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FYI – Your Bijoux Box March 2017 Shipping Delay

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FYI – The March 2017 Your Bijoux Box is delayed (Thanks for the heads up, Pam!):

Good Afternoon!  Every day brings new challenges and opportunities.  Today was no exception . . . .
Monday morning and we are ready to pack and ship the March box. Hold everything. Two of the four pieces have not arrived.  A quick call to the shipper and we find out that the items are in transit but have not yet cleared customs.  What?!  We were told the sparkles shipped on the 2nd!
We have no expected release date at this time.  Shipping from customs may take as long as 10 days.  Hopefully the sparkles will arrive by week’s end, with the boxes being shipped early next week.
For our subscribers, we will provide an apology gift.  We are working with our representative from the House of Harlow 1960 collection to find the perfect gift piece.
I truly thank you for your support.  You will receive updates as the information becomes available.
Catherine Kershner

In case you missed the spoiler for March:


House of Harlow Cuff (retail value $78)

March will be an all silver box:


(This box is $36 a month and ships to the US and Canada – $10 shipping to Canada). If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to use coupon code WELCOME to get a bonus piece of jewelry with your first box.

What do you think of the spoiler?

(Check out my Your Bijoux Box reviews to see what’s been in past boxes).

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  1. There was also a gold bracelet posted on facebook, I thought it was an all silver month. That and House of Harlow is why I signed up. I guess we’ll see in a week. I must have misread the email, I thought that they were giving the points for the delay, not instead of the welcome gift. Not cool at all.

    • Hello Monique! New subscribers using the coupon code Welcome will receive an added sparkle with their March collection. All active subscribers will receive 500 points.

      • Thank you for clearing that up. That is what I had thought it said. I’m extremely excited to get started with Bijoux and look forward to our amazing new jewelry.

      • I never received an email so to have to find out on here is a little disappointing. I was happy when i then read that we’ll get an extra gift but now you switched it to 500 points which only equals five dollars…. I’d rather have the extra gift from house of Harlow. I just think it’s wrong to change things and decide to give a lesser valued “gift” after you announce we would get something worth more than five bucks. By giving points that’s like saying that we have to buy something from your online shop for your shipping delay, so really your making out better because 500 points doesn’t get us anything, so we have to pay the rest of the cost which in turn benefits you, not us. It’s like a back handed apology. Sorry but I’m being honest and i think it’s really low of you to do that and it just makes me want to cancel now based on your principles.

  2. I just got an e-mail from Bijoux that there will be a delay but not as much of one as they expected and so they are giving subscribers an extra 500 points. i appreciate that they let us know what’s going on and being offered anything extra when there is a delay is nice, but saying it will be an item and then changing it to points is kind of disappointing.

    • Agreed. I was looking forward to the extra gift.

    • I was looking forward to the gift too, but considering they’re planning on started to ship tomorrow there really isn’t any time to coordinate getting one.

    • Plus 500 hundred points does equal $5 off of a purchase so $5 for being one day behind schedule is a lot better than say LLB and how they’re handling things Lol

  3. If I sign up now would I still get the March box?

  4. I didn’t get this email either– however, I just got one stating that shipping will begin tomorrow (a day late), and that it wasn’t as delayed as they had expected. They’ll be crediting 500 points instead of the gift– too bad. But it’s nice that it will come sooner now. Here was what was in my email:

    Good Evening Lovely Subscribers!

    Our March shipment has been delayed and as a result, shipping with begin tomorrow the 16th instead of our typical ship-by day, the 15th of the month. We anticipated that the pieces would arrive much later, but thankfully that was not the case!

    We will crediting all subscriber 500 reward points to apologize for the delay.

    I truly thank you for your support.

    Your Bijoux Box

  5. Was just starting to wonder about this today. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  6. I wish the announcement of the delay came with another spoiler…

  7. I too, wonder why the email wasn’t sent directly to subscribers. Maybe they’ll send one soon. I was thinking it was getting a little later than usual into the month. But I don’t doubt the extra will be worth the wait too

    • There is no extra anymore. They decided to just give 500 points instead which i think is wrong. You don’t tell someone they’re getting an extra piece from house of harlow and then change it to just points. That’s a back handed apology if you ask me. And i had to find out about the delay on here, they never even emailed me!

  8. What about Feb box?I haven’t seen any r view🤔

  9. I wonder if they just sent the email to MSA? Cause I didn’t receive an email either…

  10. I’ve been wondering why I havent heard anything about this box yet this month. I didn’t get the email, I wonder why. I wish we were getting it in time for st patricks day 🙁 but It’s nice they’re including something extra.

  11. I didnt receive an email either. Since the box was supposed to include something special for St. Patrick’s Day, I really expected it to come by tomorrow. Was i the only person excited by that? :o) Glad they are including something special for the inconvience

  12. I didn’t get this email, which is frustrating – but one of the reasons I’m glad I always check MSA.

    I’m impatient, but I’m always happy for a bonus item to make it up!

  13. I am wondering why I didn’t get that email, as a subscriber. Oh well, excited to get and extra gift. Thanks for the update, I was just thinking why I didn’t get the shipping info yet.

    FYI Liz, the box is $36, and the shipping to Canada is now $10 (I am getting it shipped to Canada).

    • Thanks! The pricing info has been updated 🙂

      • It’s not a big difference in the actual price, but the shipping to Canada is significant now. Thanks for updating it 🙂

  14. It’s worth the wait! Love my Bijoux Box baubles 🙂

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