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How to Select An Item In Your May 2017 Ipsy Bag!

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We have some spoilers for the May 2017 Ipsy glam bag! (Thanks, Ella, for the heads up!)

You can email [email protected] and ask for one of the following:


If you’d like to select a sample for May, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the items listed above.

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I asked for the brush and urban decay.. (fingers crossed)

  2. This seems like too much work to pick a sample. Especially if they tend to be condescending in their response. I’ll just stick to whatever they pick for me and wait until they set up the system where we can pick it ourselves. Sub boxes should not create more leg work and keeping track of lists and emails for us.

  3. I requested the eye-shadow and asked about the shades-below was the response:

    “The shades of Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Palette are Skinny Dip, Coral Sand, Golden, Treasure, Sandalwood.”

    Hope this helps if anyone is wondering.

  4. I also heard that you can choose three product that you don’t want. Can anyone confirm that?

    • Actually I it is 2, I just went back and checked(thought it was 3 though) They told me if I wanted to change them to just tell them what to swap out as only 2 could be at a time. You can even say for how long (months) or just until you say so lol.
      I made a little list and she picked the most common things I disliked which was mascara and eyeliner(they come in near every sub box! ) before telling me the max was 2!

  5. This is my first time requesting an item (the eyeshadow). My March and April bags were mostly misses. I’ve asked for brushes (received none so far) and no blushes (received that this past month). I haven’t received a response yet but I’m hopeful.

    • They responded within 10 minutes and said, “Thanks for your message! I’ve made sure that your pick will be included in your May Glam Bag. I think you’ll love it. :)”


      I was thinking of cancelling with 2 months of misses so I’m glad I will get at least one item I want in May.

    • I just emailed them and got a response in under 10 mins. I asked for the urban decay highlighter but they said due to high demand they couldn’t guarantee it and asked if I wanted any of the other items so I asked for the Luxie Brush and got another response within a minute literally confirming that I will def get that brush. I freaking love IPSY 🙂

  6. This is the first month where there is no spoiler that I am drooling over. I guess May will be a full surprise.

  7. I requested the brush and they confirmed. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same brush in my April bag. Oh well.

    • You may be able to email them and switch your chosen item.
      I forget when their deadlines are, just be specific or you get equal chance at both instead. (Happened once – but worked out)
      So I don’t think u have to stick w it if you want to switch 😉

    • Are you getting the Luxie brush? I’ll take it! Haha. I don’t know if I want the eyeshadow pallet or brush. I love luxie brushes. Usually I get them but I don’t think I will if I choose the eyeshadow instead… 🙁

      • HA! I love the Luxie brushes too!!! I chose the eyeshadow palette as my first choice and the Luxie brush as my second.

  8. I just emailed and requested the urban decay – fingers crossed I get it!

    • Me too, I was in between the ud or the Pacifica but ud won me

    • I didn’t even get the option of the urban decay in my email they sent me.

  9. Sooo… I learned something interesting about Ipsy today. I sent support an email asking how to better tailor my profile so that my bags reflects my preferences. The representative ‘Minnie’ responded:

    ‘We’re running a test with a small group of subscribers that allows them to express their product preferences for the upcoming month. I’d be happy to make an exception for you and help you pick out at least one product for your May bag, even though you weren’t part of the test group.’ That last line felt a bit condescending, but whatev lol.

    So apparently not everyone can request an item for their upcoming bags. No idea how to find out if you’re in the test group. Waiting for a response to find out if & how one can join.

    • I got the same message when I first asked 2 months ago, you just say “sure if like to” or the like and they give u the list and your in for their secret club lol
      Wonder when it will become public as some have been doing this for 4+ months!
      And its weird how condescending they are about it in their obviously canned message!

    • I think they do this to cover themselves if they ever decide to pull this advanced pick feature and it also covers them if people complain that they did not get an invitation to pick.

  10. I requested the Briogeo Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray!

  11. Had no idea I could request items. This is definitely a good reason to keep my subscription. Depending on the choices each month, I could guarantee I’m getting my money’s worth. For May I chose the Tuscan Wine Lip Crayon. Probably worth around $10 since the full size crayon is $28.

    Also if you haven’t tried the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara…I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! It’s my favorite mascara. Very buildable formula. With other mascara, when I try to do multiple coats it just clumps up but not with this one. The brush is also smaller than usual so it’s easier to get my stubby lashes.

  12. I messaged ipsy and asked them what colors the Island Life Palette contains. They messaged me back today and this was their response: Great question! The palette is neutral with a pop of plum!

    Hope this helps anyone who was wondering what colors the palette had! ♡

    • Thanks so much for letting us know!

      • No prob Liz! Thanks for everything you do on this website! 💕

    • Huh, each rep seems to say it a bit different then as mine said this:
      “the colors for the Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Palette include, Skinny Dip, Coral Sand, Golden, Treasure, and Sandalwood. These are more natural shades, but have the potential to create a lot of different looks.”
      If you put that together it looks like basically the promo pic here (the non purple colors + “a splash of purple”) and one other nuetral.
      Sandalwood and treasure are he only colors I couldn’t find, but I’m guessing a neutral and the “splash of color”.
      Although my reps “include” may imply some variability in it.
      Some nice clues to the puzzle though, thank you!
      *I have been watching Ellery Queen w/ Mum who watched it when on and so am now looking for clues everywhere!! (We picked the right murderer 3/10 so far – they are tricky! 😀 )

      • Treasure and Sandalwood are part of their Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette! From what I can tell, Treasure is a metallic bronzey shade and Sandalwood is a deep, warm brown.

        • Thanks! I wonder which purple we ill get!

  13. I just requested the Luxie brush. Why not? What’s the best that could happen!!

    • They said YES!!!! Well, woo hoo!

  14. I requested the Pacifica eyeshadow pallet and immediately got a response saying it would be in my May bag! It is a bit of a gamble not knowing the exact shades, but I dig the sheer/natural color scheme of the brand and think there will be something in there for me

    (I was really tempted by the brush though!)

    • Me too, I have a nonexistent brush collection to grow but eyeshadow are too good to pass up!
      I think I can work in any color I get to my collection even though I tend to do smoky eyes!
      I only have a few things from Pacifica but love them all(except the lip stuff)!

    • I just peaked at my April bag and it looks like I’m getting the brush this month anyway! I’m glad I didn’t request it for May lol

  15. Hi Do you have a free ipsy bag code for new subscribers wanted to give it a try

    • Hey! I have 3 free bags to send to friends if you want one let me know!

      • Hey! i am interested in one if you wouldn’t mind sending one 🙂

        • HIIII i just need your email and ill send you a bag 😀 could be an email you don’t use often so u don’t have to post your regular email here ^^

          • Wendy I would love that!

          • hi Wendy, I would love that marilumorrison at icloud dot com thanks!

      • Hi I am a newbie to ipsy And came on this page to see the reviews. If you or anyone has a promo code/extra bag that would be awesome to try out. I’ve always heard mixed reviews so idk if I am willing to commit to signing up yet. :/

    • I

    • I have 4 free bags to give away too. I’m nancyisshopping on instagram too if you want to message me there.

      • I think we needs your name and email address t send the bag but I think it has to be an email that never had an Ipsy account before.

      • Do you still have a free bag you can give away? If so I would like one.

        • I have 4 if you or someone else wants it! My instagram is jennadtrecartin if you want to message me there or just put your email here 🙂

          • I’d love to try a bag..

  16. Just emailed them in hopes of getting the Luxie brush!! I love their brushes so much!! Really hoping I get the product I asked for

  17. I requested the luxie brush and was told that I would be receiving it for May, I’m so excited! Thanks for the spoiler heads up!

  18. Well after googling images for the urban decay sample I’m thinking it’s probably going to be another tiny sample. Probably go with the brush if I don’t cancel after my April box. I’m just finally starting to realize what I want and most of it isn’t what I’m getting in the ipsy bags. I am happy about getting to choose a sample but I would really like to know sample size. If I stay for any reason it would be the bags.

    • Yeah the Urban decay highlighter that’s coming in May ipsy bags IS infact small, I about freaked when I saw the photo above showing the products we could pick from, but after some more research I found that it’s one of those teeny pans in a cardboard packaging that ipsy sends all the time, similar to the UD Fireball samples that went out some time back .Google search ipsy UD fireball and you will get a pretty good idea.

  19. Thank you for telling us about this. I requested and they responded that they would include the luxie brush. Just when I was about to cancel:) they pulled me back in:)

  20. Pacifica eyeshadows have zero color payoff. The Briogeo is something I can use up and enjoy!

  21. I just emailed for the brush too! Hope I get that but will be happy with the ud highlighter too!

  22. I asked Ipsy about the sizes of UD and Pacifica as I wanted to know how it compared to the pictures. I just got a response back saying “The Pacificia eyeshadow is a small, compact palette with 5 rectangular pans. It’s great for an on-the-go glam look!

    Also, the Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin is a mini-sized pan. ”

    So HOORAY on 5 colors, definitely picking this! I am never sure when boxes ( looking at you BB) send one color of a pallet but still promote the full size. After getting my hopes up the first time, I never expect the whole thing so I am doubly excited for this one! (even if compact = tiny! )
    *Also I know boxes often send out sample sizes, I have no problem w/ that as I signed up knowing it. I just wish they would specify when a full size pic is involved that it’s NOT what you will get. (like w/ the UD highlighter or cc cream w/ fancy applicator not included)

    I only wish I could pick more than one sample as I want the eyeshadow, highlighter, and the brush! >_<

    • That was what I said last month and then …oops…look who now has two ipsy bags. Doh! lol

      • Hahaha something similar happened to me. Im giving one to a friend for her birthday.

  23. I went ahead and requested the mascara, even though I have a pile of them that I love to hoard 😀

    I’ve been very frustrated with Ipsy lately as they never respond to my emails when I make these monthly requests, never a reply. I’ve been a subscriber, I looked back, and it’s been over 5 years! That is how they treat long term subscribers, blowing them off and no responses after I email each month? I’m not really cool with that.

    Are you all getting responses?

    • I do get an auto-response where they say they are really busy right now, and a response will be coming soon. But I never do receive a response.

      • please try other social media formats to reach out to ipsy. i ask questions and give my item selection with my twitter account, monthly. always receive quicker responses with a tweet than with email.

        i’ve been so much more sick lately and i want to point out that this is your time too. if it is quicker to reach out to someone with twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. DO IT! if i could wish for anything in this world, my wish would be to have better health days. at times when i am down or my most negative, i realize that i have the health to feel this bad and i need to quickly change it.

        this is not towards anyone at all, and is my opinion.

      • I am sure there is some kind of miscommunication with Your Ipsy customer service. I have had nothing but perfect responses from Ipsy!! Please don’t give up on them, they really are a great company!! I always get a timely response and my request!! I am so happy to be an Ipsy customer!!

        • I’ve never had any problems w Ipsy and always get a fast response! In fact, they’re usually quicker than other places!

          • Its been a little under 12 hours and I think this is one of my longer wait times…

    • I made my request as soon as this post went up today. I have always gotten a response; however, I got a read receipt this afternoon for the email, and they never responded. This is the first time I haven’t gotten a reply. Every other month, they have replied quickly and confirmed my choice. Maybe they hate us lol

      • This month they pulled everyone off the wait list so I think they are overloaded with emails from people who had been on the wait list so long that they gave up …and maybe had not expected the charge on their accounts.

    • But are you getting what you request? Seems like if you are, they’re treating you pretty well.

    • I am probably in minority here, but I was lucky every time with Ipsy’s support and have received responses for my requests usually within 48 hours. Cannot complain.

      • Same here. If you re-email them, you will drop to the bottom of the queue – this is true, I’ve made the mistake and it did make a difference. I also facebooked once and got a message to email, told them I had, then they did respond a little more quickly. Being nice helps a lot too, I noticed if I request and give a big “thanks for whatever you may be able to do” in advance, it happens – so email once and see.

        Or email them with an entirely different subject header like “Product request May”. I’ve requested and gotten each product pick that has happened and haven’t been one of the chosen few to get the email that you can do this, I just saw it here and went for it and told them that I had heard they were doing this and hoped they’d extend that for everyone- think it’s a great addition. I’ve been thrilled with ipsy and have two differently tailored accts for different products with them.

        I dropped birchbox because I spent so much money with them and they knocked their customer base saying they aren’t a “sampling company” and that would be “boring”. Well. MY boring self took my several hundred dollars elsewhere and checked out other boxes and bough direct from companies rather than use them anymore. I like the rewards on ipsy when they happen-they go so quickly but I’m patient:)

      • Me too…I’ve received a nice response every time

    • It seems silly to say, but double check that you email at is correct. I didn’t get any response in February but in march someone there emailed me back informing me that my email was missing a letter. They fixed the problem and I should be getting my pick this month.

    • Yes, got a list this morning and responded with my pick of the brush, for may, also complained about getting bronzers in every bag and they will opt me out, they are also sending me a 6th item to make up for the bronzer! Great service so far!

    • I was getting that same treatment until I emailed them explaining my list of complaints, that I feel my preferences are never taken into consideration, and that I am always feeling let down by my service. I ended the email saying that I am strongly considering cancelling, and switching to birchbox. That got their attention real quick, and they have been very helpful and quick to respond ever since. I’d try that.

    • Have you tried checking if any response has been sent automatically to spam folder?
      I get an automated response almost right away and then a real person responds in a couple of days.

  24. I like all the choices except the leave in condition but if it’s a larger size I would be ok with it. I’m not going to pick.

  25. I wish they have trèStiQue matte lipstick in Florence Fig, that’s my all time favorite! 😢

    • I agree! I got it in a past bag and it’s always been my go to quick no fuss lipstick lol

      • I third this. And I’m sad because I have about a millimeter of it left 😫

  26. Easy choice for me. I am picking the eyeshadow palette. I love eyeshadows and getting more than one color is a win 🙂

  27. I emailed to pick an item for April awhile a ago and still never got an email back…. Oh well guess there not letting people pick anymore?

    • Same thing happened to me, no reply :/

    • I picked an item last month too. But the thing is, AFTER I chose an item they came out with more choices….and I really wanted one of those items more than the one I already chose. I emailed them about it and they said “Sorry, you can only choose one item.”
      I understand where they are coming from, but I’m afraid if I email them and choose one of these they will come out with more choices in a week or so and I’ll want one of those!! Yeah, it’s a conundrum for me!!! LOL 😀

      • That’s exactly why I’m going to wait 😉! I felt the same way last time.

        • If you were to pick now but like a later sample now you can trade in for that one, or you can have equal chance at either one/possibly both. At least that’s what my email said 🙂
          Also she gave me a tip that if I wanted the brush to make sure to have that selected for better chances(not sure thing). So if you want one to be 100% you can try to get the system to get you your other one 😉

  28. While these items look okay enough, I wonder if it’s finally time for me to throw in the towel with Ipsy. I have so much makeup being severely neglected, lol. Holding out for April, cause who doesn’t need a Lisa Frank brush? But might cancel after.

    • But it’s only $10 a month, and if you ever wanted to come back, ipsy makes you jump through hoops with a kajillion stupid social media sites. Less hassle just to keep it, and become very popular with all your girlfriends/nieces as a gifter extraordinaire.

      • You can actually just resub after cancelling now. You cancel, and then when you change your mind it’s like BAM resub “skip the waitlist”. At least that’s how it was for me.

        I agree though, it’s a pretty easy sub to hold onto.

        • Lol, that’s why I haven’t canceled sooner. I haven’t needed it for this long either, and every other month is terrible, but when it’s good, it’s pretty good, so it’s hard to let go. I just feel like I’m drowning in beauty products at this point.

      • I saw something about sending free bags to friends, I figured there must be a catch, what is that all about? Is it just as simple as that? You actually can send them free bags? Is that with the hope of Ipsy winning them over as subscribers?

    • LOL, true! The LF brush is the reason I finally caved in and subscribed.

  29. I see that distinctive UD and my eyes get all big.

    I spent about an hour on the UD website this morning trying to justify buying two colors of their new Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat. For other UD fans, the Vice Lipstick sampler (24 shades, I think) was one of the free samples you could request when I placed my order this morning at 5 Pacific Time.

    • The swatches of them up at Temptalia are super underwhelming.

  30. I emailed for the mascara or the brush, I wanted UD but I have too many highlighters. I’m curious about that eyeshadow too

  31. The brush. Always the brush. Thanks for the head’s up! 🙂

  32. I haven’t even received confirmation about what is in my April bag yet and they are already wanting me to make a decision on what is going to be in my May bag?

    • I don’t think they are wanting you to make a decision about your May bag at all. Someone who is tuned in realized what we going into the May bag and shared this info with us here because some of us are eager to see what’s up. This isn’t from ipsy asking anyone to do anything.

  33. Emailed for the UD highlighter – if it’s tiny, UD eyeshadow. 😉

  34. Is the mascara full size as shown or will it be sample size? Also the UD afterglow?

    • It’ll be sample size

  35. Not overly excited for any of these so I tried writing in to see if maybe they had something a little different to offer. If not then I will likely pick the mascara

  36. Fingers Crossed I just emailed Ipsy and asked for the Luxie brush!!!

    • They approved my request! Like they have the past 4 months!!

  37. I requested the IT Elastic Stretch Mascara. Ipsy has been great at sending what I request every month. I started requesting in November and they have always sent what I asked for. I’ve heard great things about the Mascara and have been wanting to try it. I can’t wait!

  38. Will we receive a random one of these samples if we don’t request one? Or is this in addition to what we already receive?

    • These are included in the 5 items you already receive.

  39. Easy choice for me — the mascara! 🙂

    • That mascara is really great! I already have it so I’m choosing the UD highlighter 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know! I like the highlighter, too, but have a similar shade. 🙂

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