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Synergy Organic Clothing – Mystery Bundle Sale!

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Thanks, Amber, for letting us know about this Mystery Bundle sale from Synergy Organic Clothing!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.17.50 PM

The Box: Synergy Organic Clothing Mystery Bundle 

The Cost: $50 for 3 pieces. (Or $20 for 1 piece)

The Products: The item(s) will be a high quality, organic, Synergy item from a previous season. Sizes XS-XL available.


FYI – the top image is to show you the type of clothing Synergy Organic Clothing makes – but is not necessarily representative of what you will receive!

Are you going to grab a Mystery Bundle? Want to see this reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. would like to list one of my items on the swap site but the box is not listed. Loved a short sleeved red and white top I received with a zipper in back. I like a maxi dress and will use it in the summer. Lovely turtleneck dress will be up for swap it is just more form fitting than I would like. fabrics are very soft.

    • So do you get to keep the items or do you have to return them

  2. Mine just came today after an odd shipping delay. It was the post office at fault though – it went to south Louisiana, then Dallas, and then finally east again to me. Weird. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with mine. One dress, two skirts, one long sleeve shirt, and two tank tops. The skirts hit just above the knee and the skirt I like best has white stripes. Makes me nervous with two kids under two. Bound to get stained…but that’s a temporary (i hope) personal issue. I actually really like it. I also think the sizing was accurate for what I received. I’m glad I ordered and would consider ordering again.

  3. I just got mine and am bummed! They sent me the wrong size skirts and the shirt seems to be men’s sizing? I’m not picky about clothes at all, but every item is HUGE on me 😞

    • Write to their CS. I got a terrible huge vest and 2 stained dresses. They sent me free return sheet and today I got the replacement. Everything is fine. 2 skirts, very pretty and fit me well, and one dress which I also like. I wish you good luck with the replacement.

  4. Here is 15% off code you can insert a request like tanks and shirts or tunics as I did and they sent me one tunic and two tanks absolutely loved them I went and ordered two more 3 mystery items so I’ll get six!!!!!!! Ask them nicely and they should give you what you requested
    Here is a code 15% plus if you order three u get free shipping and around 23.00$ off in addition to the free shipping!!!!


    • Thanks Kimberly, thinking of using the code with your tip of adding a note. Do you find the sizing to run similar to other women’s sizes? I made the mistake with ModCloth of using my regular size and finding I should have ordered larger.

  5. I got just the one piece to see if the quality was worth it. I got the zippy skirt in brown. It’s still listed on the site as $51 so it’s well worth the price and the quality seems great but it’s too big and with the zipper I don’t think the length can be altered. It’s supposed to hit above the knees and the it’s below for this short girl. I think I’ll definitely order again but I’ll size down. Funny because when I first ordered the modcloth suprise I ordered mediums and needed to size up. Now I know for the future.

  6. I got mine today and I am happy with it. I received a nice dress for the summer and two skirts. The skirts are both the same style but completely different colors and patterns.

  7. I received mystery bag from you today. There are 3 items. The first dress has a dirty spot right in the middle of skirt, the second dress has a white gluelike spot on its sleeve, and vest is just huge. I suppose it’s L or even XL. I feel totally bummed with this clothing mystery boxes. 🙁

    • from them 🙂

  8. Got mine today, and don’t feel cheated, but also don’t feel like it was a fantastic deal. I got an octopus long sleeve t-shirt that was already discounted to $20, a short nautical dress with a zipper all the way up the front that should be fun for going to the lake or beach on a hot summer day, and a neutral light maki dress that seems like it should be my style, but instead fits oddly and pulls in inconvenient places, so I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it. It feels somehow like a t-shirt trying to be an old-timey dress. Ah well, I’ll wear the other two this summer.

  9. I was really excited about this — the clothes on the web site looked great! But mine arrived today and there is basically nothing I will wear. A bright green striped ruched miniskirt, a shapeless navy top (it reminds me of nurses’ scrubs), and a sundress that is pretty cute, but I still haven’t figured out how to wear a bra and spaghetti straps at the same time, so I don’t know how I’ll ever wear this. I’m pretty easy to please… This was just a bummer.

    • Get one of those fancy lace bras.

  10. I just got my shipping notification. I’m really excited because every thing on their site looks good to me. Classic look. Simple pieces with a little flare. Natural fibers. Hope it turns out well or I’ll be really disappointed.

  11. I’m gonna try it, looks promising, especially for the 15% off to offset shipping.

    • Ok, just ordered! Fingers crossed 🤞!! (Thought I was a small until I checked their sizing chart & got the measuring tape out….. Medium) Winter nesting!

  12. Had no idea this place existed…..and was just 20 mins from me. If you check the visitors post on their fb some people have pics of previous mystery box items they received

  13. You can also use this code for 15% off without newsletter signup:

    • Thank you, Chelsea! It worked for me. I can’t wait to see what I got. I really hope it would be much better than Cents of Style. It’s 50 bucks. Not so cheap.

  14. Took the bait on this one. Can’t wait to see what’s inside! A little worried there’s just one size for all types of clothing on the 3 items, but we’ll see. (Who’s shaped like that?) I’m a small shirt, small top but large pants.)

  15. Sure, why not. I sat out the last few Modcloth Stylish Surprises after I realized that they are just not my style. This ends up being about the same price per piece as the apparel surprise and the items on this website look much more wearable for me.

    • Agree! I’ve sat out several recent mystery clothing bundles. This is the first time I’ve heard of this company. I looked at the website and really liked all their clothes. I went ahead and ordered a bundle. There really wasn’t anything I saw that I wouldn’t wear, so this feels pretty promising.

  16. Although I have never ordered their mystery bundle or items I have ordered from them in the past and I LOVE their clothing. I have tops, tanks, leggings and dresses from them. These items are organic cotton, well constructed and made to last.

    • I’m so tempted … how does their sizing run? Big/small? Are their pieces generally form fitting or loose and flowing?

    • I’d also love to know about their sizing! I seem to fall between sizes on their sizing charts (looks like I’d be a small on top and either a small or medium in bottom) but I don’t want to pick small and end up with huge baggy leggings… so I’m torn. After checking out their instagram feed I really want to try them but I’m nervous about sizing.

  17. it will charge shipping fee unless your order is above $100….

    • If you sign up for the newsletter you get 15 percent off that can offset the shipping fee.

      • Thanks, Regina.
        This makes me reconsider …^_^

        • Call me a sucker but I’ve paid 17 dollars for a very simple organic bamboo bra. this seems like a great deal for larger pieces of clothing. Especially cotton which isn’t pest resistant. Usually cotton requires alot of pesticides. I’m not a person that only uses organic things, mostly because I can’t justify the price of organic. I can justify this.

  18. They offer a 15 percent discount for signing up for their news letter. Can’t resist I hope I get something bamboo that is super soft.

  19. After Cents of Style among afraid to order clothing mystery bags. I checked out Synergy website and clothing looks nice except first page I saw had ponchos which was a bad omen for me. Would love to see a review.

    • Ponchos, lol!

    • Double lol!

  20. Looking at their sale items, I actually like all their fabrics (except burnt orange, which I can dye over if it comes to that), which is rare for me, so I went ahead and ordered the three piece set. It all looks pretty classic or comfy, which is great. Thanks for the heads-up!

  21. Am I the only one that liked my Cents of Style??? It seems like it! I keep reading reviews and ladies keep mentioning that they got burned and I really liked what I got especially for 17$!

    • Yes, you are probably the only one…

      • Lol!!

    • I didn’t hate my cents of style but it was nothing special. Definitely not a 59.99 dollar value as they claimed.

      • Oh I didn’t know that was the claimed value!

    • Yes 99.9% of us got screwed royally by cents of style. So good that you like your bag.

      • Thanks! Yeah after I put that comment in I went back to look at the review and read about the poncho fiasco, LOL! Not funny though for the poor ladies that received them, I certainly would’ve been upset as well!

    • I liked the two shirts that I got but I didn’t like the fitting on them. They seemed to run small. So still nothing that I can wear.

    • I loved my Cents of Style! It sounds like a lot of people struck out… But I really wished I had ordered two or three instead of the one I got.

    • I thought my Cents of Style bag was nothing spectacular (pair of “one size fits all” tights that were way too large for me in a bright pink I’d never wear, 100% cotton shirt that I actually will wear for casual days, and a necklace I LOVE) but hearing everyone else’s disaster bags made me realize how lucky I got!

      • I got a cute navy top that is actually the top left one on the original post for the box(super cute & comfy made by Ellie & Kate & another top from Ellie Kate that is a super soft olive color material with black tie up detail in the front & 2 pairs of earrings one was not worth a penny & the other was cheap but wearable.

        • I meant the top right picture on the original post

        • that was my exact bag!

    • Yes…
      I’m one of the XL bag poncho disaster receivers…
      The accessory even came defective.
      Emailed them about the defect but never got a response… What an awful company.
      Totally got burned…

      • I’m sorry u had that experience! What a disappointing mystery box!! I’m still on the fence about getting this one but I see their pieces are pretty pricey so 3 of their items for 50$ is good & now that someone has posted about the 15% off I might take the plunge!

    • Liked mine as well, but I have good grab bag karma. Two cute tops, worth the price.

    • Nope! I got two mystery bags in size small and LOVED all four shirts I received!! I’ve already worn them all!! I looked like Cents of Style worked better for people in the smaller sizes though.

  22. Oh darn. I wish I had saved my $17 from cents of style and put it toward this instead. Their clothes look great!

  23. Looks intriguing! Still, after the recent cloth mystery bag fiasco (I dont recall the name but it was like BB cents of mistery or somehing like that) I wont be buying any clothing nothing…

    Looks tempting though! I’m curious about how it turns out. Hopefully it will be reviewed and we will no if it was a regretfull FOMO or a lucky hunch!

  24. Too soon after the cents of style burn….gotta pass

    • What happened with the cents of style box u got? If u don’t mind me asking

      • I ordered a small grab bag, and I got a teal tee (which wasn’t bad), and giant, hairy, knee-length sweater twice the normal width with tassels along the hem, and two pairs of plastic earrings my 7-year-old even turned down.

        • Oh lord!

  25. The clothes look really well made, I’d love to see a review. I’m gonna hold off on clothing mystery boxes for now because I just had a baby and my clothing sizes are all over the place at the moment. 😜

  26. I got the $50 mystery bundle!! Thanks for sharing! The clothes look super cute and I love that it’s organic. ❤

    • Let us know what u get!!

  27. I think I’m gonna pass on this after the cents of style let down lol. I’d like to see it reviewed though!

  28. Please review! I have no idea who synergy is! (About to google now!). I’m addicted to sub boxes in general but mystery boxes I usually like to know the brand at least so. I hope they really are high quality at 17$ a piece!!

    • I really like what I saw when I googled Synergy clothes, they are definitely high dollar(at least to me & certainly more than 17$ a piece) I would like to try this out I’m just concerned I’d get winter clothes and I’m in the south and it’s already warming up down here

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