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Adidas: Avenue A Subscription Box Summer 2017 SPOILER!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

We have a spoiler for the Summer 2017 Avenue A by Adidas Box! (Thank you, Becky, for the heads up!)

The Summer Box will be curated by Wanderlust and it will include:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.45.20 PM

adidas Edge Luxe 2 shoes

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.45.28 PM

Begin your adventure with seasonal boxes curated by sports and fitness experts; featuring the latest looks and technologies to help you look good, so you can focus on feeling good.

What do you think of the spoilers?

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. While I absolutely LOVED the spring box (have used every single item, and pleasantly surprised by the quality!), I think I’m going to skip the summer one. I’m a bit overloaded on yoga clothes, and to be honest I’m not sure that Adidas can compare to the Lulus and Athletas when it comes to yoga wear. But definitely keeping an eye out for fall spoilers – next time they offer some good pricey running shoes I’ll be the first to re-subscribe! I feel that running/training gear is what Adidas does best.

    • I agree with you. I just emailed them and asked if they were planning on releasing any more spoilers. I’ve also used every item in the spring box. I need more than this pair of shoes though, to commit to summer. If they don’t release any more spoilers, I’ll most likely skip this box.

      • Completely agree. I missed out on spring, but need another spoiler to commit to the summer box

      • They will not be releasing another spoiler before billing for the Summer Box. I also emailed them & they confirmed that there would not be another spoiler before billing.

  2. I hope they include a backpack in the summer box!!

  3. I know it’s not summery but I would love to see the grey/black cover up jacket. I love the style from spring and have been pining for similar style in black

  4. i know coupons where you have to spend more on a site are usally frowed upon…but how cool would it be in this box! Id love a discount on customized color shoes…especially in the summer since some prefer brights vs neutrals…and out chances of ever seeing 2 shoes in one box are slim…
    This collection doesnt have many items…so im hoping for something creative like this

    • there was two shoes in the winter box this past year ! super stars and alpha bounces

  5. When will we see a different style of running shoes in the box? Spring and summer boxes feature an updated version of previous shoes featured. The PureBoost X and Edge Lux are great shoes but I was sort of bummed to see that the spoiler was another pair of Edge lux. I’ve bought the PureBoosts’ in many other colorways and styles after enjoying their fit and versatility last spring.

    This box is supposed to introduce us to new items we probably wouldn’t buy on our own. So shoes such as the NMD, Ultraboosts and Cloud shoes could possibly be featured in future boxes.

    I’ll be really disappointed if the Alphabounce Lux or another variant of the Alphabounce is featured in the fall box….

  6. omg! I love these shoes and the color of them! I actually love how versitile the shoe colors have been. They match every thing. And I took a look at the Wanderlust collection and i actually really love their items.

    I’m really hoping for the warp knit tights washed black (I know its not ‘summer-y’) and their Wanderflow cross-back bra! The bra is just TOO CUTE!!! i really hope they include it!! Their hoodies are nice too since I always wear hoodies 😀


    • I would love those leggings too! Spcifically the grey but I know the coral is more “summer-y”. Also I love the wrap me cover up (Also not really a summer style)

  7. Just subbed to this. I hope I love everything. My first “fitness” sub :O

  8. Do we know what’s in this box besides the shoes?

    • Spring had basically the same items as last spring= Shoes, Bra, Pants, Jacket, Bag.

      Last summer = Shoes, shirt, shorts, slides, smartwatch

      My guess would be that it will be pretty similar… BUT there are no wanderlust shorts in the collection , and Adidas doesn’t make a smartwatch anymore.

      In Fact the wanderlust collection doesn’t really have any bottoms that seem like summer wear to me.
      Maybe there will be a new summer collection?

    • Full spoilers if they even release them don’t come till the box is closer to being ready to ship. You can eliminate any of the wanderlust items that don’t come in xl. Those are not going to be in the box.

  9. Clicked over to the collection and I LOVE! Especially the “accessories” section. Hope we get something from there rather than a bag. The clothing is cute, especially the tees and tanks.

  10. Love the shoes, but might pass on this one. Hopefully, there will be another spoiler, but those clothes are pretty bland or too taste specific. Amen to the no writing except Adidas on the items… mindfulness yuck : P

  11. Bummed that I am skipping my first box, white shoes, crop tops and orange pants are not for me. And I already know any bra I get in any box will never work for me. While I’m sure I will regret my decision when everyone starts posting their boxes it’s just too much $$$ to risk on hope when I already don’t care for most of the collection. Hoping fall will be a better fit with some brighter shoes!

    • Where did you see a crop top and orange pants?

      • Ohhhhh yea!!! The spoilers are out???

        • Where?????

      • The orange crop top doesnt come in all the sizes so will not be in this box. You can elliminate any of the wanderlust items that dont come in xl.

  12. I love this sub box and am excited to see what will be in this one. That being said, I really hope they don’t do another bag, I still haven’t figured out when I will ever use the stella bag. Am considering selling it…

    • Swap with me!! I love that bag!!

      • Kecia, I might be interested in swapping or selling it, but I don’t know how to contact you privately.

        • ok, don’t know how to edit a post either, but want to be compliant, so… I might be willing to let this go, but don’t know how to contact you privately. 😉

          • Hey Linda, are you on the swap site?

        • yes, I am. I just haven’t listed it. I will now if you’re still interested let me know.

    • I love the stalla bag! I would consider buying it from you.

    • I use it every day for the gym! I was worried about it being white, but it’s held up really well to being tossed into my car and into a locker. I actually used it as an overnight bag, too!

  13. I wish there was some sort of plus size option on this one, like Fabletics has now. I could swap them all, I guess, but that seems like a big pain.

    • Ive been asking for plus size since I learned of this subscription last August. Ive mentioned it here several times since Avenue A people have posted here. Also I sent requests to their customer service. I know that their plus size selections are limited but I would except different items than everyone else if I was sure the items would fit unlike now only some items work out in the xl size.

      • I wish there was an edit option…I hate spelling errors lol….Sorry

  14. I emailed them and they only have xs and xl shirts left. Such a bummer. 🙁

  15. I dont think the warp knit items will be in this box. They dont come in xl size and I have not been told my sizes are unavailable. I can see the black and white geometric capris the matching bra top (match shoes) and the sleeveless tank in white being a good choice. I would like the yoga mat bag with a mat as a nice bonus.

  16. Very nice! I was going to skip the summer box because I don’t need any more shoes, but I love the subtle black pattern on these and I liked the blue version from last summer (they’re about the only pair so far I can run a little in).

    I like the Adidas x Wanderlust pieces too, although count me in the “don’t like words on clothing” camp. They look super comfy though. I like those baggy capris a lot, those would be something fun to try outside of my regular comfort zone.

    • OMG. Those shoes are too cute. I love the whole box. If I order now I won’t get it will I? I’ll get the new probably.

  17. I’m crossing my fingers that I love this box as much as the last one (which I didn’t get because I didn’t resub in time after I cancelled the Rita Ora box, which would have been my first, because I would never have worn that BFN line!). But I was pretty envious about the last box and decided to try again.

    I see a lot of comments about wanting bright-colored shoes instead of neutral colors, but I actually disagree. I wouldn’t wear a colored shoe and am very, very happy to see this spoiler. If the spoiler were a bright shoe, I’d be skipping the box again.

    Does anyone have any guesses/hopes for what else could be in the box? I really need a pair of slides, so I’m hoping that could be an item since it’s a summer box (although it doesn’t really tie in with Wanderlust, right?). I’d also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a lightweight jacket or long, open sweater (like the Wanderlust Wrap Me Up Cover-Up). And I’m praying to the sub-box gods that we do NOT get the Bum Pack on the site!

    Please, Adidas, NO BUM PACKS!

    • I want the bum pack! Lol! Thank goodness for the swap site.

      • Where is this swap site you speak of? I have been on their waiting list forever?

  18. Everything looks great to me on the wanderlust website. I love yoga- what a great first box for me. Love that it is curated by a mindfulness company that does wellness events. Can’t wait to see what we get!

  19. Will the items in the box be from the collection on the Wanderlust site? Or do you think they will have exclusive ones for the box?

    • they will be front he wanderlust x adidas collection. No new wanderlust items were created specifically for this box.

      • Thank you!

  20. So this will be my first box…I usually wear a S (4) in tops and pants, but their size charts have a 4 as a XS. I’ve never worn an XS from any brand I’ve ever tried. Those of you who’ve bought from Adidas before — should I keep the S on my order form, or should I size down? Thanks for your help!

    • I find that adidas tops sizes are pretty close to under armour, nike and other brands and are consistent within the brand (the bras I have issues with). It’s likely you’d fit comfortably into both. If you never buy xs, then I’d stick with a size small. If the small is way too big though, avenue A cs is really great with exchanges.

  21. I tried to change my sizes too (shoes, pants, bra) and it wouldn’t let me so I just sent a email. They replied back within 24 hours saying they would manually fix my sizes by the summer box ☺ They have great customer service.

  22. So I went ahead and signed up anyways even though it said my sizing was not available and I would be getting the fall box first, however my confirmation email says the following:

    “We have received your reservation for your Avenue A subscription box.

    Your Visa will be charged on or around May 11, 2017 prior to the shipping of your box. Your Avenue A summer edition will then be shipped the week of May 22nd, 2017. A tracking notice will be sent to you when your individual box is packed and ready to go! ”

    So I suppose that could change but it appears that I will be getting the summer box, at least at this time. Perhaps it is some sort of glitch with the sizing that is causing the problems for everyone?

  23. Do we know that this will be the color? Nothing says summer like….er..uh..grey?

    I really hope the shoes will have some color in them instead of getting a third shoe the same exact color. C’mon Adidas lets mix it up..just not Rita Ora style 😉

    • Exactly my thought. For the third time in a row- gray.

    • Last summer’s bright blue was so fun and refreshing- more of that, please! I would even be okay with another all-black pair, since they look nice enough to wear on more casual work days.

  24. I hope the box contains the Guru pants!

    • I hope it does not. That’s the one item from the collection I would never wear.

    • Add me to the “Guru Fan” list!

    • No. i do NOT want those pants either. They looks so sloppy to me, and i would never wear that style.

    • YES I’ve been itching for the guru pants and would LOVE to have them in the box. Adidas Avenue A if you’re listening, pls add them in!

  25. there is a lot of wandering around as themes for upcoming boxes. 🙂

  26. So excited! Maybe there won’t be too-short shorts…

    Keeping my fingers crossed on the wacky sizing – the Fall tights were too big in a Medium, Winter’s were just right in Small, Spring small was too small… (although maybe they are supposed to be super-compression?).

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some more comfortable shoes but those are pretty cool so I really can’t complain.

    • *colorful (hopefully all the Adidas shoes will be comfortable!)

  27. Anyone notice the photo for the winter 16 Rita Ora box is missing on the avenue a website when you scroll through previous boxes? hmmm lol

    • I see the Rita Ora Winter box when I scroll through

      • So do I.

  28. Ugh….apparently they don’t have my size? I chose Small for everything and size 9-10 shoes…that seems pretty standard?!

    Has anyone even been able to order this :/ whats wrong with my size lol

    • I am having same issue. I changed everything to see if it would matter and it didn’t.

  29. I will say if in fact the styles pictured above DO come in the box, they are warp knit which means its fully knit and that allows the sizing to fit a better range of sizes…if that makes any sense. These pieces are beautiful and are up on the website. Sizes for this warp knit pieces, i think are S-L…but again i’m sure the L would fit someone that considers themselves and XL.

    • Those warp knit pieces look comfy but man oh man those solid orange tights look like they’d show every lump and bump. Fingers crossed for the capris with the geometric pattern.

    • I would love the whole crop top/ matching pants look. I hope they send those pieces (in the coral/orange!) Fingers crossed they send at least the long knit pants; not sure if i’m pant of the cropped leggings. The long black ones are nice, but too similar to what they sent last time, and a definite no to the guru pants.. too MC Hammer like!

      • You can’t touch this.

  30. I love everything in that collection. Especially those black and white capris and the sweatshirt. I know it’s a summer box so I guess a tank is fine too. This is so up my alley. Now if I could only afford and have time for their festival this summer, life would be perfect.

    • How do you look at the collection? All I see are shoes. :/

      • You can look on the site and search ‘wanderlust’, the entire collection will come up.

  31. oh, if only money were no object… sigh. in totally unrelated news, now taking applications for a sugar daddy 😉

    • I think you might be on the wrong site for that one! hahahah

  32. I wish I had it in my budget for this box. It always looks so amazing.

  33. I’m waiting for them to not do white or light colored shoes in order to subscribe. I don’t have the time to maintain pristine looking white or light colored shoes like that. It’s just impractical for me, personally.

  34. I was going to skip summer because I didn’t want shorts or summer workout stuff (I know I am the only person out there in long sleeve shirts working out in the summer but at least I switch up to capris) but I love almost every item in the adidas x Wanderlust collection. Very excited!

    • It’s not just you Zo, lol! On top of being kinda shy I guess, I’m crazy anal about protecting my skin from the sun, so summer is all the more reason to cover my arms and legs when running outside.

  35. Oh darn!

    Just got an e-mail taking me off the wait list, so signed up.

    But I dislike yoga. I actually herniated my disc (& had to have back surgery) while doing yoga 15 years ago. (The disc must have been damaged already.)

    Dang it — think I’m going to go ahead and skip my first box 🙁

    • Hello there! Mind if I ask how long you were on the waiting list?

      • I still have the email – February 21 is when I signed up

    • I’m stilll waitlisted after the spring box sold out a few months ago 🙁

  36. OMG I am so excited. This is my ultimate favorite Sub and I cannot wait for my Summer box!!! Love it!

  37. That’s Adriene Mishler in the pic. She does Yoga with Adriene. She’s great!

    • Good eye! I started her 31 Day Yoga Revolution Challenge last week and love her teaching style. The Adidas performance tank she wore on Day 4 is so cute that I ended up getting the same one from the Adidas store in my city, lol.

    • I thought that was her! I came down to the comments just to see if anyone noticed it was her, as well. I love Yoga with Adriene.

  38. I really want to sub to this box. What size clothing do they go up to?

    • XL. I’m a bottom heavy size 16-18 and the leggings and other clothing items they include are a bit tighter than I’d like them.

      • well some of the xl items fit larger. Last years fall box included capri tights that were very comfy and larger feeling.

  39. When I re-subscribed to get this box I got a message saying that my sizes are not available for some items for this box so I won’t be receiving a box until fall. 🙁

    I tried upping my size from xs to s in clothes and I still got the same message so I am guessing maybe it is the shoes? Anyone else experience this? I’m so bummed! I wish they would have a substitute so that I can still get a box!

    • I’m getting the same message. I get that they only have so many quantities, but I really don’t want to pay for a sub SIX MONTHS in advance and have to wait until FALL to get it :/

      • I don’t think you will be charged now, Mallory, unless you’re going to receive a box.

        I just signed up and got an e-mail saying I will be billed around May 11 and shipment is expected May 22.

      • You dont get billed till the beginning of the month that the box ships.

        • Thanks for this info, however I’m here on the checkout screen and its asking for my CC information? So they will take it now, not charge me and then email me when they do charge me? I’m not sure that adds up for me, or I guess I’m totally confused.

          • They charge you 2 weeks before it ships. It’s a subscription so they need your cc on file so you don’t have to sign up every season…it’ll be automatic.

        • Okay, so I went ahead and submitted an order, it just has a pending $2.95 charge on my cc which I assume will go away overnight. So hopefully I’ll get bumped up to the summer box!

    • I think I recall a similar thing happening to some new subscribers with the last box – it turned out to be a glitch in the system.

      Perhaps a call to their customer service would help? This would be REALLY early for the box to be sold out.

      *FINGERS CROSSED* for you!

    • I tried to up my shirt size to L and got the same message.

  40. I lovvvvve this box!!! Easily one of my favorite subs.

    • TJ! This is my first sub from Avenue A but after seeing the number of items in the past boxes they’ve sent, how can this NOT be a awesome deal?! Having new workout gear really inspires me so hey, whatever it takes, right? 😂

  41. I loved the first edge lux shoes we got and am happy to have another pair in a more wearable color. The first pair were amazingly comfortable.

    • How does the sizing run in these shoes? I’m an 8.5-9 in shoes and wondering if I should change my preferences!

      • I think they run a little bigger than normal. I got a 10 last summer and they fit, but I’m going to size down to a 9.5 for this pair.

        • If the sneakers turn out to be too small or too large, do they let you exchange them?

          • Yes, they do.

            And if you have an Adidas store near you (or really any sports or shoe store) you can always go and try some pairs on there. They might have the same style available or something comparable

  42. So when I go to sign up it tells me that some of the items are not available in my size so I can’t get a box until the Fall of 2017?

    • Same here! I think they’ve already sold through their summer boxes :/

    • Darn it- I got the same message!! No Wanderlust box for us. Well maybe the autumn box will be worth the wait. Fingers crossed!

  43. I was looking forwards to bright colorful shoes. Last 4 pairs have been black,white and grey.

    • Agreed! I LOVE the fit of the shoes from the spring box and certainly appreciate the versatility of the grey color…

      However, I am active outdoors and they show dirt WAAY too quickly!

      Plus, there’s something about putting on a pair of bright, fun running shoes that always lifts my spirits 😊

  44. I wish I could have a picture of my face when I saw their was an Adidas A spoiler. Unreasonable excitement. I’m in love with the sneakers from the Spring box, and the tights, and the bra. Can’t wait!

  45. I loved the SPRING box and use every item in it. Can’t wait to see what’s up for summer!

  46. Does anyone one know if these run true to size?

    • According to reviews, yes.

      • Thanks!

    • it depends, two shoes in winter box was little bit big for me, but still wearable. Spring box shoes was solid, molded to my feet.

      • Yep, I had to get new ones for winter, they were too big for me, and fall was a little tight, but spring fits like a glove.

  47. So this isn’t the summer box?

    • Oops! Sorry I missed the word Spring in one of the sentences. Updated now! Thanks!

      • I was only wondering because the spring box insert said winter on it lol

        • Oh, haha! 🙂

  48. Um…. YES PLEASE!!!

  49. Awesome!!!!! I love these, can’t wait.

  50. Love it!! <3

    so excited! I just love this box 🙂

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