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Birchbox Select Beta Full Details + Coupon

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Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.09.02 PM

Birchbox has officially launched their Birchbox Select Beta $15 subscription option. (Thanks for the heads up, Marcy!) If you are a subscriber you can join the waitlist for this option.

Here are the differences between the two options:

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.17.39 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.17.47 PM

Here are the details on the new features:

Pick One, Skip One

Pick a sample type you’d like to receive and/or exclude from your upcoming box (i.e. “Send me a facial toner this month, skip the mascara!”). The products themselves will still be a surprise, and your options will change every month.

Fix-It Boxes

Want to know exactly what’s coming? Swap your personalized box for one of several curated boxes filled with samples that address specific beauty needs (i.e. frizzy hair or oily skin). Try out something you’ve had your eye on—or give a new trend a go! These options will change every month.

Swap for Points

Instead of receiving your next Birchbox, get 150 Birchbox Points (150 points = $15). We’ll add your Points into your account on the 1st of the month. Points can be redeemed as payment toward your future Shop orders. You can Swap for Points 4 times within a 12 month period.

What do you think of Birchbox Select Beta?

If you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet:

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.15.54 PM

Use coupon code MESMERIZE to get this Pixi Palette free with your first box!


Birchbox is $10 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Um so let me get this straight, instead of purchasing $15 of product in the store and earning points on that purchase, you have the option to pay $15 for points to spend in the store, that you don’t earn points on. What mental gymnastics did they do to come up with that?

    • Woah, didn’t even THINK about this! Good point, MS!

  2. I wonder if you select the pick one, skip one option if you also get to choose the monthly sample choice. That may be worth $15 to me.

  3. I had joined up for the February curated box that was supposed to have Dr Jart water drop and one other item I wanted. Then they changed the curated box. In the meantime I still got the January box and immediately cancelled. I didn’t get a choice and didn’t have option of curated box. I got very small samples including one foil sample and a perfume vial. So unimpressed. I do not see how this increase will make it better. I recently canceled Ipsy due to product overload but still have Sephora, Look Fantastic, NM Vanishing Cabinet because I can get new exciting products of high quality. The small sizes are fine when the quality is high.

  4. I literally do not understand why I am supposed to want to pay $5 more a month for this.

    All it’s managed to do is make me want to cancel my Birchbox subscription altogether, honestly.

    • It did make me cancel mine! I will not pay $5 more for a different box when I am no longer getting what I signed up for. Just like they need to watch their bottom line, so do I.

  5. It’s open no wait list. I’m going to try it . This might be worth it. You need to read it’s not the same thing that they ever done you get to choose different curated boxes designed for your profile you get to change out products that normal members don’t get options for you can swap your box 4 times a year for 150 points equal to 15$. Starting April. It’s 5$ if it makes it better less samples unused makes you happy and gives you more control than go for it. I see ppl saying switching to boxycharm I have it and got so many repeats that I’ll never use and so much eye shadow it is getting old. Glossybox lies about your products that you should receive and lots of repeats the limited edition boxes is nearly all their worth I cancelled! Ppl wanted more control better choices better options now you have it and it’s all complaints wow never ceasing

    • The problem people have with this increased cost option is that BB is charging for the same thing their competitors are doing gratis. It’s the equivalent of saying “hey, we got rid of the primary draw for our subscriptions but to make it up to you we’re giving you the chance to give us more money to get something you can have for free elsewhere!” After their decision to eliminate review points and regular discounts it rings a bit hollow for them to offer an “upgrade” requiring customers to pay them more to have an option of essentially cashing in their dollars for store credit or to skip an item; choice among curated boxes is hardly worth a 50% price increase. It’s not only ridiculous but frankly insulting to longtime customers. As an almost 5 year subscriber I think I’ve earned the right to voice dissatisfaction with this. It’s great if you enjoy the option of paying extra; not everyone does and that doesn’t make those who are unhappy impossible to please.

  6. I don’t understand how any of those new options benefit subscribers when they all seem to benefit Birchbox themselves.

  7. This May will mark my 5th year with Birchbox. I was tempted to drop when they cut their review program (still rankles me) but it’s only $10 and I’ve gotten some really good samples. I never do sample choice. Well, almost never. I think I may have selected like a month where everyone was getting a Stila lippie and we got to select a color. I’ve never picked a curated box. I’m been perfectly happy paying $10 and getting surprises, and I will continue to do so. I only hope that I’m not penalized by getting smaller samples. Some boxes as of late have had some pretty skimpy sample sizes.

  8. It goes to show that the profile and surveys filled out meant absolutely nothing if they now want to charge $5 more for tailored curation and the option to just friggen load your money onto their website. Shoulda stuck with “We are not in the business of selling people samples” and let this sub die along time ago.

    God Birchbox just angers me every time I read anything about them now. Which sucks because I discovered some cool brands like Cynthia Rowley and Well People through them. Even bought my first coveted By Terry Ombré Blackstar with hoarded points. I still have a stack of my favorite box designs sitting out for decoration, too. Sigh… the good ole days.

  9. As someone that’s already been toying with the idea of dropping Birchbox, and upgrading to Boxycharm, there’s no way I’d pay 5 dollars more for nearly the same thing I’ve been getting, when only another 5 bucks would get me 5 full sized products. I do like the idea of more control over what I get, as one of the reasons I signed up for Birchbox in the first place was the fact that you could pick one of your items, but too much control and it loses the fun of the surprise element, one of the reasons I never choose a curated box. And getting a 15 dollar credit when you skip a month is just pointless to me. I’d rather just cancel and keep my cash, thanks.

  10. What happened to the $15, $16, $18 “choice” debacle for Birchbox? With different customers being charged varying prices?

    Birchbox is offering to charge their customers EXTRA for what Ipsy offers for free (included in same $10 price)? That makes NO sense.

    If Birchbox wants to rebuild their dwindling reputation, they need to bring back points for reviews. If they want to do a beta test, they should offer their Aces these extra perks for free- just because they are Aces- for customer loyalty.

    Birchbox can’t seem to tailor their boxes to their customers now- I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gotten the incorrect product type for my hair type, or some other category- which ends up being a wasted sample. And they can’t seem to fix it, regardless of emails to customer service, numerous reviews, or just plain utilizing the customer profile like they’re supposed to.

    Come on Birchbox, it’s not rocket science. Start taking care of your customers. Value them. Don’t go from bad to worse. There’s plenty of competition out there. Plenty.

  11. this business strategy worked so well with blackberry.. raising prices for the same mediocre products, asking a consumer to pay more for customer service that is already provided by a competitor at no extra fee and in today’s competitive market try to dictate the entire market being a single producer alone.

  12. What I’m scratching my head about the most is the option to skip the box and get $15 in points instead. Where is the incentive in that? It would make more sense to model this like Julep: have the option to skip the month and not be charged $15. It makes zero sense for me to spend 15 real dollars in exchange for 15 imaginary dollars that can only be spent at one store. The points exchange for the skipped box should be higher – say $20 in points.

    • I completely agree. When I first read that I thought for sure I must be missing something. Why would I pay 15 bucks for 15 dollars worth of points. 20 seems reasonable, and might actually entice me, but as is, I’d probably just cancel if I didn’t want a month, or more to the point, wouldn’t sign up for the extra “services” in the first place, just not enough value for the price point.

    • Yes, Jay — this is my exact thought, too. You worded this perfectly! “Imaginary dollars”

      I also get the sense that a lot of subscribers don’t think Birchbox is a good as it once was. They aren’t sure they want to pay $10 let alone $15 with these uninspired incentives. The competition in this market is providing more at the same price point.

    • Does it take 500 to become an Ace? I guess you could give them $50, let it bump you to Ace status and then by stuff with free shipping for the rest of the year. And that would only make sense if you wanted to spend slightly more than $50 all year. Otherwise you could just make one big purchase to get free shipping

      • 500 to become Ace means $500, not $50, right?

  13. I loved birchbox when they had the reward points for review of sub items. It was like getting my box for 5$ n i always got the curated box. It was my fav for this reason. But no more. I dropped birchbox when they dropped the rewards points now i gave them a chance again when i got a code for a free bonus box. While it was way better this time it still wasnt worth it to me bc i got items i hate!!!! That i even indicated i hated!!!! So until something better comes along or if this service was offered at the 10$ price point like ipsy ….

  14. I just can’t wrap my head around this? I think if they were implementing this for free (like Ipsy is right now) they could possibly redemption themselves a bit. But to charge people money? When you’ve already turned a big portion of your customers off, just a bad idea. My last Ipsy bag had a value of around $75, I got to pick an item and request 2 not have categories, all for $10. I dunno, I just don’t see where their heads are at.

    • There are my same thoughts. What timing. Charging for what other subs are already doing for free, shortly after turning off a huge portion of your customers? Good plan, BB. Thankful my sub is FINALLY running out next month, then I’m washing my hands after 4.5 years.

  15. No. No additional product or bigger sizes.

  16. Ipsy is doing this for free and better, I don’t understand why I should pay $5 for nothing…

  17. Definitely not worth an extra $5/month for things they should have done to try and fix their sub in the first place. SO glad this is my last month.

    Now to wait (semi) patiently for my spot to come up on Notoriously Morbid’s waiting list. At least I managed to snag a one month trial subscription to tie me over.

    • What sub is that?

    • Lol. Just added myself to the Notoriously Morbid waitlist. Birch box loses out again.

      I want at least one full sized product. Get it together Birchbox.

    • There is also medusas makeup sub if you want pigmented colors for eyes and glitters. The lipsticks, glosses, and cheeks are a bit sheer not as bright as they show though I liked thwit lip paint. It stayed on through dinner and even after washing my face I still had lip on in the morning. I didn’t scrub it off because I wanted to see if the paint would last. The Vanishing Cabinet is fun and my pleases my gothic sensibilities.

    • I signed up for the waitlist for morbidly. How did you receive a trial month? Thanks for the info, it looks pretty amazing.

      I signed up for the extra $5 Birchbox box. I also have two ipsy subs coming this month because the bag is adorable. I skipped Allure because this month looks terrible and I like mu Sephora.
      After this next month I’m dropping everything except Sephora and what’s left on my 6 months Allure.

      It’s officially time,after what will be my fourth month of sub, to move on up.
      I’m ready to start my Luxe collection.

  18. A price increase but no extra product? It doesn’t cost more money to tailor boxes to people’s prefrences.

  19. Sounds promising… I hope they can redeem their reputation this way. It’ll all depend on what they wind up sending out…

    • I’m looking forward to requesting no perfume samples! And I’ll probably request skincare items to get a higher value sample each month 🙂

      • Yes, I will be requesting more skincare also… But I’m not overly concerned about value. I just love skincare way more than makeup. I am one of probably two people that doesn’t mind receiving perfume samples, lol… Oh well, differences make us fun and beautiful 🙂

        • I think this proves why some subscribers might value this option! 🙂

          • Liz, will you be upgrading and reviewing the new options? I’m curious if the added value will really be there. I dumped Birchbox in August after 4 very loyal years. I still make occasional orders, but haven’t re subscribed even after a short lived and disappointed Sephora subscription. Appreciate your reviews and what you do!

          • Yes, I will be reviewing! I’m super curious about it 🙂

          • Celeste – I too had a short lived subscription with Sephora that lasted only one box when most of the products didn’t make sense as to why I even received them. Birchboxs first box, I was very impressed with it. I might resubscribe and cancel to Sephora if something interesting looks good to me.

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