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Ipsy March 2017 SPOILERS Round #4!

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  1. My Dream bag would have a tarte lip paint, the marula oil, and a eyeshadow brush.

  2. I am so in love with the bag! this is going to stay in my purse for sure! Does anyone here get two ipsy bags every month? do you like it and are how often do you get repeats? I’ve been super happy with every bag I have received and I’m considering signing up for two but I’m not sure if I should find another similar subscription instead…thoughts?

    • I only get ipsy and enjoy it. I have a friend who gets birch box and ipsy, she really loves birch box over ipsy.

      • I get both Birchbox and Ipsy! I used to get one or the other, and now I just caved. I like Birchbox a little more–their products are higher end, but Ipsy is just so fun (still nice stuff!) and I look forward to it every month! Plus having a new pouch every month rocks!

  3. Hi, No more Bahama mama please I don’t like them..thank you!

  4. Please no more the balm. Their samples are tiny.

  5. I am new to Ipsy and should be getting the March bag. I see so many on the swap site. How do you list value? Any guesses?

  6. Hoping for the Bold Brows, and if I do get one of the tarte lips the rosΓ© or vibin’.

    If I get the delish shade it will be one of the first things I put up for swap (sick to death of mauve – I got the mauve variation of the bae lip still sealed I already need to post.) That INT gold eyeshadow looks like a cream, so if they stick me with that it will be posted too (along with last month’s Hikari cream shadow – cream shadows are just not my thing at all no matter what color.)

    I’m not sure if the bonus items they offer to send with your bag after an allergic reaction are items that are part of this months list, BUT if they are – I have a few more spoilers/potential spoilers…

  7. If i signup now will i get the march bag??????

    • I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure you have until the 25th of the previous month to get the next month’s bag.

    • You can email them and ask. I was able to get the previous months bag by asking even though I wasn’t technically supposed to because of the date that I signed up on.

    • I signed up in the middle of a month and got that months bag. It all depends on when you get taken off the dreaded wait list. πŸ˜‰

  8. i love my Ipsy bags for the most part, but even though in my reviews I mention that I never wear anything in the brown family of colors, I STILL get brown family eyeshadows.

  9. After the absolutely awful bag I got last month (bag and contents) I’ve decided that if I don’t get the tarte, tartiest lip paint I will just cancel ipsy and use the money to buy myself the full size version. πŸ™‚

  10. Love Ipsy, but this is all too much for me to read lol. I prefer something simpler.

  11. I am loving the March theme and I am so excited for this bag! This looks like one I will actually use. I love the design. Fingers crossed for the Bahama Mama bronzer, I’ve wanted to try this for a while.

    • Would love to swap/give
      you my Bahama Mama if you do not get one!!

  12. I just re-subscribed just to get this fold-over bag, LOL Hopefully I will be able to still get the March bag even though its already March 1

    • no, apparently my next billing date would be April…so cancelled

  13. Gorgeous bag!! How do I get to pick my sample for the March bag?

    • It’s too late for that.

      • How can I pick next month samples?

  14. Gorg, perf, delish? ipsy is trying to appeal either to 50-year-old Dame Edna types, or to 13-year-old girls. LOL

    • I’m in total agreement. It’s annoying and looks like you are trying to hard to fit in with the “cool” kids.

    • YES! This drives me nuts. Pleeeeeease let this trend die already.

      • I agree. It’s quite annoying.

  15. Cute bag (much better than the April 2026 spring design, possibly March too).

    I’d kill for the Dr Brandt or the doucce eyeshadow. Maybe the dls blush. And I want to want the mid tone tarte but I have dark skin so it may make me look like a walking dead extra.

  16. I love the bag. I do have to say that two items where already in my boxycharm and I did get the full size ( Marula and dr brandt)
    By far my best subscription is boxycharm, then ipsy (better then Sephora play). I canceled glossybox and birchbox.

  17. Am I the only one who got an email from ipsy telling me if I resulted I could pick 1 of 3 shades of colourpop ultra matte lip??? I almost considered it. If I had liked any of the shades they offered I might have taken that deal, actually.

    • I received that email too! I was tempted

      • I took that deal, actually! I picked ‘perky’

    • What does that mean?

      • I think she meant ‘resubbed’ not resulted, probably autocorrect being wonky πŸ™‚

  18. I really hope some bags will be up for swap!

  19. It looks like there could be some nice products in here, but only if I don’t get a bunch of brown eye products. I know I’m getting the It! concealer and the bag, so I’m pretty sure it will be a decent month at least. ☺

  20. What a great deal, only $10 for great samples and a cute bag! I think I’m gonna like ipsy a lot more than Sephora play πŸ™‚

  21. I love the bag, but am I alone in wishing almost every ipsy bag was a little larger? I find there are very few I actually use.

    • No, you’re not alone! I loved the size of the August 2016 bag (still using it), but most are too small or don’t have a wider base like the August bag. I still use some of the other bags when I need to bring extra makeup to work for an after-work date night or event, but I couldn’t fit my daily makeup in them.

    • I use the smaller ones for grocery coupons and gift cards. Or change out the color to match the purse I’m using.

    • Yes! I love that this one looks bigger! There are a couple bigger ones I love to use, but I end up using a lot of the smaller ones to organize my larger bags, drawers, etc. Because they are small, it’s easier for me to keep a lot of them in my larger bags and grab what I need. I even keep one with little toys and one with dice and a deck of cards for the kids to play games, and one for emergency snacks. I keep my Kindle touch in the snap/flap travel design from last spring (was it May?) because I have a silicone sleeve on it that makes it difficult to put in any other cases I’ve tried. I think I am going to love this one!

  22. Yayyyy, on the picture that say “Write a love letter”, it seems very clearly to be a fold over bag! Love that bag!

    • YUP! From these photos, it totally does. I think it’s still just a zipper at the top and that it folds toward the top though. I doubt it snaps like a clutch, but that’d be neat if it did!

  23. That bag is soooo pretty!!!

    • Agreed. Wish I could just resub for this month AND get colors I’d use, but I never did which was why I cancelled in the first place. Bag envy!

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