1. Another bag witout a single item I want or need. I’m going to take my $10 for next month’s box and buy something I actually want. I always get excited when I see the spoilers, but I ALWAYS get something totally different in my box. I feel like I’m getting leftover samples from some other month. If I received the boxes I see in the spoilers, I would double my subscription. And, it’s my birthday month. I just can’t waste another penny on this subscription.

  2. This will be my first glam bag & I’m not to happy with these spoilers. I wanted more makeup. Hopefully sephora won’t disappoint this month. Birchbox was a groan for me last month. 😐

    • Try boxy charm way way way better

  3. I hope I get that Adesse lip balm, it looks really pretty!

  4. It seems like a skincare heavy month!!

  5. According to Ipsy, the Luxie Foundation brush #660 is one of MAY’s picks, not April

  6. Ugg, not happy with this bag, big fail for me already and I haven’t even gotten it! Very sad because I just signed my daughter up for a bag last month too as a present she is 19 and definitely not going to like it either unless we get eyeliners and lip only lol the rest is way too much non makeup!!! Agree….ponds really?? I usually love every bag BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT! 😕

    • Oh no! 🙁 You can email ipsyCare if you want your Glam Bags. Posting here won’t solve your problem. You can actually ipsycare if it’s possible that you receive eyeliners and lip products only. Please remember that ipsy is a sampling service that is worth $10 only. 😉

      • I did thanks so much…I love and look forward to seeing your emails and reviews daily! 😁

  7. Ooh! The more I see that Lisa Frank brush the more I love it! I’d love to get that. I’d happily take a liner, the lip products, the toner or the ofra blush. The only thing I’m really truly hoping I don’t get is the ponds cream cleanser.

    • I know I’m getting the brush as I wrote in to request and they confirmed !

  8. Ponds?!? I’m not my mother at WalMart! >:( So much skincare it might as well be birchbox, and a lot of it only so-so.

    I’m predicting big fail from Ipsy this month – hope they try to prove me wrong and at LEAST I get one of those colorpop liners, but I’m betting I may have to donate the rest – won’t even be able to swap it looking at these spoilers. I’m on no blush, bronzer, or nail polish, so I predict a bag of crappy skincare.

    • Yowzers! that’s a lot of skin care, I did opt out so hopefully I don’t receive any…I received the peach blush last bag, I don’t need another one of those.

      • They shouldn’t be sending you the same blush again, sweetie!

    • I’ve got three of the ponds in my frig from the Walmart boxes!

    • I actually gave my mom the ponds anti-aging cream from another box and she was so thankful as she loves ponds. She’s 60 and still looks pretty good; so don’t hate on the ponds. lol

  9. After last month’s beautiful bag, I’m disappointed by this month’s. I’m just not crazy about the color and style. I like some of the products, but I skip any month if I don’t like the bag itself. I always have plenty of samples I haven’t gotten around to using. By doing so, I don’t run into the problem of getting repeats in the various sub and I don’t stay subbed faithfully to any particular sub.

  10. The colourpop or Ofra Blush!! The Lisa Frank brush would be pretty cool too!!

    • I’m getting Burgundy Colourpop and the brush! So excited!!

  11. I’ve never gotten any of the MintPear items they’ve sent. I’d love to try that serum.

  12. The bag this month is too cute!!! It’s on the app already

    • Agreed! I’m not sure I’ll use it for makeup, but I’m definitely keeping it! Reminds me of some of Kate Spade’s quirky stuff.

    • I know, right. It is so cute (it looks like a ticket)! It looks like they are getting more creative with the bag designs.

  13. I have already requested the VolourPop eyeliner in DTLA so I know that I will be getting it this month. But I really, really want to get the Ciaté London bronzer!

  14. Not to bad, there are a few samples that I just recently got so I’m really hoping for none of those. Other then that it looks pretty good. Cant wait for full reveal!

  15. Oh my, I love the color of Luxor brush! I hope to get it in my glam bag >_<

    • Luxie* sorry autocorrect

    • This makes me so confused. After seeing 98% of ipsters received 1 out of 3 brushes they offered in March and for the 2nd time in 5 months, I got crap leftovers. I wrote to Ipsy expressing my true disappointment. Legit, my bag value probably didn’t hit $20. The rep told me the only tool they were offering in April is the Lisa Frank brush.
      Then in another group, they showed the Luxie brush as a May spoiler.
      So I’m really hoping I get this, if its an April spoiler. But if its May, I will for sure be requesting it!
      I love brushes! One can not have too many, especially when brushes could have a value of over $20 just itself!

      • Aww I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been with Ipsy for 2 months and in both month’s bag I always receive one brush and I always give them 5-star review and specify that I love receiving brushes in my bag. I hope you’ll get it this month too ☺️

  16. Woohoo, eyeliner in actual colors, not just black! I mean, I love me some black eyeliner, but I don’t need 10 of them. And I love Colourpop, but haven’t tried their eyeliners yet.

  17. 😱ok ipsy. you win.

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