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Ipsy April 2017 Glam Bag Spoilers – Guaranteed Items!

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We have spoilers for the April Ipsy Glam Bag!

Subscribers will receive one of the following:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.41.36 AM

What do you think of the spoilers so far? Which item are you hoping for?

And you can email Ipsy to request an item for this bag:

From Ipsy:

Thanks for writing to ipsyCare! We sent that offer to some subscribers as part of a small test we’re running. I’d be happy to make an exception for you and help you pick out a product for your April bag, even though you weren’t part of the test group. Let me know which product you’d like!

OFRA Cosmetics Blush in Rendezvous
Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
Tony Moly Liptone LipCare Stick in Rose Blossom, Mint Light, or Honey Moisture
–Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
Luseta Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo in Potpourri

ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil in Best O, DTLA, Mr. Bing, Show Me, or Swerve

Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum

Please let me know which one is your favorite by the 30th and I’ll make sure that it’s included in your April Glam Bag!


If you’d like to select a sample for April, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the 7 items listed above.

This isn’t a guarantee, and I’m not sure how long this option to select your sample will be available for, but it’s worth trying!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I asked a little late for something from the April bag (whoops!) But they did give me some choices for may, which was a nice little spoiler!

    • For May, really? Would you mind sharing?

      • Oh, yes. I was told that the representatives “top picks” for may were

        -Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin
        -Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Palette (I actually couldn’t find what this shade looked like online. They do have a “love” palette but it’s a full size palette so I’m not sure)

        -IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black
        -treStiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine
        -Luxie Beauty Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660
        -Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave in Conditioning Spray

        She asked me to pick a few favorites and said that they would make sure that at least one of them ended up in my bag for May

        • Thanks for sharing, Ella! I’m so excited for the urban decay!

        • Thank you!! I gotta have some urban decay for May!!

        • The Luxie Brush is a. Ice Brush not cheap either. I read the reviews on it and they r good. I will be hoping or begging for that one. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

        • I like UD but I’m drowning in highlighters. Now a precision foundation brush – I’d love another one. Thanks!

  2. So, Saturday is April 1.. When does Ipsy do a full reveal of possible items and the makeup bag?

  3. So Saturday is April 1…. When does the full reveal by Ipsy actually come out???

    • They post the bag on the 1st and we see what were getting on the 5th or 6th

      • Thank you, Jackie… This is my first glam bag. 🙂

        • Your welcome 🙂 I hope you love your goodies!! Welcome to the ipsy fam 🙂

          • 🙂 How long have you gotten Glam Bags?

          • Since August of last year. I love getting to try 5 new samples every month. I also get boxycharm since October last year. Its like Christmas every month when I get my goodies 🙂

  4. I requested the Bmalour Dolls Lisa Frank Brush and Ofra Blush. They said I could pick one and get it for sure. I picked the brush. So exciting and Thanks so much for letting me know I could do that. I wouldn’t have had any idea unless I kept up with this blog. Thanks a mill.

  5. I think they should just go full go force like birchbox and do sample choice for everyone, I think it would be easier on ipsy even rather than having to go through emails. They do pretty good considering respectable time frames they contact you back. They have prolly what, a million subscribers? Lol

  6. I was able to find the colors for 2 out of the 3 nail polishes offered, if anyone knows the color of Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey, please let me know.

    • Nyesha – Which brand of nail polish did they offer? Meg Twin? I haven’t seen this before. And what 3 colors? Thanks! 🙂

      • 1.Defy & Inspire Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer in Paradise Island
        2. DREAM by PS Cosmeceutical Infused Nail Lacquer in Southern Sand
        3. Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey
        I was able to find the colors of the first two: mint green and a nude color.

        • Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. 😍 I tried looking for the Meg Twin polish in “Lovey Dovey” and I cannot find it anywhere. Its possible that its an “ipsy exclusive shade” a shade that they made only for ipsy. I will keep looking and if I find it I will let you know! ❤️ ツ

          • I figured that, that’s why I asked for the lovey dovey!!

        • I emailed Ipsy requesting the nail polish I wanted, and they said that the Dream by PS will not be featured in the April glam bag.

          • I wwant that lovey dovey twin polish!!

          • That’s good to know if I don’t get it! Thank you!!

  7. I asked for the Lisa frank brush ! I’m so excited about it !

  8. I love the couple of Ofra products that I’ve tried so I requested the blush. These spoilers look really promising and I am super excited for April’s bag.

  9. Woohoo, I’m getting a Lisa Frank brush!

    I hadn’t noticed before, but there’s a link right under the customer service person’s name to NiceReply, where you can go rate, and say something about if you want, your customer service experience. I have always gotten top notch care from them, and they really do sound like they care about their customers. Even if it’s a canned response they just paste in to everyone, the company cares enough to do that, and that’s important to me.

  10. I just signed up for this box on 3/17. Does anyone know if I will receive a March box or if I have to wait for the April box?

    • If you get off the wait list you will be charged on April 1st for April’s bag. Ipsy charges on the 1st of every month. You can get on the app or website to see if you are off the wait list and when you will be charged.

  11. I requested the Lisa frank brush!$

  12. I would love the Colourpop eyeliner in DTLA or Swerve, that adorable unicorn brush and OFRA blush.

    • Right?! I want them all! lol… I felt too bad to request them all tho… so I requested what I needed the most… sadly not the brush… even though I really want it!

  13. I was excited to receive my March bag; however even though it says it was delivered to me, I never received it 🙁 I really wanted all the products too. Ipsy said they’d send me a replacement (crossing my fingers it’ll be the same products, or at least the blush I was supposed to receive).

  14. I don’t use blush but I couldn’t help but request the Lisa Frank blush brush! It is SOOOOO cute and nostalgic! I am so happy to hear that she is making a comeback! I’ll use the brush for highlighting instead 🙂

  15. I requested the Ciate London bamboo bronzer. They said it’s a mini offered in light/med and med/dark.

  16. How do I submit spoilers? b/c I asked for a nail polish and they showed me the three that would be in the bag

      • OooOoh!! I’m a big fan of nail polish! Please update us with the nail polish brand/colors when you find out. 🙂 I love this website!

    • Yes please!! Please share! Also today ipsy has an offer for a bunch of cute pastels!

  17. I am so tired of dry shampoo. I have received one in Birchbox, Ipsy and walmart beauty box. No more!!!!

  18. Earlier I emailed them and requested the dry shampoo, even though I have never been on the “special list” that gets to choose an item, they have honored my request for the last 4-5 months. They replied back “sure, it will be in your bag.” But then I saw this newest list of spoilers and sent them a separate email saying I’d really like to have Colorpop Mr. Bing (I want eyeliners, just not black!), and they replied back within a couple hours saying “yes, we’ll include Mr. Bing in your April bag.” So, I actually got to select 2 items this month! Plus, I had asked to not receive mascara or highlighter in my bags and I think they excluded them for 4-6 months each…For not being a part of the test group, they certainly have been accommodating and so far, they have honored every single request that I have made.
    Very happy with the Customer Service at Ipsy!

  19. I sent an email to ipsy and asked them not to send me anymore lipsticks and lip balms and I also asked to get 1 of the bronzer since I have too much of all the other items (rolling my eyes) and they said they would do their best not to send the lipsticks and they will send me 1 of the bronzers, we shall see.

  20. I might have to cancel ipsy, their products are getting to be the same all around: same products, same colors month after month. If I get another Tarte lipgloss/lip stick I’m going to SCREAM!!!! I emailed them and asked for 1 of those bronzers only because I am running low. I really don’t need another eyeliner, blush or brush! The glam bags are pretty cool but not worth my 10 dollars every month. If April bag looks like the bags from the past few months I am cancelling after having them for a year.

    • Lol that’s a pretty extreme reaction to 1/5 items in a $10 box.

      • I know but how many more red lipsticks can a girl wear?!

        • I wear red lipstick but look awful in nudes. I think ipsy should definitely get a set up so we get the shades that work for our skin tones. I am the person at make up parties that everyone tries to get to wear the boldest, wildest, darkest shades because I’m medium, cool, with dark hair. Fun. 😉 But I love red lipstick!

          • I love bold colors too but 4 in a row is a bit extreme!!

        • My comment was destroyed by this page reloading. 😭 Anyway, maybe you could email ipsy and ask for a pause on lip products? Maybe they’ll be able to just skip red ones – that would be amazing. It sounds like you’ve had especially bad luck, but honestly most of us have lip color preferences. I’d be thrilled if one of my boxes let me choose the color categories I liked out of nudes, pinks, reds, plums/deeps, and bolds/ adventurous! We could get the red lip stuff to the folks who like it and maybe get more colors than nude, nude, nude, and red in our boxes. 😉

          The problem seems to be less that we get repeat product categories – I mean lips are big now, we’re gonna get lip colors – and more that we get a pretty “safe” range within those categories. When I get an eyeliner that isn’t black, or a mascara that has an interesting feature, I’m not annoyed. That’s why people get excited about tweezers – we get a million boxes and get bored with safe, typical products.

  21. That’s a lot of headliner items! I requested the TonyMoly already, & I’m hoping to receive a ColourPop liner as well.

    I the only one I really hope I don’t get is the em liner, since I don’t like eyeliner pens. I actually would like to try that brand’s stick liners — I’ve seen them in the rewards multiple times, but for too many points, IMO.

  22. I’ve never gotten colorpop or em or Tony and Molly or ofra in any of my bags and I’ve had Ipsy for a year and 4 months. I hope I get one of them. I like being surprised and usually am happy with what I get. I love Ipsy it’s so much fun!

  23. I emailed them and asked for a brow item or a nail polish for april. They emailed me back saying that they will not be featuring any brow items but they made sure to put a nail polish on April’s bag for me.

  24. Hoping for either:

    Colorpop liner in Best O, Show Me, or Swerve. Any other colors I would just trade.

    Tony Moly in Rose Blossom (the other two flavors would be swapped, but I’ve got a sentimental streak and I’m a suckered for rose…)


    The Balm Manizer (the pale one – can’t remember which is which off the top of my head…) The dark would be HORRIBLE on me.

    If I get another tarte maybe I’ll actually get Vibin’ this time – the Rosé looks like it would look AWFUL on me. The Delish I would almost be mad about – I HATE mauve lipstick, and guess what I got when everyone else seemed to be getting reds…

    A black felt tip liner – meh, not exciting, but useful.

    I think this might be my last no blush/no bronzer month – I better make sure so it stays that way!

  25. I cancelled my Ipsy a couple months ago, but I would really love three of the above spoilers. I would love to get the ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil, the tarte tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint, or The Balm Manizer. However, I would most likely receive one of the others. I think I will wait until the other spoilers come out before I decide to resubscribe. I’d also like to know what the bag looks like for April.

  26. Eh these spoilers are not that great, many repeats here. However, I did request the Lisa Frank brush so hopefully my bag will be great.

  27. I emailed and asked for Mr Bing. I got an email back within 20 minutes saying it would be in my bag! So impressed.

    • I requested that liner in DTLA and she’s already responded that I can get it! I am kinda nervous about the rest of the bag. I’m not feeling these spoilers too much. At least I know I’ll have one thing I want!

  28. BORING. I have to agree with many of the commenters….how many times is the Tartest lip paint gonna show up in that same color?? I don’t like rusty colored lip paints….try something else! I requested the cute unicorn brush just because it’s not a Luxie Brush for once (which I love…but how many can one own?).

    • I can’t wear rusty colors either-I am super cool toned; so when I got Vibin last month and saw how warm it looked, I was concerned until I put it on. It is not rusty at all once I put it on. It turns into more of a dark wine. I wear it more like a stain because it makes it last all day. Lip balm, Tarte, let dry, blot…perfect stain & wears all day! 🙂 I add a layer of balm after eating and it makes it look freshly applied. I hear you though on these warm colors. I love so many products I get but can’t wear them because they just look better on someone else’s skin!

  29. I asked if I was able to pick one item for my April bag & they replied with what to choose from:

    –Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
    –Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
    –ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil in Best O, DTLA, Mr. Bing, Show Me, or Swerve
    –Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum

    Please let me know which ones are your top choices by the 30th, and I’ll make sure that at least one of them is included in your April Glam Bag!

  30. I’m normally excited to see sneak peeks for Ipsy. But not this month. Of the items listed in the 1st list, every ipster will get one, I don’t want any of them! Not one! No more eyeliner! Please! No more Tarte lip stuff or colored, flavored lip balm! Come on! I’m not 12! And enough bronzer already! No thank you. I’ve looked up every single item and again, no thanks. I understand that I will get stuck with one of them but it will get donated unless it’s one of those tiny samples from the balm. Their marketing/packaging is kinda trampy. The products I don’t want go to a women’s shelter for women that have been rescued from the sex trade industry. You can’t give them something that says,”So many men, so little time!”, right on the packaging. Smh @ this months Ipsy garb.

    • I emailed Ipsy several months ago and asked that they no longer send me any lip products, bronzer, or dry shampoo any longer. They responded that they will make sure I don’t receive those items any longer, true to their word I haven’t since that email. You may want to try that.

  31. I requested one of the Tony Moly’s, and was emailed that they couldn’t confirm that. So I requested any of those, followed by one of the ColourPops. Won’t know till it comes!

  32. Ugh I hope I get colourpop eyeliner in Mr. Bing!!! I looove it for everyday use. Such a unique shade and i love KathleenLights!

    • Me too. Everything else is a meh

  33. Why has the tarte lip paint been an option for what seems like the last 4 months??? Getting tired of seeing it, and none of the colors work for me.

    • Same here, not really excited about any of these spoilers!

      • I agree with you… it’s getting to be like Birchbox with repeats!

  34. I all ready requested the Lisa frank brush and got confirmation so I’m very excited about that. Out of these choices, I would like the tony moly lip care but the color pop or a different color then I got last month of the Tarte lip paint would be welcome also! I can’t wait to see what I get!

  35. If I get that Lisa Frank brush they could give me 4 eyeliners in addition and I’d still be happy. As far as the guaranteed items – I’ll take theBalm please.

  36. I thought you said to email them and choose from the five ‘spoilers’ listed, not the 5 choices from last month. Which set of 5 do we ask for from?

    Thank you!

    • You should be able to pick any of the 10 Liz has listed here.

      Although I read somewhere that someone tried to request the TonyMoly & was told that it was sold out.

  37. I was just looking at the Lisa Frank blush brush the other day! I emailed Ipsy and requested it. I hope I get it. My daughter and I both like it.

  38. I wonder what the bag will look like for April. Since March bag was larger and a clutch, will make the bags bigger? Or will they keep them the same size? I hope it is like March bag!

    • If you google “Ipsy April 2017” and click on the Ipsy April Glam Bag sneak peek link I think it shows next month’s bag! It’s cute!!

      • Thanks Mindy! That bag is really cute!!! Lol, now I hope i get items I actually wanted. I hope they put more eyebrow items in too.

      • When I search it only shows last years bag-the one that has the mixed yellow/orange/blue with the teal zipper. Will you share the link to this year’s? Thank you! 🙂

          • Thank you for the link, Jackie!! 🙂

          • Your welcome! This bag looks super cute!!

  39. I am hoping for that Lisa Frank Blush brush. I requested it as a sample choice. Fingers crossed!

  40. Ya, I can’t see that on my phone and apparently I cannot enlarge it. If I click it, it just goes to the ipsy site.
    Can you list the items? Or enlarge the picture?

    • Added the list!

      • Thank you!

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