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Robb Vices Coupon – Free February Box with Annual Subscription!

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For a limited time, use coupon code ROMANTICYEAR to get a FREE February 2017 box when you sign up for a 12 month Robb Vices subscription! (Thanks for the heads up Shirley!)

Robb Vices is regularly $74.95 a box. (With a 12 month subscription, you’ll be paying $59.95 per box!)

Check out our review of the February 2017 box to learn more about what’s inside!

Robb Vices is “a membership program centered on a monthly delivery of storied treasures.” Each month, they send a collection of curated products and/or experiences. Subscribers should expect boxes to include “vices” like “exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets.”

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  1. I’m a woman and I just have to put in my vote that Robb Vices is doing an awesome job curating these. I love that alcohol is included and that I get to try new brands/varieties. Not every box is for every person, but if you are bemoaning the alcohol content of this one, you clearly need to up your vices! 😉

    I was initially agreeing in my head that this ‘seems’ like it is more curated toward men, but then I thought about it. What have I received that was actually for men? The big ticket items are most often tech, with food, alcohol and home items accompanying it — I don’t see anything inherently male in that. New tech is MY favorite thing to get! This box has not only been incredibly useful to me in that I’ve found a lot of products I love, but incredibly fun as well! **Never change Robb Vices!**

  2. if it was 6 months I would sign up but as amazing as February was, I’m not dishing out $700+ for this all at once. I don’t drink but I have other vices and this box seems amazing but when the big ticket item is the alcohol some months those would be a huge number to me. (Though they would make insane amazing gifts)

    • My thoughts exactly.

  3. I really like a lot of the items in this box but it looks like it’s geared towards men and alcohol. I would love to get a nice bottle of wine every couple of boxes but I don’t want the entire box to revolve around making craft drinks month after month. It looks like the more recent boxes have been expanding to more lifestyle items and products women would like and I hope they continue with that strategy. It seems like subscription boxes geared towards men don’t get as much subscribers as the boxes curated for women. I will definitely subscribe if the boxes to continue to look like January’s box.

    • The title of the subscription box literally reads ” Rob VICES” implying that “vices” will be the main surrounding theme. I am a man and I thoroughly enjoy the box. The products are high quality and they do encompass all sorts of luxury goods. I work hard and play hard and the items in the box are tailored to satisfy those vices.

      • So by VICES, we mean….. alcohol. Just alcohol. Maybe they should call it Rob’s box of Alcohol and other random things.

        • 😂😂😂 Love this!
          I would sub to this box in a heartbeat if it was not so heavy on the alcohol content. We no longer drink due to health concerns and an extreme healthy fitness lifestyle. As awesome as the alcohol is, there are still limits in the amount I can ply my friends and family with. 😊

      • Yeah there are many other vices than alcohol though, hence I LOVED this box and swapped for most but the wine. And I’m fully female as far as I know and I love this box! Would love to see more like this box where the main focus isn’t the alc and that’s just like an added bonus addition to an already amazing box! If that continues for another few months you can count me in

        • Agreed!

  4. I love my RV subscription but I have to ask: has anyone ever gotten the actual free gift they were promised upon subscribing? I signed up with a code for a free gift with a 6 month subscription, and after receiving my first box with no gift and inquiring about it, the answer I got was that they send out the free gift at the end of your subscription, which is very odd. And that seems to be the standard answer they give to a lot of people. Maybe this is different since this is last month’s box, but I’m curious if anyone has actually received a free gift from RV and if so, was it a hassle to get it? I’m especially interested since my subscription ends next month.

    • Sending the free box at the end is definitely strange, especially since most boxes have food items. So your food item would already be 6+ months to a year old if they are using previous boxes? It does look like an interesting box though. I actually do like the alcohol included in each box. I was thinking of subscribing at one point, but they never responded to my email so I never followed up either.

      • Yeah, it would be. The free gift I was promised upon signing up wasn’t for a free box. The code was just for an unspecified free gift. The thing is, I’ve never once read a comment from someone who has actually received their free gift, whether that’s a box or otherwise. I have read plenty of comments from people (here and on Facebook) asking where their free box and/or unspecified gift was and when they will receive it. RV sends out a lot of free gift codes, but I’m skeptical about how often they actually make good on them. I’m just wondering if anyone has had a positive, hassle-free experience receiving their free gift from RV. I do like my RV sub and I may renew, but I agree that their CS is a little patchy.

        • If I remember correctly- they were running a free October box in their Black Friday deals, which almost made me pounce. (Would have made a fabulous Christmas gift for someone) But I think I read the box gets shipped at the end (6 months later) I was curious about that as they featured marshmallows in the box and those do get stale! Anyways, the free gift at the end and no response to my email made me pass. I am still keeping an eye on this one though as it looks like a great box. Im watching for a good deal without the whole year commitment.

          • I received my free October box the week before I got the February box.

          • I also got my free october box a week before my February box. This box has been great! My 21 son, my husband and I all share the items from the box.

    • My subscription ended with the January box. I did not get my free gift (what was being offered when I signed up) in that box. I waited awhile, thinking maybe I’d get the Feb. box as my free gift (which would have been awesome). When I didn’t get that, I messaged them about it and they said they would be sending it out. I just received notice today of a 1.5 pound box from them coming my way. It should be here Tuesday.

      • Thanks Callie – good to know! Sounds like I’ll probably have to message them when the time comes, but it’s good to know that they do/will eventually come through. Would you mind responding back when you receive your gift and let us know if what it is? Supposedly your free gift is tailored to what you say like so I know that mine may be different, but I’m curious to know the type and value of the item they’re willing to send. Thanks!

        • I got a pair of the Finlay & Co. sunglasses from the June box. I’m not sure I can quite pull them off but am certainly happy with the RV of the free gift. 🙂

          • Thanks Callie. I had a feeling the free gift would be those sunglasses since they’ve offered codes for them before. I’ve always liked the way they looked in pics but, like you, was never sure if I could pull them off. I’ll inquire about my gift towards the end of the month after my last box has shipped. My guess is that, despite them saying they customize free gifts depending on what you like, I’ll be getting the glasses too. And that’s fine. Thanks again for posting!

    • I just received the bonus November box this month. I asked if I would get it by Christmas when I signed up for 6 months and they were honest, but “no”. Their customer service may be a bit slow to respond but they do come through on their offers.

      • Thanks for the info!

    • I have NOT received my MSA code free gift. My 6 month subscription ended in January. I was told I’d get it at the end of my subscription. Then I asked about it and was told it was shipping January 17. RV customer service is horrible. Not worth the hassle to keep asking about my promised MSA free gift/box I was promised when I signed up.

      • I’m waiting for my free gift my subscription end of this month. I too was under the impression it would arrive with the first box based on the Inital MSA communication but when I contacted CS them they said it would ship after the last box. This has been very frustrating and I will not be sub again.

  5. A 12 month subscription is $719. Yikes!

    • For me, it was worth it in just two months. I find brands that I love. The food they send is the best. My liquor cabinet has never looked so full. Or cool. Most of the big ticket items are tech so be aware of that! A lot of the items I would never buy on my own — but if they break ever I will buy a replacement the next day, now! My Bluetooth and the Brazen speaker are used daily! As is my Misfit tracker.

    • I agree. It’s a lot of money to dish out. I would be all over this sub if it was every other month or quarterly.

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