FYI – Little Lace Box February 2017 Box Shipping Update #2

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Thanks, Amy, for letting us know about the second update on the February Little Lace Box shipping delay. Boxes were originally planned to ship out March 15th, but that ship date has now been moved to the end of March.

(If you have any questions about your subscription, I recommend emailing [email protected])

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone have help for me I have never got anything for my 6 month subscription and no reply from e-mails or phone calls. But they got my money. I started my order in November of 2016 and still haven’t got a thing. I am thinking of contacting the ATTORNEY GENERAL. Any advice for me out there????

    • Yeah, it’s May now, and still no box…and no refund, either. Their “about us” page on their Website is down, as are their affiliate marketing links. So I’m guessing they’ve gone under, and now we’re all screwed if we paid for a year sub. Awesome.

      • Me too and my Life is so busy right now to try to find a way to file a claim with the Attorney General or Better Business – maybe even contact WBZ call for Action.
        Please let me know if you have any advise or news. We can work together on this.
        Be Well

  2. Has anyone gotten any update or heard anything about the Serendipity box shipping out?? I thought it was supposed to ship on March 22nd?!?!

    • I was just thinking about this too. I’m dying to see what will be in the Serendipity box, we’ve been waiting for what seems like forever lol.

      I seem to remember them supposed to be shipped at the end of March and not getting them until April. I could be wrong.

    • In the email above, they mention that Serendipity will “ship concurrently” with the LLB at the end of the month.

    • I’m wondering the same thing…

  3. Anyone else notice that LLB’s Facebook page doesn’t allow posts? You can’t even post anything on their photos. Yeah, Darth Vader seems to be one scary dude….. If your company is too scared to allow posts on your FB page, you need to reconsider your decisions.

  4. I bought the Black Friday 6 month deal, and so far I’ve received a welcome box. I was upset at the time, because I thought the December box was going to be my first one, but I didn’t read the fine print so that was my fault. Now I’m getting a little anxious. Once my February and April boxes arrive, I do not want to renew. Is this an automatic renewal? Does anyone know how to cancel?

    • I believe this is an automatic renew. Again I could be wrong. Log into their site and look at your subscription, mine says automatic renew. Not sure how to cancel? Email, phone call, there should be something on their site after you log in.

  5. Oh, let me try!

    This box is going to be the best! We’ve almost decided what to include in it! The ideas in this room are just GLOWING!!! Just as soon as we release a new round of boxes we’ll use that money to buy some things just a tad cheaper than the amazing things we have in mind! You’re going to be so excited for our box! When you open our beautiful package the contents will be sure to surprise you!

  6. The drama with these LLB posts are like a soap opera. I’m staying tuned to see…Who will be banned from subscription island next?
    -cue dramatic music-

    • Ha! Totally agree. I cancelled 3 or 4 months ago (wasn’t on a prepaid plan) but I continue to read every post. Amazing. Equally amazing that some people blame Liz. Seriously can’t get over that, nobody makes you subscribe or not do your research or not accept responsibility.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. It does seem that no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions anymore! It’s always gotta be someone else’s fault.
        Also, if MSA has to ban every sub box that was delayed or offended someone in some way, there wouldn’t be many listings allowed on this site! That being said, I do personally find the apology letter poorly written and the delay slightly annoying. Are those bannable offenses? Not really.

        I do find the other subscribers experiences useful, and will definitely take those into account when deciding whether to continue to do business in the future. However, please remember that they would not be allowed to share those experiences if this box was not listed on the site! I hope that MSA continues to do reviews on as many boxes as possible. I also hope that subscribers also continue to have a voice to chime in with their personal experiences as well. I would like to make my own decisions from there!

  7. I would rather wait and receive a box like the December 2015 Little prince box than get another March pop sugar box on time.

  8. I’ll be curious to see how many legitimately upset subscribers are cancelled for (daring) to voice their opinion here. It happened to over 75 of us before (at last count, myself included and I never even complained!). This latest email was quite insulting. It essentially said anyone bothered by the neverending delays has no legitimate reason to be upset and are just hard to please. It wasn’t an apology at all. It is likewise frustrating hearing others say “my interactions have always been fine.” So were the rest of ours. Until they weren’t. Knowing how horrific they’ve behaved in the past and the continuing snarky, rude, entitled messages that have been sent since, I couldn’t care less if never had a negative encounter; that’s all I would need to know. After being told in not so subtle terms that I was too stupid and uneducated to “deserve” their subscription (I’m a federal judge and reserve military attorney), I wouldn’t hand them money if they were sending the Hope Diamond delivered via unicorn ridden by George Clooney. No “good value” is worth being abused for the privilege of paying someone else for goods/services. Seeing it happen to others was enough to make me cancel, which is when and how I learned they’d done it for me (in true passive-aggressive fashion, I received no prior notice). Those of us who went through this before really don’t care to see it reviewed/promoted again, for good reason. And since so many seem to not know what happened before, that’s why I continue to share my experience. If it didn’t happen to you individually (yet), you can in the meantime enjoy the latest insulting message in lieu of your (overdue) sub box.

    I don’t fault Liz one bit for going with followers when they said they wanted this box reviewed again. That’s where she’s supposed to take her cues, from her own subscribers. At some point enough will be enough and I trust she can make that call herself considering it’s her site!

  9. So February LLB, March Serendipity and April LLB are all supposed to be delivered sometime in April now?
    At least a spoiler would be nice. I get nervous when a spoiler doesn’t come out. To me, that means there nothing exciting in the box. (Thinking of March Popsugar)🤔

  10. Tiffany-
    Yes, I have both LLB, and Serendipity subscriptions, which I paid for in total up front. Sounds like you had a similar email exchange with them!
    I wrote to them again last night but no reply yet. I guess a phone call will have to be made, unfortunately.

  11. I went to their site today and it says that all subscription plans on all their boxes are “temporarily out of stock”.
    Is that normal?

  12. I have a question, not sure if anyone is in the same situation.

    I ordered a 6 month deal for LLB off of Gilt City in December. I haven’t received any of the 3 boxes yet, but when I look at my account on the LLB site, it says I have 2 boxes left. Is that the same for anyone that has a 6 month or 12 month subscription? They took off the one that was supposed to go out in Feb?


    • I got the same deal from Gilt City and my LLB account says the same thing. I noticed it’s said 2 boxes left since December or January but my first box is February. When I contacted LLB customer service, I was told not to worry, I would still be getting boxes in February, April, and June. Honestly, I’m worried about all this delay as this is the first time I’ve subscribed to them. I hope they follow through and send all 3 boxes. Otherwise, I wonder who we contact to issue a refund for cancellation, LLB or Gilt City?

      • I was wondering the same thing. I’d imagine it would be Gilt City – I was thinking of contacting them, but I already used the like $20 in store credit (which, man oh man, is their store crazy expensive for what they’re selling). I’m going to ask their customer service and see what they say. Stay tuned!!

      • I contacted Gilt City and they’re escalating it for me. Typically there isn’t any refunds or exchanges on vouchers, but they had me email them a copy of the above letter, so we’ll see!

        • Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the update! Glad Gilt City is wiling to work with you on issuing a refund or exchange. Can you keep me posted on what happens? I’m still on the fence about whether I should cancel. I was really looking forward to getting their boxes after seeing reviews of some of their great boxes last year. I used the $20 in store credit, too. I forgot about that until you mentioned it. I might stick it out until the end of the month and see what happens with the delayed February box. I wish there were spoilers for this box so at least I have an idea of whether it’s worth all the wait. I’ll be pissed if I waited 4 months for a box that was delayed a month and a half to receive things I don’t want.

      • please let me know I was ripped off too

  13. I think the disappointment, irritation and I guess ( anger?) should be directed at the source not Liz as she really is just the messenger. She has reported what information is available. It is up to the individual consumer to decide whether they want to support LLB and their business practices or not?

    The idea that Liz gets paid by LLB is pretty funny! She neither needs the compensation and Im not certain that LLB could follow through with that at the moment. They are having LOTS of “delays”.

    I am a subscriber- I will give them the opportunity to make this right with this box. If they do not or Im not happy then I will move on. Cancelling a subscription or voicing concerns either through the company’s social media outlets or with the company directly is more productive- lashing out at the person who provides information to us- not so much!

    • Agree, it’s ridiculous to blame Liz for a subscription box’s problems. It’s as if they think she has insider information about all these boxes, or in their warehouse keeping track of the inventory and packing all the boxes herself. I doubt she’s sitting back in her chair, rubbing her hands together maniacally and laughing “haha I tricked them all!”. Liz isn’t getting anything out of this drama.

      It’s our choice, or lack of willpower, that makes us buy these boxes, Liz isn’t forcing us to take our credit cards out. And the past reviews of this box aren’t hidden, they’re very easy to find. As a consumer, shouldn’t you read the past reviews before signing up, to make an informed decision to purchase or not? The review and drama that got LLB kicked off this blog is still here, as well as the post where people voted to have this box reviewed again.

  14. Liz I’m curious about why you are still reviewing these boxes? I have no idea why you gave them a second chance but if you take the time to read through these comments as well as the comments on the other shipping delay thread you will see that they are still doing the same stuff. Cancelling subs for no reason,blocking people on Facebook,etc. Now the constant delays. Are they paying you? Do you like your free Little Lace Box that much? I kinda question your motives for continuing to support and forgive these snotty little girls. I hope you actually post this comment and fill your readers in on what your reasons are.

    • Hi Karen,

      We started reviewing LLB again because of MSA reader demand and talking to LLB to ensure that customer care changes had been made. (I believe this was about a year ago.)

      In general, we like to review and post about all boxes that our readers are interested in (whether those posts are good or bad), but I’m definitely open to letting MSA readers vote on this one (or some other way to weigh in).

      Hope that makes sense! I appreciate the feedback.

      • I just wish I had known about all of their issues before I bought a six month subscription and this is where I found out about LLB. My fault for not delving deeper, I just think you might consider posting all of the information and not just the deal. I’ve never actually seen a truly negative post on MSA (just negative comments). I imagine that is somewhat intentional but it is frustrating for readers.

        • Would it be helpful in posts if we linked to the box listing in the directory with messaging like, “Check out MSA reader reviews of this box to learn more about the customer experience of this subscription.” ?

          Let me know what you think. I appreciate the feedback, and I think MSA readers add so much valuable insight into subscriptions. I want to make sure that feedback is getting the right amount of visibility.

          • I don’t mean to jump into this conversation but I wanted to provide my personal feedback that as a reader I REALLY like when you at least add a general note in your reviews about “there have been variations to this box and some subscribers get lower value items” (Glossybox) and “Instead of these items, some subscribers have received foil samples” (Walmart Beauty). I ended up still trying out both of those I mentioned for myself, but at least I feel like I knew what I was getting myself into and I wasn’t caught off guard or let down too much when I receive the boxes and compare them to the reviews…my expectations weren’t falsely high. I am not a subscriber to LLB or Serendipity…and I have all of the MSA readers/commenters to thank for the warning. 🙂 But I know some people don’t have the time to read through all of the comments or do alot of research so a little “warning” in the main review to at least dig deeper before opening your wallet might help alleviate some of this anger and emotion. Thanks for the continuous great info, reviews, and desire to help out your readers!

          • Thank you so much for this feedback! I just added an FYI line about shipping issues to the beginning of the latest Little Lace Box review. I’ll keep this in mind moving forward as well.

      • Thanks Liz,
        You’re in a hard place with this box. I really want to read spoilers and reviews.
        I hope that this is not the death knell for LLB, as their boxes seemed fun…right up until I subscribed.
        I just hope they suck it up and send something significant as an apology for current subscribers.
        I vote to keep reviewing this box (until it folds)

      • Liz, I want to personally thank you for all you do on this site. I would not even know about these delays if I didn’t visit MSA on a daily basis. You keep us all well informed about most of our subscriptions; and help me decide what boxes I like based on your wonderful reviews. I know your motives are not ‘free boxes’, but you actually enjoy doing your reviews and keeping us all happy!! I mean when a person does their job as well as you do, one can tell they are only motivated by the happiness it provides them. Keep doing what you’re doing. Most of us love you and this site!! xo

        • Thank you so much, Michelle! That means so much to me 🙂 ❤️

    • Karen,
      No one has banned you from the site, because you had a bit of an attitude today! I’m not sure why people think that MSA is “promoting” companies that they review. I appreciate that MSA gives a free service that shows people what types of items come in a box so that they can make their own decisions. I FURTHER appreciate that the subscribers can and do comment on each of their experiences with the company. I do believe that providing information is more helpful than a ban. My suggestion is to continue to review but with a note of warning.

      Liz- It would be super cool if you could put a subscriber review section where we could rate value, delivery times, customer service, etc. Also, thank you for what you do!

      • Another point- Even if I decide to cancel with this subscription… I may still be curious as to what’s in the next box!

      • So, the good news is that right now on the directory, you can write a review and rate boxes on 6 different criteria. The current design is that you have to hover over the star rating to see the breakdown in how people rated customer care, shipping, etc.

        I think the issue is that that information isn’t visible on the review, and someone thinking of subscribing may not think of looking there for additional info.

        Maybe if we can bring that review + ratings data into posts about a subscription, it will be a big help?

        • Yes! That would be extremely helpful.

  15. At this point, I just want my money back. I signed up for Serendipity last spring and prepaid for the six months. Received two. Missed November because they didn’t send it out. Got January’s (not impressed). I just moved and it took them two and a half weeks to respond in recognition of a change in address. Now another delay. Yes, I realize this delay is for LLB, but based on past history, it will also delay Serendipity. After all, that is a lot of boxes to send out. If it even gets sent at all. I’d like a refund for the remaining boxes but I doubt that happens. Honestly, at this point I don’t even remember how many I’ve actually received and how many of the six I am still waiting on.

    • I asked for a refund after the first delay last month.
      They gave it to me. MINUS 4% for the credit card transaction (oh yeah).
      And then they immediately cancelled my log in so I couldn’t even go back and see that I had been refunded. I was on pins and needles until I saw the money on my CC…and then I breathed a little better. I was owed something around $150.

    • I’m in the exact same situation as you- prepaid for six months, received July, September, no November, and then January. After the November box was cancelled they just added another box to my plan, so I’ve received three and am still waiting for three. At this point I would really just prefer to get half of my money back and not receive the boxes anymore. There are just too many issues with this sub and the whole company.

  16. At least give us some spoilers to show this box is worth the wait!

  17. “I think even the apologists are getting tired of making apologies every month.”

    You would be correct.

    • This really is getting ridiculous. As I read the comments one stuck out to me…What if they just say screw it we’re done and take our money? Or start putting in $1 items? Or whatever?

      I bought a 6 month sub in August/September to Serendipity and received September, no November (added on additional box was a choice) and January. Now, I have to wait until April to get my March box?

      The email was interesting to read (I did not receive one) maybe they should put in some of the wacky weed they are smoking into our boxes.

      • P.S. Liz…would something like this stop you from reviewing their boxes? What would a company have to do (or not do) to make you stop?

        • She actually did stop reviewing this box back around April or May 2015 after subscribers request. From what I remember alot of subscribers were mad about the rude response of one of the owners to subscribers and how they would without explanation just cancel your sub if they didn’t agree with something you said/complained about.

          Google “little lace box Darth vader” youll find the Reddit post and Makeup talk post on it.

          But about a year later after alot of request to review the box again it was back on MSA

          • Oh, Thanks Veronica…I didn’t know about that. I agree with another poster, it’s not Lizs (Lizes, Liz’s haha don’t know how to make her name plural) fault. She doesn’t own LLB.

            I myself am upset with LLB NOT Liz!!!!

  18. These girls have lost their damn minds. These boxes are not free samples or prizes or extras. These are goods that have been paid for PRIOR to shipment on the conditional contract that they would be shipped bi-monthly for the length of time you signed up for. Other than violating contractual agreement, more than once, they have the nerve to act like the paying customers are somehow frustrating them because we aren’t ok with it? These are the sort of kids that would push you down on the playground and apologize for the fact that it hurt and not the fact that they did it. Maybe the parents should focus more on raising humbled business women that take personally responsibility for their mistakes rather than entitled, emotionally charges children who think everything is someone else’s fault.

    God speed to their future husbands (or wives, lunacy does not discriminate).

    • Please excuse the spelling mistakes, voice to type isn’t always my friend!

    • Liz please add a like button for your comments. Great comment!

      I personally have a 1 year serpendipity subscription that I prepaid. I received a refund for my first box. My second box contained a soap with tiny beads of plastic that you’re not supposed to use, and I didn’t use much in it. They emailed me that they would send a replacement, which they did not do. I suppose I have four boxes left.

  19. I really like the curation of their boxes and honestly don’t mind a delay here and there, as it happens. BUT, the part that puts a bad taste in my month is the attitude in the delay letter. “We realize some of you will not react well…” A delay notice / apology letter should not be about how badly WE will react! Maybe they need to look at how some of the other companies handle delays gracefully. I don’t think the negativity on here is about the actual delay, but how the delay is being addressed.

  20. So are we now getting two boxes in April? I’ll be glad when my pre-paid sub is up so I don’t have to keep figuring out how many more boxes I should get and if I am getting what I paid for! Really think we should get something extra in our boxes for this!

  21. I think the Serendipity sub is great — you can’t beat the value. Delays are probably to be expected, but this is getting to be a habit rather than the exception.

    That said, I have never had a problem with this company and customer service. They have always responded kindly and accommodated any issues I’ve had.

    • Maybe they should just take a 6 month vacation and decide if they are really cut out to be in a business with deadlines. If so, maybe premake the boxes a few months ahead of time to avoid delays.

    • I honestly was getting frustrated with this company and reached out to them by email and they responded quickly and politely. I’m gonna wait it out and give them another chance to make things right. I’ve been in a forgiving mood lately.. Plus, my birthday is coming up in a few days, so I can’t let a delayed sub get me down. *Group Hug*

  22. Wow. I just subscribed to this as my first Serendipity box for March. SO glad that I haven’t tried LLB with all the delays and customer service issues. Serendipity actually looks neat for the price and the bimonthly aspect is perfect for me right now. I hope they don’t end up delaying that as well or giving me a hassle if I try to cancel later. I don’t think I have gotten anything from them about Serendipity, but this email posted is disturbing. Not sure this is a company I want to support when there are so many other great subscription boxes out there, kind of wishing I had my money back….

  23. Glad that I saw this post since my email went to my spam folder which I seldom ever check.

  24. I signed up for Serendipity a couple months ago, right before the last review came out with the face wash that had microbeads in it. I immediately emailed to cancel, and I got a nice response back, asking if I’d like a refund or if I wanted the box I paid for. I didn’t have any hassle with CS, so I got lucky. But I’m glad I cancelled….Just curious if I’ll actually get that Serendipity box.

  25. I was just starting a sub to Serendipity. Wonder, why is the release of that tied to the release of LLB? Is it a strong feeling on their part that the LLB should come first, or is the problem with the release also a problem for Serendip? I suppose that they’re the ones who’d know…

  26. I do not have a problem of them being late, but they knew they could not deliver the boxes probably the middle of February, why do they still charge the customers? I am thinking cash flow problems, like Quiplease, using new subscribers’ money to pay for current subscribers’ boxes?

  27. *lurks for the sole purpose of the LLB apologists/employees who will leap on here to talk about how “its worth the wait”*

    • I think even the apologists are getting tired of making apologies every month.

      • You KNOW it.

  28. I just hope the wait is worth it. Maybe a box that’s 10X better than what they have been sending!

  29. I would be a lot more understanding if I had received EITHER of the delay e-mails. I didn’t know about the delays at all until I e-mailed the company wondering where my box was, and then I found these threads.

    I wish I had known all this. I would have definitely thought twice before buying anything from this company. It’s one thing to have a delay, but to not even communicate that delay to all your subscribers? What a terrible way to do business.

  30. “Some of you may not react well to it” is extremely odd choice of wording. At least it comes off that way to me.

    Shipping delays don’t concern me, this email and unapologetic tone do.

  31. This update sounds so disingenuous and empty. A small freebie isn’t necessary, but would be nice, but I do expect a message indicating value as a customer, not #SorryNotSorry.

  32. I really feel we need an extra in our February LLB boxes.

  33. There seems to be a lot of shipping delays announced in just the past week or two, more than usual. I’ve noticed customs being mentioned at least once, but I’m basically assuming it is almost all customs issues. But I am left wondering why there are increased customs delays. From past work experience, most things that I worked with came over by boat, and that takes about a month, including customs. Air is usually too expensive, but I was dealing with much larger items, like machine equipment so I could be totally wrong. It is kind of scary thinking of how closely these companies are operating with receiving merchandise and shipping it out the next day. Leaves absolutely no room for any issues with quality of the items received. Ideally, if they are a large and established sub company, that has good project management, items procured would be arriving much sooner than the day or day before shipment to subscribers. Smh. I have been fortunate enough to not be subscribed to any of the recently affected boxes, but I totally agree that some companies are not communicating or owning their issues. I’m rambling and need to go to bed lol.

    • I started reading your comment and thought, “she sounds like she has a project management background,” then got to the part where you talk about good project management, lol. If project managers ran the world, it would be a lot more efficient. 😄

  34. Priceless! Priceless! Priceless!

  35. This is the kind of thing that put The Best Damn Book Box out of business … just saying

  36. So glad I didn’t subscribe to this company. I got a single Little Lace Box (August 2016) and wasn’t too impressed so didn’t sign up for a long term subscription. Now seeing how they treat their customers and their strange, multiple shipping delays makes me think… BULLET DODGED. Not a company I want to support.

  37. These guys are ridiculous. They have the WORST customer service I’ve ever seen. I wish I had known what a disaster they were before I signed up.

  38. Good Costumer care is what keep any business going rather it be a grocery store or a subscription box company, why haven’t they learn this by now? I bet they will close down soon and they better refund people money who brought 3 or 6 months.

  39. Oh COME ON. I mean this is ridiculous. They delay it A MONTH and then they tell us THE DAY it’s supposed to ship out? They’ve had so many problems with shipping, it’s crazy!

    The way they word this too…it feels almost like a “I’m sorry that you’re upset” rather than “We’re sorry and we take responsibility.”

    • The whole “I’m sorry you might get upset” part of this letter is the worst!!

  40. They said that they know some of us won’t be happy about this news but they won’t try to refund us of anything.

  41. I’d love to be more supportive but I have to agree that they really don’t seem very apologetic, which sucks because I really like their curation but people can only deal with so much. I’m signed up for loot crates loot wear and loot for her and they have been having issues lately BUT their communication has been great, I was refunded an entire month for the trouble AND they sent 2 free gifts with each month that was late. And that’s for a MUCH cheaper subscription (the LLB, not serendipity). I’m starting to wonder if I should just cancel my sub with them and put the money towards a company that deserves it. I know if it was the other way around, and it was us 2 months late on payment they would want more then an “oopsie but get over it” email. Start writing reviews on the BBB, that might change their tune a little?

    • I completely agree about Loot Wear. I had no problem forgiving a couple late shipments because they take great care of customers. Little lace box isn’t even a monthly subscription. How long do they need to curate a box? It would go a long way if they had better customer service or a bonus for the delay. It’s a lonnngggg delay

  42. Never a surprise with this company…I can appreciate you all who want to be patient, but when do you think “hey, they’re going to disappear with my money!?!”

  43. Ok so they couldn’t pull together a bi-monthly box and needed another month. Now they need more time on top of that. At this point, if you can’t pull together a bi-monthly box consistently when plenty of other boxes out there manage to pull together monthly boxes consistently, should this really be your line of work?

    It’s not like this is a one-time thing, and they make it worse by giving a half apology that’s not really an apology at all. Seriously, could they have worded this any worse? How are they going to make this up to us or keep us as loyal customers? There had better be diamonds in this box, because this just isn’t worth it anymore.

  44. So does this mean we will be getting Feb LLB, March Serendipity and April LLB all in April now? Or will they be pushing April’s LLB out longer now? I’m so confused at this point. All I know is I’ve paid for a couple months of a subscription that I haven’t even received…..

    • Well, they didn’t mention April. Is anyone else bothered that they don’t seem that apologetic and customer focused in their delays? Most sub boxes offer a littl something extra in terms of points or item. Why wait till day it was to be mailed to send mail. Surely it was known mor than few days ago.

      • I was thinking the same thing but at this point who has the energy to say it again? You would think with all of these delays and problems they were curating a box of golden eggs and caviar with our own real life unicorn or something grand like that. Seriously! The boxes aren’t THAT special for it to take this long….the last couple boxes have been random and felt cheap… shoe laces, a plastic bag that turns into a vase, dollar store face wash, a plastic purse cover???? I mean c’mon…

        • Ohhh snap, girl you just made my night… I had a hard belly laugh… I hope people who want to cancel can do so without any issues.. They really need to made a way to cancel from your own account so you don’t have to email them a few times or call. I think it should be mandatory for all subscription boxes because if I want to cancel I don’t want to have to explain why and so on..

          • Make a way sorry! Sorry…

          • Amen. I’ve already gone through two rounds of emails, clearly asking (politely) for my account to be cancelled, and only received a reply that my subscription was not on auto-renew, and once all boxes had been delivered it would end . Huh? Bewildering. I don’t want the hassle of calling. I’m juggling so much after my Mom’s death and making me jump through hoops to take care of what should be a simple request is stressful. My last email to them on Feb. 25th still hasn’t been answered but I’m going to write again.

          • I had this issue with not getting them to answe emails. Send a FB message. They will be rude but it did the trick. They also promptly blocked me afterward on FB just for asking to cancel but it did work. Worst service ever.

          • Trish, they did the same thing to me. Do you have LLB and Serendipity subscriptions? Even though I clearly stated in my email that I wanted to cancel LLB, the first response I received said that my annual sub would not auto renew after the last box. I realized they mistakenly thought I was trying to cancel my Serendipity sub. I had to e-mail back and explain that I was actually trying to cancel LLB and I was on month-to-month billing. They took care of it that time.

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