tumbler? Guest bath? Kids milk? Do you burn a candle in it? What do you do with this?
    I am confused.

    • Me too. I’m not sure what this tumbler is? How can it possibly be $225 for something my husband is going to drink root beer out of??

      But, that being said – now I want it.

      • hahah that’s exactly what I was thinking!! Wtf am I going to do with a $225 tumbler?? It is very pretty. But I’d be nervous to use it.

      • Too funny! I would definitely USE the tumbler. I now use my “good dishes” every Friday Night when I set a fabulous table (even if we are having fast food Friday from KFC!). Life’s too short to save it for the worthwhile company. And if something breaks…hooray…time to choose something new! As for the tumbler… I think it will look so pretty with a few flowers in it on my Fast Food Friday dressed to the 11’s table. Sometimes its just about being exceptional and less about being practical. With that all said…I have decided to forgo this box that I wanted to purchase. The Canadian Dollar makes it a little to expensive of a risk in the case that the tumbler is the only item I adore.

    • My question is…if there was only 300 made what happens if more than 300 people sub to this box? Not that I will lol

      • Your question make me wonder if there are only 300 boxes available? Or is that just a fib to get people to order??

      • There has to be only 300 boxes. It would be such an outrageous sales tactic I couldn’t imagine a company doing that. So after 300 people sign up for this it would be sold out. In this world of subs 300 does seem relatively low. I have wondered in the past how many PopSugar boxes go out and some others. I just don’t know a way to find out.

    • I don’t get the obsession with the tumblers either. $375 is more than my car payment, no thank you.

    • Oh wow, that much money and not even a candle in it? lol And don’t these people kind of use the same brands over and over? They must get fabulous deals. I wish they would branch out.

    • I don’t get it either. I’ve seen them with candles in them and they do look very pretty, but not 200+ dollars pretty. I like pretty things but that just seems like way to much value for a cup. In comparison, I have a set of the hand blown wine glasses from GlobeIn which are around $40 a set and I think those are stunning and completely worth that price.

      I’m sure the items will be great and I’ll want them and they will be virtually impossible to swap for, but it’s still too big of a risk for that much money.

  11. I just subbed to Luxor Box and bought the Mystery Close Out box. Now I’m wondering if I should have waited.

  12. I had an OK experience with their customer service regarding a damaged item, so I wouldn’t be worried about that. They are prompt and courteous (totally unlike 5th Ave Style). Luxor does have a very strict time limitation for reporting damaged items; I think you have a 3-day window to let them know about damaged items.
    Regarding lost or stolen boxes: I have a PO box (boxes are shipped via USPS). The external packaging is very plain, but plain boxes get stolen.
    As I am in the customer service field, I would say that Luxor’s customer service is very good. While their policies are strict, I can understand that they have developed into what they are for a reason.
    And, no, I do not work for Luxor.

    • Thanks! That makes me feel much better. The wording of the policy is just very off-putting.

  13. This may be a silly question, but does “Best of the Best” imply that this will be the best of previously received items? Or will it be all new ones from favorite brands?

    • It will be new items from favorite brands 🙂

      • Thanks! But dang it, that’s what I was afraid of. Goodbye $375 for stuff I don’t need….. 🙂

  14. I really like the tumbler, and would like to purchase this box.

    However, their customer service policy sounds just horrendous. They make it sounds like they won’t replace items that arrive broken, and won’t even help if your box is lost in transit. I just can’t take that risk on a box this expensive.

    If they got their act together on customer service I’d be in.

    • Oh dear, I was planning on trying out Luxor with this box but now I’m 😩 worried! I have 5th Ave Summer (first Box on its way) same for Oui Please. My BOS and FFF have been non issues.

      • I’m worried about this as well. I don’t like companies that don’t care and Luxor seems to not care. However i believe as long as your box doesn’t say delivered, they will take full responsibility. I’m hoping anyway. I really want to bite for this box as well, but that’s a huge risk if their customer service sucks. (And I still want oui please lol, maybe I should only pick one).

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