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POPSUGAR March + April Boxes Sold Out! May Available Now!

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Wow! POPSUGAR Must Have boxes are selling out earlier and earlier this year! According to the POPSUGAR site, if you sign up for a monthly subscription, your first box will be the May box:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 3.21.26 PM

If you want to make sure you get a May box, I recommend subscribing soon! Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.



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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I haven’t been charged yet for my march box. Anyone else not been charged yet ? I thought they said they were going to start charging earlier to mail the boxes out earlier?

  2. Any clue about first spoilers? Can wait to see what we will receive in March!! 🙂

  3. So bummed I had to cancel in February 🙁

    If anyone is receiving March/April and would like the Girl’s Night In box, I’m looking to swap! Let me know 🙂

  4. I won’t be subscribing to this box sadly. While it looks like fun and I wanted to check it out so I took advantage of the January box deal. I then had my first encounter with customer service and very slow shipping (almost a month). The response was..thanks for writing – however you didn’t have to pay for shipping, and if I subscribed, my service would be better…. So, while they were prompt in answering me , I couldn’t appreciate that particular response 🙁 I hope you all have better luck.

  5. Ok so for new subscribers (its telling me i will get the may box) – this might sound stupid but does that mean i won’t get the may box until May…or i’ll get the may box this month?? help!

    • I think May box will be shipped in May 🙂

  6. Anyone still holding onto Rue La La voucher? We don’t have to redeem until early March, so I skipped until now. December box went 50% off, so I just purchased it and wasn’t really feeling Jan/Feb boxes, so I waited. Now March and April sold out… maybe I will wait until March and contact customer service. Or depending on the spoiler, enough people will cancel and I can redeem my voucher…

  7. Hi! Are they not doing a Resort Box this year?! That’s normally one of my favorites, and I haven’t seen any information despite frequent google searches, etc.

    Sorry if this has already been addressed – I was avoiding MSA for a few weeks while in between jobs and trying to save before I started a new one.

  8. So I am brand new to subscription boxes and subscribed to this on February 12 not realizing there would be so many sales. At that time it said March would be my first box. On the 13 & 14 it changed to May, and now it’s back to March.. So I’m honestly not sure if they’re really sold out or not

  9. I bought the 3 month deal last year, where I got the December, January & February boxes. Do I have to cancel now? I saw some comments below about gals who cancelled after their 3 month subscription ended. Did you get that same deal?

    • Yes, you have to cancel or you will receive boxes shipped each month until you cancel.

    • They will charge you at the monthly rate of 39.99 per month until you cancel.

      • Goodness gracious, thank you so much. I’m so glad I asked the question!

    • I got that deal too, and didn’t have to cancel. It was a 3 month subscription, and showed that I had 3 credits, and now I have 0. I just checked my account, and there are no charges or boxes coming.

      • You probably selected the “gift” option which doesn’t automatically renew. That’s what I did with my 6 month sub.

    • If you don’t cancel then it will renew at full price, not at the sale price.

  10. They said the 1/17 box was sold out as well and then had it on sale at 40% off.

    • If they do that with February when I paid full price…Grrr

  11. I don’t know if I fully believe them, however the Jan and Feb boxes were some of their best ever, IMHO. People see two good ones back to back and decide to subscribe. That’s usually when they have a crummy one. I’m subbed through May @ $20 a box from Black Friday. We’ll see if I decide to continue after that.

    • HAQ

    • Funny, I didn’t really care for Jan or Feb. November was awesome, in my opinion. Funny how people differ so much!

      • I just want them all…every box ever made in every subscription. And I want two Oui Pleases…I want a hamburger… no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake…

        • You’ll get nothing and like it! Lol

          • lol

      • I’ve liked parts of the Jan/Feb boxes and successfully swapped away the things I didn’t want. I liked the peel and the tea so much from January that I bought a 2nd box, and then swapped away that yoga mat towel for a second time!

        As for the November box – I desperately wanted that bowl, and tried swapping for it. When the box went on sale for $20 on Gilt, I grabbed one. Then I sold the Kendra Scott bracelet for over $30 on eBay in December…and made that money back. =)

        I still have 3 months of my 6m deal. I look forward to the next three months. But last year’s May box still is my least favorite I’ve ever received from PSMH.

    • That was my thought too. I don’t completely believe them. So many people are subbing yet they are selling out? Maybe they are just making/offering a lot fewer of them since last year wasn’t so good.

  12. Should be interesting to see what’s inside these two boxes! I cancelled my subscription after the 3 month BTBF deal. December, January, and February were all great and totally worth it. I hope I don’t regret cancelling!

    • I cancelled too – not because I wanted to but due to cost cutting measures. I love popsugar must have and hope to re-subscribe again. But now it’s too late 🙁

      • I canceled some of my other subs, but I couldn’t cancel this one. I just couldn’t. I had to save money, but this, boxy, and Sephora I cannot bring myself to cancel.

  13. I bet it changes. Lots of us got the 3 month at black Friday deal to endure we got the February box. Lots of those people will ikely cancel instead of paying $40 come March

    • It’s so funny that your comment is right below mine… 😀

      That’s exactly what I did.

      • I canceled after the 3 month BTBF deal as well. I was hoping they would offer a similar deal for Valentines day and was a little bit disappointed that they only offered a mystery box. Oh well, money saved and I know there will always the chance to swap for the items I really want.

  14. I wonder why they’re selling out so fast. Im thinking they are making less this year since I’ve never had much trouble signing up for the month I want. Either way this is awesome for them!

    • Subscription boxes are also getting more popular, hence why many (like Boxycharm and Play! by Sephora) have wait lists that span months. For example, I was on the Sephora wait list for two months before finally being given a subscription for this month. So even though I signed up in December, I’m just now getting my first Play! box. As for Boxycharm, I signed up specifically to get February’s box and got screwed over- still upset about that one lol.

      The point is, more and more people are finding out about these boxes, and it looks as though the companies are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. (Personally, I think they purposely make fewer boxes to create artificial demand and to scare people out of unsubscribing, but that’s just my opinion).

      • I was on waiting list for two month for Ipsy. I think you are correct in your assumption.

      • I think Emily’s right about subs in general, but I tend to be skeptical of PSMH’s marketing techniques. They haven’t always offered the option to “upgrade” an existing subscription. If you bought a six month sub, at the end of six months you either became month-to-month, or you had to cancel and re-subscribe. Anyway, I was at the end of my sub and they sent out a similar message, that the current month was sold out. Since it was my last month, and they were “sold out,” I went ahead a purchased a new sub, assuming it would start with the next month. And what do you know?! The next day I received an email that – “Good News!” – the earlier month was available and I’d been bumped up to receive it. So my two subs overlapped and I received two of the same month. CS refused to do anything about it. I think they’re shady and they pull stunts like this to make their service seem so “exclusive.” Then a month from now, they’ll pawn off all their leftovers in mystery box sales.

      • Yeah I’ve always known Ipsy and sephora play to have waitlists….even 3 years ago (ipsy). But I definitely agree with you they are getting more popular.

      • I was on Sephora for 9 months. The Sephora list is much shorter now.

    • I ALSO just Cancelled. I was hoping for a Valentine’s Day deal but there was none so I did not sign up again. I did not like the January box actually and February was nice but not as good as last year! Still glad it got it though since it will most likely be one of the best boxes of the year. March is typically a bad box so I will hold off now until the next promo deal or spring/summer.

  15. I’m saving my money for my first limited box! When is the next one? March?

  16. I’m saving my money for a limited box! When is the next one?

  17. In my case, I have an existing subscription, but I do it by month instead of buying multiple months (in other words, I let mine autorenew in the event that I want to skip a certain month’s box). Since I haven’t been billed for March yet, would this mean I wouldn’t get March or April? I’ve gotten every box since signing up in November so that would be annoying.

    • Hi Emily! I have two subscriptions, and I am kind of overloaded with stuff. If you are a swapper, I would love to give you first dibs at what I will be swapping.

      • Hi Rosemary – If boxes continue to have these types of items, id definitely be interested in swapping. What’s your swap link?

          • It works! Thanks. Will keep an eye out for your items from the upcoming boxes.

    • If you have an active subscription that means you’ll get the March box… your a it month to month or you paid up front. Only wouldnt if you cancelled today.

      • Thanks, Brittny, for the information. And thanks, Rosemary, for the swap offer. It looks like I’m still set to get March and April, so I guess I won’t need to swap after all! 🙂

  18. So for sure then we definitely won’t see either box offered at a discount and anyone who subscribes now won’t be “automatically signed up to receive an earlier month’s box, should it become available.”

    • I think you WILL be subject to recieve box if available. They did this in jan, and some people still got it.

    • I just subscribed thinking my first box would be may (because that is what the site says) but I was charged for February’s box and received the welcome email.

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