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How to Select An Item In Your April 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag

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Some Ipsy subscribers have been given the option to select one of their samples for the April box via email. And if you email ipsy, they’ll likely help you select a sample, too!

From Ipsy:

Thanks for writing to ipsyCare! We sent that offer to some subscribers as part of a small test we’re running. I’d be happy to make an exception for you and help you pick out a product for your April bag, even though you weren’t part of the test group. Let me know which product you’d like!

OFRA Cosmetics Blush in Rendezvous
Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
Tony Moly Liptone LipCare Stick in Rose Blossom, Mint Light, or Honey Moisture
–Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
Luseta Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo in Potpourri

Please let me know which one is your favorite by the 30th and I’ll make sure that it’s included in your April Glam Bag!


If you’d like to select a sample for April, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the 5 items listed above.

This isn’t a guarantee, and I’m not sure how long this option to select your sample will be available for, but it’s worth trying!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The first look at the April glam bag is posted on Ipsy with a blush compact that I’m guessing might be the OFRA blush.

    • Cool, let me check it out! Thanks!

      • Looks cute!

        • Oops, sorry it was for April 2016 not 2017. I didn’t realize it until I glanced through the comments.

          • Ok, lol. I was wondering why there were so many reviews, but I didn’t read them.

  2. I want to wait for more spoilers I got the same list as well. I’m happy ipsy gives ppl an option each month: )

    • I emailed them today and got 2 additional options.
      –ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil in Best O, DTLA, Mr. Bing, Show Me, or Swerve
      –Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum

      • Oooo, I might have to email now. I was thinking of skipping the sample request this month, since I didn’t have a strong preference for any of the options. However, if eyeliners other than black are on the table I’ll be very happy!

  3. I requested the brush as well and this is the response I received:

    Thanks for writing to ipsyCare and I definitely understand your concern.

    We sent that offer to some subscribers as part of a small test we’re running. I’d be happy to make an exception for you and help you pick out a product for your April bag, even though you weren’t part of the test group.

    I’ve made sure that your Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush will be included in your April Glam Bag. I think you’ll love it. πŸ™‚

    Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make your Glam Bag experience even better!

    Last month I had a different person who in my opinion didn’t go through the technicalities of not being part of the test group. I’m hopeful to get the brush but we’ll see.

  4. I have my preferences set up so I won’t get the dry shampoo and I don’t have a preference on the rest. I did email asking to NOT get the Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel because I’m highly allergic to aloe. I really wish they could mark allergies. They did say a few months back that they’re working on a system for that, so here’s hoping they can figure out how that would work!

  5. I just emailed Ipsy about 45 mins ago, requesting the Lisa Frank brush, and I already got a response telling me I would be receiving it in my April bag!! 😍 Yaaay!! Thanks Liz! 😘
    I absolutely looooved Lisa Frank when I was a kid! I still think the collection is beautiful! Love the colorz!

    • I emailed them just now too. Hopefully I’m not too late. This was my first time requesting anything 🌈

  6. I just died and gone to heaven when I saw the Lisa Frank brush!!!!! Omg. I had everything lisa frank! EVERYTHING!!!! i need this brush! NEED it! Sent email praying i get it!

  7. I got my first ipsy bag today (the feb bag) and the nail polish had spilled in its box all over. The makeup formulas had separated with an oily film on top from shipping all week cross country. I emailed customer service for a refund- so not impressed!

    • They gave pretty good customer service, I’m sure they will solve the problem. I’ve never had an issue with an order, and it might be worth it to try for another month – it may have just been a fluke!

      • Yes I already paid for March so giving it another chance. They don’t do refunds apparently but they are sending me another bag.

    • I just received my first one as well. The shipment was in was delayed in Mississippi for 3-4 days due to the weather. Could be the same for yours.

  8. I could not resist the brush…..I contacted them this morning and I am getting it! Every time I have requested anything, they are always good about making sure it is in my bag!

  9. Just so everyone who is requesting the brush knows – Glamour Dolls is doing a kickstarter for their Lisa Frank collab. If you support based on various tiers you get a variety of Lisa Frank products that are colorful and cruelty-free!!!!

    The brush is the first piece in the collection. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t see the brush on there, are you sure? Anyone else getting the $50 set? I shouldn’t but child in me doesn’t want to miss out on all the LF amazingness. Someone help me justify, stat!

      • I don’t see it in the kickstarter info either. But GD has the single brush on their website for presale, shipping in April. It’s $4.99 for the brush and shipping was $2.99. So I caved. Even though I don’t like angled brushes. And since I preordered it, I am sure I will get it in both ipsy bags now. LOL.

      • I don’t know that’s it’s one of the items in the kickstarter – but they are offering so many other goodies – I’m okay with that!

        • I ended up pledging the 20 price point. I REALLY want the bag but couldn’t justify the price. I’m hopeful that the prices are similar to the other Glamour Dolls and will just buy the bag.

  10. I need more dry shampoo but potpourri doesn’t really sound appealing as for something to put in my hair. I requested the brush. It looks a little juvenile but, it’s oh so cute πŸ’•

    • I agree about the dry shampoo scent. Yikes.

  11. I requested the brush. Please Dear Lord Baby Jesus let me get that brush. The 5 year old in me is about to cry and dance for excitement!!!!

  12. I asked for the blush brush and got the email back that I would be receiving it. So very excited. Thanks for the heads up!!!

    • did you request it on their website ?

      • I emailed them about it and asked for the brush there response was pretty fast within the hour

  13. These are all great choices! I went with the Tony Moly lip balm. The brush is so cute though!

  14. That brush tho!!!!!!!!

  15. I requested the brush and am receiving it!

  16. I emailed them a few hours ago, just got a reply that they are fine with my pick. I’m so excited!!!

  17. I asked for the mint lip balm. I can always be safe with lip products.

  18. I requested either the brush or the Tonymoly lipbalm. Love both and will be happy with either! πŸ™‚

  19. I should be getting the snail cream in my March Ipsy bag. I contacted Ipsy care this morning asking if I could please have the Lisa Frank brush. They have already told me yes ! I really like being able to pick at least one product.

  20. I want to see if I’m going to get my pick for this month. I wanted the snail cream so if I get that, I’ll be a happy camper, if I don’t, I probably won’t keep this sub anymore. I’ve been thinking about canceling anyway, but if they give me what I asked for, I’ll stick around.

    • I should probably follow your lead. I really didn’t like my bag last month, and I’ve only been really excited about a couple bags and felt so-so about most others. I’d live the TonyMoly lip balm and the Lisa Frank brush (btw, really funny, cause I said the bag last month looked like a pencil case for a Trapper Keeper, and maybe next, they’ll have something Lisa Frank!), but we’ll see if my March bag is any good.

  21. Oh my God. LISA FRANK. I looked up the kickstarter, I feel like I have to do the full amount, someone stop me! I don’t even like makeup brushes that much, but I feel like I NEED this to somehow magically get closure from all my childhood issues!! Anyone else find this site causes them to spend INSANELY huge amounts of money?

    • Yes!!! Omg. I have added subscriptions, spent extra on others and gone crazy. πŸ˜” Sigh! Welcome to sub addiction annonoymus my name is Courtney, and I’m addicted to sub boxes and my subscription addiction site! πŸ˜‚

      • Courtney, how many subs to you have πŸ™‚

      • Welcome Courtney! My name is Heather and I’m also a sub box addict…

        I think I’m actually down to only 2 right now (Pearlesque and Home Chef) since 3B went on hiatus (though I did buy a Benevolent Beauty Mystery Box) – oh plus Walmart’s quarterly box if you count that. I buy Target boxes occasionally but not in the past several months.

        Since I discovered MSA in Feb 2015, I have tried about 30 or so different boxes? With another 20 or so that I would like to try at some point! LOL

      • I’ve been subbed to a total of 94 different ones over the last 4 years, if that makes you feel any better😬

    • Me I check this site every hour n yes I spend money a lot I’m over load with beauty items lol

  22. I couldn’t help myself, I asked for the brush! The little kid in me won the battle with my adult self on that one. It will definitely be used & be super cute in my makeup bag but will not be out for display in my bathroom!! πŸ™‚

  23. Is the aloe gel for body or face?

    • I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

  24. I’m temped by the brush, but save for a fan brush, I need another like a fish needs a bicycle. Well stocked on the other item types, too, I asked for the Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel. Anything Hawaiian sounding is soothing, just based on principle. And it can be an irritating world.

    • πŸ™ I got the auto reply about how they’re overwhelmed with requests already and I’m in queue for a response. But, hey, it’s worth a shot.

    • Never mind! My wish was provided for, not all that long after I wrote to Ipsy. πŸ™‚ Some nice person named Alice said she’d make sure it would be in my April glam bag. πŸ™‚

    • LOL, I pictured a fish on a bicycle!

  25. I begged for the brush. I hope they can reserve it for me.

  26. Lisa Frank FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I requested the brush and received a response this morning that it would be in my bag and they asked if there was anything else that I wanted. Nothing jumps out for me in the selections I thought anyone could use an extra brush. I don’t use dry shampoo and am overloaded with them… wondering if these are the full spoilers?

  28. This is an example of why msa is awesome! Hope I get that brush.

  29. Same! I did the kickstarts for Lisa Frank, for the full set and pre-ordered that brush already!!! My girls will lovvvvvve it!!!! I’m not too excited about the rest of the options, I really like Tony Moly, but these seem like pretty lackluster options! Loved my Feb bag!!!! It’ll be hard to top!!!😊

  30. Anything but dry shampoo, please.

  31. Looks like ipsy is stepping up their game. Ok, how many times per day does everyone check the MSA website? !

    • Like 1000! SERIOUSLY!

    • More times than I really want to admit.

    • No more than 1500 times, I swearπŸ˜‚

    • I never really leave it? Lol

  32. Already got responses for my requests! Getting the ofra blush in bag one and of course the Lisa frank brush in bag 2! Yay! πŸ™†

  33. I can NEVER have enough dry shampoo!! It actually saves me money because my red hair dye last an extra month or two. That is one less $200 salon visit a year. I live for any and all dry shampoo. I could get one every single month in every single beauty box and be in heaven. I’ve been able to make a choice since I’ve joined 4 months ago and that is why I’ll stay with ipsy longer than any other sub.

    • I love dry shampoos too!!

  34. I just emailed them and groveled for the brush.

  35. I requested the brush. Lisa frank was my childhood.

  36. I need that brush.

  37. Ooh, I backed the Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Kickstarter, so I might choose the TonyMoly…

  38. Lisa Frank!!!!

  39. Lisa Frank! I had no shame to send an email request for it.

    • Same. With the zillion requests they’re getting for it I REALLY hope I get one! I should have emailed last night…

  40. i love that brush too. I hope I never stop loving Lisa Frank. But when I asked a few months ago to not get any of certain items for a bit, one was brushes, so i don’t want to request it and start getting brushes again. I’ll probably go for the lippie; the blush is waaaay too dark for me, and i have a lot of dry shampoo samples but haven’t tried any yet.

  41. I think I would probably pick the aloe. It’s really the only one that stands out to me, plus I got a similar one before and loved it!!!(it got lost though D: )
    The blush would be awesome…if I could pick apricot (I am beyond pale or “fair” ).
    The brush would be nice except…well I can’t help but thinking it’s kinda kiddy(I loved them as a kid! )
    The dry shampoo could be nice but the spray ones can be so hit or miss for me!
    I want to like the lip thing but I don’t know, I have so many!!

    What do you guys think?
    (sorry for the long comment, this is my online class HW distraction! )

    • I take online classes too and I like to take a break from all the HW with MSA from time to time also!

      I don’t know what to pick either. I got the Luxie blush brush last month and I don’t need another one yet. I have two dry shampoos I still have yet to try. I like lippies though.

      • I sent in email out to the service rep that always helps me and picked the Tony Moly Liptone LipCare Stick in Rose Blossom. I have seen Tony Moly in Korean beauty boxes and I love K-beauty.

  42. Hmmm, think I might just email them and see what they respond with as none of these are really jumping out at me. Though if I get the same list I will probably request the dry shampoo or lip balm. Whats everyone else picking?

    • I emailed and got the same list exactly. I think I’m going with the brush, but I have 2 bags. Definitely not the dry shampoo. I’m going to ask to not have any dry shampoo got a while. I never use it.

  43. I love that brush 😍

    • ME TOO!! πŸ’•πŸŒˆ

    • SAME! Totally going to be requesting it! πŸ˜€

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